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85 Brave Native American Tattoo Ideas To Show Courage

In the native American culture, body scarification was an act of great pride, strength and sacrifice. Whenever someone achieved something historical, they would get a tattoo of the event so that they would never forget about it. Each tattoo of native Americans tattoo represents a unique milestone.

In our life, we also want to keep a memoir of our most proud moments. That’s why there has been such a resurgence in popularity of the native American tattoos.

One of the main reasons for the renaissance of native American tattoo is there are so many styles and designs to choose from. Nature was always an integral part of the native American tribes. Therefore, they used to draw tattoos of animals, holy trees and even mountains. It was believed that these tattoos work as an amulet granting them power to move on with their lives.

So if you want to be as fearless as those individuals then why not get this amazing tattoo engraved in your body canvas? You will get a sudden surge of energy flowing through your body when you get the tattoo. Who knows you may leave all your monotonous work and go to the jungle to live the aboriginal life.

One Flew Over The Native American Tattoos Nest: The Hidden Symbols And Meaning Behind Them

Native American Tattoo Meaning


Symbolism always played a crucial part in the tribal lives. Their religion and culture was completely centered through it. Native Americans used to draw tattoos of the holy deities and gods so that they could protect themselves. Sometimes, to show tribute to the fallen warriors, they would get a portrait of them.

As we’ve mentioned before, oftentimes tattoos were a symbol of a particular milestone in that person’s life. Among Inupiat women, there was a tradition of getting tattoos to showcase an important event in their life such as having kids or getting married.

Tattoos were also associated with how much skill an individual had in the battlefield. Those who were never defeated always ornamented themselves with a hefty number of tattoos.

A cornerstone of native American tattoos is the totem animals. They believed each person had a sprint animal lurking inside them. These animals held a very special place in their hearts. The animals were chosen based on the individual’s characteristics.

For example, if someone was quite clever and cunning, his totem would be a coyote. If someone showed extreme strength in combat then they were awarded with a tattoo of a bear or bull. Sounds fun, isn’t it?

Exciting Native American Tattoo Designs To Make People Obsessed With You

In our mundane lives, we are glued to our screens for most of our time. There is no excitement or thrill in our life. Sometimes we pray and hope that something extraordinary happens out of the blue.

Well, that might not happen. But you can still bring out the tribal beast in you by getting an amazing native American tattoo. Then even when things seem dull, you will feel a sense of rush and adrenaline pumping through your veins. To choose the perfect tattoo for you, stay till the end of this article and don’t skip a single word.

Traditional Native American Tattoo

Traditional Native American Tattoo 1


Traditional Native American Tattoo 2


Traditional Native American Tattoo 3


In the contemporary tattooing world, artists like to mix between the recurrent and the traditional styles. While this is certainly ambitious, sometimes the result can be a total abomination. So rather than taking that huge risk, it’s better to get a traditional native American tattoo that captures the essence of the culture perfectly.

For inspiration, you can view literature. There are countless references of native Americans in books and movies. You will notice that they wore colorful feathers and necklaces made of beads. Try to capture each of these aesthetics in your tattoo.

Another important aspect is the color native Americans used to wear in the face. The correct term for that is “warpaint”. Warriors wore this paint to strike fear in the heart of the opponents. So, while illustrating your tattoo, try to make the faces a bit colorful as if they are wearing a mask.

Native American Tribal Tattoo

Native American Tribal Tattoo 1


Native American Tribal Tattoo 2


In each native American culture, there were countless tribes co existing with each other.  While they lived in close vicinity, they were sometimes quite hostile with each other and clashed often.

These clashes occurred primarily because of their opposite beliefs. Also, there was a sense of jealousy as each of the tribe tended to believe that the other one was living much more prosperously. If you think closely, this represents quite a common aspect in your life. We often tend to think that the other person is living a life better than us. But in most cases, that’s completely false.

As for the artstyle, you should try to incorporate some sorts of tribal symbols in your tattoo. There are murmurs symbols you will be able to find in the corners of the internet. Get the ones that capture your personality and showcase gravitas.

Native American Sleeve Tattoo

Native American Sleeve Tattoo 1


Native American Sleeve Tattoo 2


Perhaps the most eye soothing designs are found in the deep forests where native Americans used to live and still live. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to engrave their beliefs and symbols in a place that has the best proportionality.

Our arm starts off on the bulkier side and gradually narrows to the end. This creates a delusion, an aesthetic that can’t be found anywhere else in our body. That’s why so many people today are intrigued to get the native American sleeve tattoo.

Rather than leaving too many negative species, it’s best to use the entire sleeve. Each native American tattoo comprises a myriad of elements. While colorful tattoos never hurt anyone but in the case of sleeves, black and white color suits the most.

Native American Wolf Tattoo

Native American Wolf Tattoo 1


Native American Wolf Tattoo 2


Native American Wolf Tattoo 3


You might’ve guessed the native Americans to be peaceful and social beings living happily in tribes and clans. So they must’ve idolized an animal that also was social like them. But that’s not entirely true. If you investigate deeply, you will notice that native Americans used to gravitate towards an animal that was known to be a loner.

An ferocious animal who hunts in the shadows but when he comes in front of you, you will be flabbergasted by its appearance. That animal is none other than the wolf. Every native American tribe from the Cherokee to the Indians used to love these animals because of their unique visuals and most importantly their fearless demeanor.

There are a couple of cool art styles that you can choose from. The best one is the wolf mask. Many native Americans used to wear masks made of wolf furs believing that it would grant him the same strength of wolves during fight. So you can follow in their footsteps and defeat every enemy that comes across you.

Native American Feather Tattoo

Native American Feather Tattoo 1


Native American Feather Tattoo 2


Feathers have always been a symbol of power and prejudice. This was especially true for the native Americans. The higher ups of the native American clans wore hats and clothes made of feathers so that they can exude a certain presence of authority in others.

In our lives, we want people to respect us. The interesting thing about respect is that it can’t be bought. It can only be earned. But you can surely get a native American feather tattoo which will instantly garner respect from your peers.

Illustrating a feather can be quite tricky as there are layers after layers of elements. It’s as if an eye is staring directly into our soul. A good rule of thumb is to create a general framework at first and then gradually incorporate the details such as the curves.

Native American Female Tattoo

Native American Female Tattoo 1


Native American Female Tattoo 2


In this current era, patriarchy has been a lost word which is considered a taboo. But in the tattoo realm, it is often believed that tattoos are only for men. Although the paradigm has shifted, there is still that belief lurking inside everyone’s mind.

But why not break all the stereotypes by getting a native American female taboo? In those days, women fought side by side with men. In fact, they played a bigger role than men by also participating in cooking food for them and maintaining the household.

So be a strong independent woman just like your ancestors by getting this tattoo. When you will get the tattoo, you will feel like the shackles and tapes that were used to succumb your thoughts and beliefs are slowly fading in obscurity.

Native American Warrior Tattoo

Native American Warrior Tattoo 1


Native American Warrior Tattoo 2


Native American Warrior Tattoo 3


Many would claim that the current generation have gone soft on beliefs. They rather talk all day on the internet about bringing a change, putting a stop to all words than taking any action. Sadly, they have become the epitome of the proverb “Empty vessel sounds the loudest.”

But this wasn’t always the case.

In the native American clans, no matter what your gender was, you had to go through extreme training to be a warrior. While not always there were wars, there were still hurdles in everyday life which needed to be overcomed. Each individual was strong to face anything that came their way.

Nowadays the picture is completely the opposite. We give up even before the fight begins. So, let’s go through metamorphosis. Let’s be like our tribal brothers and bring out the warrior in ourselves by getting the warrior tattoo.

Native American Arrow Tattoo

Native American Arrow Tattoo 1


Native American Arrow Tattoo 2


Arrows are a symbol of guidance. In the ancient times, there were no GPS to help people navigate. People used to utilize the shape of arrows to make spots in their hand drawn maps.

Another use of the arrow was obviously in the battlefields. Before the invention of guns and ammos, arrows were the deadliest tools used by men to pierce through the skin of the opponent.

But being an archer was not a childs play. You needed to have an eagle’s eye and instinct like a jackal. Your arm movement and posture had to be accurate. That’s why arrow tattoos are illustrated in the body canvas to bring discipline in life.

Native American Face Tattoo

Native American Face Tattoo


The face of every native American is as unique as it comes. They used warpaint all over their faces to look menacing

So if you want to bring that same aura inside you why not get a native American face tattoo? To capture the visuals perfectly, the first thing you need to do is research. Dive deep into the native American roots and notice how they used to dress up.

Red color was the most common color used in the faces of native Americans as the color represents boldness. After illustrating the framework, try to dilute the colors so that it may seem like the tattoo is glowing.

Native American Thunderbird Tattoo

Native American Thunderbird Tattoo


During the time of harvest, native Americans used to look up in the sky and pray for the rain. In the subtropical regions, rain sometimes hardly came and this took a large toll in the farming fields.

There was a scarcity of food and people started to become malnourished. So in the time of desperation, they believed that there was a bird who would come to save them.

The wings of the bird will bring the rain and when it will fly on top of the fields, the crops will bloom bringing happiness in their lives. So we can obviously realize just how important thunderbird was to the native Americans. So if you believe that an out of the world entity will come and save you from the obstacles of the modern world just like the thunderbird then get this tattoo right now.

Native American Bear Paw Tattoo

Native American Bear Paw Tattoo


Even if we exclude the native american aspects, bear paws have been a staple of gang tattoos. In the Japanese yakuza, gang members who were ruthless and had a lot of power used to get bear paw tattoos.

They believed that when their opponent saw the tattoo, they would tremble in fear. In native American culture, bears had a much higher importance.

They only illustrated this tattoo, when they killed a bear. Fighting against a bear is quite impossible and it can be considered as a suicide. But there were some people in the native American tribes who faced the beast and lived to tell the tale. Get this tattoo if you consider yourself to be just as courageous as they are. When you look at it you will know that you are a beast and nothing can stop you.

Native American Skull Tattoo

Native American Skull Tattoo 1


Native American Skull Tattoo 2


Native American tattoos consist of hyper realistic textures and details as well the use of vibrant colors. If you throw a skull in there, the tattoo would look like it’s something that has descended from the pits of hell.

Skulls have been used in the tattoo industry for years now. Wherever the artist wants to showcase masculinity, they illustrate a skull as a form of tattoo.

Skulls are often associated with the native American culture. Sometimes they used to keep the skull of the fallen soldiers with them believing that they would stay with them even after dying. Although it’s kinda creepy, it’s still adorable how much they cared for each other.

Native American Hand Tattoo

Native American Hand Tattoo


Although some would say that hands are quite bizarre shaped as it looks kind of like an octopus, it’s still one of the most aesthetic looking parts of your body. That’s why people love to ornament the hand with breathtaking tattoo designs.

One of the main aspects that you have to keep in mind is proportionality. As you are getting the tattoo in your hands, you will not get enough space.

So you have to make sure of what you got. The size of the tattoo has to be quite small. Rather than thinking of getting a hyper realistic tattoo it’s best to take the minimalistic route. Then the tattoo will feel like it’s part of your body.

Native American Girl Tattoo

Native American Girl Tattoo 1


Native American Girl Tattoo 2


If you watched movies about the native Americans then you will notice that the adolescent girls are one of the most enigmatic people in the clan. There is always a smile on their faces and it looks like they are living their life to the fullest.

The expression and their posture is something that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. It’s as if they don’t care about anything. They just want to live life without a hinge of worries.

In our everyday monotonous life, we forget to live. We spend hours and hours of time looking at a hollow screen. Our clocks are ticking but we still can’t enjoy anything. Then during our last breaths, we contemplate and regret. But when you get this tattoo, you will start to enjoy all the little things.

Native American Eagle Tattoo

Native American Eagle Tattoo 1


Native American Eagle Tattoo 2


Eagles are tenacious creatures that just wreak havoc in the skies. Whenever there is prey, they just spread their wings and run after them with furious speed.

In native American culture, individuals used to illustrate the eagles to feel the same strength and power as the eagles possess.

Getting the characteristics of the eagle just right can be tricky. The colors as well as the shapes in their bodies are quite distinct and making a small mistake can ruin the whole image. So make a general outline using black and white color at first and then play with the colors to make the eagle tattoo out there.

Native American Headdress Tattoo

Native American Headdress Tattoo


One of the most ornamental things in the world has to be the headdress worn by native Americans back in the day. It consisted of feathers from the peacock and beads of long banyan trees.

Although by the above description, it may seem like an easy peasy thing to make but it’s far from it. The truth is without witnessing it in real life you cannot fully appreciate the native American headdress.

As for the tattoo artstyle, it’s best to incorporate black and white colors to make the tattoo. Use the black color for making the general framework of the tattoo. Try to include a lot of shades and shadows to portray realism in the tattoo. You can use the natural white color of your skin as the background.

Native American Forearm Tattoo

Native American Forearm Tattoo


One of the most intriguing features of the native Americans was their ability to camouflage. During battles, they would hide in the bushes and their enemies didn’t have any clue of where they were.

Suddenly, when the enemies were completely unprepared, they would jump and dismantle them without any effort. This was the main tactical strategy they used back in the day.

Your forearm has the same theatricality as the native Americans in this regard. When you get a tattoo on your forearm, sometimes it will appear and sometimes it will disappear. It’s almost identical to the camouflage ability of the native Americans.

Native American Bear Tattoo

Native American Bear Tattoo


Native Americans coexisted with a wide range of animals in the forest. While some of them were harmless, some were vicious creatures who loved to prey on them. Among these creatures, the bear was one of the most feared ones.

In the native American culture, it was believed that a boy would only become a man once they have faced a bear. While it sounds diabolical, they actually thought that facing a bear was a necessity in becoming courageous. They would only get the tattoo of the bear when they defeated it.

So you can guess just how.much of a high regard they have for bear tattoos. If you want to be a man like the native Americans get the bear tattoo. Then you won’t have anything to be afraid of.

Native American Totem Pole Tattoo

Native American Totem Pole Tattoo 1


Native American Totem Pole Tattoo 2


In the native American clans , there were many poles with faces on them. At a glance, you may not think much of it but there was a hidden meaning behind each of them.

A totem pole was a pole with the faces of the beliefs each clan had. Some tribes believed in a certain deity while others thought nature was their protector. So they would build a large pole and decorate it with their symbols of choice.

The symmetry of the pole as well as the meaning behind them makes it a formidable tattoo to have. The poles are mostly seen in black and white colors so it’s best to draw in their natural state.

Native American Chest Tattoo

Native American Chest Tattoo


Your chest probably has the most space in the entire body. Therefore, you should go for a grand native American tattoo rather than going for a minimalistic approach.

The native American face is the perfect tattoo design for the face it would seem like there are two faces stacked on top of each other. You would come off as a creature from another dimension when you get the tattoo.

Native American Armband Tattoo

Native American Armband Tattoo


In the native American culture, armbands were thought to be a symbol of friendship and love. Whenever they made a relationship with someone, they would get an armband of them to keep forever.

In the modern world, the word friendship has taken quite a negative turnaround. People are always betraying each other without showing any sign of loyalty. So let’s neglect all the toxic behaviors of today’s world and go back in time where people used to live in harmony by getting this tattoo.

Native American Leg Tattoo

Native American Leg Tattoo


If you love to rock wearing shorts then this tattoo is just for you. Oftentimes we feel afraid to get leg tattoos thinking who would even see it. But a tattoo is not for others. It’s for you.

As the legs are quite narrow unless you are one the bulkier side, it’s best to choose a vertical style tattoo. You don’t need to draw the face or body of a native American warrior. Try to illustrate simple elements such as a tribal symbol or jewelry. It would look perfect on your leg.

Native American Chief Tattoo

Native American Chief Tattoo


The chiefs are seen to just sit all day in the benches and sleep. They don’t do anything it seems other than eating. All the hard work is done by the workers while the chief orders around. This is the idea everyone has about the native American chief.

But that’s not entirely true. Although the chief doesn’t go into the frontlines of war neither he partakes in any heavy activities, he has the wisdom and knowledge which he shares that matters the most. So if you think yourself to be an intelligent thinker just like a chief in the amazon rainforest then what are you waiting for? Stitch this tattoo in your body canvas right now.

Native American Back Tattoo

Native American Back Tattoo


Another spacious compartment in your body is your back. Therefore you can make full use of the spaces to draw an exceptional native American tattoo.

Rather than illustrating the tattoo in the center, it’s best to keep the tattoo a bit upward. This way when you wear a shirt, the tattoo will play peekaboo through your shirt. How amazing would that look!

As for the colors, you should definitely go for blazing color schemes with high contrast and saturation rather than settling for something black and white. It would make the tattoo more whimsical as if the native Americans are living their life inside your back.

Native American Horse Tattoo

Native American Horse Tattoo 1


Native American Horse Tattoo 2


Horses were the choice of steed for most native Americans. When the fight was intense, they would take the horse out of their stable and ride it to the battlefield.

Both the horse riders and the horse would refuse to give up on each other, not even for a second. It’s as if they are one identity. So you can obviously understand just how important horses are to North Americans.

Make sure you illustrate the horse as majestically as it is observed in nature. Draw the furs using deep black hues. The face can be tricky so try to maintain the aspect ratio just right.

Native American Bird Tattoo

Native American Bird Tattoo


From eagles to thunderbirds, native Americans loved the avian species. There are countless proofs found in literature that they would pray to them so that they can bring good luck and prosperity. Sometimes they wear the feathers of birds in their headdresses to showcase wealth and power.

So, there has been a long association of birds with native Americans. Although illustrating a bird can seem simple, it’s far from it. A dull art of the bird will definitely beat the purpose.

Try to create a dynamic in the bird tattoo by stretching the wings a bit further or by creating some tension in its legs. Then it would seem like the bird will take off from your skin.

Native American Pattern Tattoo

Native American Pattern Tattoo 1


Native American Pattern Tattoo 2


Archaeologists have been stumbling in the amazon rainforests and even in the deepest pits of the Arizona to find something that can be linked with native American cultures. In countless instances, they found some unique patterns that were curved in the caves. These patterns were supposedly curved by none other than the native Americans.

As more and more patterns saw light, people went into a frenzy to get them engraved in their body canvases. The patterns themselves aren’t something quite extraordinary. It’s just some shapes drawn in a systematic manner. But it’s the history behind it that makes it so interesting.

Native American DreamCatcher Tattoo

Native American DreamCatcher Tattoo


Dreamcatcher is a magical thing that seems to connect our reality to the dream world of our subconscious.

In the native American culture, dreamcatchers were something quite similar to what it is viewed today. It is believed to be a protector of humans during their vulnerability. Every dreamcatcher was made using colorful beads and feathers. They used a net as the base of the structure. Overall, it created a silly yet mesmerizing amulet. Because of its unique aesthetic, it is even sought after today by thousands of tattoo lovers around the world.

Native American Owl Tattoo

Native American Owl Tattoo


Owls were depicted as holy deities capable of granting strength and wisdom to people. That’s why native Americans didn’t hurt the creature. Instead, they kept them in captivity so that they could pray to them for granting their wish.

In the modern world, owls have become much more relatable because of how daily routines have become. That’s why so many people are wanting to get the native American owl tattoo.

The shape and overall structure of the owl can be a bit different from the other birds so a good rule of thumb is to get an accurate outline before starting inking. The black and white style is the way to go as it creates more depth than its colorful counterparts.

Native American Crow Tattoo

Native American Crow Tattoo


If you are an avid anime watcher just like us then Itachi may be one of your favorite characters. This shinobi from the hidden leaf has sacrificed everything for the sake of his village.

To everyone’s eyes he was the villain but later everybody acknowledged just how resilient he was. When Itachi did his Jutsus or ninja technique, a bunch of crows used to come out. It was seen as a hypnotic power to create a sense of delusion.

The inspiration for this character came from native Americans where they believed the crow to be a mysterious being capable of many unknown abilities. So, when you get the tattoo, you will appear as hypnotic and beautiful as the crow.

Native American Cross Tattoo

Native American Cross Tattoo


In the Christian religion, the cross has a very deep meaning which associates with the pain and suffering of their lord and savior. But in native American culture, it’s a symbol of direction.

If you observe a cross closely you will see that there are four sides each pointing to four directions. This pattern depicts that an individual’s life can go either of the four directions. But you still have to hold on and keep on going.

You may be tempted to get the tattoo in a plain boring black and white color. But in the native American culture, people used to dip the cross in vibrant colors. You should do the same.

Peek Into The Eyes Of A Tattoo Artist To Choose The Best Design

While we obsess over how beautiful and aesthetic a native American tattoo looks, we still ponder on which style or shape we should choose. Sometimes selecting the right tattoo is harder than illustrating it.

That’s why here is a visual representation of what paths a tattoo artist takes while drawing a tattoo. You will see that once he has finalized the outline, he gives all his effort into inking the highlights and then filling the parts with colors. This video can be an immense help if you are struggling to get a good grasp of the concept. So folks, take a quick look.


The history of native Americans is vast and full of twists and tales. Therefore, one cannot simply depict everything in a single article. So, for your sake, we have composed some of the hottest questions regarding native American tattoos that will stir up more interest in your mind. Give them a quick read.

Q: What’s The Best Place To Get A Native American Tattoo?

Ans: A native American tattoo comprises a wide range of elements. So any place with an adequate amount of spaces is perfect. Your back or your chest can be the ideal canvas to draw a native American tattoo.

Q: How Much Does A Native American Tattoo cost?

Ans: There isn’t an accurate answer to this. It totally depends on how many details and colors you want to incorporate in your tattoo. But if we have to make a rough guess, we would say that it can take about 250-500 dollars to get a native American tattoo.

Q: Is Native American Tattoos Offensive?

Ans: It can be offensive if you mess it up. Sometimes inexperienced artists draw the symbols and shapes in a manner that can stir up some controversies especially in today’s world where everyone is so sensitive.

So, it’s best to go to a professional tattoo artist who will give the tattoo enough time and effort so that it symbolizes the culture and history of the native Americans perfectly.


Although there aren’t many native Americans left today, they have left a significant mark on our world’s history. Their ethics, symbolism and religion are still practiced and studied today. The artworks they used to draw in their body have become a staple in the contemporary tattoo world.

So, if you want to get those values and morals in you then you should definitely think of getting a native American tattoo. Always remember that no matter how modern we get, there is still a warrior inside every one of us trying to get outside. So, rather than succumbing to it even further, let it out.

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