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67 Compatible Naked Woman Tattoo Ideas With Exceptional Attributes!

Illustrative tattoos of sketch figures can really amp up one’s physical appearance and could be the perfect tattoo to obtain if you’re into artwork that contains intricate details. Amongst the various variants currently on the market, designs comprising sketch figures of naked women, commonly dubbed “Naked Women Tattoos” is one of the more desired options.

Whether you’re planning to add to or upgrade a tattoo that already exists or contemplating adding a new tattoo to your hefty collection, a naked woman tattoo can be a remarkable option to consider. It comes in various forms, can pair up with the hues and shades of another without an issue, and can be displayed in various ways! Make sure to keep reading to receive our take on naked woman tattoos and discover all the current designs that are available for use.

Enticing Naked Woman Tattoos To Wear This Year

Naked women tattoo 1

The artwork of a naked woman isn’t just desired because of the structure of the physique, but because it’s extremely easy to create when it’s made with minimum effort and comprises components that aren’t high in detail. While this could be somewhat purposeless for you if you’re planning to be the wearer, it could be a piece of positive news to deliver to your tattoo artist, especially if they’re inexperienced!

When obtaining this tattoo, there are various favorites that you can look into for achieving admirable results. However, if none of them cater to your taste, you can always create an authentic design that carries bits and pieces of every option available. Without further ado, from stick and poke tattoos to designs that are draped in color, here are all the sublime options of naked woman tattoos that we would like to suggest to you!

Naked Woman Forearm Tattoo

Naked women forearm tattoo

Those that often resort to getting a naked woman tattoo often incorporate it into a forearm tattoo. Due to its dimensions, the sketch of this option is rendered compact. This design is the perfect match for you if you’re seeking something that isn’t too flashy and can be covered whenever.

The design itself is subjective, and although it can be used to display sketch figures like the one used for reference, you can easily pick an option that is simpler. Additionally, if you want to obtain a colorful design, know you can do that, too!

Since the placement has insufficient space, this variation can’t really pull off an elaborative artwork, which shouldn’t come as an issue if you’re looking for something simple anyway.

Naked Woman Traditional Tattoo

Naked women traditional tattoo

Unlike the first entry, if your main aim is to wear as much color as possible, you can definitely replicate a traditional tattoo of a naked woman.

The portrait itself doesn’t necessarily need much work as the main highlight of this variation is the range of colors. You can wear vibrant colors and even have the option to add neutral borders for the desired outcome.

A compelling feature about this variant is the range of symbols that it gets along with. To increase the feminine energy it carries, you can very well pair it up with elegant creatures of nature. You can also look into meaningful quotes to make up for the emptiness of this design.

Naked Woman Thigh Tattoo

Naked women thigh tattoo

Larger designs of a naked woman can also be incorporated into a tattoo, and if it meets your criteria, be sure to place it on one of your thighs.

Containing tons of space and width, the thigh is probably a fan favorite for those that like descriptive designs due to the amount the area gives to make use of their creative thinking. You can add micro tattoos, minor components, and even add to the tattoo in the future if you obtain your naked woman tattoo on the thigh.

Naked Woman Watercolor Tattoo

Naked women watercolor tattoo

If you like the hues of the traditional naked woman tattoo, but want the shades to look a little more earthy and soft instead of loud, you can easily pick up the potential that this tattoo has. The subtle gradients look rather exceptional when paired with the figure of the woman.

Furthermore, if you feel that one sketch isn’t enough for this tattoo, you can definitely go ahead and duplicate the artwork, however, if you want to add something different, pair it up with symbol tattoos and floral patterns.

Naked Woman Leg Tattoo

Naked women leg tattoo

An excellent placement option for obtaining a naked woman tattoo is the leg. Due to the length and structure, you can incorporate an enormous artwork into your tattoo. However, if you want something simple and light, you can do that as well by placing it near the ankle.

If you choose the former variation, the amount of artwork that you can mimic will be endless. On the other hand, if you want something that won’t cause you pain, place a stick and poke tattoo of a naked woman around delicate areas such as the ankle.

Naked Woman Skull Tattoo

Naked women skull tattoo

Since any and every piece of art is open to interpretation, an excellent method you can use to stand out when wearing this tattoo is by meshing the original artwork with a skull tattoo.

On top of having a monochromatic neutral color scheme, the best feature of this variant is the structure of the bones. The skull is often incorporated into areas that are somewhat age-restricted but can also be introduced to the whole sketch for a promising outcome.

Old School Naked Woman Tattoo

Old school naked women tattoo

The beauty of a naked woman tattoo can also be expressed through the means of an old-school tattoo. This variant is extremely similar to American Traditional tattoos, also known as Traditional tattoos, however, the only difference it has is the filter it comprises.

Furthermore, when it comes to placement, the best option you can resort to is present within the dimensions of the thighs. If you’re seeking a location on the upper body, however, try incorporating this option into a forearm tattoo.

Geometric Naked Woman Tattoo

Naked women geometric tattoo

One of the safest designs you can put your money into is the geometric naked woman tattoo. In addition to comprising a neat finish, the shapes that the artwork is surrounded by are distinct and highlight the main component outstandingly. When trimmed down and placed in compact areas, this tattoo tends to stand out the most.

Just like many other options on this list, the geometric version of a naked woman tattoo is very malleable. One-liners as well as symbols of insects can be added to the design to amp up the visuals of the final outcome.

Naked Woman Horror Tattoo

Naked women horror tattoo

If you’re a fan of horror and also happen to be obsessed with women, show your love for both but collaborating with one another. Make sure the color scheme is monochromatic to make the image intimidating.

A bonus that this tattoo offers is diversity and flexibility. It can be paired with dark emblems, and horror movie icons, and can be placed everywhere due to its size. The best placement for this pattern, however, lies in the hands of spacious locations.

Naked Woman Arm Tattoo

Naked women arm tattoo

A subtle emblem of a woman comprising accessible components can easily cater to your preferences if you’re a minimalist. If you do go forward with that decision, however, make sure to display your version of a naked woman tattoo on the arm.

Despite being compact in size, this tattoo can be a smart move for you if you want to control the outcome, and minimize the repercussions that a needle might bring to the table for your body.

Furthermore, while the image used for this entry is only made of dark, chalky, and sharp borders, you can definitely change the hues of it and replace it with a template that has more color.

More Naked Woman Tattoo Inspirations To Take Into Account

If your main aim is to obtain a fresh variant of a naked woman tattoo, perhaps the former segment will be sufficient. However, if you still couldn’t find the right layout, here’s another list that comprises aesthetically pleasing variants of naked woman tattoos!

Naked women mermaid tattoo

Naked women mushroom tattoo

Naked women tattoo 3

Naked women tattoo 2

Naked women tattoo 4

Naked women tattoo 5

Naked women tattoo 6

Naked women tattoo 7

Naked women tattoo 8

Naked women tattoo 9

Naked women tattoo 10

Naked women tattoo 11

Naked women tattoo 12

Naked women tattoo 13

Naked women tattoo 14

Naked women tattoo 15

Naked women tattoo 16

Naked women tattoo 17

Naked women tattoo 18

Naked women tattoo 19

Naked women tattoo 20

Naked women tattoo 21

Naked women tattoo 22

Naked women tattoo 23

Naked women tattoo 24

Naked women tattoo 25

Naked women tattoo 26

Naked women tattoo 27

Naked women tattoo 28

Naked women tattoo 29

Naked women tattoo 30

Naked women tattoo 31

Naked women tattoo 32

Naked women tattoo 33

Naked women tattoo 34

Naked women tattoo 35

Naked women tattoo 36

Naked women tattoo 37

Naked women tattoo 38

Naked women tattoo 39

Naked women tattoo 40

Naked women tattoo 41

Naked women tattoo 43

Naked women tattoo 42

Naked women tattoo 44

Naked women tattoo 45

Naked women tattoo 46

Naked women tattoo 47

Naked women tattoo 48

Naked women tattoo 50

Naked women tattoo 49

Naked women tattoo 51

Naked women tattoo 52

Naked women tattoo 53

Naked women tattoo 54

Naked women tattoo 55

Big Or Small? Assessing The Best Placement For Naked Woman Tattoos

Although portrait tattoos can be placed anywhere just like any other kind of tattoo, certain placement options are definitely the better match for a naked woman tattoo.

The best option we’ve found so far is the forearm. Despite being narrow in contrast to its competitors, the dimensions of the forearm can be used to create ideally sized sketch figures of a naked woman tattoo. Additionally, due to how resilient it is, obtaining a tattoo on the forearm is relatively pain-friendly.

Furthermore, if you aren’t quite satisfied with the potential of the forearm, obtain the same results by placing your version of a naked woman tattoo on the inner bicep. While it will be even smaller than a forearm tattoo and will be a challenging procedure for the tattoo artist to carry out, the inner bicep contains layers of fat that can protect you for days!

Another good option that we believe deserves a chance is the pair of thighs one has. Due to the amount of space they have, an elaborative design can be incorporated into the thigh tattoo without a scratch. Just like the previous contender and the frontrunner, placing a tattoo will also be a blessing to those that are susceptible to pain.


Whether you’re getting it to cater to your preferences or just to keep up your knack for art alive, a naked woman tattoo could be a good design to take into account. Apart from comprising intricate details, this tattoo contains components that make it a potential sidekick to any and every portrait tattoo.

Furthermore, due to its rich borders, it can also be paired up with flowers like the December Birth Flower without a single worry!

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