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62 Exuberant Motorcycle Tattoo Ideas To Get In 2023

No matter what your upbringing was, at some point in life you have been deeply obsessed with motorcycles. Still to this day, some of us desire to buy a motorcycle which we can ride all day long. There’s just something about this mechanical monstrosity that makes us obsessed over it.

For a long period of time, motorcycles have been a symbol of masculinity. This concept originated when many biker clubs started to wear tattoos of their bikes which made them look utterly terrifying. In recent times, people want to portray that same intimidating aura. That’s why they want to get a motorcycle tattoo.

There are a wide range of brands coming up with new innovative styles of motorcycles. Some of them have a rugged aesthetic while others just boast flamboyance. To make your life easier, today we will talk about everything there is to know about motorcycle tattoos.

Highway To Hell: The Hidden Meaning Behind Motorcycle Tattoos

A motorcycle can be interpreted in a myriad number of ways. But the most significant meaning that it portrays is perhaps the concept of synergy.

If you look at the motorcycle closely, you will notice that it is made up of several parts. From the roaring engine to the carburetor, each of these components play a crucial role in order to make the bike work. If these parts don’t function synergistically and don’t compliment one another then disaster will ensue.

So this tells a very relatable picture. Especially, in today’s time where people are becoming antisocial by the day, they think that working with others is boring. But you only get successful when you work in harmony with others just like the parts of a motorcycle.

Phenomenal Motorcycle Tattoo Designs To Ride In Style

Although you may assume that all motorcycles are more or less the same, that’s far from the truth. In reality, each rider customizes their motorcycle in their own way incorporating their beliefs and visions. So, why should a tattoo be any different? You need to tailor your motorcycle tattoo within your own thinking. Let your creativity do all the talking and see where it takes you.

Motorcycle Gear Tattoo

Motorcycle Gear Tattoo


The gear is perhaps the most aesthetic part of the motorcycle. There is just something about this zigzagged structure that is so appealing to the eye.

The main function of a gear is to strengthen the bond between the different structures. If any one of them loosens up, all hell will break loose. So when you will get this tattoo, it will help you maintain yourself better by attaching the loose pieces.

Motorcycle Helmet Tattoo

Motorcycle Helmet Tattoo 1


Motorcycle Helmet Tattoo 2


Many motorcycle lovers spend more time buying a helmet than a motorcycle. This is because the first thing that anyone notices about the biker is their helmet.

That’s why people draw wild and vivid colors in the helmet. Skulls and bones are the two of the most go to designs which bikers love. Another incredible style is to illustrate some curves depicting flame. Then it would seem like the helmet is on fire.

Traditional Motorcycle Tattoo

Traditional Motorcycle Tattoo 2

@team_fullgasTraditional Motorcycle Tattoo 1


Traditional motorcycles are those long and low motorcycles manufactured by Harley-Davidson. These behemoths are the most aesthetic bikes one could get their hands on.

The horsepower is not what makes it such a sought after motorcycle. It’s the blazing colors along with a bull like body that just screams masculinity.

Simple Motorcycle Tattoo

Simple Motorcycle Tattoo


Depicting a motorcycle is quite easy. You don’t have to include an incredible amount of details that can take days.

To resemble a motorcycle all you need to do is illustrate two handles and a body and voila.  Depending on your preference, it can either be a vertical or horizontal styled tattoo. No need to color it. Just ink the exteriors and it’s a tattoo worth dying for.

Motorcycle Chain Tattoo

Motorcycle Chain Tattoo 1


Motorcycle Chain Tattoo 2


Motorcycle Chain Tattoo 3


Have you played that incredibly popular motorcycle game called the Road Rush? When we were a child, we used to be glued to the computers to play this game for days. Still to this day, there is so much nostalgia attached to it.

In this game, the player can hit another biker with a long chain. Sometimes, you can even throw them off with it. How amazing is that! So if you want a tattoo reminiscent of something like that, get this tattoo right now.

Indian Motorcycle Tattoo

Indian Motorcycle Tattoo 1


Indian Motorcycle Tattoo 2


Motorcycles are an integral part of Indian society. Cars are costly and traveling by public transportation can be incredibly tiring. Perhaps the safest and most affordable option is motorcycles.

That’s why nearly every household has one. The bread earner of the family is forced out in the morning riding one and comes home. This is the daily routine of every Indian household. That’s why motorcycle tattoos mean so much to them.

Small Motorcycle Tattoo

Small Motorcycle Tattoo


Motorcycle tattoos don’t need to be gigantic in size that takes up your entire body. You can easily draw a small motorcycle tattoo on your neck or your sleeve.

Just make sure you color it deeply to portray the emotions. Bring some menace to it by drawing a bunch of black clouds on top or a sun scorching just behind.

Motorcycle Memorial Tattoo

Motorcycle Memorial Tattoo


Motorcycle accidents are one of the most frequent types of accidents that occur all throughout the world. Just as we speak, there may have been an accident. So if you have someone that you knew and loved who has faced such a tragedy get a motorcycle memorial tattoo for them.

Whenever you will look at the tattoo you will feel like that they are with you. It would feel like they are still riding motorcycles, perhaps to heaven.

Motorcycle Heartbeat Tattoo

Motorcycle Heartbeat Tattoo


Every biker out there has faced at least one intense situation where their heart nearly exploded out of excitement. It may be when you reached 180 kilometers per hour or escaped a horrifying accident just by an inch.

Motorcycle riders have adrenaline rushing to their veins every now and then. Therefore to depict this excitement and unpredictability in their life, a heartbeat tattoo is just perfect.

Motorcycle Hand Tattoo

Motorcycle Hand Tattoo 1


Motorcycle Hand Tattoo 2


Motorcycle Hand Tattoo 3


Maintaining a motorcycle can be tough. Sometimes while you are riding, your motorcycle may not respond in the way that you want it to. The brakes start to fail or the engine bursts. Anything can happen.

But when you will get a motorcycle hand tattoo then it will do your bidding. The bike will be on the palm of your hand and you will be able to pull all the strings.

Motorcycle Skull Tattoo

Motorcycle Skull Tattoo 1


Motorcycle Skull Tattoo 2


As we’ve mentioned before, the skull and bones are two elements of our biological body that people love to illustrate as a tattoo. Perhaps its association with death is what intrigues them the most.

Bikers gamble with their life when they ride out. They sometimes don’t even know if they will return home safely. The skin that is attached on top of their body may disappear by an accident and the skeleton may only remain. This deep concept is what makes the motorcycle skull tattoo so compelling.

Skeleton Riding Motorcycle Tattoo

Skeleton Riding Motorcycle Tattoo 1


Skeleton Riding Motorcycle Tattoo 2


Have you watched the immensely popular movie and comic book called the Ghost rider. In this movie, there is a biker who becomes a spirit of vengeance after making a deal with the demon.

He becomes immortal. His entire face lights up in flame when he rides his bike. Even the tires of his bike seem to be blazing in flame. His metal steel jacket and chain which he uses to kill his enemies makes up for an incredible tattoo design.

Motorcycle Engine Tattoo

Motorcycle Engine Tattoo 1


Motorcycle Engine Tattoo 2


The engine is what gives the motorcycle its life juice. When your bike moves at tremendous speed, it’s the engine that is giving it the horsepower.

That’s why among bikers, the motorcycle’s engines are viewed in very high regard. Some even ornament their engines specially by dipping it in vibrant colors. So if you are thinking of getting this tattoo, make sure to use whimsical colors and designs.

Motorcycle Wheel With Wings Tattoo

Motorcycle Wheel With Wings Tattoo 1


Motorcycle Wheel With Wings Tattoo 2


Just imagine you are riding your motorcycle on a good day. You are accelerating gradually on an empty road. Suddenly two wings stretch out from both sides of the motorcycle and it starts to fly. Within moments, you are now hovering in the air with your winged bike. How awesome is that!

Although this type of technology still hasn’t been invented, you can still imagine this happening by getting a tattoo of it. Wherever you look at the tattoo, you will feel that nothing is impossible. Even motorcycles can have wings.

A Brief Walkthrough Of Getting An Fantastic Motorcycle Tattoo

Getting an motocycles tattoo can be intimidating. Maybe you’re doing it because of peer pressure or you have a genuine affection towards bikes. Either way, it can be quite easy to mess up.

That’s why you need a comprehensive set of instructions that depicts each and every aspect of getting a motorcycle tattoo. That’s why only for your sake, here is a visual representation of how an artist handles a motorcycle tattoo from scratch to finish. Enjoy.


Everyone loves FAQs. It’s like a trivia game where we dive deep into the internet to find out the most interesting questions and their answers. Some of you motorcycle connoisseurs out there probably know the answers already. But for the newcomers, these can be quite revolutionary. So take a good look.

Q: Is Motorcycle Tattoos Offensive?

Ans: No, they are not. They can be surely intimidating to say the least but they don’t mock or ridicule any belief. So you can get the tattoo without any worries.

Q: Can I Ride A Motorcycle After Getting A Motorcycle Tattoo?

Ans: We do realize that you’re running out of patience after getting an amazing motorcycle tattoo. You may be wanting to showcase your tattoo to the entire world. But you have to wait at least a couple of days after getting a tattoo.

Otherwise, the external conditions will be detrimental for both your skin and the tattoo resulting in an unfortunate outcome. So try to sit back and let the tattoo heal for sometime.

Q: Are Motorcycle Tattoos expensive?

Ans: It totally depends on what type of style you want to select. A minimalistic tattoo would require a lot less time and effort. On the contrary, a grand tattoo with hyper realistic details can take an incredible amount of hardwork and creativity. But if we want to take a guess, the price of an average motorcycle tattoo is probably between 250-500 dollars.


When you get a motorcycle, it doesn’t feel like a machine to you. It will feel more like a part of you. You and the motorcycle will become a single entity.

The same thing is for motorcycle tattoos. But things can be completely opposite if you get a butchered tattoo. An overdone messy tattoo will ruin your love for motorcycles as well as your skin.

That’s why we have composed this article so that you can know everything about them. Research thoroughly before making a decision. Always remember that a tattoo will stay with you forever. So it has to be picture perfect.

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