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68 Heavenly Ideas For Mother And Son Tattoo With Their Symbolism!

Perhaps the most influential figure in everyone’s life is their own mother. They not only hold our hands during moments of guidance, but also provide for us and nurture us until we enter adulthood and become men.

And although words will be able to express only a fraction of how mandatory a mother’s love is for her sons, a good way to pay homage could be obtained through the means of a mother-son tattoo, one of the fresh faces in the world of tattoos.

Mother-son tattoos don’t just convey a large magnitude of feelings, but also come in various forms. It is associated with love, guidance, protection and good fortune, offering a series of designs to cater to a wide demographic.

To learn just how moving a mother-son tattoo can be when depicted carefully, don’t forget to give this guide the flowers it deserves. Be sure to stick around if you’re still unsure of the concept you’d like to incorporate to your own version of the mother-son tattoo!

The Art Of Mother-Son Tattoos: A Movement That Mends Dysfunctional Dynamics!

The Art Of Mother-Son Tattoos


More often than not, mother-son tattoos are seen as an activity to bond over. In fact, three out of ten representatives of mother-son tattoos have noticed a positive change in the dynamics that they share with their mothers once they gave into this movement, which speaks volumes.

Moving on, if you feel that you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place with your mother, know that there are tons of ways in which the damage can be controlled. And if communicating doesn’t do much, you too can hop on the bandwagon of mother-son tattoos to change the narrative.

Closely-knit Mother And Son Tattoos To Contemplate At This Instant!

Finding a tattoo that can satisfy a duo between a mother and son is quite easy. All they have to do is find common ground and base their tattoos on a mutual interest. However, depicting the feelings through a graphic could be difficult, which is when this portion comes in.

From obtaining matching tattoos to going all out with abstract paint jobs, a mother-son tattoo can be worn in various ways. And if you’re searching for the best ones, the list below should suffice!

Mother Son Matching Tattoo

Mother Son Matching Tattoo 1


Mother Son Matching Tattoo 2


Mother Son Matching Tattoo 3


The most favorable option that is known for strengthening the chemistry between family members, especially that involving mothers and sons, is a set of matching tattoos, which comes in various forms.

Matching tattoos have been on the radar for a while now, with the movement being known for strengthening bonds through creating unforgettable memories. The tattoos come with stretchable dimensions, which can also be contracted for adapting to compact areas.

Given the nature of matching tattoos, it is quite possible to add anything to the stencil, as long as it resonates with the parties involved. Furthermore, if pain is an issue, getting matching mother-son tattoos can be a breath of fresh air.

Mother Son Quote Tattoo

Mother Son Quote Tattoo


Increasing the gravity of the meaning behind each design, irrespective of the patterns involved, is very important if you’re seeking positive results when shaping up a mother-son tattoo. Using colours, adding more patterns, and increasing the size can be three optimal ways to ensure good results. However, another unsung hero on this list is a quote tattoo, which, by no surprise, comes in an array of variations, each of which is painless to include in a tattoo.

Mother-Son Outline Tattoo

Mother Son Outline Tattoo


Colorless tattoos, such as outline tattoos, are much easier to handle and tackle as opposed to colored tattoos, making them a top pick in the world of mother-son tattoos.

The stencil of a mother-son tattoo can be a great way to pay homage to one’s mother, but can also be down-sized and divided in two. Based on the visuals, the tattoo shouldn’t take much time, being a music to the ears of those working around a packed schedule. For some uniqueness, one is advised to add soft, pastel shades and incorporate them with a blending effect.

Mother Son Symbol Tattoo

Mother Son Symbol Tattoo 1

Mother Son Symbol Tattoo 2


Another way to make the act of getting matching tattoos with your mom can be through the help of this design, possessing symbols and emblems that are quite painless to obtain.

In addition to being painless, symbols are quite small, allowing wearers to install a couple of them at once. Many even drop the thought of adding emblems attached to motherhood and add the silhouettes of a mother with their son for an equally impactful impression.

Mother Son Lion Tattoo

Mother Son Lion Tattoo


Lions usually defend their cubs until eternity, which is what mothers do for their sons. For that matter alone, obtaining a lion tattoo to hop on the trend of getting a mother-son tattoo is considered to be rather appropriate.

On top of the power it holds in the spiritual world, lion tattoos are renowned for the visuals they bring forward, which can be enhanced with realism. The tattoo also ages quite gracefully, making it low-maintenance in the long run.

Mother Son Elephant Tattoo

Mother Son Elephant Tattoo 1


Mother Son Elephant Tattoo 2


Elephants are known for being very loyal to their tribes, going above and beyond when necessary. Additionally, since mothers are known for being the primary providers of their sons in many households, a mother-son elephant tattoo is a great way to pay homage to that aspect.

The tattoo is quite minimal and looks exactly the way it sounds. To brighten things up, however, it is advised to use more colours behind the stencil of the elephant.

Mother Son Mermaid Tattoo

Mother Son Mermaid Tattoo


you’re seeking a tattoo that will solely focus on all that your mother has sacrificed for you to make ends meet so far, try resorting to a design as feminine as mermaid tattoos, which run big on unconditional love.

Mermaid tattoos come in various shapes and sizes, being compatible with a never ending list of designs. Before you finalize this scheme, remember to check out our material on mermaid tattoos, especially if you’re seeking positive results.

Mother Son Dinosaur Tattoo

Mother Son Dinosaur Tattoo 1


Mother Son Dinosaur Tattoo 2


One of the lighthearted options on this list is a mother-son dinosaur tattoo, based on the silhouettes

of two minimal dinosaurs.

The ideal placement for this tattoo is surely the canvas offered by the wrist, especially if the parties involved are more inclined on obtaining basic yet impactful designs. If that location fails to meet the benchmark, one can even lower the positioning of the tattoo to obtain a forearm tattoo.

Mother Son and Robin Tattoo

Mother Son and Robin Tattoo


A portraiture tattoo of a mother and her son should be sufficient in most cases to find huge success when getting involved in this movement. However, if you’d like to change the aspect and improve the visuals by a tad bit, try adding birds that increase the sentimental values and the layout of the tattoo, such as a robin tattoo.

Mother Son Heartbeat Tattoo

Mother Son Heartbeat Tattoo


To make things extra sentimental, consider using components that express feelings that can’t be verbally addressed, such as a heartbeat tattoo.

A heartbeat tattoo, also known as a heart tattoo, is a frontrunner in the world of mother-son tattoos. Many pairs obtaining matching heartbeat tattoos not only create an indestructible memory, but also tend to work past the flaws within the dynamics of a mother-son friendship.

Mother Son Celtic Knots Tattoo

Mother Son Celtic Knots Tattoo


Celtic knots are often perceived as reliable companions during times of struggle, with associations that mostly reflect on and depict the importance of good luck.

Mother Son Blackwork Tattoo

Mother Son Blackwork Tattoo


Art doesn’t need a series of vibrant colours for positive results. Similarly, if you’re seeking to take it easy on the visuals of your mother-son tattoo, try looking into this piece, featuring components of a blackwork tattoo.

The session, despite being rewarding, is quite lengthy, which takes away some brownie points from the impression of this entry. However, since this tattoo is quite easy on the eyes, a mother-son blackwork tattoo remains a top pick in this series!

Mother Son Feather Tattoo

Mother Son Feather Tattoo


Feather tattoos are also quite well received when it comes to mother-son tattoos, carrying visuals that are easy to implement and manage. The most common area for this genre is the forearm, which can be the perfect location if you’re seeking to pull off matching tattoos!

Associated with positivity and hope, feather tattoos depict a healthy relationship between a mother and a son. In addition, feather tattoos are also quite helpful if one is seeking more protection.

Mother Son Traditional Tattoo

Mother Son Traditional Tattoo 1


Mother Son Traditional Tattoo 2


With the help of solid colours and retro-esque designs, you can also make your mother-son tattoo an illustration that winds back to the 90s. The visuals of this option aren’t just comforting, but also fun to look at.

Creating this tattoo is a bit time-consuming, since on it are layers and colours with shading techniques. The size of it is also above average, so be sure to travel with a companion if necessary.

Mother Son Disney Tattoo

Mother Son Disney Tattoo 1


Mother Son Disney Tattoo 2


If you regularly watched cartoons and shows broadcasted by Disney alongside your mother during childhood, using that as the pivotal point of your mother-son tattoo can be a diamond in the rough.

Since there are tons of genres available, the flexibility of this design is what you make of it. If you’re more into sketches than patterns, a mother-son Disney tattoo can very well meet all your artistic needs.

Mother Son Abstract Tattoo

Mother Son Abstract Tattoo


Taking help from abstract artwork can be helpful if you’re looking to convey strong emotions through the visuals of your mother-son tattoo.

The silhouettes are often perceived as an open book, comprising zero to no structure. The colour scheme is usually curated with a mix of solid, vibrant shades, having enough space to pull off neutral shades at the same time. By adding borders, the visuals tend to have a sense of organization.

Mother Son Sea Turtle Tattoo

Mother Son Sea Turtle Tattoo


Sea turtles are one of the most surface-level options to use for this agenda, as they’re mostly liked for the visuals they bring to the table. Additionally, sea turtle tattoos could also be good means to introduce to one’s mother-son tattoo if the dynamics run big on aquatic and sea creatures.

From small patterns to substantial designs, there’s plenty that one can do with the visuals of a sea turtle. To learn about them all, be sure to read our guide on sea turtle tattoos.

Mother Son Compass Tattoo

Mother Son Compass Tattoo

Compass tattoos usually gravitate towards hope, strength, and kindness, all of which a son receives from their mother. Additionally, for the visuals it brings to existence, a compass tattoo can also be a promising option in the world of mother-son tattoos.

The graphic of a compass tattoo is quite flexible as it is malleable, enabling it to collaborate with many other designs without a single hiccup. The design ages gracefully as well, being a plus for those seeking a low maintenance option.

Mother Son Rose Tattoo

Mother Son Rose Tattoo


Floral patterns can also be shared amongst a mother and son, especially if the graphic is highlighted and led by a rose.

Rose tattoos are often seen as symbols of peace and love. The image in itself is a prize for the eyes, but underneath all that is a feeling of true love and understanding that only mothers and their sons can comprehend.

Mother Son Angel Wing Tattoo

Mother Son Angel Wing Tattoo


Often, mothers are seen as guardian angels in the eyes of their sons and daughters. And while the biggest components can’t depict the weight of the sentiments and importance of their guidance, a graphic that perfectly sums up their roles is that of an angel wing.

Angel wing tattoos are quite basic and run compact, possessing the ability to adapt to the dimensions of any location. To learn about the ways in which one can pull off an angel wing tattoo, be sure to give this guide a read!

Mother Son Tree of Life Tattoo

Mother Son Tree of Life Tattoo


Tree of life tattoos symbolize the importance of life, and the inevitability of death. Conversely, tree of life tattoos also depict family values, rendering them eligible as a promising candidate on the list of mother-son tattoos.

In addition to comprising a healthy, substantially outgrown tree, the graphic features a sketch of a mother and son, which can be a good way to make it easier for the spectators. However, those seeking a minimal alternative may also just get one of the two formerly-mentioned elements.

Mother Son Music Note Tattoo

Mother Son Music Note Tattoo


Bonding over music is also a common activity between mothers and sons. Likewise, if you feel that your mom has introduced you to the music that you find contentment in to this day, a mother-son music tattoo is something you can easily install without any pressure.

Music note tattoos are quite simple, as long as the artist knows what they’re doing. To keep it as easy going as possible, try installing just one note instead of resorting to multiple.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’ve crossed paths with all the designs that make mother-son tattoos so popular and as desirable as they are in the present day, here are a couple of basic questions that have been dropped underneath this portion to enhance your knowledge of the trend of getting mother-son tattoos.

Q: How much do mother-son tattoos cost?

Ans: Since mother-son tattoos come in pairs, the artwork may cost the wearers around $200 each, if the size is small and the illustrations run low in detail. Larger designs may range from $400-600, especially if the artwork contains complex components.

Q: What do mother-son tattoos symbolize?

Ans: In most cases, mother-son tattoos symbolize feelings of love, companionship, safety and protection. However, many also give in to this movement in order to create a certain memory with their loved ones.

Final Verdict

In retrospect, the beauty behind the act of getting mother-son tattoos isn’t just found on the outside, but runs deep on the inside as well. The genre comes with multiple options; some of which contain the literal illustration of a mother nurturing and taking care of her son, most of which contain graphics that convey the influence that mothers have on their sons. Nonetheless, either one of the two options look as appealing as they come.

Prior to obtaining a mother-son tattoo, try and contemplate your scenario and motive. If your main aim is to pay homage to your mother for all she’s done, try looking at the list once again to come up with an authentic design that resonates with you.

Additionally, if you’d like to obtain an ink that features the sketch of a mother and son, don’t forget to highlight that agenda to the fullest.

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