62 Electrifying Monkey Tattoo Ideas To Energize You

Day by day, we are becoming more like an innate object. The things that made us human are slowly fading away. We have become so accustomed to technologies that all our emotions and desires mean very little to us now.

When was the last time you went out for a walk and fully let yourself go? Because of our hectic schedules, we hardly get to have fun. Look at monkeys. They are perhaps the most energetic animals on the planet. They jump around and swing from tree to tree without any worries. People want to get their tattoo because they aspire to become as carefree as monkeys.

There are many varieties of monkey existing on the earth. Environment plays a crucial role in the change of appearance. No matter what their morphological characteristics are, monkeys always look amazing. That’s why today we are going to talk about them. Grab a seat.

The Monkey Tattoos Of The Wall Street: The Enigmatic Meaning Behind Them

Monkey tattoo meaning


Darwin postulated a theory that human beings evolved from monkeys. That’s why there’s so much similarity in us. If we think about this in a genetic standpoint, the statement still holds true.

Many scientific databases denote that there is more than 90 percent similarity in the amino acid sequence between humans and monkeys. Perhaps the only difference between us is that one is morose while the other is cheerful. When you get this tattoo, you will start to forget all the pain and laugh like our ancestral brothers.

Stylish Monkey Tattoo Design For Your Next Adventure

With so many styles to choose from, it can quickly get quite confusing. The monkeys who live in a cold condition tend to have a white grayish fur while those residing in a warm temperature seem to have exposed skin.

So which one should you choose? To find out the answer to this question, we have compiled some of the most intriguing monkey tattoo designs only for your sake. Investigate them thoroughly to find out the one that suits you.

Monkey King Tattoo

Monkey King Tattoo 1


Monkey King Tattoo 2


From games to movies, monkey king has been depicted countless times in the media. It is known to carry a gigantic stick that can grow on command.

The monkey king also knows a wide range of combat styles and facing him on a one to one situation is a suicide. Furthermore, he is known to be quite intellectual as he can figure out most things before they even happen.

So, if you want such a potent friend along your side then get this tattoo right now. The main aspect of the monkey king is its deceitfulness. So make sure you capture it perfectly in the tattoo.

Monkey Belly Button Tattoo

Monkey Belly Button Tattoo 1


Monkey Belly Button Tattoo 2


While some consider the belly button to be a disgusting place, artists view it in a completely different manner. They think that the sudden downward dive of the belly button can create some badass tattoo designs.

If you are thinking of getting a monkey tattoo try to use the belly button as the monkey’s body. Just illustrate the other parts branching out of there and voila.

As for the color, you don’t really need to do much. The belly button itself has a spiral pattern that can give the tattoo an otherworldly look.

Cute Monkey Tattoo

Cute Monkey Tattoo 1


Cute Monkey Tattoo 2


While there are some monkeys that are utterly terrifying, most monkeys seem to be quite chill. They will come close to you and even scratch your head to kill louse.

The whole gesture is very cute. You can’t help yourself but give a hug to these adorable animals.

But you can make it even cuter by making the monkey look a bit fluffier. Just giving the monkey  a fluffy cheek as well as big and teary eyes can make a cute tattoo that will melt your heart every time you see it.

Arctic Monkey Tattoo

Arctic Monkey Tattoo


Because of the harsh weather of the areas where snow falls, the monkeys there grow a coat in their outer layer of skin. This fur is quite thick and can protect them from extreme cold.

So, if you are thinking of getting the arctic monkey tattoos, this is the first thing that you need to get right. The arctic monkeys tend to be a bit larger than their warmer counterparts.

So choose a place in the body with an adequate amount of space. Your back or your thigh can be an excellent place to depict the naughtiness of an arctic monkey.

Small Monkey Tattoo

Small Monkey Tattoo 1


Small Monkey Tattoo 2


Being the most intelligent species on the planet, we have an unhealthy obsession of getting control over things. We are spending millions of dollars in aerospace technology so that we can control the galaxy.

While monkeys can be controlled as a pet but they won’t always do your bidding. That’s why if you get a small tattoo on your body, you will have complete control over it.

Monkey Face Tattoo

Monkey Face Tattoo


The monkey’s face is perhaps the most hilarious face in the world. The expression that they give makes us burst out laughing.

But sometimes when they are threatened, they tend to give a very intimidating look. It’s as if they are going to kill you just with a stare. So depending on what image you want to portray, choose the expression. If you want to get a badass tattoo then bend the eyebrows a bit and give the monkey a quirky smile. You can even add a cigarette in its mouth.

Traditional Monkey Tattoo

Traditional Monkey Tattoo


Monkeys have been associated with us since the dawn of ages. These two creatures coexisted through numerous natural disasters and still stand.

In some religions, monkeys are even considered to be an avatar of god. In Hinduism, there is a god called Hanuman whose entire body is the same as humans but has the face of a monkey. So you can understand just how significant monkeys are for some cultures. They play an integral role in their traditions.

Japanese Monkey Tattoo

Japanese Monkey Tattoo 1


Japanese Monkey Tattoo 2


In many streets of Japan, monkeys just roam freely without any interruptions. The residents give them bananas or other kinds of food and they happily take it. Sometimes, they forcefully break into the houses and take stuff.

In many manga and anime, there is always a monkey character. In Dragon Ball, the main characters transform into a monkey when they see the moon. So. you can get a tattoo of that. It would look amazing on your body.

Simple Monkey Tattoo

Simple Monkey Tattoo


Complicating things never turns out to be good. You may be gravitating towards getting a hyper realistic tattoo with a wide range of colors and inks.

But ask yourself. Do you really need so many textures to showcase extravagance? Instead, you can just get a simple tattoo such as a silhouette of a monkey or a monkey eating a banana quietly. These mundane artworks speak volumes.

Grease Monkey Tattoo

Grease Monkey Tattoo 1


Grease Monkey Tattoo 2


For those who have a particular interest in machines is known as a grease monkey. So, if you love to be glued with automobiles and stuff, this is the perfect tattoo for you.

The main concept of this tattoo is to include some mechanical components along with the monkey. Components such as bolts and tires can look amazing. Perhaps, the best part that you can incorporate is gear. The zigzag shape can truly allure you.

Tribal Monkey Tattoo

Tribal Monkey Tattoo


In many tribes, monkeys lived with the human beings in the same society. It may be outrageous to you but sometimes they were given certain duties to perform such as being a night watchman.

The tribes don’t exist that much anymore but the companionship still exists. Scientists are finding ancient carvings on stones where they notice artworks of monkeys. The tribal monkey tattoo originated from these drawings.

Sock Monkey Tattoo

Sock Monkey Tattoo 1


Sock Monkey Tattoo 2


Socks and monkeys are like a match made in heaven. In a recent survey, it has been reported that about 70 percent of people tend to buy socks with monkeys on them.

And why shouldn’t they? Monkeys are such a ball of fun that everytime you will see them you will start to feel adrenaline pumping through your veins. Your inner child will burst out.

Chinese Monkey Tattoo

Chinese Monkey Tattoo


The monkeys living in China are quite distinct compared to the monkeys from other areas. They have a longer tail and there seems to be a thick coat encapsulating the entirety of its body except the face.

This structure makes the monkey much more adorable. So, make sure to portray these aspects accurately. You can add some short quotes or one liners to go with the monkey. It can be a tribute to someone you love dearly or just a phrase that you dearly follow. The sky’s the limit.

Realistic Monkey Tattoo

Realistic Monkey Tattoo 1


Realistic Monkey Tattoo 2


Everything you need to know about this tattoo is in the name. You just have to make the tattoo look like it’s going to jump out of your skin.

The use of colors is the most important thing. Don’t choose any color that makes the monkey seem like it has come from a fairy tale. Use realistic colors and border them using a deep black ink. Shading is your friend so go absolutely wild on that. Rather than giving the monkey a bland look, it’s best to incorporate some unique expressions in the face.

Cartoon Monkey Tattoo

Cartoon Monkey Tattoo


From Rafiki of the Lion king to Abu from Aladdin, the list goes on and on. There are probably thousands of monkey characters depicted in the cartoon.

Some of them were just a comic relief whereas others served a greater purpose. Therefore, you should choose the characters as a tattoo based on their actions and personality. If it resonates with you, go for it. You won’t get disappointed.

Baby Monkey Tattoo

Baby Monkey Tattoo 1


Baby Monkey Tattoo 2


No matter how hard someone is on the outside, they will instantly melt seeing a baby monkey. When the mother monkey carries the baby in her arms, our inner parenthood screams out.

This is an excellent tattoo choice for someone who is just becoming a parent. Whenever you see a tattoo, you will feel like there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You have to take care of the baby. So you need to be strong.

Geometric Monkey Tattoo

Geometric Monkey Tattoo 1


Geometric Monkey Tattoo 2


You can easily depict a monkey using a single shape. You may be wondering how in the world that is possible. Well, hear us out.

If you look closely at the overall structure of a monkey, you will see that it mainly consists of circles. From the bent legs to the earlobe, each of its parts is in some way a circle. So you can draw a geometric monkey tattoo without any hassle. Just give the tattoo a grayish color to portray the robotic vibe.

Aztec Monkey Tattoo

Aztec Monkey Tattoo


In Aztec culture, monkeys were viewed as gods that can grant them immense strength and resilience during hardship. Ozomatil was the name of their monkey god which can be seen from the literature.

Investigating the monuments and sculpture of Ozomatil reveals that tribal people used to decorate the monkeys with heavy ornaments. So if you are going to get an Aztec style tattoo make sure to include different ornamental components such as an earring or a headband alongside the portrayal of the monkey. This will make the tattoo look way more vintage.

Crazy Monkey Tattoo

Crazy Monkey Tattoo


Monkeys may seem like they are the most naive creatures on the planet but sometimes they go out of control.

Things sometimes go so wild that the monkeys have to be put down. Because of their mercurial behavior, many people recommend not to get too close to them.

During their antics, monkeys have a fierce expression in their faces. Their razor sharp teeths get stretched and they get immense strength in the muscles. You have to portray each of these aspects in your tattoo.

Watercolor Monkey Tattoo

Watercolor Monkey Tattoo 1


Watercolor Monkey Tattoo 2


There isn’t any other alternative to watercolor when it comes to drawing a natural component. Any other type of color looks quite aggressive.

But the watercolor is subtle and gently blends with your skin. After getting a framework of the monkey, fill each part of it using the watercolor. The best part about this type of color is that it leaves a trail behind giving the tattoo a mirror effect.

How Breathtaking Monkey Tattoos Are Crafted: A Visual Representation

If you haven’t seen a monkey tattoo up close then you can’t fathom just how awesome they look. Artists create some of the most otherworldly designs that are hard to believe even when you see them.

To make you appreciate the monkey tattoos, we have a timelapse of an artist creating a hyper realistic monkey tattoo out of scratch. Take a look.


Monkeys may seem like a naive creature with not much going on inside their head. But are you aware of a recent event in which monkeys and canines engaged in combat?

This was because one dog in the vicinity killed a baby monkey. The entire army of monkeys then hunted each of the dogs. It was like a vigilante story coming true. So, there are a lot of things that you don’t know about the monkeys. That’s why, here are some intriguing questions and answers regarding the monkey tattoos.

Q: Will People Laugh At You For Getting A Monkey Tattoo?

Ans: There will always be some knuckleheads that will ridicule you no matter what you do. Don’t listen to these naysayers. Your monkey tattoo can be a true work of art that will make people obsess over you.

Q: What’s The Best Place For Getting A Monkey Tattoo?

Ans: There isn’t a particular place that stands out in the case of monkey tattoos. The current trend of the tattooing world is to go for a minimalistic approach. Therefore, you should get a tattoo in a place with a minimum amount of space such as your neck or forearm.

Q: Do Monkey Tattoos Hurt?

Ans: Any kind of tattoo hurt and monkey tattoos are no exception. The pain is the price you pay for getting something truly extraordinary curved into your body canvas. When you see the ultimate tattoo, you will feel that the pain is more than worth it.


When we see a monkey in the zoo or the conservation centers, we laugh at the stupid antics of them. We ridicule them because of their bizarre expressions.

But deep down, we want to be free like them. In today’s world, we have become slaves to technology.

We wish to just run around without a hinge of worry just like a monkey. We want to leave all the tedious work and toxic relationships behind and explore the savannah.

You might not be able to do this as it can have repercussions but you can surely get a monkey tattoo. When you look at the tattoo, you will start to feel free even for a moment.

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