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56 Outstanding Money Bag Tattoos That Will Help You Secure The Bag!

Life should be about learning or earring, a mantra we wholeheartedly abide by. However, when it comes to meeting needs and making ends meet, the importance of having money is crucial.

Many are often under the assumption that money alone can’t be enough to buy happiness, but there’s always more to the story than meets the eye. From a neutral standpoint, having money can provide you with basic necessities like food, shelter, and water. In certain cases, it also offers us with mental stability, especially when one’s problems revolve around lacking financial means. And while it may take a significant amount of time to earn a lavish lifestyle if you start from square one, having a subtle modification like a money bag tattoo can be sufficient to motivate you when you’re working your way up.

When it comes to symbolism, a money bag tattoo is as gravitational as the importance of having a monetary advantage. Although the pattern rarely varies, the number of body parts that a wearer can utilize to display a money bag tattoo could be endless. Move on to the subsequent portions to learn everything about money bag tattoos and discover the ways in which you can showcase them properly!

What Does A Money Bag Tattoo Symbolize?

Money bag tattoo 1

While many find contentment within the visuals of the tattoo, a money bag tattoo also carries a meaning that plenty can benefit from. It is often associated with all the positives in life, such as wealth, good fortune, prosperity, and financial gain. The symbolism is often used as a superstition for good luck; however, in specific scenarios, it can even be used as a source of motivation.

Additionally, a money bag tattoo can also be used as a reminder to work hard and trust the process. Since we are human beings at the end of the day, dealing with adversity and fear could be expected, especially when working for financial gain. And while time will heal all wounds, finding a reliable companion in a money bag tattoo will definitely make it easier to get back on your feet when dealing with unfortunate scenarios!

Money Bag Tattoo Ideas That Will Propel You To Obtaining Financial Success!

When categorized, a money bag tattoo is often counted as a minimalist tattoo. The reason behind it lies beneath its visuals, which contain nothing but a hefty bag with the dollar symbol.

While the changes one can make to the initial design are minimal, a money bag tattoo can be paired with a range of other uniquely designed patterns due to its adaptability. Additionally, due to the compact nature of the design, a money bag tattoo can be placed anywhere, even in the most sensitive locations. To get a glimpse of all the variants of money bag tattoos currently on the rise, be sure to move on to the portion below!

Money Bag Tattoo On Hand

Money bag tattoo on hand

If you want your tattoo to motivate you day in and day out, consider obtaining the artwork of a money bag on your hand. While the procedure could be a bit uncomfortable due to the number of nerve endings that one’s hand contains, the design can be implemented on the surface rather easily due to the substantial amount of space it provides.

Once obtained, you can also add the designs of other tattoos to make the final outcome more memorable. Adding special effects around the bag can also bring forward a variant that might be easy on the eyes!

Small Money Bag Tattoo

Small money bag tattoo

Since a money bag tattoo is mostly for growth and not about the visuals at all, you can easily approach the tattoo with a mindset that will encourage you to keep it light. And if that seems to be the case for you, consider getting a small money bag tattoo.

In addition to being more than adequate for any location, this money bag tattoo comes with a time-friendly procedure. Once the stencil is created, it will only take around five to ten minutes for the artist to make the final draft. Furthermore, this variant also brings a painless process when constructed with a fine-line needle.

Money Bag Tattoo On Neck

Money bag tattoo on neck

Obtaining a neck tattoo was a bold move a few years ago. However, nowadays, a neck tattoo can comprise anything for a positive reception, even a money bag tattoo.

Just like most sensitive areas that are vulnerable to pain, recreating this money bag tattoo could bring to the table tons of pain, mainly because of how sensitive one’s neck can be. However, to obtain a skin-friendly procedure that minimizes pain, ask your tattoo artist to break the tattooing session into three different parts. Doing so will give you and your neck enough time to recuperate from the blows created by the needle.

Simple Money Bag Tattoo

Simple money bag tattoo

The symbolism of a money bag tattoo is quite simple. It provides hope, and good fortune and is associated with financial gain. While using a loud artwork to express your admiration for a money bag tattoo is definitely one approach you can take before visiting your tattoo artist; you can also tone the visuals down by obtaining a simple money bag tattoo.

While the dimensions of the forearm should be sufficient for pulling off a variant as simple as this one, you can find the same amount of satisfaction if you place the tattoo around the inner bicep, the ankle, the wrist, and one side of your chest.

Money Bag Finger Tattoo

Money bag tattoo on finger

The construction of a money bag is so small that a tattoo of it can even be placed in areas that lack space. And if you have a thing for designs that lack size and colour, let us present to you a money bag finger tattoo.

As the name suggests, the placement of this tattoo is implemented around the dimensions of a finger. While it could hurt a lot when a needle makes contact with the bony structure of one’s fingers, the final results will surely catch you by surprise if you’d like to wear something that is memorable!

Once the creation process has been dealt with, remember to ice your finger everyday to make the recovery process faster.

Behind The Ear Money Bag Tattoo

Money bag tattoo behind ear

If you’ve grown quite fond of simple tattoos with compact bodies, consider placing the money bag tattoo around the area behind your ear. Due to the sensitivity levels of the location, one might feel the blows induced by a needle in full force. However, once the procedure is done, you’ll have yourself a tattoo that won’t take away the spotlight or cause many frowns.

To unlock the most effortless procedure, ask the tattoo artist to use a fine-line needle, which hurts relatively less than the other needles. Additionally, a fine-line needle is perfect for creating a thinly structured money bag due to its groundwork.

A money bag tattoo is a simple way to modify your body. Don’t believe us, just watch!

More Money Bag Tattoos To Look Into Before Finalizing Your Decision!

We hope the first half was good enough to justify the adaptability of the money bag tattoo and sufficient to prove how easily one can add the basic design into their tattoo collection. And while we have covered the symbolism of a money tattoo rather thoroughly in the first half, here are some more money bag tattoo designs that you can take notes from if the previous list fell short of being enough for you and your mind!

Money bag tattoo 2

Money bag tattoo 3

Money bag tattoo 4

Money bag tattoo 5

Money bag tattoo 6

Money bag tattoo 7

Money bag tattoo 8

Money bag tattoo 9

Money bag tattoo 10

Money bag tattoo 11

Money bag tattoo 12

Money bag tattoo 13

Money bag tattoo 14

Money bag tattoo 15

Money bag tattoo 16

Money bag tattoo 17

Money bag tattoo 18

Money bag tattoo 19

Money bag tattoo 20

Money bag tattoo 21

Money bag tattoo 22

Money bag tattoo 23

Money bag tattoo 24

Money bag tattoo 25

Money bag tattoo 26

Money bag tattoo 27

Money bag tattoo 28

Money bag tattoo 29

Money bag tattoo 30

Money bag tattoo 31

Money bag tattoo 32

Money bag tattoo 33

Money bag tattoo 34

Money bag tattoo 35

Money bag tattoo 36

Money bag tattoo 37

Money bag tattoo 38

Money bag tattoo 39

Money bag tattoo 40

Money bag tattoo 41

Money bag tattoo 42

Money bag tattoo 43

Money bag tattoo 44

Money bag tattoo 45

Money bag tattoo 46

Money bag tattoo 47

Money bag tattoo 48

Money bag tattoo 49

Money bag tattoo 50


At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong by obtaining a money bag tattoo. It carries a symbolism that can motivate even those that are overwhelmed, and has a groundwork that is relatively simple to create and compatible with the designs of other tattoos.

Furthermore, due to its easy-to-create pattern, a money bag tattoo can be placed anywhere. You can place the tattoo on the forearm if you’d like to boast about it to other people, but can also choose reserved areas like the chest, inner bicep, or collarbone if you’d like to keep the sentiments to yourself. Regardless of what you choose to do, just make sure the money bag tattoo allows you to feel confident, stay motivated, and is able to act as a pivotal reason behind your success when you finally propel yourself to fame and fortune!

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