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124 Heartfelt Mom and Dad Tattoos That Are Currently On The Trend

Despite how different one tends to be from another individual, one thing most of us have in common is the love we have for our parents. When all is said and done, living life without parents seems uncomfortable, and extremely difficult. Without their guidance, we feel lost. Without their love and care, we’re unable to learn how to show affection.

Having a mom and a dad is not just a gift, but rather a blessing, and although we can give back to our parents in multiple ways on this Earth, one of the underrated ways to show just how much love one has for their mom and dad is the art of getting a mom and dad tattoo.

Mom and dad tattoos have been around for the longest time now, and can be showcased in various ways. Although most variants are excellent for those that are seeking a way to show the gratitude they have for their mom and dad, this design is also tremendously helpful for those that are grieving their loss.

Amongst all the options available in the tattoo world, if you feel that getting a mom and dad tattoo will satisfy you to the fullest, then your encounter with this write-up was written in the stars.

From incorporating a minimalistic artwork into a mom and dad tattoo to obtaining a design that carries a heavy meaning, this article comprises all the available designs that deserves recognition from everyone. Stay put and locked in until the end as we make an attempt to cover everything that one needs to know about mom and dad tattoos!

Meaningful Mom and Dad Tattoos To Surprise Your Parents With This Year!

In addition to how meaningful it is, mom and dad tattoos are often considered to be a fan favorite due to how cooperative it is to change. One can wear it as a fine line tattoo to keep it light, but can also change the theme and install a silhouette with a range of colors and liveliness.

So, without further ado, here are all the wonderful variations of mom and dad tattoos that you should definitely look into before coming up with your own groundwork. While mirroring is often a good way to go about it, taking inspiration from each option will also be immensely helpful since it will allow you to come up with your own design.

In Memory of Mom and Dad Tattoo

In memory of mom and dad tattoos

Losing one parent is tough, but losing both is a completely different ball game. While dealing with their absence brings to the table an unimaginable amount of pain and suffering, it is extremely important to remember that they’re always watching over us, and hold on to every memory until the end of time.

Furthermore, even though seeking emotional support from friends and existing family members will surely make things easier, you can even lean on this variant to find comfort.

For best results, make sure to place it in an exposed area so that it can work as a reminder. Add their date of birth as well if you feel the need to.

Mom and Dad Tattoo on Forearm

Mom and dad tattoos on forearm

Being unafraid of showing love is the best approach to take in life at times, and extremely helpful when getting a mom and dad tattoo.

Since the forearm contains a ton of space, resilience, and even width, obtaining a mom and dad tattoo in the area can work wonders for anyone. The design won’t just be exposed to everyone that comes across the tattoo, but the area of placement can also pull off a variant that is visually amusing as well as metaphorically moving.

Traditional Mom and Dad Tattoo

Traditional mom and dad tattoo

Since our parents are definitely our first support system, obtaining a tattoo that is dripped in multiple colors, or has the same aura as a traditional tattoo, can be an excellent way to play it safe.

When creating the design, think of colors that are as warm as the hues of red or as delicate as the tone of yellow. While both of them are exceptional in terms of appearance, the colors also symbolize feelings of love.

On top of adding a good color scheme, make sure to introduce a font and multiple symbols to the artwork to increase the figurative value as well as the metaphorical value of the blue print.

RIP Mom and Dad Tattoo

Rip mom and dad tattoo

Even though it is tough to cope with a parent’s passing, having a source of reassurance can ease things down at times. Words of encouragement could be one of them, but the impact of that can also fall short at times. However, that’s when this variant comes in.

An RIP mom and dad tattoo isn’t even about the design, but about the support it can provide to the vulnerable souls. Although the sketch of this variant can surpass the qualities that most desirable tattoos attain, this option is mainly for those that are seeking a fresh start in life.

Mom and Dad Feather Tattoo

Mom and dad feather tattoo

Since our parents nurture us, give us strength during difficult times, teach us what it’s like to trust someone, and give us the freedom to be whoever we want to be in this life, incorporating a feather tattoo into a mom and dad tattoo can surely highlight those moments.

Symbolizing feelings of strength and honor, the addition of feather tattoos isn’t just idealistic for this design, but also a great tool to utilize if you’re looking for a visually-oriented option. Even though the image often contains a monochromatic palette, you can easily replace it with a color scheme that you’re comfortable with.

Mom and Dad Cross Tattoo

Mom and dad cross tattoo

A cross tattoo usually symbolizes the faith one has towards their religion. However, in this scenario, the meaning of it is slightly different.

While spending time with your parents, acknowledging their efforts, and rewarding them with gifts are surely some of the more prominent ways to let your parents know about the faith you have in them, carving their names into a cross and incorporating that design into a tattoo can also be just as effective.

When it comes to placement, the forearm is a fan favorite due to the spaciousness it has. Many also obtain this artwork near the inner bicep since the layer of fat around the area brings to the table a lenient procedure.

Mom and Dad Infinity Tattoo

Mom and dad infinity tattoo

Just like the sign of infinity, the love that is shared between a family is endless and larger than any number, and though a simple artwork that conveys the love that you have for your mom and dad is more than sufficient, the addition of the symbol of infinity can amp the significance of the design both literally and symbolically.

This variant, unlike most options, is extremely cooperative, which means that it can be placed almost anywhere without a worry. The symbol of infinity also pairs well with any floral tattoo due to the shape it attains.

Mom and Dad Hand Tattoo

Mom and dad hand tattoo

If your personality is rather edgy, and the design you’re looking for needs to match your characteristics, a mom and dad hand tattoo should surely not be dismissed.

Containing a monochromatic color scheme, this tattoo also contains a large artwork with a sizable font. Each component in this tattoo is crystal clear and easy on the eyes on most occasions.

Despite having the looks, this tattoo could be a bit painful. Since the hand contains multiple nerve endings, each blow absorbed by the hand during the procedure might make the whole experience a bit uncomfortable.

Mom and Dad Anchor Tattoo

Mom and dad anchor tattoo

Since getting a mom and dad tattoo is always an occasion to celebrate, the cherry on top could be obtained by getting an anchor tattoo alongside the initial artwork.

Anchor tattoos stand for hope, strength, and stability; all of which we find in our parents. It is also used as a symbol for good luck.

In addition to having a powerful symbolism, the symbol of an anchor can portray the two words rather admirably. The words “mom” and “dad” tend to look sublime when placed on the surface of an anchor.

Mom and Dad Angel Wing Tattoo

Mom and dad angel wings tattoo

Another way to pay homage to your parents can be achieved through incorporating angel wings into the mom and dad tattoo.

An angel wing typically stands for freedom and faith. However, it is also utilized to show love to someone that has passed away and can be an excellent way of calling them your “guardian angel.” Indeed, despite all that they have on their plate, our parents never fail to love us and be there for us when we need them the most. This ability of theirs makes them the closest thing to guardian angels that this planet has.

Mom and Dad Heart Tattoo

Mom and dad heart tattoo

If you’re seeking the simplest way to pull off a mom and dad tattoo, then this is it.

Containing nothing but the titles, carved into a heart, this mom and dad heart tattoo is great for those that are indecisive, and excellent for minimalists.

It has a soft color palette and contains multiple lively colors, which highlights the charcoal black letters perfectly.

Additionally, regarding the area of placement, this tattoo looks best when incorporated as a forearm tattoo. However, due to how generous it is, this variant can even be changed and pulled off as an ankle tattoo as well.

Mom and Dad Wrist Tattoo

Mom and dad wrist tattoo

If you’ve already got tattoo in mind, and the structure of it is similar to that of a fine line tattoo, do yourself some justice. Place it on the wrist.

While the variant may lack size, the artwork will look extremely subtle, presentable, and come with an extremely lenient tattooing procedure.

Furthermore, if you want to change the theme up a bit and want a look that is not this plain, change the color of the outline tattoo. Drop the neutral color of black and replace the border’s color with a tone that looks soft and delicate.

Mom and Dad Flower Tattoo

Mom and dad flower tattoo

A flower tattoo matches the energy of anything, and since it symbolizes feelings of love, it tends to fit like a glove when paired up with a mom and dad tattoo.

In contrast to most entries on this list, this tattoo is extremely colorful. It contains shades of red, pink, green, orange, and yellow, and could match the energy of those that are laid back, grateful and searching for a good design to display the affection they have for their parents.

More Mom and Dad Tattoo Ideas To Keep Tabs On In 2023

When it comes to getting a mom and dad tattoo, the visuals and the final layout of the tattoo should be the least of your worries. Therefore, in order to make sure of that, here’s another series of mom and dad tattoos that you should most definitely take notes from or mimic if you feel the need to!

Mom and dad tattoo 1

Mom and dad tattoo 2

Mom and dad tattoo 3

Mom and dad tattoo 4

Mom and dad tattoo 5

Mom and dad tattoo 6

Mom and dad tattoo 7

Mom and dad tattoo 8

Mom and dad tattoo 9

Mom and dad tattoo 10

Mom and dad tattoo 11

Mom and dad tattoo 12

Mom and dad tattoo 13

Mom and dad tattoo 14

Mom and dad tattoo 15

Mom and dad tattoo 17

Mom and dad tattoo 16

Mom and dad tattoo 18

Mom and dad tattoo 19

Mom and dad tattoo 20

Mom and dad tattoo 22

Mom and dad tattoo 21

Mom and dad tattoo 23

Mom and dad tattoo 24

Mom and dad tattoo 25

Mom and dad tattoo 26

Mom and dad tattoo 27

Mom and dad tattoo 28

Mom and dad tattoo 29

Mom and dad tattoo 30

Mom and dad tattoo 32

Mom and dad tattoo 33

Mom and dad tattoo 35

Mom and dad tattoo 34

Mom and dad tattoo 36

Mom and dad tattoo 37

Mom and dad tattoo 38

Mom and dad tattoo 39

Mom and dad tattoo 41

Mom and dad tattoo 40

Mom and dad tattoo 42

Mom and dad tattoo 43

Mom and dad tattoo 44

Mom and dad tattoo 45

Mom and dad tattoo 46

Mom and dad tattoo 47

Mom and dad tattoo 48

Mom and dad tattoo 49

Mom and dad tattoo 50

Mom and dad tattoo 51

Mom and dad tattoo 52

Mom and dad tattoo 53

Mom and dad tattoo 54

Mom and dad tattoo 55

Mom and dad tattoo 56

Mom and dad tattoo 57

Mom and dad tattoo 58

Mom and dad tattoo 59

Mom and dad tattoo 60

Mom and dad tattoo 61

Mom and dad tattoo 62

Mom and dad tattoo 63

Mom and dad tattoo 64

Mom and dad tattoo 65

Mom and dad tattoo 66

Mom and dad tattoo 67

Mom and dad tattoo 68

Mom and dad tattoo 69

Mom and dad tattoo 70

Mom and dad tattoo 71

Mom and dad tattoo 72

Mom and dad tattoo 73

Mom and dad tattoo 74

Mom and dad tattoo 75

Mom and dad tattoo 76

Mom and dad tattoo 77

Mom and dad tattoo 78

Mom and dad tattoo 79

Mom and dad tattoo 80

Mom and dad tattoo 81

Mom and dad tattoo 82

Mom and dad tattoo 83

Mom and dad tattoo 84

Mom and dad tattoo 85

Mom and dad tattoo 86

Mom and dad tattoo 87

Mom and dad tattoo 88

Mom and dad tattoo 89

Mom and dad tattoo 90

Mom and dad tattoo 91

Mom and dad tattoo 92

Mom and dad tattoo 93

Mom and dad tattoo 94

Mom and dad tattoo 95

Mom and dad tattoo 96

Mom and dad tattoo 97

Mom and dad tattoo 98

Mom and dad tattoo 99

Mom and dad tattoo 100

Mom and dad tattoo 101

Mom and dad tattoo 102

Mom and dad tattoo 103

Mom and dad tattoo 104

Mom and dad tattoo 105

Mom and dad tattoo 106

Mom and dad tattoo 107

Mom and dad tattoo 108

Mom and dad tattoo 109

Mom and dad tattoo 110

Mom and dad tattoo 111

Final Words

Overall, getting a mom and dad tattoo should be a soothing experience nonetheless. To ensure that even further, however, make sure to side with a design that speaks volumes about just how much you adore your parents.

Additionally, if you’re afraid of being the recipient of a botched procedure, you can play it safe by either opting for a tattoo that comprises simple visuals. However, if you’re not the biggest fan of plain tattoos, avoid being a victim of a botched procedure by placing the artwork in an area that contains loads of space. Doing so will not just allow you to get a coverup tattoo in the future, but also enable you to add designs around the initial artwork to enhance the sentimental values tremendously.

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