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83 Timeless Mexican Tattoo Ideas Catching Fire This Year!

The concept of tattoos seemed like a means of being rebellious in various nations when the movement propelled itself to stardom, but that view changed when more and more people started associating tattoos with culture, which first started in the nation of Mexico.

Mexican tattoos, while still frowned upon by previous generations, struggled to find success in the world of body modification during their formative periods, often considered to be an act of disgrace. That take is anything but valid at the moment, as the fanbase of Mexican tattoos can easily be regarded as something without a limit.

As of right now, the movement of getting Mexican tattoos is at an all time high, which is easy to come to terms with once the designs are explored. Each tattoo also carries a distinct meaning, all of which will be uncovered using this article!

Ode To Mexico: The Meaning Behind Mexican Tattoos

Meaning Behind Mexican Tattoo


The misconception behind Mexican tattoos is the fact that it is often acknowledged as a movement or trend, whereas, in reality, it’s much more than that.

A Mexican tattoo may seem difficult to explain when you try to explain its purpose, but that’s only because it has way too much on its plate. It isn’t just affiliated with how the nation came to life, but also explains the fruitful nature of the people in Mexico. Many also use the artwork to become more comfortable in their own skin, and to represent their culture with pride.

That’s not all that makes up the symbolism behind Mexican tattoos, as many illustrations contain religious figures, which enable the wearers to strengthen their faith to become closer to God. A handful of them are also tied to ancient Mexican history, where most components are associated with Aztecs and the Mexican Revolution.

Truth be told, putting the symbolism of a Mexican tattoo inside a box will only limit its potential, not just visually, but in the eyes of many. Therefore, to play it safe, it’s best if the meaning is perceived as a hollow book.

Culturally-captivating Mexican Tattoos That Highlight The Past And Present!

The genre of Mexican tattoos bases itself around culture, heritage, and religion. Most variations consist of shades that are either as minimal and sophisticated as the shades of black and grey, or draped in monochromatic schemes. Occasionally, a Mexican tattoo might feature vibrant shades of colour to enhance the visuals of the graphic.

Before going forward with a tattoo, assessing concepts is a necessity. To learn about the best possible options that are regarded as frontrunners in the Mexican community, skim through the following designs.

Mexican Flag Tattoo

Mexican Flag Tattoo 1


Mexican Flag Tattoo 2


The first and foremost option on this list highlights the detail and effort put into the flag that has been the sole leader behind Mexico’s identity, otherwise called the Mexican flag. And while all of the components as well as shades involved might seem baseless when perceived from a surface-level, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Once they secured their independence, the people of the newfound land, which was then named Mexico, settled for a tri-tone scheme that eventually accompanied their flag. As of right now, the green stands for victory, while the red pays tribute to all the lives that were lost and sacrificed during the war. Finally, the shade of white that stands in the middle stands for unity, and the eagle stands for freedom.

When all is said and done, obtaining a tattoo of the Mexican flag is for everyone. The tattoo is rather versatile, too, proving to be a great design for any skin type.

Chicano Mexican Tattoo

Chicano Mexican Tattoo 1


Chicano Mexican Tattoo 2


At the moment, around 11.2 percent of the people living in America refer to themselves as Chicanos, a term used for Mexican-American people. While the word was considered to be derogatory in the early days, it is viewed as a sense of pride these days amongst Mexicans representing their culture in the land of opportunities.

At the moment, various interpretations exist in this genre. From incorporating masks to installing flags, a Chicano tattoo accommodates a series of components as long as each material enhances esteem instead of encouraging discrimination.

Since the tattoo doesn’t come with a pre-determined size, the canvas remains an open book. For a smooth process, however, use your forearm as the main page.

Tribal Mexican Tattoo

Tribal Mexican Tattoo


As of right now, there are over 68 different tribes that find shelter in Mexico. And though they have their own list of rules to abide by, and rituals to follow through, one thing that they all mutually share is their interest in tattoos.

Each member of any tribe in Mexico goes above and beyond to protect and serve their tribe. They’re also believed to communicate in their own way, using a language that might get lost in translation when assessed by a regular spectator.

The tribes also share various tattoos amongst themselves, often associated with their social status and their identity.

Aztec Mexican Tattoo

Aztec Mexican Tattoo 1


Aztec Mexican Tattoo 2


Aztec Mexican Tattoo 3


If the Aztecs wouldn’t have gone all-out and given up their free will to fight against Spaniyards, this article would have ceased to exist. In fact, all of Mexico would have ceased to exist had the Aztec Empire ceased to exist.

Before being colonized by Spain in the 15th century, the Aztecs were believed to be a developed state with a knack for agriculture and art. Their people also came up with rituals and practices that eventually played a crucial role in shaping Mexico the way it is today.

An Aztec tattoo consists of all the elements that the people of that tribe left behind for Mexico to take up, such as pyramids, temples, and Nahuatl, a language that is still used by many in the country. The artwork can be a design that fits the forearm, carrying enough potential to convert into a sleeve tattoo.

Mexican Mafia Tattoo

Mexican Mafia Tattoo


While their activities are overshadowed by cartels and gangs in certain countries of South America, most remarks that dismiss the notoriety of Mexican cartels are baseless.

In fact, as of 2023, Mexican cartels, who are also associated with the Mexican Mafia, are known for possessing over 300,000 members, placing fifth among some of the largest criminal organizations.

While the members solely work towards achieving the same goal, which is to distribute substances all over North America through illegal means, each member also has a tattoo affiliated with the organization they invest their time in.

Mexican Traditional Tattoo

Mexican Traditional Tattoo 1


Mexican Traditional Tattoo 2


Mexico is renowned for being one of the livelier countries in North America. They’re not just big on culture, but celebrate each sentiment in the loudest possible way.

A Mexican traditional tattoo comprises a history of all the occasions and rituals that bring all of Mexico together, irrespective of their beliefs and lifestyle. Many also believe in using face masks, commonly known as ‘kukas’ to bring the colors to life.

The duration of this tattoo often takes a while, since the concept of the artwork is often elaborate. To obtain ideal results, consider re-igniting your ties with the culture.

Mexican Sleeve Tattoo

Mexican Sleeve Tattoo


Despite being viewed as a prohibited area, many render a sleeve tattoo as the best possible candidate when depicting the beauty within the nation of Mexico. Since the canvas offers length as well as width, a Mexican sleeve tattoo is rather a common find in some cities.

For beginners, a Mexican sleeve tattoo offers a lenient pain-level. On the other hand, for veterans, the same sleeve tattoo enables them to make use of their creativity, usually to the fullest.

Just like most hefty designs, this tattoo tends to take days to reach completion. To make things easier, many travel with a companion.

Mexican Skull Tattoo

Mexican Skull Tattoo 1


Mexican Skull Tattoo 2


The perception of a skull tattoo is associated with fear due to its accessible components, but is often connected with peace and love from a metaphorical standpoint.

Additionally, a Mexican skull tattoo typically finds itself in the same lane, being an accessible design for paying homage to loved ones.

While many may fear the artwork still, a Mexican skull tattoo can help mend broken bonds and let go of closure. Often, the tattoo is perfect for multiple areas, all of which are as compact as the ankle, wrist, and bicep.

Mexican American Tattoo

Mexican American Tattoo 1


Mexican American Tattoo 2


Two options on this list that are driven by the same purpose are Mexican American tattoos and Chicano tattoos, both of which work together to fight back against racism and discrimination. Just like Chicano tattoos, a Mexican American tattoo normalizes the presence of Mexican-Americans residing in the USA as well as in the land of Mexico.

More often than not, this entry provides a safe space by incorporating the tri-color tone of Mexico and the US, coming in small packages. The artwork is perfect for newbies, ranking low on the tattoo pain chart.

Mexican Style Tattoo

Mexican Style Tattoo 1


Mexican Style Tattoo 2


More often than not, Mexican tattoos either carry emblems with tokens that are tied with spirituality. At the moment, a Mexican style tattoo can also be a design solely pursued to establish a sense of pride.

From involving Aztec patterns to emblems that are prominent components amongst rituals, a Mexican-themed tattoo can check multiple boxes at once. To ensure successful results, seek out a professional artist that knows their way around ancient Mexican history and culture.

New Mexico Tattoo

New Mexico Tattoo


Another entry that goes above and beyond to commemorate and pay homage to the Aztec tribe is any design affiliated with New Mexico, which found its name to please the Aztecs. The tattoos often vary in accordance with one’s interests, but look best when depicted with Aztec symbols.

A tattoo associated with New Mexico can either run big, or comprise a limited size. To find meaning in the artwork, consider adding monuments that the area is prominent for.

Mexican Eagle Tattoo

Mexican Eagle Tattoo 1


Mexican Eagle Tattoo 2


Many can’t think of Mexico without remembering the golden eagle, otherwise known as the Mexican eagle, which is the center-piece that brightens up the impression of the Mexican flag. It is viewed as the national emblem of Mexico, commonly referred to as the coat of arms of Mexico.

The artwork isn’t just worshiped, but also a common component amongst a Mexican tattoo. The appearance it provides is hardly the purpose, however, as it rewinds back to the time the Aztecs built Mexico, which happened right after they noticed an eagle consuming a rattlesnake.

Mexican Heritage Tattoo

Mexican Heritage Tattoo


These days, due to urbanization and modernization, the habit of following and abiding by generational traditions are often disapproved, or simply dismissed.

That doesn’t work in Mexico, though, as almost everyone is big on following the footsteps of their ancestors.

From following a rule where men are the sole breadwinners of the family to waiting until graduation before getting married, there are tons of rules and regulations one must comply with in order to feel at home. But if we were to assign an illustration that brings light to this concept, we’d call it a Mexican heritage tattoo.

Mexican Embroidery Tattoo

Mexican Embroidery Tattoo


The trend of getting embroidered tattoos is definitely a newbie in the scene. However, it seems as though they’ve already found a fanbase, that too in North America!

While painful, an embroidered tattoo makes room for any design, all of which are anything but inexpensive. From illustrations associated with independence to artwork affiliated with the wholesome nature of Mexico, this option is a must for creative thinkers.

A common concept for this option comprises Huitzilopochtli, Aztec god known for having control over the sun. The selling point isn’t just the symbolism, but also the color scheme, often involving shades of green, orange, and cyan.

Mexican Rooster Tattoo

Mexican Rooster Tattoo


Believe it or not, the city of Mexico is known for the admiration they withhold and preserve for roosters. Roosters aren’t your average barnyard animals, but also the sole carriers of Mexico’s favorite spectator sport, cockfighting.

Their affection towards the creature is so unassailable that many people prefer idolizing roosters in hopes of gaining the power they have when it comes to achieving survival.

Additionally, since derbies of cockfights often garner spectators that exceed a limit of hundreds at a time, there’s no doubt that roosters play a crucial role in Mexican culture, which explains their mention on this list of Mexican tattoos!

Mexican Warrior Tattoo

Mexican Warrior Tattoo


Similar to how most countries collected their token for independence, a lot of blood was shed when Mexico came into existence. The Aztec warriors fought until their last breath to separate and form Tenochtitlan, the first state of the nation.

For that reason alone, warrior tattoos were significant for quite some time. But these days, they’re mostly found on scholars and those captivated by ancient lore regarding Mexico.

Mexican Flower Tattoo

Mexican Flower Tattoo


Floral designs are quite monumental in Mexican heritage, with bright hues that carry enough components to sweep anyone off their feet. While the options under this genre remain plentiful, many still prefer going through the complex decision making just because each pattern matches the festive-oriented nature of the country.

Cherry-picking is the only way one can make things easier in this scenario. For further assistance, check out our materials on flower tattoos!

Mexican Hand Tattoo

Mexican Hand Tattoo


One thing that is found in the people of Mexico is pride, which is the reason why many obtain tattoos on exposed surfaces. One such option that allows people to display how they feel without any hiccups is a hand tattoo, which comes in various forms.

Since most people turn out to be Catholic, almost all of them carry hand tattoos of portrait figures associated with their religion. While the sketches vary, the artwork always contains shades with neutral tones.

Mexican Skeleton Tattoo

Mexican Skeleton Tattoo

A Mexican skeleton tattoo, just like a skull tattoo, has affiliations with life and death. This theme is more wholesome, however, playing a pivotal part in honoring the presence of a deceased loved one.

A Mexican skeleton tattoo enables many to cope with loss, or find a moment of grief. Most forms come with quotes and phrases that either describe the deceased member, or shower them with positivity in the afterlife.

Mexican Symbol Tattoo

Mexican Symbol Tattoo


An unsung hero on this list is the series of symbols that were initially discovered by the Aztecs, but can now be found as tattoos on many that identify as Mexicans. Alongside being easy to create, the theme offers tons of variety, each of which stands for something unique.

Going through Aztec alphabets can be ideal if you’d like this artwork to be a part of your arsenal. If you’re merely pursuing it for the visuals each offer, try obtaining it on the wrist.

Mexican Revolution Tattoo

Mexican Revolution Tattoo 1


Mexican Revolution Tattoo 2


Another theme from the vault that discusses and depicts the formative years that shaped the existence of Mexico involves none other than elements of the Mexican revolution, a phase in which blood was shed for victory. It involves some of the icons that sacrificed their lives to put Mexico on the map, mainly through war.

A Mexican revolution tattoo often comprises a portrait of Emiliano Zapata Salazar, a prominent member in the Mexican Revolution. Alternative forms comprise troops and patchwork tattoos, all of which can be compiled and displayed best as a back tattoo.

Mexican Chest Tattoo

Mexican Chest Tattoo


Since many in Latin America are unaware of tattoos and how they’re associated with art more than anything else, getting inked in certain areas can result in scrutiny. For that matter alone, many prefer keeping things secretive, preferably through getting tattoos in reserved locations.

A chest tattoo can be a good idea if the artwork contains portraits and anything that runs big in size. Although using one side is the norm, you can opt for both if the illustration carries a series of hefty depictions.

Mexican Girl Tattoo

Mexican Girl Tattoo


As stated earlier, most tattoos in this genre are either chunky or draped in classic color schemes involving black and grey, one of the safest tones out there.

Additionally, if you’re into illustrations that focus on femininity, such as butterflies and floral designs, but you’d like something even more, save your change and obtain a portrait of a woman.

Mexican Back Tattoo

Mexican Back Tattoo


From an archaeological standpoint, it seems as though Mexico has everything. From promising artwork to age-old pyramids draped in unforgettable memories.

While the illustrations can be downsized and morph into tattoos that can fit even on compact surfaces, depicting a back tattoo might be the only option if you’d like to accumulate pieces of all the monuments found in Mexico into a single frame.

Mexican Pride Tattoo

Mexican Pride Tattoo


“Home is where the heart is” seems like a cliche quote, but is as accurate as it gets once you realize the gravity of it, which often happens after moving overseas and being a thousand miles away from it. Talking to loved ones when feeling homesick is an immediate remedy to cure the blues, but if you need another one, this pride tattoo has got your back!

The illustration used on a Mexican pride tattoo covers everything that the Latin American country is hailed for. From their devotion towards Christ to being the land of spicy and tangy food, this tattoo comprises all!

Mexican Font Tattoo

Mexican Font Tattoo


Being rather desensitized to pain can surely put you at an advantage when pulling off an intricate design with many layers on the stencil. But if you’re not there yet, consider meeting your cravings with a skin-friendly option.

On another note, if you’ve found contentment in a phrase that goes hand in hand with Mexican culture, make minimal adjustments to obtain something memorable. Changing the font can be a life hack to creating a promising impression.

Mexican Dragon Tattoo

Mexican Dragon Tattoo


If you or a friend of yours has ties with Mexican heritage, then the value of dragons shouldn’t need an introduction. If not, let us introduce you to Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered serpent in Aztec culture.

The flying reptile who was perceived as a god had attributes similar to that of a dragon, and played a prominent role during the formative years of the Aztec Empire. Due to possessing the visual components that see eye to eye with Chinese dragons, this remains a promising candidate on this list of Mexican tattoos.

Mexican Heart Tattoo

Mexican Heart Tattoo


When floral designs lead the way, curating an artwork with meaning is a walk in the park. Whether you use quotes to pay homage or add verses from the Bible to become closer to your religion, anything can work as long as it floats your boat.

However, if the purpose of your tattoo is to convey affection or even give a shout out to your significant other, consider wearing a heart tattoo to highlight that element to perfection.

Mexican Bird Tattoo

Mexican Bird Tattoo


Judging by the flag, it isn’t difficult to tell how important birds are in Mexico. While the eagle represents the presence and dominance of the Aztecs, it is also just as valid to try out other species if you’re aiming to install a Mexican bird tattoo.

Parrots, caracaras, and crows are some of the top picks after the bald eagle, it seems. They can be depicted through realism with the help of needles and magnum shaders, but can also be implemented using colourless schemes, which can be great for beginners.

Mexican Cross Tattoo

Mexican Cross Tattoo


The passion of Mexican people goes above and beyond one’s comprehension. And when things go south, the people of Mexico never fail to turn to Chrisitanity.

As of 2023, a majority of Mexican people identify as Christian, most of whom wear a cross tattoo to showcase their beliefs. Minimal options are often pursued, with traditional options being a close-second for this option.

Mexican Rose Tattoo

Mexican Rose Tattoo


In a country where emotions run high, there’s no doubt that all of Mexico is big on love, respect, and loyalty. Though there are a thousand ways in which one tends to express themselves, from using letters to writing songs, many also resort to Mexican rose tattoos to honor a loved one.

The compatibility of Mexican rose tattoos enable the artwork to form a companionship with various designs, from birds to initials. This concept, however, involves a skull tattoo, interlinked with immortality and death.

Viva La Mexico: Tackling The Art Of Mexican Tattoos Through Visuals

The selling point of Mexican tattoos is that, irrespective of what you settle for, your tattoo will always be full of sentimental value, or run heavy on emotions. While some tattoos might require more time than the rest, the time invested in a Mexican tattoo will definitely not be a regrettable pick.

Preparing for a tattoo can be anxiety-inducing, especially when the design is as powerful as each tattoo affiliated with Mexico. To prepare accordingly in real life, here’s a video that you can view!


Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’ve learned just how versatile it is to obtain a Mexican tattoo, and have gotten a preview of all the components involved in the creative process of any design associated with the genre, here’s a questionnaire that will easily subside any feeling of doubt.

Q: What are the most common tattoos related to Mexican tattoos?

Ans: From Aztec tattoos to Chicano tattoos, there are various themes that depict the land of Mexican tattoos in the best possible way. While the previous two are more elaborate, an entry that offers easygoing visuals mostly enables the artwork of a Mexican flag to lead the way.

Q: Is a Mexican tattoo still prohibited in some states?

Ans: Back in the old days, those residing in Mexico were prohibited from getting tattoos, mainly since it hampered their chances of landing jobs, which eventually rendered them ineligible for improving their lifestyle. At the moment, however, that narrative is rather baseless, as many Mexicans take pride in wearing tattoos, which is commonly found on the forearms.

Q: What’s the meaning behind Mexican tattoos?

Ans: A Mexican tattoo often moves in various ways, often tied with the festivities of the nation. It also carries notes that are associated with religion, heritage, and culture rather frequently. A Mexican tattoo can also be pursued strictly for the visuals, containing shades of black and grey to cater to everyone.


Waving flags, wearing jerseys, ornaments, and traditional wear of a country can be more than enough if all you’d like to do is represent your nation unapologetically. Additionally, another way in which you can rejuvenate your energy towards your country is through the help of a Mexican tattoo, especially if you’ve spent your formative years in the country known for its festivities.

From wrist tattoos to designs that were tailor-made for patriots, Mexican tattoos know no bounds. A majority of designs either represent the openness in their culture, or take a deep dive into religion and how significant it is in the country.

Before you install a design that gives you direct access to the members of this trend, consider contemplating a multitude of designs.

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