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72 Mexican Eagle Tattoos That Promote Cultural Diversity

A special component that the Mexican flag has is the eagle in the centre. While the element surely has a powerful backstory that will make anyone shed a tear, the bird is a popular figure in the tattoo industry and is prominently known as the “Mexican Eagle Tattoo.”

The emblem has been a part of the nation’s flag since the 18th century, and while the symbolism that it’s affiliated with is rather generic to say the least, the reason that it came into existence is absolutely phenomenal.

Join us today as we cover everything that one needs to know about Mexican Eagle tattoos. In addition to revealing all the designs that are there for the taking, we will take a closer look at the design, the meaning and unveil how much time and money one needs to spend in order to obtain a Mexican Eagle tattoo!

Courage, Growth, Freedom: A Closer Look At The Meaning Of Mexican Eagle Tattoos

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Just like every other eagle, the emblem of a Mexican eagle is affiliated with courage, growth, and freedom. It was first incorporated into the Mexican flag in 1968, but was initially discovered in the 18th century.

The image was invented by Aztecs, who were advised by Gods that the perfect city would have an eagle on a cactus devouring a serpent. While the scene they had imagined never came into existence, Aztecs did stumble upon a striking Golden Eagle. The spot that they found the Golden Eagle in is now called Mexico City.

The supporting emblem within the groundwork of the Mexican Eagle is the serpent. Although it is usually perceived in a dark light and affiliated with bad karma, Aztecs mainly incorporated the notion of adding the graphic of a serpent due to the affiliation it has with wisdom.

To this day, many people perceive the Golden Eagle as the good emblem and associate the creature with good things and acknowledge the serpent as evil and bad fortune.

Breathtaking Mexican Eagle Tattoos That Are Taking The Town By Storm!

The Mexican Eagle tattoo comprises 2 main components: the golden eagle, and the snake. Most designs I personally created were colour tattoos. However, a handful of promising blueprints that I worked on consisted of sharp hues of neutral colours.

In terms of visuals, almost all of them looked alike. Despite having an objective pattern, however, some of my clients were able to come up with variations that I was never able to work on again.

From tribal patterns to designs that pay homage to Mexican Independence day, here’s a list of my favourite designs of the Mexican Eagle tattoo that truly deserves more recognition!

Aztec Mexican Eagle Tattoo

Aztec Mexican eagle tattoo

Since the Mexican eagle would have ceased to exist if it weren’t for the contribution that Aztecs made, one of the most popular designs that even I can’t help but support is the Aztec Mexican Eagle tattoo.

As the name suggests, the artwork features two portrait tattoos: one of the Golden eagle, and a portrait of an Aztec statue.

Since this design has everything to do with the rich history of the Mexican flag, I usually refrain from creating a colour tattoo and resort to a black and grey variation to make the artwork more suitable for the occasion.

The best placement for this option is the arm as it contains an even surface that is easy to work on, and layers of fat that can withstand pain with ease.

Mexican Flag Eagle Tattoo

Mexican flag eagle tattoo

Since it was mainly created to play a role in the flag of Mexico, a compelling option that is currently taking the town by storm is the image of the South American country.

A good location for this artwork is the upper back. In addition to consisting of an evenly surfaced canvas, the back contains an exceptional amount of area. Compact images as well as sizable patterns can be created on the back without any hesitation.

Many usually create the flag before creating the emblem, which I believe is the wrong technique to incorporate. Since the highlight of the tattoo is surely the Mexican Eagle, any artist, regardless of how experienced they are, should kick things off by drawing the sketch of Mexico’s national symbol.

Traditional Mexican Eagle Tattoo

Traditional Mexican eagle tattoo

Another excellent way of wearing this tattoo can be brought to life if you choose to incorporate the colours of the flag into the image of the Golden Eagle.

Since this option is rather complex, a stencil through the use of a transfer paper is compulsory. Wider spots are usually ideal candidates for placement due to the intricate components and because of how spacious they tend to be.

I usually pick my finest gauge of round shader to incorporate the hues and use a round liner to create the sketch. However, the pieces of equipment can easily be replaced with magnum shaders to enhance the vibrant nature of this design.

A drawback of this option is the duration. Since the sketch is packed with colours, it will at least take a full 6-hour session to complete the artwork.

Mexican Eagle And Snake Tattoo

Mexican eagle and snake tattoo

Thinking outside the box can be a good way to introduce uniqueness into the groundwork of your tattoo. Setting the serpent free from the beak of the Golden Eagle could be a smart way of achieving that.

On top of being one of a kind, the artwork will have a lighthearted and laid back aura that the other entries don’t contain.

If you have an issue with the neutral colour scheme, don’t hesitate to change that aspect of the tattoo. While the traditional colour scheme will surely bring to the table desirable results, bringing in an authentic range of colours can bring in tons of originality and authenticity.

To enhance uniqueness, you can also bring in other emblems that symbolise freedom, like peacock feather tattoos.

Mexican Eagle Tattoo On Hand

Mexican eagle tattoo on hand

As the Mexican eagle contains various bits that could be difficult to create in a small image, the best way to showcase a compact design of a Mexican eagle can only be achieved if you wear it as a hand tattoo.

The design of this pick is rather sublime, but involves a hectic procedure as the hand contains an ample amount of nerve endings. Therefore, if you do like this tattoo, ensure to apply a numbing spray or numbing cream to make the process more stress free.

Furthermore, if your tattoo artist seems clueless about which needle to use, ask them to use smaller needles with thin diameters to create the pattern, and add the neutral colour palette using a double stack magnum to recreate the realism.

Tribal Mexican Eagle Tattoo

Tribal Mexican eagle tattoo

A unique pattern that I particularly enjoyed working on was a tribal-like version of the Mexican Eagle.

This design contains shapes and shadows of the Golden Eagle and the serpent instead of a portraiture tattoo. It’s easily the most subtle option on this list, as the shadow is draped in the neutral shade of jet black.

It’s a great option for those that don’t have a lot of time in hand, as the shapes can be created without a worry in an hour or so. Unlike the other variants, the artwork of this option contains zero to minimum elements that are complex to create, which is another factor behind its time-friendly nature.

Additionally, if you do resort to this option, but want to fill in the vacant areas, consider adding micro symbols of compact souls or quotes that match the symbolism of the Mexican Eagle.

Mexican Eagle Chest Tattoo

Mexican eagle chest tattoo

This option is not necessarily for the design, but for the placement.

Over the course of my career as a tattoo artist, the spot I had to work with the most when creating a Mexican Eagle tattoo is the chest, particularly around the pectoral area.

While the area is surely not an easy region to work with, the spot is a go-to option for wearers, especially newbies, because of the convenience it brings. While working around the sternum could be one’s worst nightmare, obtaining a chest tattoo, especially when it involves the symbol of a Mexican Eagle, is a smart move to make and a notion I’d like to recommend.

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Mexican eagle tattoo 6

Mexican eagle tattoo 7

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Mexican eagle tattoo 10

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Mexican eagle tattoo 13

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Mexican eagle tattoo 65

The Expected Time Frame Of Mexican Eagle Tattoos

Taking into account the various amounts of intricate details, the narrow patterns, and the copious number of hues that an average Mexican Eagle tattoo contains, getting it imprinted on your body could typically take around three and a half hours. However, the time frame might change depending on the design, the size, the placement, as well as the artist that will assist you.

For instance, if the artist is as experienced as I am, the session will surely conclude within the above mentioned time frame. However, if the creator lacks experience, and is placing a complex design on a body part that is hard to work on, make sure to clear up your schedule, as it will take more than a day.

On another note, if you want to know everything that goes on during the tattooing sessions, ensure to check out this video to relieve that curiosity of yours.

Accessible But Lavish: Assessing The Cost Of Getting A Mexican Eagle Tattoo

On an average, small tattoos start at $150. However, since the Mexican Eagle tattoo contains a challenging colour scheme, it will definitely cost you over $200, even if the artwork you obtain is small.

Additionally, if the image is medium sized, obtaining it in a sizable location could cost a little over $400. Since the artwork itself will increase in size, the artist will have to use more pieces of equipment and shades of colour to make the final outcome favourable.

Finally, if the artwork you have in mind is enormous, be prepared to spend big! The starting cost of a large artwork falls between $500 and $600. However, if the design consists of multiple elements, it could take a few days. Specialists like myself will usually ask to be paid on an hourly basis if the former scenario comes into existence.

Bottom Line

Getting a Mexican eagle tattoo could be a good way to embrace your heritage and welcome your culture with open arms. The artwork itself contains segments that are very easy on the eyes, and is very flexible in terms of size.

Although any and every design on this article can be incorporated into your artwork, the final outcome won’t be as sweet if the placement can’t match the energy.

A placement that I’d like to recommend for this tattoo is the forearm. Despite containing a fair amount of nerve endings, the forearm also contains muscle tissues that can endure the sharpness of a needle. On the contrary, for a larger design, you should always incorporate the artwork into a thigh tattoo.

You don’t have to be from Mexico to get a Mexican Eagle tattoo. In fact, if the shoe fits, and you only happen to like the visuals, go forward with the decision! Life’s too short to worry about the perceptions of another.

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