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Mephobia Face Tattoo Meaning And Designs [2024 Guide]

Everyone in this world has some kind of phobia, such as Acrophobia, Claustrophobia, etc. Similarly, Mephobia is also a very unusual phobia. Mephobia is a phobia that is majorly related to one’s own beauty.

Majority of the people who has mephobia thinks that, their physical appearance and beauty is so tremendous and awestrucking that the people surrounding them are not capable of dealing with it.

The word Mephobia is a self-explanatory phrase that combines the terms “me,” which is used to refer to oneself, and “phobia,” which is used to describe an unreasonable and constant fear of anything.

Moreover, Mephobia is loosely defined by the urban dictionary as “the dread of something getting so amazing that the human race can’t take it and everyone dies.”

This entire idea seems totally ludicrous at first glance. A closer examination reveals that the idea is still absurd! How is it possible for one person’s accomplishment to be so enormous that it could endanger humanity?

Even so, is that possible? How can one person have an impact on all of humanity? It is observed that the people who experience Mephobia often choose to cover themselves with tattoos, mostly face tattoos.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Mephobia face tattoos, and the background reasons of mephobia face tattoos. Also, we will look at some other forms of mephobia tattoos. So, let’s get started.

The Background of Mephobia Face Tattoo

Background of Mephobia Face Tattoo

As we said before, the person who has Mephobia generally modifies their face with a face tattoo. But the background story of mephobia face tattoo is profound. To understand the importance of the Mephobia face tattoo, we first need to understand that mephobia originated from two common critical factors, which are narcissism and imposter syndrome.

Let’s take a look at both background conditions to further understand the significance of mephobia face tattoos.

Imposter Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is the notion that you are unworthy of your current status or accomplishments and are inadequate. Impostor syndrome gives you the impression that you are not as capable and reliable as others believe you to be. In extreme circumstances, this may cause a real fear of success.

This fear further leads to the development of mephobia and makes people want to conceal themselves from the spotlight. So, most people choose to tattoo their faces to hide their feeling of being an imposter. Furthermore, these mephobia face tattoos signify that they are who they believe they are, making them feel like less of an imposter.


Narcissism is a belief that your success might be so tremendous that it would endanger humanity. This is the second key concept of mephobia. Most mephobic people incline to be narcissistic, and that is why narcissism can be blamed for the self-centeredness amongst mephobic people.

Moreover, narcissistic people also think that their facial attributes and beauty are tremendous, which ultimately results in mephobia. This is why they get face tattoos to cover up their self-proclaimed beauty.

So, now it is clear how narcissism and imposter syndrome are the underlying causes of mephobia that results in mephobia face tattoos.

Mephobia Face Tattoo Meaning and its Characteristics

Mephobia face tattoos help people to deal with their insecurities and help them to cope with their mephobia. These tattoos don’t cover the entire face completely. Most of these mephobia face tattoos are subtle like they only cover a small portion of the face.

Many mephobia tattoos can contain a variety of meanings that can deeply resonate only with the individual. For example,  someone might choose to do a mephobia face tattoo with small illustrations of butterflies or some other words or quotes. Whatever the meaning of a mephobia face tattoo might be, in the end, it describes the mephobia of a person and their fight with it.

Mephobia Tattoo in Other Body Parts

Not all mephobic people use face tattoos to cover their mephobia because getting a face tattoo is a huge step that requires a lot of courage. That is why mephobic people choose to tattoo other parts of their bodies to manage their mephobia. Tattoo artists design these tattoos mostly in a calligraphy style, and the prominent word of choice is “mephobia”.

The different places where mephobic people do tattoos are:

Mephobia chest tattoo

Mephobia chest tattoo

Getting a mephobia chest tattoo can be an incredible option to get a tattoo if you are mephobic. But before you get a chest tattoo, a vital thing you should keep in mind is the pain factor. Chest tattoos can be pretty painful, so you have to become mentally and physically prepared to endure the pain.

Mephobia wrist tattoo

Mephobia wrist tattoo

Wrists can be a perfect and excellent place to get a mephobia tattoo. If you experience mephobia and want to wear a mephobia tattoo, it is ideal to choose a concentrated font as it will look sleek and stylish.

Mephobia above the knee tattoo

Mephobia above the knee tattoo

You can also get a mephobia tattoo just above your knee. Above-the-knee mephobia tattoo looks better if you have a muscular thigh. Therefore, if you are less tolerant of pain but you fancy having a tattoo, then choose above the knee as your tattoo placement.

Mephobia Finger Tattoo

Mephobia Finger Tattoo

If you are a mephobic but rebellious individual who makes their own rules, then you can select fingers to get a mephobia finger tattoo. But, one thing that you should remember is that the fingers are very agonising places to get tattoos.

Not every tattoo artist can perform a tattoo on the fingers. Make sure to make appointments with an experienced tattoo artist before getting your fingers tattooed.

Mephobia forehead tattoo

Mephobia forehead tattoo

Obtaining a mephobia forehead tattoo can be a very bold choice, and this tattoo can change your outlook completely. A very decent place to get a forehead tattoo is just above the eyebrows, so you can get such a tattoo on your forehead and become voguish while adapting to mephobia.

Mephobia arm tattoo

Mephobia arm tattoo

Tattooing arms is very popular and less sensitive to pain. After deciding to get a mephobia tattoo, you can go to any tattoo parlour and ask the tattoo artist to create a mephobia arm tattoo. It is a befitting place if you want to get a mephobia tattoo without experiencing any excruciating pain.

Mephobia hand tattoo

Mephobia hand tattoo

Hand tattoos are a fantastic place to get mephobia tattoos if you are someone who loves to be chic as well as elegant. You can either choose to tattoo above your palm or just the back of your hand. It is advised to select the back of your hand because it is less irritating than tattooing over the palm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some common FAQs related to mephobia are listed below:

Is mephobia a real disease?

Ans: No. Mephobia is not recognized as a real disorder. But, two of its underlying conditions, Impostor syndrome and narcissism, are acknowledged as social disorders.

Are Mephobia tattoos expensive?

Ans: The price range of mephobia tattoos depends on several factors like the tattoo’s placement, the tattoo artist’s experience, etc. It is suggested to go to an experienced tattoo artist to do your mephobia tattoo.

Final Thoughts

So, in the end, we can say that mephobia is real, whether we believe it or not. Though it is not classified as an actual phobia by the experts, we can indeed see several instances of people using mephobia face tattoos to make a statement or hide their mephobic insecurities. And if you feel mephobia and you want to do mephobia tattoos on yourself specifically mephobia face tattoos, you should know that you are not alone.

Thanks for reading. What are your opinions about mephobia? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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