43 Phenomenal Medusa Tattoo Designs For This Year

Greek mythology’s Medusa is a contentious figure who still inspires people all over the world. A medusa tattoo may serve as both a deterrent against injustice and a reminder of the sufferers. A medusa’s hood of serpent and the piercing gaze are frequently depicted in tattoo art. She is indeed a strong yet sad personality who can be both a charm and a devil with turns. In the meantime, Medusa frightens and amazes.

Tattoo ideas are one of the most interesting things as for me you can show your creativity through the art work. If you consider your body a canvas, you can do anything, like if you want to protest or show your stand against something just like our Medusa tattoo that consists of wonderful concepts and mind blowing background.

You could be tempted to the notion of a Medusa styling if you desire a distinctive, lovely tattoo which is chock-full of meaning. Let’s explore the tale, characterizations, and incredible Medusa tattoo designs we have in hand for you.

Remarkable Historical Interpretation And Meanings Of Medusa Tattoo

Medusa tattoo meaning


The history and the Myth of Medusa has many interpretations throughout the world from the beginning of the Greek Mythologies. The main story or the major parts of the Myths are explained here with the meanings and mainly the symbolic parts for the Medusa tattoo is discussed here for your information. These interpretations are widely accepted all around the world for Medusa tattoos.

Medusa and The Myth

Following Greek mythology, Medusa was indeed a lovely adolescent, attractive lady who represented as more than just a virgin acolyte  of the goddess Athena, the empress of battle and knowledge.

Just then Poseidon, the sea god who was fully entranced by her magnificence.Although there are other abridged versions, the most popular one is in which she was severely abused by the Sea God in the shrine of Athena.

The deity of insight and battle became so enraged over Medusa for disrespecting her holy temple that she changed her into something like a hydra, a perched female demon featuring serpents as tresses that had the power to turn everyone to rock with just staring once with the victim.

Medusa- Why Evil?

The whole story of Medusa is sad and realistic though it was written thousands of years back. Medusa is the victim here from the beginning, her beauty became her curse. Though Posiedon raped her brutally in the holy place of Athena, still Medusa got severely punished for lifetime by Athena as the whole thing happened in the Her temple.This story almost reflects our modern world as still now victimized females are still blamed for nothing.

Symbolism of Medusa Tattoo

There are several approaches to interpreting the famous tale of Medusa with Posiedon and Athena. To a few, Medusa portrays feminine strength, independence, and change, while to anyone else, she embodies cruelty and jealousy.

Her reptile appearance and hair may also allude to the cycle of reincarnation and destruction. Whichever perspective you want to convey her story, Perseus will always decapitate Medusa at the end of every story.

Social networks have seen a massive rise mostly in the Medusa ink craze. The majority of individuals, particularly women, are frequently seen by the tattoos on their biceps and perhaps other parts of the body. The Greek legendary figure was alleged to have encountered sexual aggression, as was detailed above. The Medusa tattoo was created as a mark of support for sexual abuse victims and opposition to rape culture and rape apology.

Modern Interpretation of Medusa Tattoo

However the story is now represented, some prime features never change like the abuse of Medusa by the Sea God Poseidon and the Curse of Athena on Medusa and the end that is the death of Medusa by Perseus. These are the bases that cannot be changed though there are a lot of new additions inside the stories.

As the day goes by, people are making their version of the story and those who know very little about the tattoo, they have a complete mislead regarding the main story. So before you go for a tattoo, you should know the history and the symbolic meanings properly.

Most Trending Ideas Of  Medusa Tattoo

Some never ending ideas came from the Historical stories and characters for any tattoo designs. Greek or Roman , their mythical stories have gained worldwide popularity from the start of our civilization. Tattoo freaks are crazy to get tattoo designs from these mystical characters. The stories have a speciality that they can somehow manage to get similarities of their lives with the characters of stories which they want to represent through their tattoos.

So the idea is numerous but all you need is the right one for you only. Here I have shared all the best possible ideas of a Medusa tattoo from all over the internet but the special thing about this is most of them have been taken from the expert from their tattoo studios. During my research on Medusa tattoos, I have collected some Medusa tattoos that haven’t been used widely before which I have shown you here!

Simple Medusa Tattoo

Simple medusa tattoo


Medusa tattoos are famous for its unique design and the meaning it holds. Usually people mix the tattoo with other designs to make a more combination, but portraying only the subject is generally known as Simple tattoos.

Such a perfect example of Simple Medusa tattoo is given here. Here you can see the face of the Medusa holding all the attributes it has including the snakes instead of her hair and also her enchanting eyes that mesmerizes all.

Simple Medusa tattoos are less complicated than the rest of the tattoos. Black ink is used and colors are usually avoided in case of a simple tattoo though it is completely your own decision. Being a large design, try to place it somewhere big enough to portray the Medusa precisely.

Medusa Hand Tattoo

Medusa hand tattoo


For me, the Medusa tattoo looks absolutely stunning on the hands. The face of the Medusa perfectly fits on the hands if the design is perfectly implanted just like in the image above. You can see how perfect the shades are and the snakes look so realistic that anyone could get confused.

Hands are one of the few most painful areas of the body, so a complicated design like Medusa, is quite a decision to take on the hands. You could go for a smaller one but considering the design, small design is very difficult for a Medusa tattoo.

Usually colorful shades are avoided in the hands area for such a big design like the Medusa tattoo. An expert artist is best for a position and design like this. But a Medusa Hand tattoo always looks very engaging.

Feminine Beautiful Medusa Tattoo

Feminine beautiful medusa tattoo


While having a simple scenario, Medusa’s narrative examines gender issues, the strength of women overcoming feudal influences, as well as the final barrier against all the scrutiny of men. In classical Greece, Medusa represented feminine strength as well as a representation of both violence and immunity. A medusa tattoo might have a lighter, more empowering connotation, or it can have a deeper, more mournful one.

The image is the visual representation of a Feminine Beautiful Medusa tattoo which shows the clear strength of a woman. The color enhances more strong vibrance into the tattoo design and as the design is quite large, wide spaces like arms have been used here for the spot.

You can have your tattoo small or big totally depending on you but the Medusa designs demands a bigger design for perfection. You can study more on feminine issues before getting a Feminine Beautiful Medusa tattoo.

Small Medusa Tattoo

Small medusa tattoo


My personal choice for suggesting to anyone a tattoo design is always something small or simple, as it looks good and a perfect one also represents the meanings and the motifs as well. Small Medusa tattoo is an incredible choice for someone looking for a Medusa on their body.

Though it’s a small tattoo, the design is still not that much simple to consider as for example in the picture, the face and the snakes must be perfectly placed or else it would be difficult to understand the main theme of the tattoo. You can actually  put the design anywhere in the body according to your demands.

Medusa Thigh Tattoo

Medusa thigh tattoo


There are some places in the body which are preferred by the girls more than the boys for tattoos. Such an exotic place and a favorite one for the girls are the Thigh tattoos. Being a feminine and protesting tattoo, Medusa tattoos are the perfect design for the thigh. Those who are discreet to show their body parts and enjoy wearing shorts prefer a Medusa tattoo on their thigh.

The Medusa tattoo on the thigh looks so engaging and addictive, that most of the girls who prefer the meaning want a piece of the Medusa tattoo. As the Medusa is a classic tattoo, most of the admirers prefer for black ink but you can use color as of your own wish.

Traditional Medusa Tattoo

Traditional Medusa tattoo


The pattern, design and motifs of a traditional tattoo is always different from the usual ones. Each country or tribe has a different culture and every culture has their own way of traditional looks. Medusa derived from the Greek mythology but in terms of traditional tattoo, you can show Medusa like your own pattern keeping the basic things alright.

Most of the Traditional tattoos in the whole world are colorful and with different strokes. You can compare the image with other designs and you will understand the difference between a normal design and a traditional Medusa tattoo design.

Medusa Head Tattoo

Medusa head tattoo


Most of the design of Medusa tattoos are Head of the Medusa itself. The main attraction of the tattoo is the Head of Medusa. The snakes are the alternatives of her hair and her eyes are without any eyeball as for the curse of the Goddess Athena. A clear example of the Medusa head tattoo is shown in the picture which is placed in the thighs for better visuals.

Slight green shades are used on the snakes to make the design more alluring. You can take the idea from the photo of using the color but the speciality of the Medusa Head tattoo is only about the portrayal of the Head. For better view and absolute design, choose someplace bigger like the arms, thighs, back, shoulder or chest.

Medusa Back Tattoo

Medusa back tattoo


The symbol and meaning of Medusa is so strong that the tattoo speaks for itself. Medusa tattoo design is quite big if you want to express the inner motifs of the tattoo even with the portrayal only. To represent the tattoo well enough, the back portion of the body is absolutely the right choice to go for.

In the picture the client has enough space to put the Medusa tattoo on her back and the tattoo is big enough to present all the criterias. The red shades look really exquisite and the details are breathtaking.

Medusa Sleeve Tattoo

Medusa sleeve tattoo


Sleeve tattoos are the favorite spot for the tattoo maniacs. As the spot is always visible, people usually choose this very spot for their special tattoos or the tattoos they want to show the world like the Medusa tattoo.

Medusa Sleeve tattoo is really alluring to see, for example you can have a glance at the picture here. The whole sleeve is beautifully designed and the most difficult part is the face of the medusa and it has been portrayed with a very experienced hand.

Medusa Sternum Tattoo

Medusa sternum tattoo


If you want to put a feminine stand to your tattoo then usually ladies choose tha spot which suits the female body best like the thighs, side boob, bikini line and also Sternum. Medusa Sternum tattoo is really very appealing and standful to watch. The position is alluring that the mythical character looks like a fantasy here.

You can use color using your imagination but be sure to make the Medusa portrayal clear and perfect. The design also depends on the size or area of the sternum. As this is a very sensitive area so the client and the artist should be careful enough.

Tiny Medusa Tattoo

Tiny Medusa tattoo


Tiny Medusa tattoo is really the exotic and the tough one out there. Though we are saying tiny, you can see in the picture it is not tiny enough because of the design it needs. Medusa requires some minimum design requirements to fulfill the tattoo theme and the symbolic meanings.

The tattoo here is a geometric shaped tiny Medusa tattoo on the forearm. You can add color according to its requirements, try to keep the design as small as possible to maintain the tiny medusa tattoo.

Medusa Chest Tattoo

Medusa chest tattoo


Another perfect example of a feminine perspective is the Medusa tattoo on the chest. Chests are quite an exquisite and explicit place to show the Medusa tattoo. In the picture you can see the girl tattooed on her chest and the snakes on the medusa are quite a thing to see.

I would prefer to use the colorful tones on the chest area for best results but also the black shades look really stunning as you can see in the image above. As the area is fixed so fix your design according to the shape.

African Medusa Tattoo

African medusa tattoo


Though the Medusa derived from Greek culture, the concept is taken all over the world. Even the African culture  adapted the stories and represented it in their own way like the African Medusa tattoo. In the picture the Medusa is a black girl and is representing the black culture along with the meaning and symbol.

African Medusa tattoo is best with the black ink as it is representing the black culture. Also you can see in the picture the details are so strong that you can understand this is a Medusa, an African Medusa.

Medusa Eyes Tattoo

Medusa Eyes tattoo


The main attraction of the Medusa is her Hair like Snakes and her incredible eyes. These are mainly the characteristics of the Medusa tattoo. You can either present the snake or the eye as the symbol of Medusa.

Here the Medusa eyes are taken particularly for symbolic representation. The eyes have an especially and if you can make the design perfect then the eyes are enough to symbolize the Medusa just like in the image above.

Minimalist Medusa Tattoo

Minimalist medusa tattoo


Minimalist means really tiny or small. Minimalist Medusa tattoo means the smallest design of the Medusa tattoo. Usually only the head of the Medusa is used for design in this tattoo. In the picture you can see the head of the Medusa, a design taken from a sculpture.

This design is less complicated but the Medusa itself demands some details for the design requirements. Being a really simple tattoo, use less shades and colors to avoid complications and to keep it minimalist.

Realistic Medusa Tattoo

Realistic Medusa tattoo


Realistic tattoos are those whose design looks real because of the shades. The pattern of this kind of tattoos are different from the others as this is a modern art invention. Speciality of a Realistic tattoo is the tattoo looks real when you see it suddenly.

In the picture, if you stare at the tattoo for some time, you will feel the Medusa is looking straight into you which is obviously really scary. So the tattoo is a success. That’s why the popularity of the Realistic Medusa tattoo is increasing day by day.

Soul Eater Medusa Tattoo

Soul eater medusa tattoo


Medusa tattoo is used widely from a long period of time. There are many varieties of Medusa tattoo designs all across the world. One of the most liked and explicit tattoo designs is the Soul Eater Medusa tattoo. The combination is a perfect match and now in the modern age beside tattoo people are also doing these designs for cosplay as well.

Adding color can bring an engaging vibe to the Soul Eater Medusa tattoo and you can see from the image the design is completely different from the usual medusa tattoo using only the snakes of Medusa and the soul eater concepts.

 Scary Medusa Tattoo

Scary Medusa tattoo


The story and the incident of the Medusa is itself very scary and sad. So to make the Medusa tattoo is not too hard but the design to put the scary effect is hard enough. In the image you can see an example of the Scary Medusa tattoo.

You can add colors to put some effect on the scary vibe. Besides, using only black ink can also present the tattoo well enough.

Medusa Cover Up Tattoo

Medusa cover up tattoo


As the design of the Medusa tattoo is big, so as a cover up tattoo, Medusa is quite a good option if you are looking for similar symbolic meanings related to Medusa. You cover up your wounds, or previous tattoo with the Medusa design very easily.

Use shades as much as possible to cover up the spot you want, also you can add colors but it depends on what you are covering.

Medusa Face Tattoo

Medusa face tattoo


When you hear of a Medusa tattoo the first thing that comes up on the mind is the face of the Medusa. It is the most used considering a Medusa tattoo. The main symbols of the Medusa are on the face of her including the snakes and her eyes.

These classic tattoos are generally black in color for the aesthetic appearance as it demands with the design. Medusa Face tattoos are my personal favorite one and I would suggest these tattoos if someone is looking for them.

Medusa Snake Tattoo

Medusa Snake Tattoo


Medusa represents some certain symbols for design and the main symbol is the snake which stands for her hair. These creepy creatures make the tattoo more exciting and striking. Those who love snakes usually use the Medusa Snake tattoo.

The design is quite scary and the tattoo freaks who love this kind of design love to go for the Snake of the Medusa. You can make your own design and color according to your wish.

Medusa Leg Tattoo

Medusa leg tattoo


Medusa tattoo designs differ from position to position. As there are innumerable variations of designs of Medusa, selecting your favorite one won’t be a problem. I am showing you the positions and what designs will look better.

Here the Medusa Leg tattoo looks like an Egyptian style with all the shades of the snakes and the way the Medusa is looking at you is really scary. Colors have bought some extra effects that make the Medusa Leg tattoo look spectacular.

 Medusa Stomach Tattoo

Medusa Stomach Tattoo


Stomach tattoos are a really unique place to choose for a tattoo. Usually people choose the belly button area as there are some designs for the particular spot but the stomach is a painful and a sensitive area, so people sometimes avoid it but the tattoo looks really different.

Due to its space, you can use large designs like the one in the picture. This tattoo is a masterpiece as you can see there are shades which look unreal and gorgeous.

Medusa Statue Tattoo

Medusa Statue Tattoo


The story and the evidence of the Medusa era are found basically within the paintings and statues. So many people consider the design of the tattoo the same as the statue. They just put the same design of the statue or just the head of the Medusa from the statue.

You can do an exact Medusa statue design but to do it like your way, you can put some color on it. Many of the clients avoid the color as the statues are mainly colorless.

Medusa Fine Line Tattoo

Medusa fine line tattoo


Fine line tattoos are really artistic as with a few strokes the whole design is represented. The design is so simple but the meaning it shows is to the point. Very few artists can put up the fine Medusa Fine Line tattoo.

The design you can see here is very artistic as there are only a few touches and it clearly shows off the Medusa. You need some fine lines to cover the tattoo designs.

Medusa Skull Tattoo

Medusa skull tattoo


As Medusa is a cursed goddess with evil traits, death themes are the perfect match for the Medusa tattoos. Medusa Skull tattoo is similarly a popular design for the tattoo. The combination is perfect and it goes on  point with the subject.

You can see a Medusa skull tattoo on the thigh here, where Medusa is holding a skull in her hands, it is quite a big and complicated designed tattoo. This type of design required much time.

Medusa Half Sleeve Tattoo

Medusa Half Sleeve Tattoo


Half sleeve tattoos are mainly in the arm area but it extends from the arm spots. If someone wants to stretch their arm tattoos for the necessity of the design demand, they usually go for the half sleeve tattoo.

Medusa Half sleeve tattoos are popular when you try only the head of the Medusa which needs quite a place to cover up the designs. The design depends on the side of the arms or the half sleeve also putting different shades of colors totally depends on you.

Medusa Wrist Tattoo

Medusa wrist tattoo


Wrist position is comparatively small for a Medusa tattoo. So you can check the image above, here is the half portion of the Medusa tattoo where the snakes and the eyes are only visible which is enough to identify the Medusa.

This kind of small unique design suits the wrist position as there is very little space there. It is better to choose tiny and simple designs of Medusa specially for these positions.

Medusa With Flowers Tattoo

Medusa with flowers tattoo


Medusa and Flowers together primarily stand for the harmony of elegance and power. So this perfect combination is well liked by ladies around the world. The design also looks very alluring and the meaning stands perfect with it.

Medusa with a flower tattoo mainly enhances the beauty of the tattoo along with your external glamor. As flowers are included, colorful tones will look really beautiful here.

Perseus And Medusa Tattoo

Perseus and Medusa Tattoo


With the help of all other Gods and Goddesses, Perseus managed to sneak in and beheaded the evil Queen Medusa before she could manage to turn him into a stone. This famous story is well read all over the world, so there are many tattoo maniacs who like to go for this tattoo.

Though the image here shows a different case where Medusa is holding Perseus’s head, this is a kind of an image of protest also you can say a feminine tattoo. Perseus and Medusa tattoos are quite difficult to handle and of course you need an expert for this tattoo.

Medusa Versace Tattoo

Medusa Versace Tattoo


The founder of Versace was heavily influenced with the Greek mythological character Medusa, as she managed everyone to fall in love with her. Versace then took the Medusa theme in the logo. Since then many people are using the Medusa Versace tattoo as the design is really eye-catching.

As the Medusa Versace tattoo is big it needs a quiet place like the arms, shoulders, legs, thighs. You need to look at the details to have a perfectly shaped tattoo.

Medusa Forearm Tattoo

Medusa forearm Tattoo


The all time favorite spot for any tattoo lover is the Forearms. It is the most visible place in the human body and everyone wants a tattoo there to show off. If you want to show your Medusa tattoo properly then you consider the forearms part.

As for a forearm tattoo, you need to put all the effort out there to have the best design as it will carry with you forever. Talk about the shades and color of the tattoo with the experts properly and also wisely choose your design for this special position.

Geometric Medusa Tattoo

Geometric Medusa Tattoo


I have always loved the geometric shaped tattoos as I have one for myself in my forearms. This type of tattoo looks really different and the design presents a different flavor in the subject. The Geometric Medusa tattoo is really attractive and beautiful to see.

The design becomes definite and the shapes look really staggering. You can use any kind of geometric shapes you want and can put the Medusa head for the Geometric Medusa tattoo.

Medusa Ankle Tattoo

Medusa ankle tattoo


The Medusa tattoo will look on your ankle, you can check out the image above. Here you can see a Medusa tattoo on the ankle which is really small in size.

The size and the design actually depends on you but the main thing is the tattoo will look really different on the ankle and you can try it for sure.Till now the design is quite clear with you, now comes about the placement. You may think how

Medusa And Athena Tattoo

Medusa and Athena tattoo


Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom and Skill. Though she is the goddess of wisdom, the curse she made upon Medusa is still controversial about her wisdomness. Story of Athena and Medusa comes from a long history. Their combination is quite famous in the tattoo world for designs.

Those who love history and want to represent their sayings through the historical characters, they usually go for the Medusa and Athena tattoo. As they are two subjects so the design is quite big and a tough one indeed.

Medusa Tattoo On Bicep

Medusa Tattoo on bicep


Another suitable position for the Medusa tattoo is on the Bicep. It is one of the painful spots of the body, but a perfect tattoo looks really appealing here. You can see the image, the tattoo is small but there are so many details of the Medusa Tattoo.

There are so many designs of Medusa tattoos to put on your Bicep, how it will look on you, check the image for the best result. Choose your design according to your Biceps.

Black and White Medusa Tattoo

Black and white Medusa Tattoo


The basic color of the Medusa tattoo is actually Black, you can also use the White color if you are looking for something different just like in the picture mentioned above.

As the color is definite, all you need is a good spot to put on the tattoo and the design. Till now you have got the designs you are looking for hopefully.

Colorful Medusa Tattoo

Colorful Medusa Tattoo


Colorful Medusa tattoos are completely different from the other designs. Till now the designs I have shown, majority of the designs are black but you can see color shades put on a whole different scenario.

There are so many options of color if you are thinking of putting on your Medusa tattoo. There are many places in the design to bring the colorful sheds so that is not gonna be a problem here.

Angel Wing Medusa Tattoo

Angel wing Medusa Tattoo


The Angel wing itself is a demanding tattoo, people just wait for chances where they can put their Angel wings, especially the girls. The Angel wings symbolizes freedom and independence, so the combination is a perfect one to explore.

You can put the Angel wings on the head just like in the picture or you can also put it on the shoulder of the Medusa.

Greek Mythology Medusa Tattoo

Greek mythology Medusa tattoo


Medusa was born in Greek Mythology, so most of the people want to keep the raw vibe of the Greek culture into their designs. You can see in the image above the ambiance of the tattoo is full of Greek Mythology.

Greek Mythology Medusa tattoo is a huge tattoo so many of the people just think about it, don’t feel confident to go for the tattoo. Choose your places wisely for better results.

Medusa Neck Tattoo

Medusa neck Tattoo


Neck tattoos are extreme specially for the Medusa design as the tattoo is large and the neck is too much visible. Neck tattoos are painful as this is one of the sensitive parts of the body to consider for a tattoo.

You can see the image as a sample, as almost the whole part of the Neck is covered with the Medusa tattoo and this one looks really astonishingly beautiful.

Take a Quick Look How Medusa Tattoo Done by an Expert

If you are considering going for a Medusa tattoo on your legs, or just want to see visually how this kind of big and hard designs are done, then check out the video above for more information. This artist is one of my friends and he loves to do mythical tattoos.


There are some general questions that might come up at this point of the article. The necessary answers are given to the common questions asked about a Medusa tattoo here below.

Q: Are tattoos of Medusa provocative?

Ans: The symbolism of a Medusa tattoo is ambiguous and can be interpreted in a variety of ways, such as by connecting her to a representation of feminine strength or to individuals taking control of their own life.

Q: Who can get a Medusa Tattoo?

Ans: Anyone is capable of getting a Medusa tattoo, and one piece will probably spark some attention. No of the style, these objects which might be exquisite and intricate or plain and minimalist are tremendously meaningful.

Q: What does a Medusa Tattoo mean for a girl?

Ans: Nowadays, those who have been sexually assaulted utilize tattoos of Medusa to rebuff the idea that their attackers ought to be ashamed, held accountable, or condemned. The legend of Medusa has been revived as a representation of strength and power, and her picture is also worn as a signal of protection from evil.

Final Verdict

The #MeToo movement, which lessened certain aspects of shame caused by sexual abuse and harassment in particular, may have contributed to the increase in prominence of the Medusa tattoo during the recent years.

As the Medusa tattoo is quite hard in terms of designs, so i would suggest you to follow the instructions of your artist and before you finally go for the Medusa tattoo, you should think about the time and placement as it will remain with you forever till you die.

Though the Medusa tattoo has been famous for a long time and there are a thousand s of ideas and designs regarding this massive tattoo and here I have shown the best of the best. Surely it will help you to understand about the tattoo and also the unique ideas will lead you to find your desired designed Medusa tattoos.

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