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82 Stunning Marigold Tattoo Designs with Meanings and Ideas

Have you ever wondered how or where did the Marigold flower acquire its name? Many people believe the term marigold was coined from the phrase “Mary’s Gold”. Yes, we mean Virgin Mary.  Churchgoers would give away marigold flowers in Mother Mary’s name. And as the flower petals look like gold coins they are known as marigolds. The credibility of this tale is slight, however, it seems like a reasonable one. From this itself you can understand the importance of the marigold flower among many peers in mankind.

The marigold flower has been a vital part of many cultures and religions for hundreds – or maybe thousands – of years. The flowers have been used for various purposes during different eras, while some of the traditions or customs stuck around, others are lost. Nevertheless, we still use marigolds in love and death, and the flower is an important part of many of our celebrations and events.

Therefore, the practice of marigold tattoo is becoming more popular as days are passing by. People get the flower tattooed in honor of their ancestors, a ritual their family practiced, or even for personal reasons. If marigolds are important to you too, and you would like to get a tattoo, we recommend you to stick around and find out some incredible and meaningful ideas for your design.

What Does Marigold Flower Symbolize?

Marigold is one of the few flowers that are used to represent the same or similar things in many different cultures and religions around the world. There are two common interpretations of the flower.

Firstly, they are believed to be the herb of the sun, due to the colorings and shape of the flowers. As a comparison to the sun, marigold is said to entail the strength, light, and power of the sun. They can inspire the rejuvenation for passion and creativity sun rays tend to in a person.

The other aspect of life marigold is often associated with is the despair of love and life. This means when someone is heartbroken after losing a loved one, their emotions and experience can be channeled via marigold.

In Latin America and Mexico, marigold is used as a sacred flower taken to cemeteries for loved ones who are no longer with us, and the petals are scattered on the graves. The flowers are also used to create holy garlands for auspicious religious occasions in Hinduism, a practice that has been around for hundreds of years. There are many other instances among various cultures and religions when marigold had been and is still used.

Our Best Marigold Flower Tattoo Designs

Let us discuss some of our favorite marigold tattoo designs and placement ideas that we are confident will help and inspire you. We aim to educate you with enough knowledge about marigolds that you are intrigued enough to get at least one marigold flower inked on yourself.

Traditional Marigold Tattoo

Traditional marigold tattoo 1

While the practice of tattooing marigolds is fairly new, the flower itself has been around for thousands of years. The use of the flower has been vast and thorough around the globe. It was used for various purposes starting from medicinal to decoration for festivals. Therefore, if you get a traditional marigold tattoo, the flexibility of deciphering the meaning is completely up to you.

Small Marigold Tattoo

Small marigold tattoo 1

Flower tattoos are mainly popular in small sizes. The delicate nature of a flower looks more aesthetically pleasing when you get them in a smaller size. You can get a marigold tattoo on the inside of your wrist, on your ankle, or your collarbones.

Marigold and Carnation Tattoo

Marigold and carnation tattoo 1

Carnation is a flower that represents love, fascination, and distinction. When you combine these meanings with the symbolism of marigold, it is a wonder you’ll create. You will encompass and harness the power and energy of two beautiful and majestic flowers.

Mexican Marigold Tattoo

Mexican marigold tattoo 1

Marigold is used as a remembrance for the dead in Mexico. Loved ones leave or scatter marigolds on top of graves. They also decorate their houses on All Saints Day and All Souls Day as a means of celebration. If you are from Mexico or had a loved one from there, you can get a native Mexican marigold tattooed on your body. It will be a beautiful and thoughtful tribute to your beloved.

Marigold and Rose Tattoo

Marigold and rose tattoo 1

Rose will forever be the symbol of Aphrodite, and symbolize love and beauty too in honor of the Goddess. If you love both rose and marigold, you could get a hybrid of the two or combine the two flowers for a design that will represent the influence of both.

Marigold Sleeve Tattoo

Marigold sleeve tattoo 1

Flower sleeve tattoos are not quite common. However, there are many people out there who fancy themselves getting flower sleeve tattoos. Marigold is one of these flowers that are vastly used for such designs, and they look incredible. You can get a combination of different types of marigolds, sizes, and colors inclusive too.

Sugar Skull Marigold Tattoo

Sugar skull marigold tattoo 1

Sugar skulls are a big part of the Mexican community, especially for their special occasion “Day of the Dead”. They celebrate the lives of the loved ones who passed away, remember them, and connect with their spirits on this day. Many people draw sugar skulls on the walls of their houses, on their altar or porch, wear masks, etc. Some people also get the tattoo and collaborate with marigold, which is also used that day.

Marigold Tattoo on Wrist

Marigold tattoo on wrist 1

A flower tattoo on the wrist showcases both the delicate nature of the flower and the wrist. Both represent life and how easy it is to lose it. Thus, as a reminder of the beauty and fragility of life, you could get a marigold on your wrist.

Marigold Tattoo on leg

Marigold tattoo on leg 1


Another great place to get a marigold drawing is on your leg. You can get a small or big one, as the placement will be good for either size. Perhaps, to make it more interesting, add some other object that is symbolic to you, like a clock or butter knife.

Black and White Marigold Tattoo

Black and white marigold tattoo 1

Not everybody likes colored tattoos, so for those who prefer something more simplistic, you could get black and white marigolds. They are equally appealing, only less lively. The flowers will look on the brink of winter or something that bloomed in barren lands. It will be beautiful yet haunting.

Marigold Tattoo on Ankle

Marigold tattoo on ankle 1

Similar to the wrist, ankle tattoos are quite delicate too. You must have a really high pain threshold if you are willing to get a tattoo there. A small or medium size tattoo on your ankle is brilliant if you want a tattoo that’s in the open but not quite noticeable.

Marigold Tattoo on Chest

Marigold tattoo on chest

Another unpopular placement for flower tattoos, especially for marigolds, is on your chest. Due to the availability of the space, you have the flexibility of opting for whatever size you want and adding as many details as you would like.

Marigold RIP Tattoo

Marigold rip tattoo

As we have discussed above, the flower is usually associated with the dead. So, it is only natural if you want to get a memorial tattoo for a loved one with a marigold as the main element of design. It will be meaningful and symbolic.

Watercolor Marigold Tattoo

Watercolor marigold tattoo

Watercolor tattoos are rising and becoming quite popular among certain demographics. They make flower tattoos look dreamlike, and are perfect for anybody who likes their art without precision.

Marigold and Butterfly Tattoo

Marigold and butterfly tattoo 1

Butterflies are another symbol for memorial tattoos, which goes perfectly well with marigolds. If you are getting a tattoo in the memory of someone, or their spirit animal might have been a butterfly, this combo is a great idea for the design.

Marigold and Bird Tattoo

Marigold and bird tattoo 1

Birds are usually associated with freedom, flight, or transition. In this case, with marigold, it could be interpreted as someone’s transition from this life to next, or death and freedom of one’s old self, etc. The meaning can be deciphered in multiple ways, depending upon your own experiences and beliefs. But the flower and the bird together will give you room to explore various kinds of design.

Red Marigold Tattoo

Red marigold tattoo 1

Red marigolds are symbolic of love, romance, and passion. So, if you are feeling the energy of those emotions or want to get a tattoo for someone you love romantically, a red marigold will be the perfect option.

Marigold Semicolon Tattoo

Marigold semicolon tattoo

A semicolon is one of the most important symbols in the world of tattoo art. It represents someone’s battle with their own life. Getting a semicolon with a marigold is a beautiful tribute to yourself, if you have been in that battle yourself. It would show you have fought with life and all its dark side and came out choosing to live every day.

Geometric Marigold Tattoo

Geometric marigold tattoo 1

If you love shapes and precision, a geometric marigold tattoo design will definitely seem appealing to you. You could get a flower inside a circle or square, or go a step further and ask your artist to incorporate the flower around a shape like vines.

Marigold and Clock Tattoo

Marigold and Clock Tattoo

Clocks are symbolic of life, and marigold is symbolic of death. The two together create a contrast that makes sense and is almost poetic. If you like art that is controversial in contrast, this is a design that will suit you.

Marigold and Snake Tattoo

Marigold and snake tattoo 1

Snakes, once again, symbolize rebirth and also fertility. An interpretation that is completely opposite to the meaning of marigold, this image will once again create a contrast that will look compellingly stunning.

Marigold Crown Tattoo

Marigold crown tattoo

Marigold with a crown is symbolic of Hinduism and Christianity for different reasons. However, both religious views are important, and if you follow one or are fascinated by any or both, you could get this piece of art.

Our Verdict

Marigold has played a vital role in many cultures and continues to do so. With so many generations’ customs and traditions, the flower holds a valuable meaning in most of our lives. It should not be unusual or uncommon to get the marigold flower tattooed. We could get any design and cooperate with the flower with another symbolic object that means something to us. The outcome in every case will be meaningful and outstanding for us and for artistic value too.

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