30 Amazing Lightning Bolt Tattoo Ideas To Rock

The lightning bolt tattoo has been one of the most trending tattoo designs for quite a while now. Tattoo enthusiasts often choose this tattoo to portray their fierce inner personalities due to the powerful appearance of the tattoo.

The lightning tattoo in its many variations over the years has been interpreted to portray power and strength. Sometimes tattoo enthusiasts even see the lightning tattoo as a symbol of transformation.

Over the years, we have seen several interpretations and designs of the lightning tattoo. Now some even come up with AI-generated designs of the lightning tattoo design which look very realistic.

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of the lightning tattoo. We will also share some of the most trending lightning tattoo designs with you along with their meaning to help you with choosing the perfect lightning tattoo design for you.

What Does The Lightning Bolt Tattoo Mean?

Lightning bolt tattoo meaning


The LIgthnining tattoo has been interpreted in many ways. And with the many different design ideas of the lightning tattoo we have seen people give different meanings to the lightning tattoo. But the most common meaning of the lightning tattoo would be that it means power and strength. As lightning is the sheer show of strength of nature, the tattoo is also associated with power and strength which makes it a perfect tattoo choice for athletes.

Lightning bolt tattoos also can mean transformation. As lightning is a sudden transformation in nature the lightning tattoo also may represent a change in one’s life.

Again, lightning has been a very common energy of gods in myths and stories like Greek and Roman mythology. And thus the lightning tattoo also means a connection to divine power.

In recent pop culture, Harry Potter has made the lightning bolt tattoo insanely popular. Harry’s iconic lightning-shaped scar has prompted a huge number of fans to get the tattoo. So this lightning bolt tattoo represents his magical ability and heroism. Similarly, The Flash’s lightning bolt also means heroism and speed.

Phenomenal Lightning Bolt Tattoo Designs That Are Trending Now

If you are looking to get a lightning bolt tattoo in the market, you should do some research on the most trending lightning bolt-themed tattoos out there. Over the years we have seen many variations of the lightning bolt tattoo on various different parts of the body.

In this article, we have gathered some of the most trending tattoo designs for the lightning bolt tattoo for you so that you can choose what tattoo to get for yourself. Or you can always get creative and choose your own style by mixing and matching some of these tattoo designs.

Here we go.

Small Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Small lightning bolt tattoo


One of the most trending tattoos that are becoming more and more popular in recent times is the small lightning tattoo design. It has become especially popular among women due to its simplicity. The small form of this tattoo helps keep the tattoo understated and can be kept hidden with your clothing.

You can get a small lightning bolt tattoo anywhere on your body. But due to the simplicity of the tattoo design, the most popular placement choice is on the wrist, or behind the ear, where the tattoo is easily concealed.

The tattoo is also quite easy and relatively painless to do because of its simple design. You can get the tattoo done in just one sitting, making it perfect for newbies.

The most important reason for getting a lightning bolt tattoo would be because you can still get the tattoo to symbolize the meaning that it holds while being discrete. If you’re into small tattoo designs like this, you can also check out our small butterfly tattoo ideas.

David Bowie Lightning Bolt Tattoo

David Bowie lightning bolt tattoo 1


David Bowie lightning bolt tattoo 2


David Bowie lightning bolt tattoo 3


Another lightning symbol that has been popularized by a pop culture character is the David Bowie lightning bolt tattoo design. The iconic red and blue color of the lightning bolt has been very popular among tattoo enthusiasts.

Bowie used the lightning design when his Ziggy Stardust came out which became a signifier for his music. Thus fans who want to remember him or pay homage to his music often opt to get this tattoo.

You can get the tattoo in many forms and with different combinations. You can get the tattoo n the exact same design that Bowie used, or you can opt for a variation. You can even different color schemes for the tattoo including a black-and-white minimal design.

You can even get a tattoo with some of the lyrics of the legendary singer. The most popular designs of this tattoo are with stars or space which give a tribute to Bowie’s fascination with space.

Harry Potter Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Harry potter lightning bolt tattoo 1


Harry potter lightning bolt tattoo 2


If you are a Potterhead, you are sure to love the iconic lightning tattoo. The tattoo is at the same time simple, minimalist, and recognizable. After being popularized by the legendary book and movie series by J.K. Rowling, the tattoo has surged in huge popularity among fans.

The scar is a huge reminder of the struggles and hardships of Harry Potter and the tattoo thus stands for a reminder of the wearer’s struggles and hardships in life. Or for some, it’s just a simple tribute to the popular series.

Not much customization is seen with this design as the lightning bolt itself is a very simple and beautiful one. Often the most common design is the exact scar of Harry Potter. But we have seen people get creative and add colors to the tattoo to give it some flair or a small graphic of Harry’s glasses with the scar.

You can also customize the tattoo with other elements from the series or book such as the Deathly Hallows symbol or a quote from the movie. You can also play around with different colors for the tattoo to add to the design.

Zeus Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Zeus lightning bolt tattoo


If you are a Greek myth nerd, then you are sure to love the Zeus lightning tattoo. Zeus being the most powerful god in the greek mythos, his lightning represents strength and power.

You can customize the tattoo in many different ways. One of the most popular ways to do so is to add a graphic of Zeus in the tattoo like our example image. Or you can always choose to add a simple lightning outline to keep things simple or just go crazy with the design to add vivid details to the lightning. You can also add Greek mythological elements like an eagle in the tattoo design.

Realistic Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Realistic lightning bolt tattoo


Another ever-so-popular design choice for the lightning bolt tattoo is if you choose to do a realistic lightning tattoo. These tattoos are slightly harder to pull off. So these are more catered towards those who have already done some tattoos before.

Nowadays you can even see some hyperrealistic lightning tattoo designs done with the help of AI-generated images that get translated into the tattoo industry.

You can always choose to add different colors to the design to add realism. This tattoo can be done in any place on the body. But to show the details of the design, the most meaningful placement would be the places with a big canvas like the neck or the chest.

Simple Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Simple lightning bolt tattoo


If you like to keep your tattoo understated or minimal, you can always choose to do a simple lightning bolt tattoo design. Often this design consists of a simple black outline of lightning. You can play around with the color scheme of the tattoo incorporating different colors in the outline, or you can add different elements to the tattoo.

Being this simple, the tattoo can be done anywhere on your body. Especially, if you are looking for a perfect tattoo for behind the year, wrist, underboob, or sideboob, you can choose to do the tattoo.

Lightning Bolt Finger Tattoo

Lightning bolt finger tattoo 1


Lightning bolt finger tattoo 2


One of the most popular tattoo designs for the lightning bolt tattoo is the finger tattoo. In this tattoo design a lightning bolt is drawn on one or more of your fingers. Due to being placed on the fingers, these tattoos are often very simple and mostly consist of a small outline of the lightning.

You can do the tattoo in different colors or just do a simple black-and-white design. But be aware, doing a tattoo on your finger is painful. So get this tattoo if you are a veteran in getting tattoos and know exactly what you want.

Cloud With Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Cloud with lightning bolt tattoo 1


Cloud with lightning bolt tattoo 2


Cloud with lightning bolt tattoo 3


The cloud with lightning tattoo is a design that consists of a cloud and a lightning bolt just like its name suggests. You can get the tattoo in many different styles depending on what you want to show. You can either get the tattoo in a very realistic color scheme or just do a monochrome color scheme to give it a sense of minimalism.

You can get the tattoo on any part of the body depending on how you want to show the tattoo. But as an understated tattoo design, you can do the tattoo on your neck, or behind the ear. Or if you want to go ham on the colors of the tattoo, you can choose to do the tattoo in a more visible place.

Lightning Bolt Tattoos Behind The Ear

Lightning bolt tattoo behind ear


The lightning tattoo behind the ear has become very popular among minimalist tattoo enthusiasts. The primary feature of this tattoo is its small size and simplicity. The tattoo is mostly done with a thin line of outline with a fine line needle.

A benefit of the tattoo is an understatement. So you can easily conceal or show the tattoo with an appropriate hairstyle. If you are rocking a ponytail you can show the tattoo. Or you can just choose to hide the tattoo with a different hairstyle.

Grateful Dead Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Grateful dead lightning bolt tattoo


This tattoo again incorporates two symbols including the lightning bold and the legendary Grateful Dead. This lightning is often represented with the classic Grateful Dead color scheme of blue and red. The legendary color scheme with the unique lightning bolt represents the counterculture movement of the 1960s.

With the iconic shape of the lightning, you can get the tattoo in both monochrome and color. You can also apply different artistic color schemes like watercolor for doing the tattoo. If you want to show your support for what the band stood for, you can get this tattoo done on the visible parts of your body.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo On The Face

Lightning bolt tattoo on face


The lightning tattoo on my face is a fierce tattoo that is only recommendable for tattoo veterans. The face is one of the most painful places to do a tattoo, especially a lightning tattoo which can get very realistic depending on the level of detail.

So, if you want to get a lightning bolt tattoo on your face, our expert recommendation would be to get a simple and minimalist tattoo design and place it on your temple or the cheeks to ensure maximum visibility. Or you can even go with the popular Harry Potter route and choose to do the tattoo on your forehead.

But, again, a word of caution would be to carefully plan a tattoo on the face as it may affect your professional life.

Double Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Double lightning bolt tattoo


The double lightning bolt tattoo is simply what it sounds like. It incorporates two lightning bolts in a pattern. The dual lightning bolts may be used to portray duality or balance depending on what theme you want to show through your tattoo.

You can get the tattoo practically anywhere on your body depending on the amount of color and detailing. If you are going for a detailed and vivid tattoo, we’d suggest you go for the forearms, biceps, or shoulder. But if you are looking into a minimalist tattoo, you can do the tattoo anywhere that is less visible.

Lightning Bolt Sleeve Tattoo

Lightning bolt sleeve tattoo 1


These are some of the most detailed tattoo designs we have seen as the sleeve is one of the biggest canvases for doing a tattoo. The shoulder tattoos often are incredibly detailed and realistic.

You can also add elements like thunder, or rain in the tattoo to make it more realistic. Although rare, you can choose to be minimal and add outlines of lightning bolts on your tattoo too to keep things simple.

Flash Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Flash lightning bolt tattoo


The Flash lightning bolt tattoo is one of our most favorites and you would love it too if you are a big comic book or superhero fan. The tattoo is often pretty simple and can be done in one sitting. You can do the tattoo anywhere on your body to show your love for your favorite superhero The Flash symbolizing speed.

Power Rangers Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Power rangers lightning bolt tattoo 1


Power rangers lightning bolt tattoo 2


Power rangers lightning bolt tattoo 3


If you are a ’90s kid, you would surely recognize the power rangers as our childhood superheroes. Following the popular TV show, the power ranger lightning has been referred to as a symbol of power and heroism. You can get the tattoo anywhere on the body to portray power, heroism, friendship, and teamwork which the power rangers stood for.

Lightning Bolt Neck Tattoo

Lightning bolt neck tattoo


The Lightning bolt tattoo on the neck is a bold one especially because of the high pain level on the neck. Although you can get the tattoo in many different colors or sizes, we’d suggest you keep things simple with a minimalist design if you are a first-timer. But if you are a veteran, you can get a colorful or detailed tattoo as you see in the picture.

Red Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Red lightning bolt tattoo


The red lightning tattoo is one similar to the Flash lightning tattoo design. The red color is associated with the lightning bolt in this tattoo design. You can add graphics like a cloud with the lightning bolt or add other detailing and get the tattoo anywhere on your body.

Skull Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Skull lightning bolt tattoo 1


Skull lightning bolt tattoo 2


The skill lightning tattoo combines an image of a skull along with a lightning. You can get the tattoo in both realistic and cartoonish art style depending on your personality and preference. The skull can represent death, transforantion while the lightning representing speed, and power are the perfect combo for metal or heavy metal subcultures enthusiasts.

Traditional Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Traditional lightning bolt tattoo 1


Traditional lightning bolt tattoo 2


The traditional tattoo design is often done in bright and bold colors featuring a simple design. The unique association of colors into a simpler design gives these tattoos a unique look which is suitable for placing anywherre on the body. But, the traditional tattoo design due to its unique composition requires a talented hand. So, choose an experienced tattoo artist if you want to jump this wagon.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo on Hand

Lightning bolt hand tattoo


If you want, you can do the lightning bold on the back of the hand or between the fingers. This tattoo is complex and often painful due to the many nerve endings on the hand. But be sure to choose carefully before choosing to do a tattoo on the hand. Because the hand tattoo will be very visible and may affect your professional or personal life.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo on The Wrist

lightning bolt wrist tattoo


Again doing a tattoo on the wrist is not for the faint of heart as the wrists are one of the most sensitive parts while doing a tattoo. So go ahead if you are a veteran. The wrist tattoos are often simple with minimalist outlines of the tattoo.

But if you are a veteran, you can always use detaiing and mix and match colors. But again, get the tattoo done by an experienced professional to avoid mistakes and a less painful experience as the tattoo needs precision.

Lightning Bolt Tattoo On The Arm

Lightning bolt arm tattoo 1


Lightning bolt arm tattoo 2


The lightning bolt tattoo can be a very eye-cathing design if it is done on the arm as it is one of the biggest canvases on the body and the design can span your shoulder to your wrists. You can choose to do a realistic tattoo on the arm or can just be abstract depending on your preference and budget.

Matching Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Matching Lightning bolt tattoo


If you are looking to get a sweet couple tattoo together with your partner, you can get the lighting bolt tattoo as it is a neutral tattoo design. If you want to get symbolic, the matching lightning bolt tattoo can be a symbol of spark between you and your partner and you can get the tattoo on your wrist, arms, or even on the ack of your necks.

Colorful Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Colorful Lightning bolt tattoo


If you want a vibrant and colorful design on your body, you can always choose the colorful lightning bolt tattoo design. You can go for the traditional lightning bolt tattoo design, or can choose an abstract design of the lightning bolt with different color variations.

Bright colors like pink, red, blue and yellow are the most common colors people use while doing a lightning tattoo. So we’d also suggest you do the same. But if you want to stand out, you can always go for a bolder color choice.

Floral Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Floral Lightning bolt tattoo


The lightning tattoo designs incorporating flowers are hella cute, and we know that our flora lover readers would love to ink these tattoos on their bodies. You can get very creative with these designs with different colors and various flowers. Some popular ideas would be to do a lightning containing some flowers as in the example image, or some flowers wrapping a lightning bolt. The use of vivid colros make this tatto perfect for visible part of the body.

Abstract Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Abstract Lightning bolt tattoo


This tattoo design is more catered towards the modern audience. If you want originality and want to express your creaatiivity through the tattoo design, you can go for an abstract lightning bolt tattoo design. You can add different abstract elements according to your choice to reflect your personality.

Rocket And Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Rocket and Lightning bolt tattoo


Another cute tattoo design is the rocket and lightning bolt tattoo catered towards the space lovers. You can show of your love for science space and tech with this tattoo and can do the tattoo with different color schemes to show off your exact preference.

Angel Wing Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Angel wing lightning bolt tattoo


This tattoo often represents one’s spiritual beleifes as it contains the angel wing tattoo. You can do different styles with this tattoo ideas including a lightning bolt in between a pair of angel wings or even can choose a lightning bolt that’s shaped like an angel wing. You can get the tattoo on places like the chest, shoulder or on the back to complement the angel wing tattoo placement.

Galaxy Lightning Bolt Tattoo

Galaxy lightning bolt tattoo


The galaxy lightning bolt tatto is a very beautiful looking tattoo design with intricate details and beautiful colors. You can show the lightning bolt inside a galaxy with vivid colors like purple or blue to make the tatto pop.

How to Properly Do a Lightning Tattoo

If you are looking to get a  lightning tattoo and are wondering how a lightning tattoo is done, you can check this video out. This video shows how a realistic lightning tattoo is done. The white highlights for the lightning is done with a broader needle and then perfected with details of white wih a finer line needle so that eveyrhing comes together nicely.

Although every design is different, this is good representation of the features of a lightning tattoo design process.


After you’ve done your research on tattoo designs, you may have some questions that are crossing your mind. Here we have gathered some frequently asked questions for you and answering them for your convenience.

Q: Which God’s symbol is the lightning bolt?

Answer: The lightning bolt is the symbol of Zeus, the king of the Greek gods and the god of sky and thunder. This is why the lightning bolt tattoo often consists of other symbols of Zeus.

Q: Is Electric Tattoo and LIghtning tattoo the same thing?

Answer: No. Electric tattoos are smart tattoos tat includes trackers and sensors. Although you can get a lightning tattoo in the form of an electric tattoo, the two are not the same thing.

Q: How long does a lightning tattoo take?

Answer: Depending on the detailing and color, the lightning tattoo may take a day to 2-3 days to set.


The lightning tattoo design can represent a lot of things from speed, agility, power, strength and divinity. This tattoo with its versatility has become a popular choice for both male and female audiences. Tattoo enthusiasts also love this tattoo design as it can be both simple and elaborate depending on the wearer’s choice.

The lightning bolt tattoo can be bold, or it can be minimalist depending on what you want to portray though your design. For your reference, we have provided you with 30 ideas to get the tattoo done. But as with any tattoo design, we’d recommend you to choose a professional to do your tattoos so that you get the exact representation of what you want to get.

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