Life’s A Gamble Tattoo

20 Life’s A Gamble Tattoo Ideas: Artwork For The Fearless

While it is ideal to live a life that is planned out, it almost seems incomplete when everything is thought about ahead of its time. It feels unnatural, mainly since life’s a gamble. You never know what you’re missing out on once a decision is made. In fact, every decision of ours tends to have a million outcomes, and we only get to live one of them.

Furthermore, seeing noticeable progress doesn’t show up overnight, which is often difficult for people to live with, especially for those that are short on composure. While the ones with patience wait, the latter usually live their life without a purpose. They tend to rely on their compulsive decision making habit, hoping for one of their commitments to pay off, literally and figuratively.

Even though it sounds like a phrase that triggers anxiety, people often follow this principle when living life. It is definitely favorable for those that are fearless and have a nothing to lose attitude, as one failed attempt won’t faze them. However, those with issues of insecurity and fear of uncertainty should certainly stay away from this approach, as it rarely contains a concrete result.

In this article, we’ll be covering all you need to know if you relate to this phase and want to introduce it as your next tattoo. We’ll also be providing a list of variations that you can pick from and take inspiration from as well.

Life’s a Gamble Tattoo in the Tattoo Industry!

This tattoo is extremely popular in the tattoo world. Since loads of people live their lives by this principle, no one thinks twice before inking this design onto their body. Indeed, it’s a tattoo that is meaningful and carries words of wisdom, which can definitely boost one’s spiritual health as well as improve their mental well being.

It also improves their confidence, further encouraging them to follow this method of living life. A genuine tattoo like this is extremely difficult to find in a world where materialism is given more priority.

20 Enticing Life’s a Gamble Tattoo Designs to Embrace Your Rebellious Side

Despite the deep meaning that the tattoo contains, it can be incorporated by anyone and everyone. They can either take pride in how they prefer living life, or even honor someone else’s principles by getting this tattoo.

Moving on, here are 20 of our favorite “Life’s a Gamble” tattoo variations that you should definitely take inspiration from today!

Life’s a Gamble Hand Tattoo

Life a gamble tattoo on hand

A hand tattoo is perhaps your best option if you believe in using tattoos as a means of expressing their emotions to the fullest. Not only will the tattoo allow you to express your gratitude towards the saying, but it will also allow the public to understand you better. Since a hand tattoo is always out in the open, this design should only be worn by those that are not afraid to be themselves. As the design might cause quite the stir, make sure to prioritize yourself before taking into the thoughts of another.

For best results, just like the phrase itself, you can either go all in or nothing when creating the design. In short, you can get a tattoo that is extremely lengthy with a chain of complex tattoos, or get a motif tattoo which is painless and time-friendly to achieve.

Life’s a Gamble Poker Tattoo

lifes a gamble poker tattoo

Poker is a game that requires each player to risk it all. The riskier the player, the better their rewards will be. Additionally, pairing the quote with artworks of poker is an excellent idea since the meaning of the quote highly correlates with the incentive to why people play poker.

Furthermore, since this tattoo consists of a collaboration of two separate items, it would most definitely look desirable as a sleeve tattoo. Not only will a sleeve tattoo allow you to add in multiple designs into the mix, but it will also allow you to add a combination of vibrant and neutral colors, making the overall artwork presentable and meaningful as a whole.

Life’s a Gamble Shoulder Tattoo

lifes a gamble tattoo on shoulder

Since the shoulder is often associated with strength and power, getting tattoos similar to life’s a gamble tattoos are meant for the delicate area. It will enlighten the wearer with a boost of confidence, motivation, as well allow them to handle situations better, leading a safer life than they used to.

Apart from the similarity the tattoo and the body part has, the area in the shoulder is enormous and can allow the wearer to fit in a series of artwork to form one big tattoo that they can hold close to their heart. While the procedure involves a lot of pain, no one can go wrong with a shoulder tattoo, especially when it’s paired up with a “life’s a gamble” tattoo.

Life’s a Gamble Forearm Tattoo

Life’s a Gamble Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are for tattoos that encourage honesty, and this variation reeks of integrity. It allows a person to show their vulnerabilities to the world, allowing them to make a difference in a positive way. Not only does it increase one’s comfortability in their own skin, but it also inspires any spectator to do the same.

In addition to the impact it will have on one’s spiritual health, forearm tattoos are extremely versatile. Since the area is wide but not as lengthy, multiple symbols can be paired up with the initial saying. The artwork can also be presented with a range of bright and muted shades to amp up its appeal.

Life’s a Gamble Gang Tattoo

Gangster life's a gamble tattoo

When you’re in a gang, you have to live each day like it’s your last. Life is truly a gamble to them, as members of a gang are always risking their lives, which makes this variation a staple amongst most of them. While they often achieve this tattoo in areas that are usually exposed such as the wrist or the forearm, they also get this variation in areas that are more delicate and usually covered, such as the back area and the chest.

For best results, make sure this tattoo means something to you before you incorporate it. Allow it to join forces with other designs or even a combination of words that are meaningful to you, but are beyond understanding for the rest.

Life’s a gamble dice tattoo

lifes a gamble dice tattoo

Dice tattoos symbolize the randomness of life. When teamed up with a “Life’s a gamble” tattoo, the artwork as a whole symbolizes how random life is. When lived without a purpose, life is indeed a gamble, as you never know what you’ll get from the actions you’ll take. The bond that a dice tattoo and the phrase has makes this variation a great option for the wise and for the fearless.

Life’s a Gamble Chest Tattoo

Life is a gamble tattoo on chest

Make your feelings towards this lifestyle apparent by achieving this variation. Wear the tattoo close to your heart so that you could remind yourself of all the struggles you went through due to your lifestyle, but also the good things that came out of it. Block out the cynical noise for a second and try to appreciate everything that you’ve done in this life by achieving the “life’s a gamble” tattoo on your chest.

A positive that might come out of picking this option is the amount of things you can add to your tattoo. As the chest area is full of space, the tattoo can be sizable as well as incredibly small. However, at the end of the day, the impact it has on you should matter the most, not the size.

Life’s a Gamble Palm Tattoo

Life is a gamble tattoo on palm

Believe it or not, this tattoo can also be showcased in your palms! Just add some motifs related to the quote and insert the saying to unlock this minimalistic tattoo variation.

This tattoo is an excellent choice for those with a simple mindset, but might present itself with a sheer amount of pain. Since the texture of the palm is so sensitive, piercing needles through the area and recreating a tattoo wouldn’t really make the situation better in any way. To minimize the pain, however, you may partake in multiple short sessions to achieve the tattoo, which will be much less painful than attending an hour-long session.

Life’s a Gamble Joker Tattoo

lifes a gamble joker tattoo

Introduce a flashy tattoo to your arsenal by incorporating this variation! It attains a beautiful color scheme with an assortment of vibrant colors due to the joker itself, and can also contain neutral colors in the background. Apart from the visuals, this variation can be suitable to those that can relate to the chaotic nature of both the joker and the term “life is a gamble”

Additionally, when getting this tattoo, pick a body part that has an ample amount of space, like the thigh area or the sleeve in order to obtain a tattoo that is worthwhile.

Life’s a Gamble Bicep Tattoo

lifes a gamble tattoo on bicep

Unlike most of the variations present on this list, this tattoo is more about the visuals than the meaning. Bicep tattoos have always been trendy for its appeal. It can drastically change one’s first impression for the better, as well as increase their self-confidence. This tattoo should only be attained by firm believers of this saying, and should also be supported by other tattoo designs to make the phrase fit in.

Since it will be a bicep tattoo after all, introduce tank tops to your wardrobe and wear them on the regular so that you can show your new tattoo off!

Life’s a Gamble Leg Tattoo

lifes a gamble tattoo on leg

The leg contains an awful amount of space, which can enable anyone to make use of their creativity, which could be useful when implementing this variation.

To cover up the large amount of space available, one may need to explore their creative thoughts and come up with a mind boggling design if they want to be eligible for this tattoo.

They can bring in small tattoos, one-liners, or even a completely different tattoo if they want to increase the presentability of this variation.

“Life’s a Gamble” Tattoo with Chess Pieces

lifes a gamble chess tattoo

Similarly to casinos and poker, people often gamble when playing the game of chess. The chess games are full of intensity and heat, as they almost always involve money. The environment and the rules make this variation the perfect partner to the quote “life’s a gamble”.

Also, when getting this tattoo, make sure to introduce some colors to the ink by adding other objects related to poker. You may also bring in other components and equipment that are involved in the game, such as chips and equipment found in casinos.

Life’s a Gamble Flame Tattoo

lifes a gamble flame tattoo

Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Similarly, when people start gambling with their lives, they might forget or become unaware of the toxic drawbacks of the approach in the midst of the highs. Doing so might result in unfortunate, sometimes irreversible consequences, such as death.

This variation describes just that. While the visuals are eye-catching, the meaning is deeper than any other tattoo.

Make sure to not get lost in the middle of the ups that come from gambling with life, as there is always a negative to every positive.

Life’s a Gamble Card Tattoo

lifes a gamble card tattoo

The game of poker requires skills. Players need to know how to deal their cards to their advantage. Failing to do so might bring to the table unfortunate endings, as the game always requires each player to gamble with their money or their belongings.

Play the right cards in life, and incorporate the right tattoo to your body by introducing this one to your arsenal. Not only will the visuals look amazing, but the quote will fit with the visuals like a glove.

Life’s a Gamble Witch and 8ball Tattoo

life is a gamble witch tattoo

While the witch represents how cursed this lifestyle is, the 8 ball underneath represents how life is a mix of good and bad luck, making it a gamble indeed. The dice further supports the initial symbol of the tattoo, which allows them to fit into this tattoo variation without feeling out of place.

Moreover, when recreating this tattoo, add in some colors to the design so that the artwork is also backed up with visuals that are as effective and engaging as its meaning.

Life’s a Gamble Flower Tattoo

life is a gamble flower tattoo

Some people love this approach to life. While most are met with feelings of fear and uncertainty, the people on the other spectrum are always met with feelings of joy and excitement. This variation is for those that believe in living life by overcoming and constantly challenging their fears.

The tattoo is a great addition for those that want to express their love for the phrase as well as the ones who prefer tattoos with strong visuals. The rose in the tattoo symbolizes the beauty the activity has to the wearer and the love they have towards the activity of gambling.

Life’s a Gamble Tattoo with a Fancy Layout

life's a gamble tattoo designs

Spontaneous tattoos contain this feeling of satisfaction that predetermined tattoos can only dream to replicate. Likewise, the phrase “Life’s a Gamble” should be honored with an improvised tattoo to be appreciated to the fullest extent. While bringing loads of tattoos into the mix might make the whole art piece difficult to understand for viewers and spectators, the tattoo will bring a whole new meaning to the table for the wearer.

Life’s a Gamble Money Tattoo

life is a gamble money tattoo

Money might not be everything, but having it is a necessity for living a life that is beyond normal. While living a life filled with love is an incentive to most, living a wealthy life is a priority for most. This variation is solely for those that prefer the latter, as sometimes, to make money, you need to take a gamble.

Furthermore, when getting this tattoo, pair it up with fonts that are subtle, so that the artwork of the cash also receives a chunk of attention, not just the quote.

Life’s a Gamble Casino Tattoo

life a gamble casino tattoo

If you’re one of those people who loves going to casinos and going all in every time, this one’s for you. Show your appreciation towards the game and your commitment, and get this tacky yet colorful tattoo today. Regardless of the size of this tattoo, it will fit in with anyone and everyone, as long as they are true to themselves and the game.

Life’s a Gamble Back Tattoo

life is a gamble back tattoo

If you’re an introvert and aren’t a big fan of boasting about your tattoos, you may resort to this variation. Not only will the tattoo be low-key and refrain from being in the spotlight, but getting it on the back will allow you to achieve a tattoo with a deeper understanding that only you will be able to comprehend.

When getting this tattoo, go all in with your thoughts. Express your deepest and darkest emotions through this tattoo variation.

Final Verdict

Overall, no matter how uncertain life is, we shouldn’t shy away from the struggles. In fact, we should appreciate them and learn from them.

Don’t be afraid to take risks in life. While the chances of failing are low, taking risks allow us to grow as individuals. They allow us to celebrate the positives, and take notes from the negatives. So, gamble with it when you’re ready. Get a tattoo of it to amp up your morale. You will definitely be rewarded either way.

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