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74 Artistic Leaf Tattoo Ideas To Embrace Nature

Can you imagine a world where there are no leaves? The trees only have roots and stems branching from the soil. Wherever you look, there is not a single trace of any leaf. How empty and barren the earth would look without these little green things.

Leaves are what makes the whole world seem like a palace worth living for. Perhaps it’s the best gift to us by mother nature. When we look at them, we feel refreshed and rejuvenated. That’s why so many people around the world are looking to get a leaf tattoo.

There are perhaps millions of species of plants. From shrubs to tall perennials, the list goes on and on. Each of them has some unique sets of leaves with distinct patterns. Therefore, a leaf tattoo can have many types and shapes. But don’t worry. We are here to help you select the best one.

50 Shades Of Leaf Tattoos: The Interesting Meaning Behind Them

Leaf tattoo meaning


Some leaves have swirly patterns in them while others are quite plain in design. Each of these leaves have a unique meaning to them. If we research a bit, we will notice that there are countless references of leaves in folktales and holy books. Today, we are going to talk about some of the meanings that we can directly relate to.

How Leaf Tattoos Symbolize Birth And New Beginnings

In the spring season, the leaves of all the trees start to get a new life. The dried up ones seem to get a new life force and they bloom with a vibrant color exuding from its exterior.

This phenomenon is quite apparent in nature as it occurs every single year. But we seem to not pay much heed to this. If we did then we would know that anyone can start a new beginning and turn their life around. They just need to believe in themselves.

Rising From The Ashes

Life is not always a straight smooth path without any obstacles. Sometimes, there will be hurdles just like a rose has thorns. After facing a dire situation, we seem to give up on life.

But leaves teach us to stand back up no matter what happens in life. No matter how wrinkled or old a leaf gets, after the season changes, it just gets to its original self. So, if a leaf can go through this metamorphosis, why not us?

Life’s A Continuous Cycle With Twists And Turns

We get on the edge of our seats when we watch a thriller movie with mind blowing twists. Our own lives are far more interesting and full of twists than any movie shown in the theaters. This may seem overwhelming to many.

But if we look at a leaf, we will see that it starts bright in the spring season. During the fall, it gets completely enervated. But after the cycle passes, it gains its previous nature. So, you will go through a lot of twists and turns just like a leaf. The goal is to never give up.

Marvelous Leaf Tattoo Designs To Show Off To The World

Tattoos are not for the faint hearted. You have to sit for hours on end to get a tattoo. You have to show it to the entire world that you are proud of your leaf tattoo.

That’s why we have selected some of the most jaw dropping tattoos that will make you feel confident about your body canvas. So, let’s dive right into them.

Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo

Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo 1


Ginkgo Leaf Tattoo 2


Gingko leaves are quite different from other leaves we see everyday. Rather than having different segments, it is one entire section with multiple waves on the outside. This unique aesthetic has attracted a lot of attention in the tattoo realm.

These tiny leaves are originally native to China where it is sometimes used as a dietary supplement. Some pseudo doctors prescribe it but there is no evidence of the leaves’ health benefits.

The leaf’s color is a subtle blue. Maybe it doesn’t have that ornamental vibe to it but there is still something intriguing when it is done in the body.

4 Leaf Clover Tattoo

4 Leaf Clover Tattoo (1)


4 Leaf Clover Tattoo (2)


4 leaf clover tattoos are yet another interesting addition to our list. The four parts of the leaf symbolizes four directions.

Now this is up for a myriad of interpretations. To some, it may represent that life can go any direction at any point. There is no straight path to success.

Therefore when you will get this tattoo, it will make you remember that before reaching to the top, you have to explore a few other places. Some would be rough while others may be beneficial for you. But in the end, they all give you an experience that will help in later life.

Maple Leaf Tattoo

Maple Leaf Tattoo 1


Maple Leaf Tattoo 2


There are millions of people who go to Canada just to see the maple leaf. You may be wondering what’s so special about it.

Well, the shape of the leaf is quite unique in every respect. The structure has a pattern to it which consists of a wide range of geometric shapes. Even the color of it is so subtle yet mesmerizing that it will leave you flabbergasted.

Try to get the tattoo in a place where there is not much space. This way it won’t feel too empty. Make sure to highlight the veins to give that realistic effect.

Weed Leaf Tattoo

Weed Leaf Tattoo 1


Weed Leaf Tattoo 2

@ bklyn_brig

To all the stoners out there, this is perhaps the tattoo for you. Weed has gotten legalized in the United States and soon it will be legalized in other countries as well.

So now is the high time to rejoice. The most unique aspect of the leaf is perhaps the narrow tip. The entire body just gradually narrows down to meet at a point giving a very psychedelic look.

Although we all know that the weed leaf is green, it’s best to draw it in a monochromatic manner. The black color perfectly depicts the funky and trippy aspect of weed.

Oak Leaf Tattoo

Oak Leaf Tattoo 1


Oak Leaf Tattoo 2


If you look closely at nature, you will find pretty much everything that we use in our everyday lives can be observed in the leaves. Imagine if a leaf looked just like a saw. How deadly would that be!

Well, your fantasies have come to reality because oak leaves look just like a saw. The serrated pattern in the exterior has the same zigzag design of the saw.

When you get this tattoo, it will look like an adorable version of a saw. The natural and deadly aspect of it would make up for a tattoo to die for.

Monstera Leaf Tattoo

Monstera Leaf Tattoo 1


Monstera Leaf Tattoo 2


Monstera Leaf Tattoo 3


Monsteras are an excellent choice if you are looking for a house plant. They don’t need much care and they can survive with a minimum amount of nutrients. You just need to give them some water every now and then. That’s it.

This survivability of the Monstera plant teaches a valuable lesson. That is life won’t be all sunshine and rainbows at all times. Sometimes, you will be stuck with a minimum amount of resources but you still have to utilize what you got.

Apart from its deep symbolism, the aesthetic of the Monstera leaf is something else. The giant leaves with sudden voids depict a sense of serenity which is hard to find in our everyday life.

Fall Leaf Tattoo

Fall Leaf Tattoo 1


Fall Leaf Tattoo 2


Fall season is the time of despair for leaves. After being as cheerful as ever during the entire spring, a sudden darkness falls over them.

They slowly start to lose their life force. The surface of the leaves gets wrinkled and they soon succumb to an ill fate.

In life, sometimes we go through a situation just like this. But this type of dire situation is what makes us strong. When you will get the fall leaf tattoo, you will feel motivation that the past may have been rough but it doesn’t mean that the future will be the same.

Palm Leaf Tattoo

Palm Leaf Tattoo 1


Palm Leaf Tattoo 2


This one is for those who love to party a bit. Palm trees are seen in the beaches near the ocean where it just stands tall functioning as a shade to those who visit the ocean.

The tree has been always portrayed to be a symbol of joy and happiness. Apart from its meaning, the leaves of palm trees are quite something else. Whenever a gentle breeze hits, the leaves just gently go up and down.

Most leaves are quite fragile. But palm leaves that are so strong that you can try to detach them from the stem with all your strength but they won’t break. So if you love to be happy and showcase strength in your character, this is the ideal tattoo for you.

Greek Leaf Tattoo

Greek Leaf Tattoo


Leaves used to be a staple of greek clothings. Many higher ups of the greek society wore garments made up of leaves from different trees.

They even used leaves to camouflage and then suddenly attack on the opponent. Many of their weapons and shields had exteriors stitched by leaves.

Therefore, you can understand just how important leaves were back in the day. Even now leaves are highly venerated by people from Greece thinking that they are the symbol of hope and resilience.

Olive Leaf Tattoo

Olive Leaf Tattoo 1


Olive Leaf Tattoo 2


This is perhaps the most subtle leaf tattoo design on our list. There are no over the top patterns or colors incorporated in it. Just some plain leaves drawn with a lot of heart.

An olive leaf looks a lot like a kunai. A kunai is a weapon used by the Japanese shinobi. The leaf and the kunai have the exact characteristic as both of them have a razor sharp tip and a grip.

How badass is that! Do not confine your tattoo by only illustrating fully grown leaves. Include some baby leaves here and there to make it look adorable.

Vine Leaf Tattoo

Vine Leaf Tattoo 1


Vine Leaf Tattoo 2


Vines were immensely popular back in the day but now they have taken a bit of a nosedive. But we’re not talking about the app. We are talking about the amazing tattoo design known as the vine leaf tattoo.

Vine leaves are usually grape leaves which are considered a delicacy to many. In several countries, the leaves are rolled with meat and fish to make Shawarma. If you haven’t tried it out yet then you should. The taste will blow your mind.

Vine leaves are also known to have many phytocompounds that can have health benefits. So overall this is a very important leaf which deserves the respect of getting engraved in our body.

Gold Leaf Tattoo

Gold Leaf Tattoo 1


Gold Leaf Tattoo 2


Gold Leaf Tattoo 3


Leaves are generally seen in green color. But the usual attire of things are incredibly dull and boring. This is because we see the leaves in the same color every single day and it gets repetitive.

So why not get a golden leaf tattoo? This is a color on the leaf that is nowhere to be found. The novelty of this style makes it one of the most sought after tattoos.

There is a tattoo shop in Glasgow that has some of the best artists to give you a heck of a leaf tattoo. Give them a go.

Fern Leaf Tattoo

Fern Leaf Tattoo 1


Fern Leaf Tattoo 2


The normal morphological structure of any leaf is that it contains some veins and a tip and is branched from the stem. But a fern is quite different in this regard.

A fern leaf consists of tiny little mini leaves that have the same gap between them creating one gigantic leaf. It looks quite similar to a feather.

Although the color is a boring green, it’s the design that makes the fern such a formidable tattoo. The leaves stacked after one another makes a deadly pattern. Also each and every gap has an equal amount of distances which is crazy if you think about it.

Leaf Sleeve Tattoo

Leaf Sleeve Tattoo 1


Leaf Sleeve Tattoo 2

@ thirty_six_tattoo

There are two parts of your body that perhaps have the most movement. One is your leg and the other one is your arm.

Now if you get a tattoo in the leg then no one is going to see it. Therefore it would completely defeat the purpose. On the other hand, your sleeve is the most visible part of your body. So, when you get the tattoo, everyone will be able to appreciate how cool the tattoo idea is.

Although the current trend in the tattoo world is to make everything in a monochromatic approach, it’s best to illustrate the sleeve tattoo as colorful as possible. A cool idea is to draw a rainbow colored leaf mixing a wide range of colors. It may make you look like a supporter of the LGBTQ community but who cares?

Autumn Leaf Tattoo

Autumn Leaf Tattoo 1


Autumn Leaf Tattoo 2


Autumn Leaf Tattoo 3


The most colorful leaves are seen during the season of autumn. From blazing reds to mellow yellows it looks as if mother nature is arranging a flamboyant wedding program.

The appearance of such color is due to the fact that in autumn there is a lack of resources. So the colorful pigments which are masked in the previous seasons now start to show up.

As you might’ve guessed by now, you have to make the leaves as colorful as possible for this style. Extend your imagination and incorporate whatever your mind tells you to do.

Ivy Leaf Tattoo

Ivy Leaf Tattoo 1


Ivy Leaf Tattoo 2


Ivy leaves are dangerous. If you happen to come across them, don’t you dare touch them. If you unfortunately have then god save you.

Ivy leaves have a defense mechanism in which there are tiny spikes which are elongated when they feel threatened. If your skin comes into contact with these spikes by any chance then the tissues will start to get red. Inflammation will occur and you will feel like the spot is burning.

This dangerous aspect of them is what makes it so intriguing. We all have a natural tendency to gravitate towards the thing that’s bad for us. That’s why so many people want to get this tattoo.

Small Leaf Tattoo

Small Leaf Tattoo 1


Small Leaf Tattoo 2


Leaves are petite in most cases. There are a few leaves that can be found which are gigantic. So it’s always a good idea to keep the natural stature of the leaf in your body canvas.

As it’s going to be small, colors don’t really play an important part in the tattoo. So try to focus more on the shades and the outline. Use a deep black color to make a beautiful framework and voila. You are done.

Aspen Leaf Tattoo

Aspen Leaf Tattoo 1


Aspen Leaf Tattoo 2


The simple things are perhaps the most intriguing ones. An aspen leaf is an ordinary looking leaf with no significant trait to stand out. But there is just something tranquil about it that compels us to look at it for hours on end.

The leaf is round at the bottom and the apex at the top is sharp. The veins are barely visible. It’s almost as if it’s a leaf made out of paper. But it’s real when you touch it. You can feel it. That’s what makes the leaf such an amazing tattoo design.

Red Leaf Tattoo

Red Leaf Tattoo 1


Red Leaf Tattoo 2


When you get the red leaf tattoo, it looks like you have a leaf shaped sun scorching in your body canvas. It’s as if the tattoo is radiating energy that will make you stronger than ever.

The red color can be of various types. Some artists use a subtle red color while others use vibrant ones. We say to go absolutely wild and use the one with the highest saturation and contrast. The tattoo should look like it’s glowing in your body.

Leaf Finger Tattoo

Leaf Finger Tattoo 1


Leaf Finger Tattoo 2


If you look very closely at each of your fingers, don’t they look like branches hanging out? Our entire body is quite reminiscent of trees in that respect. So, why not add some leaves in those biological branches of ours?

Rather than drawing a single leaf on a single finger, it’s best to ornament each of the fingers with different colored leaves. It would make it look like there is a celeration occurring in your hands.

Simple Leaf Tattoo

Simple Leaf Tattoo


Leaves don’t need any exaggeration. Sometimes including too many elements can ruin the total concept of the leaf tattoo by turning it into a mess.

That’s why it’s best to just make a simple leaf tattoo that is relaxing to look at. Try to depict the moving dynamics of the leaf as if a gentle breeze has just hit it. Then wherever you look at the tattoo, you will feel a sense of calm.

Tropical Leaf Tattoo

Tropical Leaf Tattoo 1


Tropical Leaf Tattoo 2


Imagine you have left your boring job and life behind and embarked on a journey to the rainforests of the amazon. Your heart is pumping so fast that you feel like you are going to die at any moment of the day.

When you reach the forest, the first thing you see everywhere are the giant leaves branching from tropical trees. The sight is so magnificent that you feel that your life has reached its fulfillment. That’s just how mesmerizing a tropical leaf is. The blazing color and aura exuding from it makes it soothing to the eyes.

Leaf of Lorien Tattoo

Leaf of Lorien Tattoo 1


Leaf of Lorien Tattoo 2

@ bevtattoo13

Leaf of Lorien Tattoo 3


If you are an avid Lord of the rings fan then you might’ve guessed the reference right of the bat. The leaf of lorien is a brooch that is given to the members of the fellowship.

This was given by Galadriel to everyone except Gandalf. The Gandalf fans out there don’t be sad because at this point of the story, everyone assumed he was dead. So if you also want to be part of the elite group, then this tattoo is perfect for you. It may be a young leaf of a beech tree but it has a lot of emotion attached to it.

Jungle Leaf Tattoo

Jungle Leaf Tattoo 1


Jungle Leaf Tattoo 2


If you send a drone in the sky to capture the amazon jungle then you will only see bushes of leaves peeking out their heads. You will never be able to see anything that is occurring inside the jungle.

The leaves act as a protective barrier that hides every single thing that is happening inside the jungle. All the ramblings and the huntings are concealed because of them. That’s why leaves are often symbolized to be the guardian of the jungle.

Banana Leaf Tattoo

Banana Leaf Tattoo 1


Banana Leaf Tattoo 2


Banana Leaf Tattoo 3


Especially in the Hindu culture, the banana leaves are often believed to be a symbol of holiness. That’s why they use the leaf to eat rather than using a plate. You may be wondering that it’s quite unsanitary to eat from a leaf but that’s not the case. The surface of the banana leaf is very smooth and it’s considered to be clean.

The leaves are usually gigantic in nature. They alone cover the entire banana tree.

If you are looking to get the banana leaf tattoo then you should include the bananas as well. An excellent idea is to draw a leaf and right next to it draw a couple of bananas. It would look quite hilarious, don’t you think?

Traditional Leaf Tattoo

Traditional Leaf Tattoo 1


Traditional Leaf Tattoo 2


Traditional Leaf Tattoo 3


In Aztec and Mayan cultures, warriors used to make their headdresses and weapons using leaves. Still today, many native american tribes wear clothes made of leaves. Therefore, leaves have been a crucial part of many traditions over the years.

Although nowadays it’s quite outdated, you can still go back in time by getting a traditional leaf tattoo. A traditional tattoo focuses on symbolism rather than realism. So, try not to include tons of details into the tattoo. Rather focus on shading the exteriors to make it pop out.

Rose Leaf Tattoo

Rose Leaf Tattoo


If you ever loved someone dearly, you obviously have gone to flower shops to buy an exquisite rose. The shopkeeper forgets to wrap it and hands out the flower as it is. As soon as you grab hold of it, your hands get a tickling sensation which gradually becomes quite painful.

This type of scenario is common in our life. Rose is beautiful but can be deadly because of its thorny leaves protecting it.

Because of its deadly nature, the leaf of rose has become a staple in the tattoo world. People get the spiky leaves depicting that they are dangerous and masculine. But everyone can enjoy a rose leaf tattoo. It doesn’t matter if you’re male or female.

Leaf Neck Tattoo

Leaf Neck Tattoo 1


Leaf Neck Tattoo 2


If you look closely, you will notice that there is one part of our body that closely resembles the leaves of a tree. That is none other than our hair.

Our hair stems out of our head just like leaves. Even the elongated shapes conglomerate into looking like a bush of trees. So it’s only fair to get a leaf tattoo on the neck. It would  make your whole head look like a stem of a tree. How cool is that!

Fig Leaf Tattoo

Fig Leaf Tattoo 1


Fig Leaf Tattoo 2


Fig Leaf Tattoo 3


Birds often lay themselves onto leaves of large trees. They even use leaves to mate with each other. Birds utilize leaves to make nests where they lay their eggs.

So there is a close connection between birds and leaves. That’s why artists love to illustrate tattoos of these two majestic natural entities. A cool design is to draw multiple leaves stacked on top of each other in the body of a fig.

Black Leaf Tattoo

Black Leaf Tattoo 1


Black Leaf Tattoo 2


Black Leaf Tattoo 3


We all are accustomed to seeing leaves in vivid colors. From the mellow orange color of the maple tree to the vibrant green color of the rose, everywhere we notice whimsical colors.

But we hardly see leaves in the black color. This always creates a feeling of desire. The monochromatic color scheme is so out of touch with reality that our subconscious mind compels our eyes into finding leaves colored in black.

Hidden Leaf Tattoo

Hidden Leaf Tattoo 1


Hidden Leaf Tattoo 2


The hugely popular anime known as Naruto bursted out into the mainstream media over a decade ago. Now even a child knows every single reference.

The main story focuses on a village known as the hidden leaf where Jutsus are practiced. Shinobis of the hidden leaf village utilize their inner chakra into performing miraculous stunts as controlling the elements of nature.

The anime has left such an impact especially on the younger generation that many people want to be part of the hidden leaf village. They also want to throw Kunais at the enemy and control their chakra into doing the impossible. If you also want to be a member of this group why not get a hidden leaf tattoo right now?

Leaf Hand Tattoo

Leaf Hand Tattoo


Although we are mortal beings, we often have thoughts related to supernatural powers. We want to control nature and make wonderous things happen.

Sadly, this is not possible as humans aren’t capable of doing such things. But you can surely get a leaf hand tattoo on the palm of your hands. Then you can control that leaf by doing your bidding. You will be the master that pulls all the strings from behind.

Bay Leaf Tattoo

Bay Leaf Tattoo


Bay leaf tattoos are immensely popular in the west. The main reason for it is the psychedelic visuals it portrays. The leaf itself has a mundame look but there is something odd about its dullness that sparks a deep feeling in people.

Rather than making it colorful, it’s best to use a deep color to highlight each and every part of the leaf. Shadows are your friend so dilute the colors to make it feel like an aura is exuding from the tattoo.

Willow Leaf Tattoo

Willow Leaf Tattoo 1


Willow Leaf Tattoo 2


The name of this leaf may sound quite innocent but it has been used in countless horror media. In horror movies, willow leaves are depicted to be ominous components where darkness lurks.

Many of the graveyards have willow trees. So there is definitely a paranormal aspect attached to it.

If we’ve known one thing about the human kind is that people gravitate towards things that they don’t understand. Ghosts, bigfoots, aliens these are the few things people have obsessed over for the last few centuries. This fear has translated into them getting willow leaf tattoos.

Delicate Leaf Tattoo

Delicate Leaf Tattoo 1


Delicate Leaf Tattoo 2


Portraying the naiveness of leaves isn’t easy. You have to show the vulnerable side of it by making it look completely malleable.

Try to draw the veins in a very subtle manner. If you use a deep color then it would look way too masculine and this would completely defeat the purpose. So rather use soft colors with low saturation and try to incorporate the details in a minimalistic approach.

Immerse Yourself In The Beauty Of Nature With This Timeline Of Leaf Tattoo

Although a leaf tattoo may seem simple to illustrate but the simple things are what gets tricky to perfect. Furthermore, there are so many styles to choose from. So, you can definitely become overwhelmed by pondering over them too much.

To make matters easy, here is a complete guide of how to get a leaf tattoo from start to finish. This will help you gain more knowledge about leaf tattoos and get your creative juices flowing. Give it a minute.


There are so many species of trees in the world that we have lost count. Everyday scientists are discovering new plants with unique sets of leaves present in the body. Therefore, it’s obvious that you have many questions lurking inside your mind. Today, we will answer each one of them to clear all the doubts.

Q: Is Leaf Tattoo Haram In Islam?

Ans: Any kind of tattoo is prohibited in the religion of islam. Muslims believe that mutilating your body is an act of sin. But getting temporary tattoos that don’t involve scarring your body canvas is not haram.

Q: Is Leaf Tattoo Lucky?

Ans: Leaf tattoos are considered extremely lucky by many people. Leaves symbolize the change of time. After going through hurdles after hurdles, they finally bloom in the spring season. Therefore, it is believed that when you get this tattoo, you will have the strength and resilience to overcome all the obstacles in your life.

Q: What’s The Best Place To Get A Leaf Tattoo?

Ans: This is a completely subjective question. To some people the best place is their back while for others it’s the leg. It depends on individual preference. But if we have to say one specific place then it has to be the neck. The tattoo will intertwine with your hair giving a visual of a tree bush.


Each day we are straying further and further from nature. We are getting so accustomed to technology that we have basically become slaves of it. In this modern hectic life, when was the last time you had the opportunity to sit under a tree and take a sniff of the fresh leaves?

We do acknowledge that our schedules have become so busy that going outside seems impossible. But you can still get a  glimpse of such a magnificent feeling by getting a leaf tattoo. Whenever you look at the tattoo, you will feel that mother nature is blessing you with freshness. It will rejuvenate your body and soul so that you can move forward in life.

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