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49 Gracefully Meaningful Designs Of Larkspur Tattoos To Eye This Year!

One of the best organisms that bloom gracefully in the world of tattoos are flowers. While they vary in terms of symbolism, each flower comprises distinct features that can be used to amplify a pre-existing tattoo or curate a new ink from scratch.

Despite being indifferent, most floral species are big on positivity. However, when it comes to love, nothing comes close to a larkspur, the main agenda of this article.

Larkspurs usually bloom in the early half of spring, with mutual affiliatons that make them a comfortable companions to pair up with. And while its metaphor only brings attention to merely one or two characteristics in the end. To learn all about what it conveys, and the variants that make it a sensation in the world of art, be sure to read each portion of this guide on larkspur tattoos!

A Thorough Breakdown On The Meaning Of Larkspur Tattoos

Meaning of Larkspur Tattoos


At the end of the day, a larkspur, also known as a July birth flower tattoo, isn’t just beautiful and desirable from the outside, but also quite moving on the inside. The violet shaded flower gives more than it gets, having ties with love and all sorts of traits that convey positivity.

The meaning of larkspur tattoos may seem redundant at first, but is actually the reason behind its never-ending influence on the world of tattoos. Under the presence of larkspur tattoos, one not only receives the freedom to explore their creative side, but also obtain motifs that drastically improve their mental health.

Majestic Variants Of Larkspur Tattoos That Need Immediate Attention

Larkspur tattoos are quite easy to replicate in most instances, making room for any supporting symbol that has the same stance as its nature. The open-minded approach it carries over to the tattoo world not only make them desirable and glorified in the eyes of enthusiasts, but also make them easy to collaborate with. Therefore, without further ado, here are the best designs that one can wear with the help of a larkspur tattoo.

Small Larkspur Tattoo

Small Larkspur Tattoo 1


Small Larkspur Tattoo 2


Kicking off this list is the most favorable option under larkspur tattoos, which would be the small larkspur tattoo.

A small larkspur tattoo is often praised for its compact dimensions, an element that can be utilized by beginners that are susceptible to pain. Conversely, the icon can also be stretched out to a certain degree for those that prefer elaborate pieces.

The best area for small larkspur tattoos is the canvas offered by the forearm, while the wrist and fingers are regarded as compelling substitutes.

Larkspur and Daffodil Tattoo

Larkspur and Daffodil Tattoo 1


Larkspur and Daffodil Tattoo 2


Despite blooming in different seasons, the bond between larkspurs and daffodils are quite favorable metaphorically, and literally, making them a close second on this list after small tattoos.

The highlight of this duo is the colour scheme it brings, comprising shades of purple and yellow. Many with a knack for soft visuals also drape the illustration in yellow and blue. For the results it generates, a mix between a daffodil and larkspur only feels justified when placed on delicate areas.

Larkspur and Daisy Tattoo

Larkspur and Daisy Tattoo


Larkspurs also have an intimate bond with daisies, mainly due to the purity in the latter’s aura. The visuals are definitely added bonuses when this tattoo is the main subject, while its ability to adapt is its primary selling point.

Daisies and larkspurs are quite minimal in terms of visuals, typically blooming under fine-line illustrations. Due to the previous trait, the option caters best to beginners.

Larkspur and Rose Tattoo

Larkspur and Rose Tattoo


Two is always better than one, they say. Likewise, when roses are put in the same box as larkspurs, their chemistry reeks of comradery and love, being the perfect companion for couples when converted to a tattoo.

The vibrant shade of purple alongside the dark red colour of roses can be easy to approve in theory, but can be a liability in real life. To tackle that issue, however, one can install other species of both flowers.

Larkspur Tattoo with Name

Larkspur Tattoo with Name


Due to the way it enables one to show affection towards another, larkspurs can also be ideal instruments to use to showcase just how much you appreciate your significant other.

While getting the symbol alone could work well if you’re seeking to keep things discrete, using their first or last name and converting the notion into a name tattoo can be a good way to unlock an unforgettable memory.

Larkspur Hand Tattoo

Larkspur Hand Tattoo

While the procedure is known for being brutal, the hand can also be used as the dedicated canvas for a larkspur tattoo. The nerve endings might cause a bit of discomfort at first, but it can easily be diluted with the help of numbing cream.

Larkspur hand tattoos vary in size, but looks best when the illustration covers the circumference of the hand. Since the location is often exposed to the public eye and the sun, make sure to mosturize it on a daily basis.

Larkspur Tattoo Behind the Ear

Larkspur Tattoo Behind the Ear


Delicate creatures deserve elegant locations. Likewise, if you’re seeking a placement for your larkspur tattoo on which it can stay compact and comfortable, try using the area behind the ear as the main canvas.

Alongside being able to accomodate colours, a behind the ear larkspur tattoo can be ideal if you’re hoping to keep good things inside your ear and chasing positivity and growth. Since pain is an issue, don’t forget to use numbing cream.

Realistic Larkspur Tattoo

Realistic Larkspur Tattoo


Crystal clear visuals are never too bad, especially when you’re working with floral designs. And although forming them and corssing the finish line can be difficult for even professional tattoo artists, a realistic larkspur tattoo can very well be approached by those with a knack for detail.

Once the stencil is created, the creative process shouldn’t take long, especially if the dimensions of the artwork are manageable to work with. However, if you’re working around a budget, be sure to avoid the expensive nature of this option.

Watercolor Larkspur Tattoo

Watercolor Larkspur Tattoo


Focusing on the outside can be a good way to exile yourself from the common bandwagoners of larkspur tattoos. And if you’re seeking an option that will allow you to carve your own path to stardom, don’t count out the potential of a watercolour larkspur tattoo, which comprises soft pastel tones covered with dark, concentrated borders.

Larkspur and Marigold Tattoo

Larkspur and Marigold Tattoo 1


Larkspur and Marigold Tattoo 2


Similar to daisies, the nature of a marigold has strong affiliations with innocence and purity, becoming another perfect match for larkspurs. When demonstarated on a canvas, the hues and silhouettes of both designs not only align towards the same direction, but somehow seem to enhance the distinct features of one another.

On another note, if you’d like to learn more about marigold tattoos before pursuing this concept, remember to read this guide of ours!

Larkspur and Nighthawk Tattoo

Larkspur and Nighthawk Tattoo


Winding back to classic silhouettes and colour combinations can be a blessing when you’re working with a larkspur tattoo.

Additionally, if you’re thinking of adding to the canvas, a nighthawk tattoo should also be on your list of candidates, as the duo not only find mutual interest in their symbolism due to being associated with positivity, but also hype each other up when curated as a blackwork tattoo.

Larkspur and Butterfly Tattoo

Larkspur and Butterfly Tattoo


The nature in addition to the exoskeleton of butterflies can fit like a glove with any symbol they stumble upon, including that of larkspurs and other flower tattoos. Although specific species of both tend to overlap one another on the illustration, a mix of the two may be the best graphic to contemplate if you’re a fan of tattoos that shed light on femininity.

Larkspur and Carnation Tattoo

Larkspur and Carnation Tattoo


Larkspurs and carnations, when combined together, bring more light to the importance of loving oneself at all times, preferably during hardship. Since both typically bloom and emerge during May throughout July, the two have plenty of common ground to bond over.

While most entries are quite free-flowing in terms of placement, this duo feels unbeatable when worn as a forearm tattoo.

Larkspur Bouquet Tattoo

Larkspur Bouquet Tattoo


If “the more, the merrier’ is a mantra you religiously apply and stand by in life, a bouqet tattoo comprising a bunch of larkspurs along with more species can be enough to satisfy your cravings for a larkspur tattoo.

Although the visuals can be a bit difficult to implement due to having a closely-packed artwork, the size of the illustration can enlighten everyone, especially minimalists.

Larkspur Hip Tattoo

Larkspur Hip Tattoo


Due to being a floral design, many place larkspurs on their ribs or hips, in an attempt to depict how vulnerable they are.

If you’re looking for the better option that absorbs the pain in a better way, however, your preferred pick should be a hip tattoo, which can be painful for sensitive skin, but a great pick for the way it ages.

Larkspur and Hummingbird Tattoo

Larkspur and Hummingbird Tattoo 1


Larkspur and Hummingbird Tattoo 2


Creating a crossover between hummingbirds and larkspurs can work wonders, especially when carried forward to a tattoo. The visuals and jarring colour scheme can leave any wonderer in awe, while the intimacy they share can be the perfect tool for platonic friends to entertain.

While the design settles best on narrow yet lengthy areas, such as the forearm, the design can be curated in a series of ways. However, among them all, the image in which the hummingbird is surrounded by strings of larkspurs feels like the best fit.

Larkspur and Skull Tattoo

Larkspur and Skull Tattoo 1


Larkspur and Skull Tattoo 2


Skulls and larkspurs are polar opposites in real life, often being hard to mix together due to the differences in their visuals.

However, if you’re seeking a way to pay homage to a loved one who has recently passed away, the combination of a larkspur and skull won’t just be powerful enough to generate attention, but trustworthy enough to meet your benchmark without creating a fuss.

Larkspur and Moth Tattoo

Larkspur and Moth Tattoo


On multiple occasions, moths and butterflies turn to larkspur tattoos for survival, making them prominent figures in their lives. This not only displays just how generous the flower is overall, but also makes the story worthy enough to headline a tattoo.

A larkspur and moth tattoo is mostly for the visuals due to the mix of vibrant and neutral colour schemes they comprise. The procedure occupies a fair amount of time, but the final results are very much worth it when placed on reserved locations.

Larkspur and Poppy Tattoo

Larkspur and Poppy Tattoo 1


Larkspur and Poppy Tattoo 2


Poppy flowers emerge earlier than larkspurs. However, the difference in their blooming time hardly leaves a dent in their chemistry, which is typically regarded as inseparable.

The species shared between larkspurs and poppies run high, allowing the duo to offer a range of designs to fellow enthusiasts. Together, the pair often brings light to the importance of love, and the inevitability of death, making it a compelling option for those seeking to find more gratitude in life.

Pink Larkspur Tattoo

Pink Larkspur Tattoo


The black sheep amongst the species of larkspur is, without a doubt, pink larkspurs, which is often a go-to tattoo for those suffering from a mid-life or existential crisis.

While most species are affiliated with positive symbols, pink larkspurs are perceived as signs of dismay, as it depicts feelings of uncertainty and cynicism. Nonetheless, for the visuals it offers, a pink larkspur tattoo can definitely be a part of your list of candidates.

Larkspur and Bee Tattoo

Larkspur and Bee Tattoo


The compatibility of bees and larkspurs are what we’d like to call a match made in heaven, making their duo the perfect components for tattoos.

Larkspurs and bees are extremely big on loyalty and kindness, gravitating towards one another in the spiritual world. When added to an illustration, each component seems to complement and heighten the traits of the other, making it the perfect option for visually-oriented minds.

Frequently Asked Question

Now that you’ve gotten a closer look at all the options, here are a few question you may help yourself with if your knowledge regarding larkspur tattoos still needs more assistance and guidance.

Q: How much do larkspur tattoos cost?

Ans: On average, a small or minimal illustration of a larkspur tattoo may cost you around $60 to $100, depending on the size, quantity, and placement. However, if the tattoo carries a series of complex details and carries a range of colours, prepare yourself to go big or go home!

Q: Are larkspur tattoos perceived as symbols of evil?

Ans: Although the flowers are poisonous in real life, every specie of larkspur tattoo excluding pink larkspurs are associated with something that preaches positivity, peace, and love.

Q: Which body part is considered the best location for larkspur tattoos?

Ans: Less is more when it comes to wearing larkspur tattoos. In other words, to make sure you obtain an artwork that doesn’t eventually become another cover-up tattoo, place your larkspur tattoo on the wrist, forearm, ankle, or collarbone!

Final Verdict

And that’s all, folks! We hope you liked learning about the potential of larkspur tattoos in the modern era, and discover the optimal components that are meshed with the artwork to make things as enjoyable as possible.

While this issue only covers the premium quality variants under the category of larkspur tattoos, it is important to keep the floral design’s flexibility in mind, an aspect that can be used to showcase the nature of larkspurs in an endless number of ways.

Larkspur tattoos may run high in frequency and bring tons of options for enthusiasts, but they typically rise above when the artwork is minimal and comes in small packages.

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