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57 Soul-stirring Designs Of Japanese Snake Tattoos To Add To Your Tattoo Arsenal!

Among misunderstood symbols lies the emblem of a snake, which is often depicted as a harmful component from the outside. In reality, however, a snake is seen as a sign of hope and good luck, especially in Japanese culture.

Japanese snake tattoos are quite renowned all over the world. They not only offer remarkably put and aesthetically pleasing visuals, but empower the physical means with a groundbreaking metaphor, a topic that will be unveiled using this write-up.

Furthermore, if you feel that a snake tattoo is all that you need to satisfy your craving for tattoos, peep at all the options involved in a Japanese snake tattoo, the primary component of this article!

Japanese Snake Tattoo Meaning

Japanese Snake Tattoo Meaning


Associated with guidance, a Japanese snake tattoo is known for being a go-to for users struggling with anxiety, depression, and financial hardship. Many users also believe in its power to generate positive news and good fortune, especially when entering a new chapter.

In Japanese culture, in addition to being an emblem that allows one to heal, a snake is also perceived as a messenger and an emblem that restores one’s faith in religion. While the symbol is open to interpretation, most people in East Asia see it as a good omen.

Commendable Ideas Of Japanese Snake Tattoos To Replicate This Year!

While the multipurpose symbolism of a Japanese snake tattoo is surely the primary reason behind its influence, the visuals that each option generates are also something to behold. To feast your eyes on all the prized possessions behind Japanese snake tattoos, give the following entries a view!

Traditional Japanese Snake Tattoo

Traditional Japanese Snake Tattoo 1


Traditional Japanese Snake Tattoo 2


The frontrunner amongst Japanese snake tattoos is hands down the traditional candidate, draped in colours that feel jarring to the eyes. The image is relatively large on average, but can be compromised to meet the needs of the wearer.

A traditional Japanese tattoo is perfect for those seeking to showcase the brilliance behind the groundwork of Japanese artwork and depict the influence of snakes on Japanese culture. The emblem not only enables enthusiasts to rejuvenate their passion towards their beliefs, but also has what it takes to be a leading component on larger pieces.

Black Japanese Snake Tattoo

Black Japanese Snake Tattoo 1


Black Japanese Snake Tattoo 2


Black Japanese Snake Tattoo 3


Neutral schemes often bring out the best in symbols associated with religion, and a Japanese snake tattoo is no exception. While the previous entry demonstrates and measures its compatibility with colour, this option offers components on the adjacent lane.

A black Japanese snake tattoo comprises everything that a blackwork tattoo contains. The jet-black paint job definitely has enough power to keep one engaged, but the stencil of the snake surely takes up the spotlight due to its long stride.

Japanese Snake Sleeve Tattoo

Japanese Snake Sleeve Tattoo 1


Japanese Snake Sleeve Tattoo 2


Japanese Snake Sleeve Tattoo 3


Often, due to its association with the spiritual world, a Japanese snake is used to enable the wearer to express their religious beliefs and pay homage to their culture. Since one simply doesn’t hold back when creating the stencil, the sleeve is typically the leading area of placement for such tattoos.

A sleeve tattoo highlighting a Japanese snake is a maze for the mind, comprising complex elements and a concentrated colourway. The nature of it pairs well with adventurers, but also has enough room for those that love being storytellers.

Japanese Snake Back Tattoo

Japanese Snake Back Tattoo


An entry that can cater to those with a strict work environment that makes no exception for tattoos is a Japanese snake back tattoo, a prized possession with multiple selling points.

On top of being away from the public eye and providing tons of privacy to the user, a Japanese snake back tattoo ranks quite low on the pain chart due to being shielded by muscle tissues.

The illustration of a Japanese snake looks crystal clear when attached to the back, possessing the facility to welcome vibrant shades of neo-traditional colours and classic neutral schemes at the same time.

Japanese Snake Leg Tattoo

Japanese Snake Leg Tattoo


The length and girth of the legs can be great for those hoping to demonstrate the beauty of a Japanese snake through loud visuals, vibrant colours, and other art pieces that are on the same wavelength as the symbol. For its installation process, a leg tattoo can also be ideal for those with vulnerable skin.

From possessing a large scale size to comprising a concentrated under and overtone, a Japanese snake tattoo on the leg knows no bounds. The stencil sure does take a while to reach completion, but offers successful results nonetheless.

Japanese Snake and Tiger Tattoo

Japanese Snake and Tiger Tattoo


Under the guidance of a Japanese snake and the strength of a tiger, one can heal all internal wounds effectively, which explains why the duo is so popular in the world of body modification.

The tattoo of a Japanese snake with a tiger depicts not just the visual chemistry of the two species, but also the power they possess in the spiritual world. Each artwork looks more sublime than the other, despite comprising a time-consuming installation process.

Although the main highlight of this subject is the compatibility of the frontrunners, one may add more instruments to the tattoo to brighten up the overall impression.

Japanese Snake Ribs Tattoo

Japanese Snake Ribs Tattoo


Having ties with not just religion, but also peace, a Japanese snake is perceived as a rather delicate symbol within the culture. Matching that aura are rib tattoos, comprising a susceptible canvas with tons of attraction.

A Japanese snake tattoo alongside the ribs can be a great option for females, with appealing qualities that an image can only dream of carrying. The procedure is long and painful, but can be mitigated and compromised using numbing cream.

Rib tattoos often look better with neutral-coloured inks, so be sure to illustrate the design using a fine-line needle. If you’d like to rise above the rest, replace the jet-black ink with red.

Small Japanese Snake Tattoo

Small Japanese Snake Tattoo


The art of getting tattoos isn’t just about feeling more confident in your own skin and figuring out more bits and pieces of yourself, but also about enjoying the activity in itself.

Likewise, while pain is a part of art and is inevitable when you’re installing a relatable design as a tattoo, the activity can also be carried out painlessly, thanks to small tattoos.

A small tattoo of a Japanese snake loses due to the number of complex elements it lacks, but is a must-have for beginners and minimalists. Each option isn’t just manageable to wear, but flexible enough to be placed anywhere!

Japanese Snake And Peonies Tattoo

Japanese Snake And Peonies Tattoo


A Japanese snake tattoo is quite malleable, even with floral patterns. While it collaborates with roses for demonstrating feelings of love and comfort, peonies are often considered a compelling alternative for that graphic.

When push comes to shove, peonies convey deep and inseparable feelings of love and companionship. The mix between a Japanese snake and peonies not only enhances the element of desire, but also rewards wearers with an illustration carrying multiple personalities.

To learn more about how you can add a peony tattoo, be sure to give this guide a read!

Japanese Snake Thigh Tattoo

Japanese Snake Thigh Tattoo 1


Japanese Snake Thigh Tattoo 2


Beginners are usually more inclined to obtain small tattoos, which can easily accommodate the aura and the stencil of a Japanese snake if curated carefully.

However, if you feel that nothing speaks freedom like an elaborate piece of a Japanese snake tattoo, use locations that will support your narrative without making things painful, such as the upper thigh.

In addition to shielding you from receiving a painful procedure, a thigh tattoo will also give you the freedom to cherry-pick the audience that will get access to your new tattoo with its ability to mask itself at any time.

Japanese Snake Chest Tattoo

Japanese Snake Chest Tattoo


Japanese artwork goes hand in hand with illustrations with multiple layers, requiring a large surface to age gracefully and stand out on most occasions. Likewise, if you feel that the idea you have in mind needs an area that isn’t just resilient, but also spacious, try adding a chest tattoo of a Japanese snake to your list of candidates. The option kills two birds with one stone, with alluring visuals and admirable levels of sentimental value.

Japanese Snake Hannya Mask Tattoo

Japanese Snake Hannya Mask Tattoo


Whether you like it or not, a mix between a Hannya mask and a Japanese snake is definitely in a lane of its own, especially when the accessible means, such as its appearance, is taken into consideration.

The symbolism of it is as hollow as it can get, although many associate the artwork with cynical energy levels. The graphic runs quite large, so be sure to use the upper thigh, forearm, or chest as your dedicated region for the placement.

Japanese Snake Head Tattoo

Japanese Snake Head Tattoo


Believe it or not, but you don’t always have to go all out when installing a sketch of a Japanese snake.

In fact, if your interests align with that of enthusiasts that like detailed designs in friendly packages, the head and facial features of a Japanese snake can easily be your ideal cup of tea, which contains notes of realism all over the illustration.

Japanese Snake Shoulder Tattoo

Japanese Snake Shoulder Tattoo


The structure of a Japanese snake can be curated to display an array of colours. However, with enough wittiness, the graphic can also be converted into an option for introverts.

On another note, if you quite like the sound of that, consider wearing a shoulder tattoo, which offers a limited canvas for the snake, but definitely has enough potential to accommodate it favourably.

Japanese Snake Tattoo on Hand

Japanese Snake Tattoo on Hand 1


Japanese Snake Tattoo on Hand 2


Since the power of a snake is beyond measure in Japanese culture, one may place it on visible and accessible surfaces to display their affection towards the symbol, such as the hand.

A hand tattoo offers the best of both worlds in many ways. It offers a delicate structure that comprises a wide canvas. Despite being extremely sensitive to needles, a Japanese hand tattoo feels worthwhile due to how it ages.

Japanese Snake Tattoos: Disassembling The Complexity With Visual Means!

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran at getting tattoos, carrying out prior research on the agenda is absolutely necessary. Likewise, if you stumbled upon this article without any guidance, consider watching the clip below before booking an appointment!

Frequently Asked Question

If you’ve made it this far, pat yourself on the back for your determination. Moreover, if you feel that you need more than a pat as a reward, try finding more gifts in the following questionnaire!

Q: What do Japanese snakes represent?

Ans: On top of being associated with healing properties, Japanese snakes also gravitate towards guidance, and even act as a reliable companion when one is trying to reconnect with religion. With different tattoos, the initial narrative of Japanese snakes can also be altered.

Q: How long does it take to obtain a Japanese snake tattoo?

Ans: Creating the silhouettes of a Japanese snake is a walk in the park. However, if the design you’re recreating has complex pieces, the average duration of a Japanese snake tattoo, which often stands at 50 minutes, might exceed significantly, especially if traditional notes are involved.

Final Takeaway

The aura of a Japanese snake tattoo is feared from afar, but appreciated by those that dive through its symbolism. While snakes are, without a doubt, harmful for humans to be exposed to, a Japanese snake is on the other lane, associated with divinity, good fortune, and protection.

Under the guidance of a Japanese snake tattoo, not only is one able to reconnect with religion, but they’re also provided with enough strength to overcome adversity. Japanese snake tattoos are also associated with good omen, being a common find among tattoo enthusiasts all over the world.

From small pieces to elaborate sketches, a Japanese snake tattoo can be showcased in various ways. With this guide’s help, however, we hope all your queries regarding this matter are tackled and resolved.

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