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84 Traditional Japanese Crane Tattoo Designs & Meaning

Japanese tattoos are well known around the world for their unique traditional patterns and rich cultural heritage. These tattoos are not plain; rather, they contain themes and symbols that symbolize their culture. Therefore, certain tattoos are chosen and have profound spiritual significance.

Japanese crane tattoos are an ancient idea that originated in Japanese myth and folklore. This tattoo is unfamiliar to many people. You need to understand its true significance and function as well as what it has been carrying all these years.

A Japanese crane tattoo on the back, shoulder, or any other region of the body is thought to bring the bearer good luck. This highly special tattoo carries a specific weight of good fortune. Many people throughout the world have a strong devotion to Japanese culture because of its illustrious history and diverse civilizations.

You are unquestionably in the original spot if you’re seeking to get a Japanese crane tattoo. You may learn about the intriguing symbolism behind these conventional tattoos, as well as discover some unique concepts and exquisite patterns that will certainly make you fall in love with a Japanese Crane tattoo.

Phenomenal Symbolic Meanings Of Japanese Crane Tattoo

Japanese crane tattoo 1

Japanese cranes are a spiritually renowned bird due to its extraordinary symbolic significance and historical stories. Because of its distinctive characteristics, birds have symbolic importance that makes them attractive among tattoo enthusiasts. A Japanese crane is revered as a spiritual symbol or mystic.

Immortality, faithfulness, attractiveness, tenacity, and even great luck are all represented by Japanese cranes. There are so many of these advantages that appeal to tattoo enthusiasts. Particularly, the white feather of the crane represents femininity, youth, and great prosperity. Since it is said to live a thousand years, it serves as a metaphor for immortality

The Japanese Crane tattoo is something you should absolutely have if you want positivity, serenity, and harmony throughout your life. Check out the further unique Crane tattoo ideas I covered below with professional assistance and numerous elegant designs in the next section!

Innovative Ideas Of Japanese Crane Tattoo

Being a thousand years old tattoo, Japanese Crane tattoos have so many patterns of ideas and designs that are very much difficult to choose. Though it’s just a bird, the way the Japanese represent the bird is phenomenal and the designs are quite a challenge for the artist to keep up with the original idea.

To make things easier for you, here are some world-class ideas of a Japanese Crane tattoo below and you can also check out exclusive designs later on!

Traditional Japanese Crane Tattoo

Traditional Japanese Crane Tattoo

Japanese Crane tattoos are themselves a traditional tattoo, so when it comes to a traditional design, it is actually the Crane itself without any other more added designs. It is simply the bird with its long white feather either flying or just sitting under a tree.

Crane tattoos are generally long and bigger in size, so a considerable amount of space is needed for this particular Traditional Japanese Crane tattoo.

Japanese Crane Tattoo On Sleeve

Japanese crane tattoo on sleeve

Sleeve tattoos are hot and classy to look at. The Japanese Crane tattoo on sleeves is an outstanding match as it covers the full sleeve with the birds and other designs representing Japanese culture.

In the picture, a Crane is flying over the sun and there is a traditional Japanese dragon under the Crane which is a full representation of Japanese Myths. Without an experienced expert, these types of tattoos are impossible to do.

Japanese Crane Tattoo On Back

Japanese crane back tattoo

Japanese Crane tattoos have a special attribute that, it has been said, if someone carries a picture of Crane in the back means he is the wearer of good fortune. So now you can imagine how people go crazy for a Japanese Crane tattoo on the back.

It is simple that this tattoo covers the whole back side of the body and in addition with the Crane, artists put on traditional Japanese Sun, dragons, bamboo and many other Japanese theme symbols to make it more real and meaningful. Only a true artist can make a beautiful design out of the Japanese Crane tattoo on the back.

Geometric Japanese Crane Tattoo

Geometric Japanese crane tattoo

Considering other tattoos, Geometric Japanese Crane tattoos are easier and look more definite in terms of meanings and symbols. I personally like geometric shaped tattoos, and definitely this tattoo is challenging for this criteria.

People prefer back tattoos for Japanese Crane design, and you can see an example of Geometric shape and look how beautiful it looks with the variety of colors. You can try this particular design as for me it looks really inspiring.

 Japanese Crane Tattoo On Leg

Japanese crane leg tattoo

A full covered leg tattoo with a Japanese Crane is an attractive tattoo and it is popular not only in Japan but also in many parts of the world. Those who seek fortune and a tattoo lover dont want to miss this amazing design. The feather is its main attraction and the whole design is based on the feather.

Colors are the main attraction of Japanese Crane tattoos on legs. The broad design makes it exclusive and the artists find it thrilling to go for such a design.

 Japanese Crane Samurai Tattoo

Japanese Crane Samurai tattoo

Japanese traditions are mixed to form new designed tattoos just like the Japanese Crane Samurai tattoos. A perfect example for these tattoos is in the picture above. As the Crane is standing next to the Samurai Swords and the radiant sun follows the background behind the traditional Japanese Banyan tree.

This particular tattoo is the perfect example of a pure Japanese tradition which symbolizes immortality, patience, growth and survival. If you are thinking of getting this tattoo, you should try the colorful one.

 Japanese Crane Tattoo On Thigh

Japanese Crane thigh tattoo

Generally womens go for the thigh tattoos for those who like to show their body and like to wear short dresses. For its huge space people try to cover most of the area and a Japanese Crane tattoo is the perfect match for this kind of area as the design of the tattoo needs quite a space for better result.

You can add designs like you want with the Crane keeping the meaning related. Here in the picture, water lily are added with the Crane at the top and bottom, though the tattoo is unfinished but with color touches it will look absolutely stunning.

 Japanese Crane Tattoo On Forearm

Japanese Crane forearm tattoo

For a full design, Japanese crane tattoos are always the first choice to take. And we all know how important a forearm is for a tattoo enthusiast. As everyone likes a special tattoo there. And definitely Japanese Crane tattoos on forearms are the best to consider.

Japanese Crane Tattoo On Head

Japanese Crane head tattoo

Very few people in the world want a tattoo right into their head. This is one of the painful areas to get inked. But those who seek prosperity and tranquility go for the Japanese Crane tattoo on the head. Simple designs are suitable for this position and of course expert ink artists should do this as this is a very dangerous area for a tattoo.

 Japanese Crane Tattoo On Shoulder

Japanese Crane shoulder tattoo

Shoulders are the sexiest place for a Japanese Crane tattoo. It looks so stunning  and it literally enhances your beauty. It symbolizes beauty, peace and the shoulder is the perfect place for it. The Crane itself is a complex pattern tattoo, so the client must think wisely before going in for the Japanese Tattoo on shoulder.

More Prominent Japanese Crane Tattoo Designs To Explore!

If you have missed your desired tattoos so far, then you can check the list of Japanese Crane tattoos below as there are many more to choose for yourself.

Japanese crane tattoo 2

Japanese crane tattoo 3

Japanese crane tattoo 4

Japanese crane tattoo 6

Japanese crane tattoo 5

Japanese crane tattoo 8

Japanese crane tattoo 7

Japanese crane tattoo 9

Japanese crane tattoo 10

Japanese crane tattoo 11

Japanese crane tattoo 12

Japanese crane tattoo 13

Japanese crane tattoo 14

Japanese crane tattoo 16

Japanese crane tattoo 18

Japanese crane tattoo 17

Japanese crane tattoo 19

Japanese crane tattoo 20

Japanese crane tattoo 22

Japanese crane tattoo 21

Japanese crane tattoo 23

Japanese crane tattoo 24

Japanese crane tattoo 25

Japanese crane tattoo 26

Japanese crane tattoo 27

Japanese crane tattoo 28

Japanese crane tattoo 29

Japanese crane tattoo 30

Japanese crane tattoo 31

Japanese crane tattoo 32

Japanese crane tattoo 33

Japanese crane tattoo 34

Japanese crane tattoo 35

Japanese crane tattoo 36

Japanese crane tattoo 37

Japanese crane tattoo 38

Japanese crane tattoo 39

Japanese crane tattoo 40

Japanese crane tattoo 41

Japanese crane tattoo 42

Japanese crane tattoo 43

Japanese crane tattoo 44

Japanese crane tattoo 45

Japanese crane tattoo 46

Japanese crane tattoo 47

Japanese crane tattoo 48

Japanese crane tattoo 49

Japanese crane tattoo 50

Japanese crane tattoo 51

Japanese crane tattoo 52

Japanese crane tattoo 53

Japanese crane tattoo 54

Japanese crane tattoo 55

Japanese crane tattoo 56

Japanese crane tattoo 57

Japanese crane tattoo 58

Japanese crane tattoo 59

Japanese crane tattoo 60

Japanese crane tattoo 61

Japanese crane tattoo 62

Japanese crane tattoo 63

Japanese crane tattoo 64

Japanese crane tattoo 65

Japanese crane tattoo 66

Japanese crane tattoo 67

Japanese crane tattoo 68

Japanese crane tattoo 69

Japanese crane tattoo 70

Japanese crane tattoo 71

Japanese crane tattoo 72

Japanese crane tattoo 73

Japanese crane tattoo 74

Japanese crane tattoo 75

Full sleeve tattoos are the best example for a Japanese Crane tattoo. If you are worried about how it will look and what it takes for a full sleeve crane tattoo, then you can check the youtube link above to make sure!


Symbolic tattoos are demanding and people usually go for it. Japanese Crane tattoos have been in demand since the beginning of tattoos.

A proper guideline is given through the article if you are looking for a Japanese Crane tattoo. Meanings, designs and ideas are discussed here and surely by now you have found your desired one and also if you like the article please check the article for your best interest!

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