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105 Wondrous Itachi Uchiha Tattoos For Passionate Naruto Fans!

Amongst the multiple trends that the anime of Naruto glorified and started, the trend of getting Itachi Uchiha tattoos was surely one of the more notable ones.

Known for his reserved personality and his somewhat mysterious demeanour, it didn’t take much time for Itachi Uchiha’s character to gain a massive following. On top of having a puzzling persona, Itachi is often a heartthrob for his strength and wisdom.

The art of getting an Itachi tattoo is something that you can only understand if you’re a fan of the anime. It can be a great installation for you if you’re a fan of the aesthetics that Itachi has, and could be the perfect match if you find certain portions of his persona relatable.

Moving on, while the decision of getting an Itachi tattoo could seem effortless, finding a design that caters to your taste could be difficult to find on the web. However, that’s where this write-up comes in. Put your trust in us as we reveal to you all the remarkable designs of the Itachi Uchiha tattoo!

Itachi Uchiha Tattoos To Rejuvenate Sentimental Feelings of Nostalgia!

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 1

When the multiple physical transformations and personality traits of Itachi are taken into consideration, finding a variant that resonates with your characteristics and meets your design requirements should be effortless. While most tattoos contain an emblem of Itachi himself, there are multiple options that are extremely adaptable and compatible with the hues and energy of other symbols!

From wearing mini portrait tattoos to combining the initial artwork with shapes and patterns, here is a list of all the Itachi tattoos that you can surely look into before coming up with your own illustration!

Itachi Anbu Tattoo

Itachi Anbu Tattoo

If you’ve already watched the anime, perhaps this variant doesn’t need an introduction. For those wondering, however, Anbu is an organisation of highly skilled assassins that team up together to make villagers suffer to entertain the vile thoughts and incentives of the whole crew.

In the tattoo world, on the other hand, this variant, commonly known as the Itachi Anbu tattoo, is a great pick for those that are into monochromatic visuals, neutral colours, and a solid artwork.

Most prefer obtaining this variant through the means of a portrait tattoo, but those seeking a simpler variant can always resort to getting an emblem tattoo of ANBU, especially if they want to keep it light.

Itachi Sharingan Tattoo

Itachi Sharingan Tattoo

One of the strongest sharingans, the Mangeyko sharingan, is an asset that Itachi possesses. While the ability only exists in the anime and is the farthest thing from reality, the visuals of his sharingan can be displayed through the help of a tattoo in monumental fashion!

Appearance-wise, this sharingan tattoo can woo the eyes of many. The dark red and black colour palette isn’t just compatible, but never fails to shine when incorporated into a forearm tattoo.

Additionally, this tattoo is also extremely flexible. It can match the hues of any other tattoo without an issue, which can be a great incentive to consider if you’ve got a creative mind!

Itachi Kunai Tattoo

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 73

If you’re seeking a tattoo with a clear and rich pattern, this Itachi kunai tattoo might just be everything that you were looking for.

This variant contains two primary components: the kunai, and a portrait of Itachi. When the portrait of itachi is engraved into the dagger-like object, the image looks clear and extremely minimal, which could be ideal for anyone seeking a subtle option with maximum benefits.

The forearm is a fan favourite when it comes to the placement option for this tattoo. Since it is extremely narrow yet long, the artwork looks at ease and very much at home.

Itachi Necklace Tattoo

Itachi Necklace Tattoo

If standing out is a priority for you, perhaps an Itachi necklace tattoo could be a good option to consider.

On top of having the involvement of a leaf village necklace, the portrait created in this image is astonishing. Although the hair does look a bit choppy in contrast to Itachi’s actual hairdo, the facial features implemented into this artwork are crystal clear and surely one of the selling points that this entry contains.

Since this tattoo has an additional component to it, if you’re seeking memorable results, make sure to reach out to an experienced tattoo artist. Although doing so will require you to spend a bit more than expected, the final outcome will be nothing but positive.

Itachi Sasuke Tattoo

Itachi Sasuke Tattoo

If Naruto was a big part of your childhood, and you were always accompanied by your brother or your sibling during that phase, keep that memory alive by obtaining an Itachi Sasuke tattoo.

When it comes to the design, you can look into the sharingans of each character, or can even look into a minimal portrait tattoo. The visuals of it tend to look great when a basic colour palette is attached to the image, however, that modification is entirely subjective.

Itachi Susanoo Tattoo

Itachi Susanoo Tattoo

For a fiery variant, literally and figuratively, the Itachi Susanoo tattoo would definitely be sufficient.

In contrast to the rest of the entries, the illustration of this pick is rather complex. Since it’s a fusion of two figure tattoos, mimicking the look could be a bit difficult and extremely time-consuming.

Regardless, if you’ve got plenty of time in hand and are seeking a tattoo that will be memorable till the end of time, an Itachi Susanoo tattoo could be a great candidate to count on. On top of having a high-spirited colour combination, the lucid artwork also makes this option quite mesmerising to have.

Itachi Eye Tattoo

Itachi Eyes Tattoo

If you want to keep the tattoo plain and simple, all you have to do is obtain a tattoo of Itachi’s eye!

Also known as the Itachi eye tattoo, this variant is a great option for you, especially if you’re a beginner. The artwork mainly comprises the involvement of a sharingan tattoo, but can also be further enhanced through the means of a portrait tattoo.

Amongst the multiple spots available, the dimensions of the wrist is perhaps the safest one that many often find comfort in.

Naruto Itachi Tattoo

Naruto Itachi Tattoo

The trend of getting Itachi tattoos would probably have ceased to exist if Naruto wasn’t this influential in this universe. So, give back to the community and hop on the bandwagon in a unique way. Incorporate the primary hues of Naruto into your Itachi tattoo!

Visually, the tattoo is draped in a range of vibrant colours. It contains 3 main components: a portrait of Itachi, an emblem of his sharingan, and his blazing susanoo.

When meshed together, the artwork looks extremely realistic, and has features that can sweep anyone off their feet!

On a separate note, for mimicking the image of this tattoo to the fullest extent, give one of your thighs the privilege to be the canvas.

Itachi Crow Tattoo

Itachi Crow Tattoo

If your mind resonated with the eye tattoo that was previously mentioned, this Itachi Crow tattoo could also be a pattern you should definitely consider.

Similar to the eye tattoo, the blueprint of this tattoo consists of Itachi’s crow, and a portrait tattoo of Itachi himself. While the creation of the crow is somewhat mandatory, the sketch of Itachi is optional. However, if you do want a variant that doesn’t just cater to fanatics of Naruto, the addition of Itachi’s tattoo could be compulsory.

Itachi Sleeve Tattoo

Itachi Sleeve Tattoo

If your imagination is rather vivid and the artwork you have in mind is plentiful, make it easier for your mind and body. Get an Itachi sleeve tattoo.

On top of being extremely convenient to cover, this sleeve tattoo can work wonders for you if you’re seeking a variant that will allow you to explore your creative thinking abilities. You can add emblem tattoos, sharingan tattoos, and even recreate your favourite segment from the anime if you choose to go forward with this option.

Additionally, since this variant contains loads of components, make sure to clear up your schedule, as the artwork of it might take multiple sessions to implement and engrave into your forearm.

Itachi Skull Tattoo

Itachi Skull Tattoo

For an intimidating image, combining the aesthetics and facial features of Itachi through the means of a skull tattoo could be a great idea.

The option will be perfectly balanced in terms of visuals, since it will comprise a colour coordination of both neutral and soft shades. The portrait of this option is relatively large in contrast to that used in most variants, which might be time consuming and complex to install on most occasions.

Moreover, if you do like this look, make sure to install it in areas such as the chest, back, and leg for a lenient procedure and marvellous results!

Small Itachi Tattoo

Small Itachi Tattoo

Believe it or not, the memories that you have with Naruto and the resemblance that you have with Itachi can be expressed through the means of a simple tattoo with a painless procedure. All you have to do is take into account the energy and visuals of this small itachi tattoo.

Although the entire artwork is compact as opposed to a majority of the options on this list, the components of it are absolutely stunning. The facial features of Itachi look lucid, and neat due to the monochromatic palette that the artwork contains.

While the borders seem somewhat unnecessary from afar, it definitely adds to the presentability of the tattoo and further enhances the elegance that the image carries due to its charcoal black tint.

Itachi Hand Tattoo

Itachi Hand Tattoo

If all you want to do is obtain a portrait tattoo, do so by incorporating the pattern into a hand tattoo.

The option will look exceptional in terms of visuals, and will also be extremely easy to create on the surface of the hand due to how wide and resilient it is. The colour scheme of this pick often contains neutral tones with compelling borders and undertones, but can easily be replaced with a series of vibrant hues.

Due to how painless the procedure is, this tattoo can also fit like a glove in the hands of those that are vulnerable to pain.

More Itachi Uchiha Tattoo Ideas That Deserve Praise and Appreciation

Itachi Uchiha is one of the strongest characters in Naruto. Similarly, the ways in which one can pull off a tattoo of Itachi are endless! To prove our point, here’s another series of designs that you must take into consideration and could very well incorporate into your own Itachi Uchiha tattoo!

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 2

Itachi Kunai Tattoo

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 3

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 4

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 5

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 6

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 7

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 9

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 8

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 10

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 12

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 13

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 14

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 15

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 16

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 17

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 18

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 19

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 20

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 21

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 22

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 23

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 24

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 26

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 25

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 27

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 29

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 28

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 30

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 32

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 31

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 34

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 33

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 35

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 36

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 37

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 38

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 40

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 39

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 41

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 43

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 42

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 44

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 45

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 46

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 47

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 48

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 49

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 50

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 51

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 53

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 52

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 54

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 56

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 55

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 57

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 58

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 59

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 60

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 61

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 62

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 63

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 64

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 65

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 67

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 66

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 68

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 69

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 70

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 71

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 74

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 72

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 75

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 76

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 77

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 79

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 78

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 80

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 82

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 81

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 83

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 84

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 85

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 86

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 88

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 87

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 89

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 90

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 91

Itachi Uchiha tattoo 92

Final Verdict

Whether you’re a diehard fan of the notorious antagonist on Naruto or just a fanatic of the show, investing in an Itachi tattoo is something that you should definitely contemplate. The character itself has distinct features that can surely be highlighted through the means of a tattoo, and can even be a clever way of revealing one’s own personality traits through the use of symbol tattoos as well as script tattoos.

Additionally, although we always find contentment in each of the designs that we cover, we believe that the small Itachi tattoo stands out amongst all the entries on this article. The visuals of it can be showcased as a wrist tattoo, but can also be installed on the surface of the chest without an issue!

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