16 Trending IGY6 Tattoo Ideas For This Year

Tattoo is not only for showing off or just enhancing the beauty, sometimes it is life saving or motivates to live. Such a tattoo is the IGY6 which holds a special meaning. We encounter a great deal of challenges in life and occasionally feel frustrated. At that point, we require support. That’s when the IGY6 tattoo comes up.

We encounter many difficulties and make mistakes along the way. Most individuals experience this frequently. No one really survives life undamaged, thus we need to acquire the ability to cope with these difficulties. Yet in addition to the issues we encounter each day, several individuals also struggle with many sorts of mental illness.

IGY6 is a modern tattoo design which was invented for a certain good purpose, people are using it and they are quite benefited from the idea as well. So if you are also looking forward for a IGY6 tattoo, then read the following article for the detailed meaning of the tattoo with many different ideas and designs.

IGY6 Tattoo Designs for This Year

IGY6 Tattoo on forearm 1

The abbreviation “IGY6” stands for “I’ve Got Your Six.” Combat forces and first survivors frequently say this to show that they’ve got one another’s backs. As a result, the IGY6 tattoo is frequently regarded as a sign of unity and fraternity. Not only for the survivors, those who have any sort of traumatic incident and have a suicidal tendency, they also go for this tattoo.

Yet in addition to the issues we encounter day in and day out, many individuals also struggle with disorders. Plenty of people struggle with problems such as depressive disorders, anxiety, and PTSD (also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Struggling in any of these issues plus the challenging elements of daily life can be problematic. One of these is suicides or tendency to give up life.

Not only just raising awareness but also the symbol helps as a reminder that there is someone who is holding your back or there is a reason to push yourself forward. The IGY6 tattoo, nevertheless, could additionally be viewed as a broader declaration of togetherness. For instance, it may be applied to help a close companion who is experiencing a challenging period. It could also serve as a reminder to constantly be available for others.

IGY6 Tattoo Ideas

The IGY6 tattoo is generally a little design, which makes it a wonderful option for application to the forearms, arms, or necks. Yet, most people may prefer to have tattoos applied to different parts of their bodies, such as the shoulder or backside. Though the placements depend on you, I can help you to guess how it will look on different parts of the body.

You are so far clear with the meanings and the symbols of IGY6 tattoo, now there are some new ideas which will help you to choose your desired one, also you can check out some other designs I have prepared specially for you.

IGY6 Flag Tattoo

IGY6 Flag Tattoo


The contribution including all Americans who could be experiencing psychological instability is shown by these tattoos. This extensive tattoo is for motivation and encouragement for any American who is going through a difficult period. The central theme and goal of the tattoo ideas stay the same, regardless of how they are customized.

As the IGY6 flag tattoo consists of the design and the flag as theme, the colors are a must to signify the flags more appropriately. The size of the design actually depends on the client, but it is better to use a size which can be easily seen.

Forearms, arms, wrists, hands are the perfect spot for a IGY6 flag tattoo as it will be visible all the time and serve the purpose of the tattoo well. Choose the color shades according to your flag and try to keep it simple to understand with the tattoo well.

IGY6 22 Tattoo

IGY6 22 Tattoo


It is directly linked to crime syndicate and imprisonment lifestyle, where wearing it frequently denotes having done terms, was abused, or died. Others could get one of these tattoos to signify sadness or loss.

As the tattoo is related to PTSD or someone who have faced severe incidents also in America, about 22 soldiers die everyday for suicide or realted issues, and this number is constant for many years, so people also try this tattoo for the memory of their losses.

The design of IGY6 22 tattoo is clear, now how you implant depends on you, you can use the number 22 according to your need and also put colors as per your intentions. This particular tattoo is really famous in America especially.

IGY6 Tattoo On Wrist

IGY6 Tattoo on wrist


The tones signify for understanding and knowledge of post-traumatic stress disorder and support for individuals who have experienced sexual assault, the semicolon here is used for the  decision to remain alive. The design here is simple and as directed but the main theme here is the Wrist position here.

IGY6 tattoo on wrist is the most popular position that people consider to go for, as the symbol perfectly fits in this position also as it is quite visible so the message is perfectly delivered especially in this Wrist spot.

The semicolon, and the IGY6 here is the best example of the design, also try to keep the design small on wrists as this is one of the painful positions for a tattoo. Standard color of the design is present in the image with a perfect example of the wrist spot.

IGY6 Tattoo On Forearm

IGY6 Tattoo on forearm 2


Among some noteworthy places, the IGY6 tattoo on Forearms comes right after the Wrist position. Because this place is one of the most visible places to get your IGY6 tattoo. As there is quite a considerable amount of space here, so you can put your desired tattoo with your favorite size.

Very tiny design will not look that good in the forearms area, so try the bigger design of the IGY6 tattoo. Also, you can take ideas from the image here. Here it is a IGY6 flag tattoo where it covers almost the full forearms with the American flag in the background.

Female IGY6 Tattoo

Female IGY6 tattoo


Not necessarily only a military or a gents personnel suffer from the suicidal or PTSD symptoms, there are many girls who also go through the same problems. Here the client is a professional gamer, but she also has some mental health issues which she shared with the world showing her IGY6 tattoo on her forearms.

So any female can use this tattoo if it surely helps her and I would suggest you to put this somewhere where you can always see it as you never know when your anxiety or depression catches you.

IGY6 Tattoo On Hand

IGY6 Tattoo on hand


Hands are always the most explicit place to show off your tattoos. A serious tattoo like IGY6 is a perfect design for the Hands for its meaning. When you suffer the most in your past, and the past incidents haunt you frequently, then the IGY6 tattoo will surely help you to move on further.

Though Hands are considered to be one of the most painful areas of the body to get inked, a perfect one looks really stunning. Beside how it looks, the IGY6 tattoo has a special meaning and also the tattoo works as a reminder. So it is better to put the tattoo somewhere visible and the perfect spot is the Hands.

 IGY6 And Cardinal Tattoo

IGY6 and Cardinal Tattoo


Cardinals mainly symbolize hope, love and the urge to live on. So the IGY6 and the Cardinal design perfectly synchronized as a tattoo theme. Here in the image you can see the Cardinal and the IGY6 symbol at its left on the shoulder of the client carrying the shades of an American vibe.

As told earlier this sort of tattoo is famous in America so most of the designs have an American vibe towards the design. As people nowadays want to express their tattoo with more subvert tattoos alone. Such a good combo is the IGY6 and the Cardinal tattoo design idea.

Watercolor IGY6 Tattoo

Watercolor IGY6 Tattoo


The speciality of a Watercolor designed tattoo is that it looks realistic and the color shades are completely different from the other usual designs. It looks more of a painting rather than just a tattoo design. The watercolor technique is now very much popular in the modern tattoo industry as the revolution of ink and the machines are corley responsible.

People these days like realistic or watercolor tattoos as they always prefer something different for design. Here in the image you can see there are colors behind the main design as it is used like a background canvas and there are heartbeats designs in addition with the semi-colons. This is a perfect example for a Watercolor IGY6 tattoo.

IGY6 Tattoo On Back

IGY6 Tattoo on back


Especially those who are back from the military or suffering from PTSD, they usually go for the IGY6 tattoos with bigger sizes. For big size, you need bigger space, such a perfect spot is the Back of our body. You got enough space to put your big sized design on the back.

In the image you can see a large IGY6 tattoo on the back bending with the shoulder, it clearly shows this dude has some serious issues for which he needs quite a lot of help and hopefully the IGY6 tattoo helps him.

IGY6 Tattoo On Chest

IGY6 Tattoo on chest


Another fine spot for the IGY6 tattoo is on the chest. The tough memories belong in the chest to remember forever and also to survive the moment it surely helps a lot. As you have quite a space in your chest, you can put the IGY6 tattoo as you wish but my preference would be a small size design.

Color of the original design of the IGY6 tattoo is certain, so you can use the tones accordingly to represent the true meaning of the tattoo.

 IGY6 Mental Health Tattoo

IGY6 mental health tattoo


The main intention of the IGY6 tattoo is to help the Mental health all around the world. There are many people around us who look absolutely normal but deep inside they are suffering from many anxieties they cannot properly express. The IGY6 Mental health tattoo helps not only to identify but also it’s a way to express your problems without actually saying anything.

You can add your quotes or any particular design to the IGY6 mental health tattoo for being more precise or if you just want to express through your tattoos only. Here in the image the colors are customized as well as the design.

IGY6 Skull Tattoo

IGY6 Skull Tattoo


Skull usually represents death or resurrection, so the IGY6 tattoos are sometimes mixed with the Skull design. The IGY6 is just a simple design, so to add additional meanings as well as for the beautification many use designs like Skull to enhance the meanings and look of the subject tattoo.

Here the full forearms are covered with the skull and in the middle of it is the IGY6 tattoo, this is quite an example for the IGY6 skull tattoo.

IGY6 Traditional Tattoo

IGY6 Traditional Tattoo


Traditional tattoos mainly represent something from your tribe, culture or country you belong to. It can be anything in comparison with the patterns, as for example if you consider the picture above, you can see the IGY6 tattoo with an eagle. Eagle represents America so, using the bird, the tattoo shows a traditional spirit to the tattoo.

As for traditional tattoos there are no boundaries for using colors or different shades, and these types of tattoos are usually big.

IGY6 Butterfly Tattoo

IGY6 butterfly tattoo


As I discussed earlier, you can add actually anything with the IGY6 tattoo according to your wish keeping the meaning of the tattoo. Such a design is the butterfly where it symbolizes manythings which perfectly symbolizes the IGY6 tattoo.

In the image there is a bluebonnet flower and a feather along with a butterfly at the side of the main subject IGY6 tattoo. So this tattoo holds a lot of symbols which altogether holds the meaning of beauty, faith, freedom, independence and the urge to move on with life.

IGY6 Finger Tattoo

IGY6 finger tattoo


Many of the enthusiasts are quite fascinated with finger tattoos, but the most common question that comes to the mind is that, Finger tattoo hurts or not, the answer is simple, it do hurts from the rest of the position of the body.

But if your experience is intense and if you want to show not only the world but also want to remind yourself for the rest of your lives, then you consider going for a IGY6 tattoo on your fingers.


There are some questions regarding IGY6 tattoos that are frequently asked by those who are looking forward to going for the tattoo and also for their personal research.

Q: What does the color mean in the IGY6 tattoo?

Ans: The colors indicate knowledge and understanding of post-traumatic trauma exposure and cohesiveness with those who have been assaulted sexually.

Q: What does IGY6 tattoo Semicolon represent?

Ans: The semicolon denotes the decision to live on, while the letters stand for unity.

Q: What is the Purpose of IGY6 tattoo?

Ans: The main intention of this tattoo was to raise awareness for mental health issues including PTSD, anxiety , depression etc.


Several more individuals deal with mental illness since reality tends to be difficult. While this is genuine, it’s important to keep in mind that perhaps the sunshine ultimately comes back. Not all bad situations endure a lifetime. Soldiers, first responders, and individuals who work in the medical world have a connection according to some of these tattoo ideas. Additionally, non-military uses for the tattoo designs are also being developed.

This special tattoo is not used for any random reasons, usually those who have faced something terrible, this tattoo helps them to feel better or even survive the events as well. So if you are looking for the IGY6 tattoo, you have found all the potential meanings and ideas till now, hope you have liked the article, thanks for your patience.

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