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73 Timeless Icarus Tattoo Designs To Get In 2023

Icarus tattoo has always been a popular tattoo design for the history and the symbolism behind it. Icarus has been a source of inspiration for art and literature. The myth of Icarus is a story of a son who did not listen to his father to achieve his dreams.

Based on this story that we heard in our school years, Icarus has also become a big inspiration for many tattoo designs. Over the years we have seen many variations of the tattoo with many other elements added to the tattoo across cultures.

As the tattoo has been popular for ages, we have seen clients come to us wanting a unique Icarus tattoo that would make them stand out from others. If you are also stuck searching for the perfect Icarus tattoo, then this article is going to be your one-stop solution for all tattoos related to Icarus.

Icarus Tattoo Meaning

Icarus Tattoo Meaning


Over the years many meanings have been attributed to the Icarus tattoo. The legend of Icarus- the boy who flew too close to the sun- has been seen as a story of overconfidence and disobedience. On the other hand, the story has been romanticized to be seen as a story of searching for success by pushing one to the limits.

Here are some of the meanings that are attributed to the Icarus tattoo so that you know what you are inking on your body.

Overconfidence: The story of Icarus has been seen as a story of overconfidence and disobedience. A disobedient son Icarus flies too close to the sun showing overconfidence that he could fly. But this overconfidence dawned doom on him. So the Icarus tattoo signifies overconfidence, arrogance, and boldness.

Tragedy: The story of Icarus is also a tragedy. A son lost to the sun. Icarus facing his certain death is the tragedy that many tattoo enthusiasts want to show on their tattoos. So the Icarus tattoo may also represent a tragedy for tattoo enthusiasts.

Ambition and chasing dreams: Finally, Icarus flew too close to the sun to achieve his dreams of achieving freedom. Thus the tattoo represents the ambition and the will to achieve dreams.

The History Behind The Icarus Tattoo: The Tale Of Icarus

History Behind The Icarus Tattoo


The story of Icarus has been a popular one for centuries and has inspired art and literature spanning cultures. The story of Icarus is of a boy who disobeyed his father and flew too close to the sun with a wing made from features and wax.

The story of Icarus starts with Icarus and his father Daedalus, who were trapped in prison. Daedalus built two sets of wings with wax and features so they could escape prison. But Daedalus warns his son of the dangers of flying too close to the sun to escape the prison harmlessly. But, when it was Icarus’ turn to cross the sea, he flew too close to the sun causing the wax on his wings to melt. And Icarus fell to the sea due to his overambition.

The story of Icarus resonates with people of all ages and cultures. So, the tattoo has been popularized in different cultures of all ages of tattoo enthusiasts. This tattoo works as a constant reminder of the fact that no matter the desire for freedom, you might still get burnt if you are over-ambitious. Others have also called the Icarus tattoo a reminder of the will to reach new heights and not be afraid of failure when pursuing your dream.

Alluring Icarus Tattoo Designs To Fly High

The Icarus tattoo has been out there since tattoos were a thing. So there are many designs of the Icarus tattoo out there. But if you are looking for a unique design that suits your personality and style, then you can look at our collection of the best Icarus tattoo designs to get some inspiration for your next Icarus tattoo.

Fall of Icarus Tattoo

Fall of Icarus Tattoo 1


Fall of Icarus Tattoo 2


Fall of Icarus Tattoo 3


The Fall of Icarus tattoo is perhaps the most popular Icarus tattoo design of all time. This tattoo features a falling Icarus. This tattoo portrays Icarus who is falling to his death with his wings. This tattoo can also depict the sky and the sea for any additional details.

If you want a perfect representation of the mythical event, then go for this tattoo. This tattoo is also very customizable with optional elements like the sky, the sun, and the sea to add to the tattoo.

You can do the tattoo anywhere on the body depending on the size of the tattoo. If you want a tattoo with only Icarus falling, then the wrists, hands, and forearms are your best bet. But if you like to include elements like the sea, the sun, and the sky in the tattoo then the chest, shoulder, or back would be the way to go.

Minimalist Icarus Tattoo

Minimalist Icarus Tattoo 1


Minimalist Icarus Tattoo 2


The minimalist Icarus tattoo portrays an Icarus design with a subtle touch. If you want a minimal simple no fuss design, then this is a perfect tattoo design option. This tattoo features a falling Icarus with minimal details and a small size.

The tattoo can be customized depending on your needs. You can add some colors to the wings of Icarus to give the tattoo some definition. You can also place this tattoo anywhere on the body depending on the size that you choose. But due to minimalism, the best placement for this tattoo would be on the wrists and forearms.

Icarus Led Zeppelin Tattoo

Icarus Led Zeppelin Tattoo


This is a very unique tattoo design that shows the fans of Led Zeppelin would love to have on their skin. This tattoo features the 4th album cover image of an Icarus. The image has become a very popular option among the fans of Led Zeppelin.

This tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body. If you want a complete representation of the Icarus tattoo you can replicate the album cover with the exact same design. But if you want, you can also do a realistic or a stylized version of the tattoo if you want.

Icarus Back Tattoo

Icarus Back Tattoo 1


Icarus Back Tattoo 2


The Icarus back tattoos feature the most stunning visuals of Icarus because of the big workspace. If you want something similar to the Angel wing tattoo design but want some historical significance, then the Icarus tattoo would be your best option.

This tattoo features a fully winged Icarus often with his wings stretched and arms reaching out to the sky. This is probably the most popular design we’ve seen done on the back. The design may also wrap around the shoulders for some additional effects

Icarus Sleeve Tattoo

Icarus Sleeve Tattoo


The Icarus sleeve tattoos are bigger and more complex design choices, that you can check out if you want a visible design on the body. These tattoos often feature Icarus with the sky and the sea spanning from the sleeve to the shoulder.

You can always add details to the tattoo by adding other elements to the mix. You can create a series of stories from your sleeve to your shoulder if you want, or you can just simply do a wrap-around sleeve tattoo with Icarus and his wings.

Icarus Wings Tattoo

Icarus Wings Tattoo


This is a symbolic tattoo that features only the wings of Icarus falling down into the sea. This tattoo is often done with beautiful realistic details of the wings of Icarus. The wings can also be depicted to be in multiple positions depending on your choice.

If you want you can practically place the wings tattoo anywhere on the body. But the most meaningful placement of this tattoo would be on the back or on the shoulder where you have a big enough workspace and space to add some intricate details.

Icarus Forearm Tattoo

Icarus Forearm Tattoo


Like many other tattoo designs, the forearm is one of the most popular placements for the Icarus tattoo. This is thanks to the big workspace and the option to expand the design to the sleeves and shoulder.

Another benefit to this tattoo placement would be that you can easily hide the tattoo if need be with a long-sleeved dress or shirt. But as the tattoo is mostly visible, you can do some stunning tattoo designs here to grab some attention.

Icarus and Daedalus Tattoo

Icarus and Daedalus Tattoo 1


Icarus and Daedalus Tattoo 2


This is a unique tattoo design that depicts the love of father and son Daedalus and Icarus. This tattoo may depict the duo in many positions. This tattoo can feature Daedalus reaching out to Icarus as Icarus is falling down. You can place this tattoo on the forearm, legs, or shoulders depending on the size of the tattoo.

Icarus and The Sun Tattoo

Icarus and The Sun Tattoo 1


Icarus and The Sun Tattoo 2


This is a classic spin of the Icarus tattoo with the sun. The sun can be depicted in different ways while Icarus is depicted to be falling as his wings melt. This tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body depending on your needs. But most popularly, this tattoo is placed on the thigh, the shoulder, and the forearm.

Simple Icarus Tattoo

Simple Icarus Tattoo


A simple Icarus tattoo features a simple image of Icarus falling. This tattoo does not feature heavy details and colors but rather features only a monochrome design or a design with only the outline.

Icarus Tattoo on Hand

Icarus Tattoo on Hand 1


Icarus Tattoo on Hand 2


The Icarus tattoo on the hand is a very simple but bold design that shows your personality. As the hands are easily the most visible place on the body, the Icarus tattoo designs here are often colorful and bold. But before doing a tattoo on the hand, make sure to check out the pain chart for hand tattoos.

Geometric Icarus Tattoo

Geometric Icarus Tattoo


The geometric Icarus tattoos are very unique tattoos with geometric patterns and shapes incorporated into the design. If you want to keep the historical events of the tale of Icarus but want to add some modern elements to the tattoo, then the geometric tattoo is the way to go.

Icarus Sternum Tattoo

Icarus Sternum Tattoo


The sternum is a good placement for the Icarus tattoo as it has ample space for some intricate details of the tattoo. You can do some amazing details on the wings of the tattoo spanning across the sternum. The tattoo can be monochrome or it can be colorful depending on your needs.

Icarus Tattoo on Thigh

Icarus Tattoo on Thigh


The thigh is also a great placement for the Icarus tattoo because it has a big workspace. As the thigh is a relatively less painful area to do a tattoo, this is also the perfect tattoo if you are a first-timer getting a tattoo.

Icarus Chest Tattoo

Icarus Chest Tattoo 1


Icarus Chest Tattoo 2


Similar to the back tattoo, the Icarus tattoo on the chest is often a big piece of ink. This tattoo often features Icarus with his wings stretched. You can of course add other elements to the mix if you want.

Traditional Icarus Tattoo

Traditional Icarus Tattoo


The traditional Icarus tattoo is done with the traditional American tattoo style. This tattoo thus features some bright colors and a bold black outline. You can add some other elements to the tattoo with the traditional color scheme to add flair.

Icarus and Angel Tattoo

Icarus and Angel Tattoo


This tattoo is a symbolic one, featuring an angel and Icarus. The tattoo depicts an angel trying to save a falling Icarus from certain death. This tattoo is a good representation of the balance between life and death and good and bad.

Icarus Outline Tattoo

Icarus Outline Tattoo


This tattoo features only the outline of Icarus giving the wearer a simple and minimal tattoo. If you are a minimalist lover and want to do a tattoo on the wrist, ankle, or other places where you can easily hide the tattoo, then this tattoo is for you.

Icarus Patchwork Tattoo

Icarus Patchwork Tattoo


The Icarus tattoo is one of the most common patchwork tattoo designs. This tattoo is often incorporated with other elements from Greek mythology and from other mythologies. You can always customize the design with some colors and ornamentation of the wings.

How To Get The Perfect Icarus Tattoo On The Shoulder

This video shows a very detailed Icarus tattoo done on the shoulders. This is exactly what you should expect if you are in the market for a shoulder tattoo of Icarus. But if you are looking to get an Icarus tattoo in general, then this video is a good representation of the process.

For this tattoo, the artist first traces a sketch of the Icarus tattoo on the shoulder. Then the artist traces the design with a fine-line needle. Then the artist directly moves on to a broader size needle for the details and shading to complete the design. Throughout the process, the excess ink is cleaned several times.


If you still have questions regarding the Icarus tattoos, look no further. We have covered all the frequently asked questions regarding the Icarus tattoo for your convenience.

Q: Are Icarus tattoos only for men?

Answer: The answer is no. Icarus tattoos are not only for men. Yes, it is more popular among men, but they are not entirely done by men. Regardless of your gender, you can wear the Icarus tattoo if you like it or if you can relate to the symbolism.

Q: What place is the best to get an Icarus tattoo on?

Answer: Although the Icarus tattoo can be placed practically anywhere on the body. The most common placement for the tattoo is on the forearm. But you can always get the tattoo anywhere else on the body depending on the size you are going for.


The Icarus tattoo has been a popular tattoo since tattooing was a thing. Thanks to the deep symbolism and meanings of the Icarus tattoo, it has been adopted by many tattoo enthusiasts. The tattoo has both been associated with ambition and overconfidence and adopted by people who want to portray either one of these themes.

If you are in the market for getting a tattoo that is full of symbolism and deep history, the Icarus tattoo can be a perfect choice for you. Or, if you just want a beautiful-looking tattoo with some intricate design, the Icarus tattoo will also satisfy your needs.

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