How you can make your temporary tattoo last longer

Here’s How You Can Make Your Temporary Tattoo Last Longer!

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately, a temporary tattoo isn’t an exception.
Despite being cheaper and less painful as opposed to an actual tattoo, one of the drawbacks of temporary tattoos is the fact that the appearance of it, just like every other temporary item or substance, will eventually fade away. However, even though the disappearance of it is inevitable, there are loads of ways one can sustain the quality of a top-notch temporary tattoo and extend the average timeframe of a temporary tattoo.

Moving on, if you’re susceptible to pain, but love the idea of getting temporary tattoos, perhaps the compact lifespan of a temporary tattoo might just seem like a deal breaker. Furthermore, since we understand just how stressful that thought might be, we have taken matters into our own hands to come up with a solution that will relieve you from that matter!

In addition to revealing all the steps one can incorporate into their routine to make their temporary tattoo survive for longer periods of time, this article will also comprise a segment on which we will carry out the demographic temporary tattoos cater to and also compare this form of tattoo with the hues of a permanent tattoo. Before all of that is revealed, however, make sure to check out the upcoming segment, which contains a basic description of temporary tattoos and all the impressive features they have.

What is a How you can make your temporary tattoo last longer and How Long does it Last?

make your temporary tattoo last longer

A temporary tattoo is a graphic or an image that has the same visuals as a permanent tattoo, but comes with a deadline. On an average, the appearance and quality of a temporary tattoo takes around 3 weeks to deteriorate.

Despite being the same in terms of appearance, the implementation of temporary tattoos requires a series of different tools. Most tools, in contrast to those used for permanent tattoos, are more lenient, skin-friendly, and painless.

Currently, there are 3 main types of temporary tattoos: Press-on decal, airbrush, and henna tattoos.

A press on tattoo, just like its title, is obtained by pressing a pre-existing design on a piece of paper against the surface of the skin. It is a great option for those that are seeking immediate results, and even better for those that are seeking a short lifespan. A press-on tattoo usually lasts for 3 weeks, but can also be removed in 24 hours. This tattoo, while catering to everyone in the world, is mostly an option that is suitable for kids.

Furthermore, an airbrush tattoo, despite having a similar lifespan as a decal tattoo, is usually obtained through an airbrush. Since it doesn’t come with a pre-existing artwork, the procedure of getting an airbrush tattoo is relatively lengthy. While the artwork does have more details as opposed to a press on tattoo, an airbrush tattoo is very fragile and tends to fade very easily. In order to erase an airbrush tattoo, all one needs to do is rub a small amount of alcohol.

Lastly, a henna tattoo is an image that is usually obtained through the use of henna, a plant based ingredient. Due to its lenient procedure and flexibility, many tend to place their trust in the abilities of a henna tattoo when seeking a temporary tattoo. Since it also requires a freehand technique, henna tattoos can be created without the assistance of a professional artist, which further adds to its already amassing popularity.

Help Your Temporary Tattoo Achieve Survival By Following These Useful Steps!

Help your temporary tattoo achieve survival

Unlike its limited lifespan, the ways in which one can preserve their temporary tattoo and embrace their presence for a longer period of time are endless. Although most techniques could be a bit time-consuming at times, carrying out each maneuver will definitely be worthwhile in the long run, especially if every step is sincerely followed.

Without further ado, from applying petroleum jelly  to compromising your personal hygiene, here are all the efficient methods that will allow your temporary tattoo to last longer!

Clean the area before placing the tattoo

Prior to getting a temporary tattoo, making sure your skin is clean is a mandatory requirement. If your skin isn’t cleaned beforehand, the dirt, sweat, and oil buildup can make your skin itchy and red once the tattoo is placed.

Choose a suitable spot for the temporary tattoo

Unlike permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos need to be installed in an area that is immovable. While a hand tattoo is a fan favorite amongst the tattoo world, placing an artwork that is non-permanent can be inconvenient due to its mobility and flexibility.

On the other hand, areas like the forearm and the collarbone can be excellent candidates for temporary tattoos. Since they remain stationary in most scenarios, placing a temporary tattoo could be beneficial if making it last is an incentive.

Shave the area prior to obtaining the tattoo

Since hair typically retains sweat and dirt, placing a tattoo around a hairy area could be a nightmare, especially if you want to keep the design around for a lengthier period of time. Shaving the area, on the other hand, will not just eliminate sweat, but will also make the final visuals of the temporary tattoo exceptional.

On another note, before you shave the area, make sure to use a razor that is new. Using a dull razor will not just give you an ineffective outcome, but also bring to the table nicks, cuts, and rashes.

Use the right kind of products to enhance its life span

To keep the quality of a temporary tattoo alive and vibrant at all times, seal the area with a moisturizer or some petroleum jelly.

Since moisturizers and petroleum jelly are often paraben free, applying it to the tattoo will keep it hydrated and keep the appearance of it consistent. You may also spray the area with some baby powder to fight back against sweat and dirt buildup.

Invest in ink pens if necessary

If your tattoo lacks visuals, size, and is of a monochromatic image, keep the quality of it as good as new. Use a marker or any kind of ink pen and add minor touch-ups to the artwork to enhance the quality and lifespan of your temporary tattoo.

Refrain from partaking in physical activities

Since working out and playing football or any other sport causes us to sweat, the activities might be an inconvenience to keep up with if you’re wearing a temporary tattoo.

While you can definitely do pilates and meditate, refrain from going to the gym and taking part in strength training to enhance the shelf-life of your beloved temporary tattoo.

Avoid splashing the tattooed area with water

Avoid splashing the tattooed area with water

Taking a shower could be a bit complex when you’re the recipient of a non-permanent tattoo. Since a temporary tattoo is extremely fragile, the quality of it might deteriorate if it makes contact with water. On certain occasions, splashing water directly onto the surface of the artwork can cause the design to crack.

However, this drawback can easily be avoided. All you have to do is wash around the area instead of rinsing the ink with water.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the reasons that shapes up the popularity of temporary tattoos is how affordable they are. Despite being better in multiple ways in contrast to permanent tattoos, temporary tattoos can also be difficult to keep up with on certain occasions. To make things a little less hectic, however, here are some questions regarding temporary tattoos that are often wondered about on the web with useful answers!

Question: Will my temporary tattoo fade if I swim? 

Answer: Since partaking in physical activity is a lose-lose situation when you have a temporary tattoo, swimming can also bring to the table inconvenient situations.

Although swimming in rivers and ponds won’t necessarily harm the lifespan of your temporary tattoo, taking a dip in the pool can hamper the consistency of the artwork. Since swimming pools often contain chlorine, floating in it can make the skin dry and make the temporary artwork collapse.

Question: Can I use baby oil to preserve my temporary tattoo?

Since baby oil is made of paraben, an ingredient that dries up the skin, applying it to a temporary tattoo can be harmful more often than not. While it will make the artwork shine and supply it with tons of moisture, the consistency of it will eventually be hampered when the substance starts to evaporate.

Additionally, although using baby oil isn’t a good idea, moisturizers and even body lotion can be a great way to protect your temporary tattoo from fading away.

Question: Are temporary tattoos harmful? 

Temporary tattoos are extremely harmless and painless on most occasions. However, if your tattoo was obtained through the incorporation of black henna, removing the tattoo immediately is a task that is mandatory.

Black henna often causes the skin to break out and dry up, which can be painful to fathom. If it’s incorporated without running a patch test, the skin might also form a series of rashes and minor bumps, which could be hard to subside.

Bottom Line

All in all, obtaining a temporary tattoo is extremely easy. Keeping it, on the other hand, is even easier. All you have to do is incorporate a moisturizer or petroleum jelly into your skincare routine, avoid activities that make you clammy, choose a spot that is even and resilient, and ensure it is free of any dirt or buildup before placing the artwork.

Additionally, tools such as markers can come in handy on certain occasions. Therefore, if you happen to have a fine-line tattoo or a design with a monochromatic image, make sure to keep an ink pen nearby to give it minor touch-ups when required.

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