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135 Alluring Horror Movie Tattoos That Are Visually Terrifying!

One thing that has faced an increase in popularity despite the repercussions of the pandemic is the genre of horror. It is often loved by fellow horror enthusiasts around the world due to the multiple stimulations horror movies allow them to feel.

Apart from obtaining a heightened sense of awareness, the suspenseful and the gradual build-up most scripts of horror movies comprise could also be two of the endless reasons behind its consistent influence over every avid movie buff.

Fans also give back to each horror movie franchise more often than not. Not only do they buy tickets as well as purchase every merchandise that is fabricated for the movies, but some even take it to the maximum by obtaining horror movie tattoos.

Furthermore, if you too happen to be one of the many people whose life revolves around horror movies, take pride in it. Get your own horror movie tattoo. Unsure of a design that you’d like to incorporate? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Within this article, alongside finding a series of designs you can take inspiration from for your authentic horror tattoo, you will also come across everything you need to know before getting a horror tattoo! While the first half will comprise a backstory regarding horror movie tattoos and contain all the horror movie tattoo ideas, the second half will have a final verdict.

Why People Wholeheartedly Like Getting Horror Movie Tattoos

Horror Tattoo 1

In addition to the script and the exciting yet memorable feelings one tends to get access to when watching horror movies, the massive amount of options and never ending volume of horror movie characters that exist at the moment could be two more reasons behind its booming success in the tattooing industry.

Although most believe in getting portrait tattoos of recognizable horror movie personas, many believe in meshing together a compilation that comprises the villains from multiple classical horror films. Devotees not only believe that an artwork containing bits and pieces of various horror films mesh together, but also find loads of pleasure in the final visuals of them.

Cliff-Hanging Horror Movie Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Gasp For Air

We hope the previous segment allowed you to figure out the essentials that your desirable horror movie tattoo needs to have. However, if you’re still just as confused as you were after going through the former materials, we hope this section, which includes a series of appealing horror movie tattoos, enables you to break free and resolve every issue!

Horror Movie Tattoo

Horror Movie Tattoo

Getting a tattoo that allows you to look back on childhood memories could be a great way to go about it when getting a horror movie tattoo, since it can result in marvelous results.

Firstly, since the visuals of this will be in the palm of the wearer, they can either incorporate an artwork with various iconic movie characters or even introduce iconic movie segments into the groundwork of the tattoo.

If they’re not the biggest fan of portraits, they can also settle for an abstract artwork with vibrant yet polarizing shades of color.

On another note, since this variant is usually enormous, the options for placement are somewhat limited. To obtain desirable results, one should always place the artwork for this option on the back.

Horror Tattoo Sleeve

Horror Tattoo Sleeve

The sleeve can also be an excellent contender to perfectly display a horror movie tattoo. Illustrations of characters aren’t just created without a worry when placed on the sleeve, but the uneven silhouette of the artwork also looks best in this option as opposed to the rest.

In addition to the enhanced visuals, the area that makes up the sleeve is very lengthy and girthy, which can allow a tattoo artist to highlight the intricate details of any artwork.

Additionally, the image for this option looks exceptional when it’s displayed with a monochromatic color palette. However, one can also replace it with a vibrant option full of energy.

Horror Themed Tattoo

Horror Themed Tattoo

Another option of horror tattoos that is rather sought after is a plain horror themed tattoo, which usually consists of separate fine-line images that are usually as small as motifs or as tiny as an icon.

Each installment comes with a colorless palette, which could definitely be an advantage for those that are minimalists as well as those that are seeking a subtle option. While the procedure might be a little painful than the former option, one can also opt for a less basic option by introducing more tattoos or replacing the initial color scheme with something that has a burst of colors.

Traditional Horror Tattoo

Traditional Horror Tattoo

Finding the right combination of colors can be a rather challenging task to do when getting a horror tattoo. Luckily, however, if you’re looking for an option that is lively and carries an energy that can’t be mimicked by many, a traditional horror tattoo will be sufficient.

Apart from having a pleasant color scheme, this option is flexible in terms of size, which means that it can be placed anywhere without any inconvenience. One can replicate this image and change the size accordingly when required.

Rocky Horror Tattoo

Rocky Horror Tattoo

When The Rocky Horror Picture show hit the theaters in the 70s, the cast as well as everything else about the movie wasn’t as positive. The edginess of the plot, the flamboyant nature of the main character, the inappropriate references included in the script were some of the many complaints that critics had about the film during its early stages. Things were so bad at one point, that it had more unfavorable reviews than most horror musicals at the time.

However, things started changing slowly, but surely for the franchise a decade after its release when a fanbase of outcasts and weirdos found comfort in the plot of the movie. It’s been a fairytale for the franchise ever since, as the growth of the fanbase is still stronger than ever to this day.

American Horror Story Tattoo

American Horror Story Tattoo

American Horror Story is definitely a show that every horror movie fanatic knows about. The jumpscares, the cameos, and the series of talented actors amongst their crew are some of the many reasons why most fans might resort to this option.

In addition to the sentimental value, as the show currently has 10 seasons and will create another 3 over the next few years, this variant comes with a limitless option of designs. They can obtain portrait tattoos from each season to give the artwork a noteworthy value, but can also cherry pick their favorite season to create a graphic that speaks to them.

Horror Hand Tattoo

Horror Hand Tattoo

If all else fails, you can always count on getting a hand tattoo for obtaining an artwork that underlines the minor details and has the perfect amount of terror to intimidate any individual.

Although creating a high graphic image of one of the heels would definitely send shivers down the spine of many, for softer visuals, one can also make an artwork just as spooky if they bring to the table artistic effects such as filters.

Japanese Horror Tattoo

Japanese Horror Tattoo

Japanese artwork has always been phenomenal, and Japan has always been recognized for the horror mangas as well as the horror movies that they have created. Taking into account the aesthetics of each scene and character that Japanese horror movies have created, designing a tattoo that solely highlights the beauty of every Japanese artwork and pairing it with a horror movie tattoo will literally be as magnificent as it sounds.

Horror Tattoo Small

Horror Tattoo Small

A small sketch can also be more than enough if you want to display the love you have for horror movies to the world. There are various designs you can take into consideration, which can include the visuals of a quote tattoo or can even have a figure to give the overall artwork an intimidating demeanor.

Placing it in an area that is compact will surely bring to the table best results. However, if you want a tattoo that will enable you to add more materials to the design, placing it on a spacious part of the body would be advised.

Cosmic Horror Tattoo

Cosmic Horror Tattoo

Cosmic horror tattoos stand out for two reasons. One of them is the high-spirited combination of colors that are involved in an image. The second one is the hallucinatory effect that it tends to have.

The vibrant colors are particularly a selling point because it doesn’t come with a handbook. The wearer can incorporate any and every color, as long as the tone is apparent.

As for the hallucinatory effect, the faded nature of it can really enable the artist to bring more focus onto the main feature of the image and surely come as a disturbing and horrific sight at times. 

Horror Icons Tattoo

Horror Icons Tattoo

Regardless of how much you’re able to recall from the horror movies you watched, the presence of some characters, specifically the heels, has surely left a mark in your life. For instance, many tend to forget the actual plot of the movie “It”, however, everyone remembers the face of the villain, Pennywise. Apart from remembering the bright red balloon he carries, people often fail to forget about his red hair, spooky smile, and his bald head. 

Jigsaw Horror Tattoo

Jigsaw Horror Tattoo

Any Saw movie was an absolute nightmare back in the day. The gory scenes, the abnormal stipulations each victim had to work around, and the cinematography surely brought goosebumps, but one thing that is just as horrifying as it used to be is Jigsaw, the antagonist in the Saw film franchise.

There’s a lot that terrified critics. In addition to the bike Jigsaw was always on, it was probably the facial features that scared the living daylights of everyone!

Nonetheless, if this variation speaks to you on an emotional level, go for it, but don’t always look at it.

Horror Portrait Tattoo

Horror Portrait Tattoo

A very common and safe way to receive commendable results before creating a horror movie tattoo can be achieved by getting a portrait tattoo. Now, it doesn’t necessarily have to be spooky. It can be of the protagonist, the antagonist, or even one of the recurring characters of the film. As long as it’s implemented in an area that has enough capacity to bring out the best visuals of the distinct features of the artwork, the outcome will be more than commendable.

Horror Pinup Tattoo

Horror Pin Up Tattoo

Remember the days you used to purchase your favorite horror fiction magazine just for hanging up that one particular artwork that the magazines had on each issue? Bring it back from the vault, but this time, as a pinup tattoo!

From getting tattoos of animated characters to creating a three dimensional artwork of your favorite villain, a pinup tattoo is always open to new designs. So, take your time and come up with an illustration that allows you to reminisce to the fullest.

Horror Nun Tattoo

Horror nun tattoo

2018 seems as if it happened decades ago, and even though many can’t recollect every occurrence that took place that year, we’re more than sure horror fans definitely remember the creation of The Nun, and the impact that it had on fanatics of horror movies.

In fact, to this day, The Nun remains the highest grossing film in the Conjuring franchise. While we’re quite unsure of what made the movie stand out amongst the rest of the installments, we wouldn’t be too surprised if it’s the ghostly presence of the villain.

Old School Horror Tattoo

Old School Horror Tattoo

If you’re an old-head and your favorite horror movies of all time comprise a list of films that were released in the 80s throughout the 90s, an old school horror tattoo will definitely meet your match.

Regardless of whether you’re getting a portrait of Freddy to adding the particularly frightening chainsaw of Leatherface, make sure to add a nostalgic shade around the borders of the artwork to give it a nostalgic effect. 

Horror Tattoo 2

Horror Tattoo 3

Horror Tattoo 4

Horror Tattoo 5

Horror Tattoo 6

Horror Tattoo 7

Horror Tattoo 8

Horror Tattoo 9

Horror Tattoo 10

Horror Tattoo 11

Horror Tattoo 12

Horror Tattoo 13

Horror Tattoo 15

Horror Tattoo 14

Horror Tattoo 16

Horror Tattoo 17

Horror Tattoo 19

Horror Tattoo 18

Horror Tattoo 20

Horror Tattoo 21

Horror Tattoo 22

Horror Tattoo 24

Horror Tattoo 25

Horror Tattoo 26

Horror Tattoo 27

Horror Tattoo 28

Horror Tattoo 29

Horror Tattoo 30

Horror Tattoo 31

Horror Tattoo 32

Horror Tattoo 33

Horror Tattoo 34

Horror Tattoo 35

Horror Tattoo 36

Horror Tattoo 37

Horror Tattoo 38

Horror Tattoo 39

Horror Tattoo 40

Horror Tattoo 41

Horror Tattoo 42

Horror Tattoo 43

Horror Tattoo 44

Horror Tattoo 45

Horror Tattoo 46

Horror Tattoo 47

Horror Tattoo 48

Horror Tattoo 49

Horror Tattoo 50

Horror Tattoo 51

Horror Tattoo 52

Horror Tattoo 53

Horror Tattoo 54

Horror Tattoo 55

Horror Tattoo 56

Horror Tattoo 57

Horror Tattoo 58

Horror Tattoo 59

Horror Tattoo 60

Horror Tattoo 62

Horror Tattoo 61

Horror Tattoo 63

Horror Tattoo 64

Horror Tattoo 65

Horror Tattoo 66

Horror Tattoo 67

Horror Tattoo 68

Horror Tattoo 69

Horror Tattoo 70

Horror Tattoo 71

Horror Tattoo 72

Horror Tattoo 73

Horror Tattoo 74

Horror Tattoo 75

Horror Tattoo 76

Horror Tattoo 77

Horror Tattoo 78

Horror Tattoo 79

Horror Tattoo 80

Horror Tattoo 81

Horror Tattoo 82

Horror Tattoo 83

Horror Tattoo 84

Horror Tattoo 85

Horror Tattoo 86

Horror Tattoo 87

Horror Tattoo 88

Horror Tattoo 89

Horror Tattoo 90

Horror Tattoo 91

Horror Tattoo 92

Horror Tattoo 93

Horror Tattoo 94

Horror Tattoo 95

Horror Tattoo 96

Horror Tattoo 97

Horror Tattoo 98

Horror Tattoo 99

Horror Tattoo 100

Horror Tattoo 101

Horror Tattoo 102

Horror Tattoo 103

Horror Tattoo 104

Horror Tattoo 106

Horror Tattoo 105

Horror Tattoo 107

Horror Tattoo 108

Horror Tattoo 109

Horror Tattoo 110

Horror Tattoo 111

Horror Tattoo 112

Horror Tattoo 113

Horror Tattoo 115

Horror Tattoo 114

Horror Tattoo 116

Horror Tattoo 117

Horror Tattoo 119

Horror Tattoo 118

Horror Tattoo 120

Final Thoughts

We hope this article allows you to discover your inner artist and settle for a design that not only matches your preferences literally, but also figuratively! To make things easier, pick the right tattoo placement by taking into account the size of the artwork.

For instance, if you’re seeking a tattoo that won’t necessarily improve your presence in a room full of people, perhaps a compact tattoo, also known as a small tattoo, will be an option that will give you desirable results.

On the other hand, if your tattoo has way too many segments, pick an area that is spacious so that you can meet your needs by incorporating a large artwork.

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