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58 Unique Heartless Tattoos That Are Trending Now!

In our world, no love is free from suffering. There are relatively few people who never experience pain, while some suffer acute agony for extended periods of time. People who have experienced emotional pain and have no emotion of any kind would get the Heartless tattoos.

Even with a script tattoo, each tattoo addict has his or her own interpretation of its significance. Heart-shaped patterns may be utilized to create your own design or as a phrase in the Heartless tattoos. This tattoo is still popular and has been inked by numerous people due to its adaptable designs and concepts.

Heartless tattoos are one of the symbols of showing No Love. Emotions actually differ from person to person, in this crazy world, mother earth is not humble to us every time. Sometimes destiny tastes us with many unfortunate events which we have to bear for the rest of our lives. Many  of us try to remember their pain and want a tattoo which will remind them forever.

So if you are thinking of getting a Heartless tattoo, this is surely the right place to follow, and all through the article you will find interesting meaning of the tattoo, exceptional ideas and many varieties of designs. Let’s cut to the chase and find out more about Heartless tattoos!

Complete Meanings Of Heartless Tattoos

Heartless tattoo 1

The definition of the word “heartless” is “without heart,” which is another way of saying “a heart devoid of feelings.” However, each of us has a unique understanding of meaning and applications for it. Any issue in a person’s life, not only personal matters, might cause them to lose all feeling.

When we lose anything or someone, it has an influence on our life. Sometimes we have to live with the agony for the rest of our lives. Other times, the writing speaks for itself or is self-explanatory. When it comes to tattoos, heartless tattoos are deeply considered since they will quietly convey your feelings and your life’s tale for the rest of your days.

Combining with your own set of meanings, you can try the Heartless tattoo if you have got enough reason and here I have figured out some extraordinary new ideas which will help you to understand better and also to choose your favorite one from these categories.

Exceptional Heartless Tattoo Ideas Only For You!

Tattoos carrying emotions are forever trending subjects. No human being is without emotion. And all our emotions are expressed through our heart. So to get your emotions permanently inked, you can try the exclusive new ideas for the Heartless tattoo as I have gathered as many as possible for your ease.

With expert given designs and ideas let me show you some of the best ideas you can get for the Heartless Tattoos and you can surely choose for yourself after going through all the concepts!

Heartless Tattoo On Forearm

Heartless tattoo on forearm

Forearms are one of the best positions of your bodies to show your tattoo. With enough space and designs, Heartless Tattoos can easily be fit here and with using the word tattoo “Heartless”, bigger fonts will cover the area and it will look better as you can see an example in the picture.

Colorful fonts can be used with your own favorite. I would go for a black and white as it goes with the meaning and forearms are quite a place as everyone sees with the first look.

Heartless Symbol Tattoo

Heartless symbol tattoo

Not necessarily Heartless tattoos should be a script tattoo as many kinds of symbols can be used to represent the meaning. A broken heart or symbols similar can be used for the Heartless tattoos.

Mainly folks try the colorful tone to enhance the meaning of the Heartless Symbol Tattoo. Both small and large sizes are preferable according to the client but an expert hand would be perfect to get it done properly.

Heartless Tattoo On Face

Heartless tattoo on face

Nothing can be more explicit than a face tattoo. When you are aggressively straightforward with your emotions or desires, you would definitely go for a face tattoo. Heartless tattoo on your face is such an emotion, that you don’t have to speak for yourself, rather your face will speak for you.

I would definitely suggest you to form a script Heartless tattoo on the face as per the picture and if possible smaller designs with smaller fonts. Whatever you will do on your face, it will show and there is no way or scope to change, so for a face tattoo, you should think a thousand times.

Heartless Tattoo On Hand

Heartless tattoo on hand

Hand tattoos are my favorite ones as it looks really gorgeous with the right touch. Script based Heartless Tattoos would be the best option for hand as there is limited space and fonts look  great on hands.

I always consider word tattoos to be small, precise and most importantly black and white color tone as it looks bold and classy as well. Being a painful area, consider if you are a soft hearted person and can not bear such pain.

Heartless Tattoo On Arm

Heartless tattoo on arm

A tattoo freak never misses their arms to be inked, as this one of the attractive parts for a tattoo lover and a perfect tattoo looks undoubtedly stunning in the arm. As shown in the picture, we can see there is enough space for a tattoo and this very artist uses a cross symbol with heartless touches to get the niche of the Heartless tattoo.

Heartless Tattoo On Chest

Heartless tattoo on chest

Particularly those who are looking for a straight Heartless tattoo, they should go for the chest and as you can see in the picture, it perfectly matches the meaning with placement of our heart. Many consider the left side of the chest following our heart and a Heartless tattoo on chest really makes sense with the meaning and positioning.

Heartless Tattoo On Finger

Heartless tattoo on finger

A very common question in the tattoo world is Do Finger Tattoos hurt? Undoubtedly it hurts but to know in detail you can check out another article linked. Aside from the facts, Heartless tattoos on fingers are unique and a small one will be better for your own good and looks as well. A small symbol showing heartless features can also be used to enhance the brilliant result.

Heartless Tattoo On Forehead

Heartless tattoo on forehead

A fearless man can only go for a Heartless tattoo on foreheads. Incredibly painful and vigorously visible, these tattoos are least popular but people showing extreme emotion go for this tattoo and of course a small one will be better to ease off the pain and surely it will look better with black and white tone.

More Spectacular Heartless Tattoo Designs You Can Try!

After deciding the tattoo you will get, the hardest part comes up the next when you have to choose the design. No need to worry, just relax and check out the sublime collection of Heartless tattoo design which will surely satisfy you. Till now you have got the meanings and ideas of a Heartless tattoo, now you can check out the design for yourself!

Heartless tattoo 2

Heartless tattoo 3

Heartless tattoo 4

Heartless tattoo 5

Heartless tattoo 7

Heartless tattoo 6

Heartless tattoo 9

Heartless tattoo 8

Heartless tattoo 10

Heartless tattoo 11

Heartless tattoo 12

Heartless tattoo 13

Heartless tattoo 14

Heartless tattoo 15

Heartless tattoo 16

Heartless tattoo 18

Heartless tattoo 17

Heartless tattoo 20

Heartless tattoo 19

Heartless tattoo 21

Heartless tattoo 22

Heartless tattoo 23

Heartless tattoo 24

Heartless tattoo 25

Heartless tattoo 26

Heartless tattoo 27

Heartless tattoo 28

Heartless tattoo 29

Heartless tattoo 30

Heartless tattoo 31

Heartless tattoo 32

Heartless tattoo 33

Heartless tattoo 34

Heartless tattoo 35

Heartless tattoo 36

Heartless tattoo 37

Heartless tattoo 38

Heartless tattoo 39

Heartless tattoo 40

Heartless tattoo 41

Heartless tattoo 42

Heartless tattoo 43

Heartless tattoo 44

Heartless tattoo 45

Heartless tattoo 46

Heartless tattoo 47

Heartless tattoo 48

Heartless tattoo 49

Heartless tattoo 50


Emotions are strange feelings that sometimes need the help of a needle to express your inner thoughts. Heartless tattoo is an emotion based tattoo which is a very sensitive case. So to handle someone’s expression of emotion , an artist should be careful enough with his needles!

Till now you have got a full solemn concept on heartless tattoo regarding its meanings, designs and ideas as well. If you have gone through our tattoos you will surely find your expected one without any doubt. Thank you for staying with us, happy reading!

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