63 Stylish Hawk Tattoo Ideas To Get In 2023

You don’t always need to be the fastest or the biggest to be successful in life. Sometimes by utilizing just what you have in your arsenal, you can be a force to be reckoned with. A Hawk is a perfect example for this concept.

It may not be big as a pelican or fast as an eagle, it has still earned a spot in the list of apex predators. Because of its tenacity and keen sense of awareness, people all over the world are dying to get hawk tattoos.

Apart from its behavior, hawks’ visuals are aesthetic as well. From its razor sharp beaks to its colorful feathers, there are so many elements that are hard to describe in words. That’s why artists take a challenge to portray this beautiful bird as naturally as possible in the body canvas.

Another reason for people going absolutely frenzy over the hawk tattoos is because it’s the symbol of patriotism. Americans use hawks to represent their love for their country. So, if you want to showcase your passion for your motherland, what better way is there other than getting a hawk tattoo?

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Of Hawk Tattoos: The Enigmatic Meaning Behind Them

Hawk Tattoo Meaning


Apart from Antarctica, there are more than 270 species of hawks and scientists are still discovering more as we speak. Some of them are in abu ndance while others are on the verge of extinction. Therefore, we can obviously understand that there would be a myriad number of meanings associated with each style. So let’s take a dive into the world of hawk tattoos to find out its true meaning.

Snipers Eye: Hawk Tattoos Symbolizing Observation And Awareness

Imagine you are walking in an empty barren land with no sign of life anywhere. You may be wondering that there is no one watching you. But there are a pair of eyes that can look over you from miles away.

Hawks’ most powerful trait is their eyesight. They can observe their prey from a long distance and quickly close that distance with sheer speed.

In our life, we need this sort of awareness. We have to keep an eye out for any incoming threats. If we are prepared beforehand, nothing can do any significant harm.

Size Doesn’t Matter: How Hawks Wreck Havoc Despite Its Vulnerability

Size may matter for most things but not for hawks. Despite being inferior to other avian species, hawks use their eyestights to catch prey faster than their opponents. So, if you also have an inferiority complex about your height or weight, it doesn’t matter. All that matters is how much effort you put in. At the end of the day, that’s all that counts.

The Deep Connection Of Hawk Tattoos With Religion

In Greek and Celtic mythology, hawks have an association with angels and gods. There are many instances that can be found in ancient literature where a hawk was used to deliver a message by the gods.

In most cases, these messages were cryptic and often symbolized good luck and prosperity. As a result, now when a hawk flies in the sky stretching its wings wide open, people think that there is a good thing coming soon. Although this is completely subjective, there are a lot of times when something good actually happens. Why not try it yourself?

Jaw Dropping Hawk Tattoo Designs To Groove In Style

Illustrating birds have been a cornerstone in the tattoo realm for a decade now. Artists love to convey the message each of them possess. Although it’s true that drawing one can take a lot of creativity and effort, the end result is something that will astonish you.

As there are so many styles and shapes to choose from, you can surely get dizzy. Don’t worry. We are here for you. We have gathered some of the most eye-catching hawk tattoos only for you. Choose the one that fits you the most.

Red Tailed Hawk Tattoo

Red Tailed Hawk Tattoo


This particular subspecies of hawks looks as if its tail is on fire. The blazing red color of it is the center of all the attention.

In traditional tattoo style, artists mostly focused on one single element. But the paradigm has shifted a lot over the years. Now multiple elements coexist with each other in one single tattoo. This gives more dynamics to the overall tattoo.

So, rather than only drawing the red tailed hawk, it’s best to incorporate some other natural elements into the tattoo. A blazing red sun behind the bird can give the tattoo an intimidating aura. Throw in some japanese alphabets here and there and you got a tattoo to absolutely die for.

Hawk Eye Tattoo

Hawk Eye Tattoo 1


Hawk Eye Tattoo 2


A hawk’s eye is so precise that it has been used as a metaphor to describe someone’s eye prowess. It’s as if there is a digital lens stapled in the cornea that can zoom in and out at any moment. Because of its eyes, a hawk gains a significant advantage in the air.

The aesthetic of the eyes is something else as well. It looks like there are layers after layers of meaning hidden underneath the surface.

As you can imagine by now, illustrating the eye of a hawk can be daunting as you need to include a bunch of textures. Rather than incorporating whimsical colors it’s best to leave the eyes in its natural black and yellow colors.

Small Hawk Tattoo

Small Hawk Tattoo


This one is a bit controversial to say the least. There are many who claim that miniature tattoos aren’t real tattoos. But this statement doesn’t make any sense. Any scarification in the body canvas can be defined as a tattoo. No matter how petite it is, it can still convey the same message as a gigantic hawk tattoo would.

Illustrating a small hawk tattoo can be tricky in a sense that you have to make sure that all the traits of a hawk are apparent.

If someone needs to use a microscope to look at the tattoo then it would completely defeat the purpose. So, make sure the textures and colors are accurate enough to resemble a hawk.

Hawk Feather Tattoo

Hawk Feather Tattoo 1


Hawk Feather Tattoo 2


In ancient cultures, feathers were a symbol of power and authority. Many clans and tribes used to make poles and headdresses made of hawk feathers. Most of their ornaments were designed using them. It was believed that during battle, these feathers would give people the eyesight and strength of a hawk.

If you look closely at the feathers, you will feel like you are staring at someone’s eyes. Even in the Hindu religion, these feathers are depicted as a symbol of their lord Krishna who keeps a watchful eye over his disciples.

Each feather consists of spikes and round shapes. Make sure to illustrate them correctly without zigzagging too much. Otherwise it can ruin the whole concept.

Black Hawk Tattoo

Black Hawk Tattoo


There is an masculine urge to turn everything in black. If you agree or not, there is a feeling inside your subconscious which desires to have all things in black color. There is just something about the deep void that attracts us so much.

A hawk tattoo is no different. Rather than filling each part with colors, we just want the tattoo in black. It’s more stylish and creates a certain sense of emptiness wherever you look at the tattoo.

A good technique is to use deep black ink to highlight the exteriors. For the details, you can utilize the white color of the skin to fill up the negative or untattooed area.

Cobra Kai Hawk Tattoo

Cobra Kai Hawk Tattoo


Even if you’ve been leaving under a rock, you might’ve heard about the immensely popular netflix show titled “Cobra Kai”. In this show, there is a character named Hawk who plays quite a peculiar role throughout the series.

At first he was a protagonist and in the later seasons, he starts to become corrupted by the ruthlessness of the Cobra Kai. But finally at the end, his consciousness kicks back and he becomes good again. In his backside, there is a gigantic hawk tattoo that resembles his beliefs and fighting style.

So, if you want to change your life just like Hawk then you should definitely get this tattoo. Always remember that it’s never too late to switch tracks.

Warhawk Tattoo

Warhawk Tattoo


Hawks are vicious creatures that love to brawl with their opponents. That’s why in ancient mythology, they have been considered as a symbol of strength and wisdom.

You would be amazed to know that even today there are some places where warhawks are trained so that they can assist humans in battle. Having a sharp eyed friend as your accomplice can surely change the whole scenario of the battle.

The main aspect of the warhawk tattoo is the expression of the bird. Make sure you portray the ferocity as well as the ruthlessness of the hawk perfectly.

Feminine Hawk Tattoo

Feminine Hawk Tattoo


There are many dumb people in the world who believe that hawk tattoos are only catered for the men as it’s a symbol of masculinity. But that’s completely preposterous.

A hawk tattoo can be feminine as well. You can easily illustrate a feminine tattoo by making the colors a bit subtle.

The tattoo doesn’t need to scream and exude an intimidating aura always. Sometimes being a bit mild and natural can go a long way. Rather than getting frightened by your tattoo, people will soothe their eyes.

Hawk Tattoo on Back

Hawk Tattoo on Back


Although hawks and humans start with the same alphabet, there are a lot of morphological differences between us. But if you look closely, you can see that the infrastructure or the backbone of the two species is quite similar.

Our back is mainly what holds us together. As it resembles so much to hawks, it’s undoubtedly the best place to get a tattoo. You can stretch the wings as much as you can because you have enormous space in the back that you can use.

Traditional Hawk Tattoo

Traditional Hawk Tattoo 1


Traditional Hawk Tattoo 2


Traditional Hawk Tattoo 3


Traditional hawk tattoos don’t emphasize too much on making tattoos hyper realistic. Rather artists focus on the symbolism and the meaning behind each tattoo.

If you want to get a traditional hawk tattoo, the best way is to do some literature reviews. You will see that the Mayans and Aztecs used to wear clothing and headdresses made of hawks.

They even wore masks made of hawks. Though it sounds quite disgusting, the mask sparked a fear in the heart of the enemies. So if you also want to obliterate your enemies get this tattoo right away.

Hawk Chest Tattoo

Hawk Chest Tattoo 1


Hawk Chest Tattoo 2


Our rib cage is quite like a cage that entraps birds. There are countless songs and tales using this metaphor over and over again. So when you get a hawk tattoo on your chest, it would seem like you have entrapped it deep in your heart.

In any other part of your body, the hawk is free and can fly at any time. But in your heart, the hawk is trapped. It’s as if you have become its master and it will only do your bidding.

Japanese Hawk Tattoo

Japanese Hawk Tattoo


Who doesn’t like anime? Its popularity has spread like wildfire and even people from the older generation are showing interest in it.

In most animes, you would notice that there is a single character wearing something that is associated with Hawks. In the popular anime franchise known as Naruto, there is a jutsu which incorporates hawks. So you can understand just how intertwined hawks have become with Japanese culture over the years.

Instead of illustrating just the hawk, it’s best to include some typical Japanese elements like a scroll or a dreamcatcher to make it seem surreal.

Sparrow Hawk Tattoo

Sparrow Hawk Tattoo


Sparrow hawk is a subspecies of hawks which is a bit smaller. What makes it appealing is its unique gray and black color tone.

If you look at its body, you will notice that the feathers on the hawk’s body are like shells. It’s as if they are made of stones and nothing can piece them. This theatricality is what draws the most attention when it’s translated into a tattoo.

Hawk Neck Tattoo

Hawk Neck Tattoo


No matter how much plastic surgery we went through, there are some things we can never fix. It may be a scar in our neck or the jaw structure of our face that we absolutely hate. Well, there are some things you have no hands over. But you can surely elevate your confidence by getting a neck tattoo.

The best thing about a hawk neck tattoo is that it complements the human face perfectly. You don’t need to draw the entire body of the hawk. Just draw the face of the hawk and it would look like there are two heads intertwined giving off an otherworldly vibe.

Tribal Hawk Tattoo

Tribal Hawk Tattoo 1


Tribal Hawk Tattoo 2


Tribes and hawks go hand in hand. In native american tribes, people used to wear clothes and hats made of hawk feathers. When they went to war with other tribes, they prayed to hawks wishing that they would grant power.

In many tribes, it was believed that each person had a totem or a spirit animal hidden inside them. Those whose personality aligned with the tenacious nature of the hawks were given a tattoo of the hawk to keep with them forever. So if you think that your totem is hawks as well, get it engraved in your skin right now.

Hawk Moth Tattoo

Hawk Moth Tattoo


Hawks and moths are creatures with attributes that are completely polar opposite of each other. On one hand, there are moths who get distracted whenever there is a light. They would even sacrifice their lives for it.

On the other hand, hawks are ambitious creatures. Once they have an eye on the prey nothing will distract them. These two together create a dichotomy of two opposite concepts. Drawing a hawk on the body of a moth or vice versa can be a deadly tattoo when it’s fully done.

White Hawk Tattoo

White Hawk Tattoo


Although most tattoo artists prefer to dip the tattoo in deep black color as it portrays more depth, there is a certain aesthetic vibe to the white hawk tattoo.

Illustrating this type of tattoo is quite easy as you can make use of the natural white skin color as the background. Ink the textures as well as the shadows using a black color with high saturation and voila. You are done.

Geometric Hawk Tattoo

Geometric Hawk Tattoo


Whenever we hear the word geometry, we tremble in fear thinking about those nightmarish school days. But the concept has taught us some very cool shapes which can be incorporated to make a killer tattoo.

So as the name suggests, you have to only use shapes such as triangles, trapezoids and circles. You may be wondering what’s the benefit of it? Well, it creates an artificial feeling that can’t be found for other styles. It’s almost like the bird is robotic yet it still has a soul.

Hawk Sleeve Tattoo

Hawk Sleeve Tattoo


Apart from your face, the very first thing someone notices about you is your sleeve. Rather than keeping it in its natural bland attire, why not ornament it with a sleek hawk tattoo?

As you don’t have much space to work with, the very first thing you should be careful of is the proportionality of the hawk. It’s best to get a vertical style tattoo as you wouldn’t get much circumference. Use vibrant colors to show off a bit.

Simple Hawk Tattoo

Simple Hawk Tattoo


In the contemporary tattoo world, making hyperrealistic tattoos are quite frowned upon. Instead artists are taking the minimalist route by keeping the tattoo as simple as possible.

In this type of style, you don’t need to incorporate a lot of textures or details. Just make a general outline of the hawk and use a minimum amount of colors to fill the parts. Use natural elements such as floral patterns to take it to a whole new level.

Flying Hawk Tattoo

Flying Hawk Tattoo 1


Flying Hawk Tattoo 2


Illustrating a portrayal of a flying hawk can be quite tricky. How do you depict the hawks movement with a still tattoo frame?

Well, the main thing is the wings. If you draw the wings in a secluded manner then it would depict that the hawk is sitting. If you go all out and make the wings stretch as if it is going to cover the entire sky then it’s definitely going to look like the hawk is flying.

Abstract Hawk Tattoo

Abstract Hawk Tattoo


Abstract arts are highly subjective and can be interpreted in many ways. It completely depends on the perspective.

An abstract hawk tattoo doesn’t necessarily comprise the body of a hawk nor its characteristic. Rather it is more of a silhouette of the hawk which gives just enough details to make people wonder what is happening.

Watercolor Hawk Tattoo

Watercolor Hawk Tattoo 1


Watercolor Hawk Tattoo 2


Watercolors are the most whimsical colors found on the surface of the earth. This type of paint can turn even the blandest looking tattoos seem like masterpieces.

So what makes the watercolor so amazing? The answer is its liquidity. This translucent color just mixes with skin and creates a realistic vibe which cant be found for any other color.

Realistic Hawk Tattoo

Realistic Hawk Tattoo


At a glance, the overall structure of a hawk may seem quite straightforward. But if you look closely, you will notice that just the coating on the exteriors has so many details that it can take days to perfect the tattoo.

The color selection is also crucial. You can’t choose too vibrant or too mild colors as it would not seem realistic. Rather try to use diluted colors to capture the natural essence of the hawks.

A Journey Into The Centre Of Hawk Tattoos With An Expert

A hawk tattoo is only for the bold people out there who want to showcase just how confident they are in themselves.

But getting a hawk tattoo is not that easy. With so many subspecies and styles to choose from, it gets quite arduous to figure out the best one.

So for your sake, here we have a visual representation of a professional inking a hawk tattoo. Take some inspiration from the artist to come up with the best hawk tattoo.


A hawk can be a mysterious creature. Beneath its feathers, it hides many secrets. Therefore, it is obvious that there will be a lot of gossip surrounding them.

In this article we have covered all the nitty gritties of hawk tattoos. But in case we forgot something, here are the most interesting questions hovering on the internet to soothe you.

Q: Is A Hawk Tattoo Good Or Evil?

Ans: No, it’s not. In folktales and stories, people used to believe that whenever there was a hawk flying towards them, it meant there was good news happening very soon. Therefore, obviously hawk tattoos can be interpreted as a symbol of good luck.

Q: What Does Hawk Tattoo Mean In Japanese?

Ans: A wise hawk hides its talents. This is a popular proverb in Japanese culture. This means that even though hawks possess incredible wisdom and prowess they still showcase humbleness and hide it from others. This teaches us to also not boast about our skill and keep on struggling underneath.

Q: Are Hawks Loyal?

Ans: Hawks are extremely emotional beings. If you pet a hawk once, it will remember the gesture for eternity. The same thing goes if you have hurt it anyway. So whatever you do, don’t offend them.


In this 21st century, our lives have been surrounded by technology. It seems like we can’t live a single day without them. But did you know that back in the we had nothing?

We didn’t have any TV nor any of the facilities we see today. But still we lived the happiest. So why not leave all of the dullness of the current world behind and fly away like a hawk by getting a hawk tattoo? Maybe then we will find the true meaning of life.

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