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89 Excellent Hatchet Man Tattoo Ideas To Get in 2023

Hatchet man tattoos have developed an admirable fanbase over the past two decades. Mainly suitable for those that are minimalists, this tattoo is not just easily achievable, but can also be showcased in multiple ways through different layouts.

Today’s article will feature all that one needs to know about the hatchet man tattoos. Apart from the obvious meaning it carries and the pattern it contains, we will be providing a series of designs that one may incorporate or look into for inspiration. Excluding the materials mentioned in the previous line, we will also give a take on how one can achieve their most desirable form of the hatchet man tattoo.

We hope you stick around until the end and enjoy the read!

The Powerful Meaning of the Hatchet Man Tattoo

Unlike the design, the hatchet man tattoo carries a rather engaging symbol. Those who tend to incorporate this design to their body are known for their mental strength and their never ending capabilities. It represents those that have the ability to walk the extra mile and get the job done.

While it is great for the visuals, the hatchet man tattoo is often seen on those that are enlisted in the military or law enforcement. Their incentive to protect and serve the country goes hand in hand with the symbolism of the hatchet man tattoo.

Moreover, if you find the meaning of the tattoo relatable but aren’t quite sure of how you want to showcase it, perhaps you should move on to the next segment!

Unique Hatchet Man Tattoo Ideas For Wearing This Year!

Whether it’s displayed through the means of a small, fine line tattoo or an emphasized sleeve tattoo, one can’t simply go wrong with the design of a hatchet man tattoo. The unique visuals it has makes the hatchet man  tattoo more than eligible enough for a secondary tattoo, and even better for a primary tattoo.

Furthemore, if you’re open to recommendations, listed below are some of the most flattering and eye-grabbing variations of the Hatchet Man tattoo that we believe will solve that issue. The following options will not only consist of designs that cater to minimalists, but also options that will be loud enough for those that have a knack for bold colors and artwork.

Hatchet Man Tattoo Outline

Hatchet man tattoo outline

If you’re eager to get your first tattoo and are desperate for a design, maybe you should take a look at this entry. Not only is the design as simple as they come, but the procedure is as painless as the design. The design can be placed anywhere without looking out of place, and can also be spiced up with the incorporation of multiple colors

Additionally, since the simplicity of this variation is the selling point, make sure to place it on narrow areas such as the wrist, collar bone, and even one of your fingers.

Monster Energy Hatchet Man Tattoo

Monster energy hatchet man tattoo

Unlock pleasant visuals by incorporating this design. The logo of the monster energy drink is a great partner to the design of the hatchet man tattoo, solely because it is the polar opposite of what a hatchet man tattoo contains, and we all know about how opposites attract.

Apart from the differences amongst the groundwork of each tattoo, this variation contains a great color scheme. The colors are flattering to look at but aren’t powerful enough to take the spotlight. The monochromatic color way of the hatchet man fits in perfectly with a background as colorful as the monster energy logo in the picture placed above.

Cross Hatchet Man Tattoo

Cross hatchet man tattoo

A hatchet man tattoo can also be showcased to represent one’s loyalty to their religious beliefs. It enables them to show admiration and humility towards their religion, which can be enlightening for many.

In addition to what it conveys, the cross hatchet man tattoo has a layout like no other. The hatchet man fits like a glove with the cross, which gives each design the spotlight without creating any conflict.

Flag Hatchet Man Tattoo

Flag hatchet man tattoo

If you’re a patriot and have unconditional love for your country, you may proceed and take this idea into consideration. In addition, if you also happen to be in the military or law enforcement, this artwork was meant for you.

Designed for those that will do everything in their power to give back to their country, the flag hatchet man follows a rather simple theme; one’s loyalty towards their nation. The color scheme varies as it depends on the wearer’s nation and its colors, but the design can be changed up by a tad bit if it seems too plain. To incorporate the previous feature, one can add micro tattoos as well as quotes from their idols alongside the initial artwork. That way, not only will the design get credit, but the overall look will also have more sentimental value.

Watercolor Hatchet Man Tattoo

Watercolor hatchet man tattoo

A watercolor tattoo is for those that believe in the power and beauty of art. It tends to contain a soft color pattern, which may or may not subside the intensity behind the symbolism of a hatchet tattoo.

The visuals are not only present to make the overall meaning less intense, but also to make the overall design more compatible with other tattoos. While a classic hatchet man tattoo will look out of place when paired with delicate artwork, this entry will welcome any and every pattern with open arms, which is one of the reasons why this option remains one of the most favorable tattoos to this day.

Tribal Hatchet Man Tattoo

Tribal hatchet man tattoo

In contrast to a hatchet man tattoo, a tribal tattoo isn’t any different. Aside from representing one’s culture, it symbolizes strength, power, and protection, all of which can be expressed through the means of a hatchet tattoo as well.

In addition to the similar meaning it contains, a tribal tattoo looks exceptional in terms of visuals when it’s paired up with the design of a hatchet man tattoo. The simple layout of the artwork of a hatchet man gives the artwork a sophisticated appeal, while the tribal tattoo handles the presentability of the visuals.

Hatchet Man Hand Tattoo/ Hatchet Man Palm Tattoo

Hatchet man tattoo on hand

Although the procedure is brutal, a hatchet man tattoo may look great on one’s palms. It will establish a sense of privacy amongst the wearer and the tattoo, increasing the sentimental value as a result.

Additionally, a hatchet man palm tattoo may also work as a ray of hope during dark times. One can surely look at the artwork in times of hardship to remind themselves of the strength they attain and give them aspiration for the future.

Bonkers Hatchet Man Tattoo

Bonkers hatchet man tattoo

Believe it or not, even a tattoo as intense as a hatchet man tattoo can be displayed in a playful manner. Just look at this entry, for example. It contains Bonkers D.Bobcat, who plays a police officer in the show “Bonkers D. Bobcat”.

While his main aim is to protect his country and his fellow countrymen at all times, Bonkers is known for how naive and goofy he is. So, if your personality traits are similar to that of Bonker’s, you can definitely recreate this tattoo. Although it won’t really prioritize the initial meaning of a hatchet man tattoo, it’s a great option for those that have a knack for laid back and bright visuals, attaining the colors red, orange, blue, black, and yellow.

Juggalo Hatchet Man Tattoo

Juggalo hatchet man tattoo

As opposed to the initial meaning that it holds, the hatchet man tattoo symbolizes loyalty when paired with the artwork of a juggalo. It is a great option for those that want to display their endless amount of loyalty for their loved ones, but can also be a safe choice for those that prefer multicolored designs.

When getting this tattoo, make sure to pick a spacious area to utilize the maximum potential. You may pick the thigh, the forearm, or can even take the upper shoulder blade as contenders when incorporating this idea.

Bicep Hatchet Man Tattoo

Hatchet man tattoo on bicep

The bicep is also a great choice if you are seeking a painless procedure. The thick layer of skin present on the bicep will not only make the process easy to cope with, but will also present the artist with an ample amount of space, which can be great if they’re creating a lengthy artwork.

In addition to the favorable process, the bicep hatchet man tattoo is a very intimidating option for anyone, especially if the wearer believes in taking care of themselves by working out.

Chef Hatchet Man Tattoo/ Dagger Hatchet Man Tattoo

Chef hatchet man tattoo

If you’re in culinary school or admire the art of cooking, this one’s for you.

This design emphasizes not just the beauty of cooking, but also the determination one might need to achieve success. It is a great source of motivation for those that are go-getters and hard workers.

Apart from the design, this option is extremely versatile as it can be paired up with anything and placed anywhere. Whether it’s showcased as a fine line tattoo or a monochrome forearm tattoo, the silhouettes of the chef hatchet man tattoo will catch everyone’s attention.

Hatchet Man Leg Tattoo

Hatchet man tattoo on leg

If you want an option that reeks of delicacy, you can definitely get a hatchet man tattoo on the leg, preferably right above the ankle. The results will be immaculate, as the pattern will look just as sophisticated and appealing as the area.

Additionally, when getting this tattoo, you can either go all in by using multiple colors for the artwork, or choose a silhouette that is as classic as the pair of black and white. Both will look apparent and remarkable as long as the placement of the tattoo is clever.

Yin Yang Hatchet Man Tattoo

Yin-yang hatchet man tattoo

There are two kinds of people in this world: those that work as hard as a hatchet man, and those that crumble under pressure. The yin yang pattern emphasizes and represents the former phrase.

While the visuals are beyond sublime, this option’s main incentive is to portray the message of hard work and how it always pays off in the end. This can work wonders for those that are in need of inspiration, but can also work as a friend in need to those that are eager for a fresh start.

Lego Hatchet Man Tattoo

Puzzle pieces hatchet man tattoo

Similar to the Bonkers D. Bobcat tattoo, the lego hatchet man tattoo is for those that have a laid back approach to life. The main part of this option is the bright color scheme that it comes with, and the main aim of this design is to stand out.

Furthermore, this option is extremely versatile as it can be presented in multiple ways. One can change the color scheme and even the shape of it if they want to, mainly since the symbolism isn’t as intense as opposed to that of a regular hatchet man tattoo.


Overall, we hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as we did when writing it. If you do decide to go through with it and get your own hatchet tattoo, make sure the groundwork has aspects and distinct features that resonate with who you are as a person, ‘cause that’s what matters at the end of the day.

In addition, to achieve the best results in terms of visuals, get your priorities straight. For instance, if you’re seeking a tattoo with a simple illustration, take into account color schemes that are neutral and place the final draft on a compact area such as the wrist.

On the other hand, if you want to maximize your creative thinking through the use of the hatchet man tattoo, place them in areas that are as spacious as the chest area. You may even look into sleeve tattoos with vibrant colors if you want to make the most of this basic tattoo.

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