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56 Easygoing “Good vs. Evil” Tattoos That Are Accessible, Versatile, And Easily Achievable!

There are always two sides to one story, one of which is positive and another that is negative. Likewise, throughout life, we’re often given the option to pick between a scenario that will benefit us and a scenario that will take us down a dark path. And if you do know what to make of this, let us present to you the “Good vs. Evil” tattoo, the main agenda of this article.

While its rise to prominence is relatively new, the existence of “Good vs. Evil” tattoos go way back, and was first seen during the mid-90s. However, since wearing your heart on your sleeve wasn’t necessarily a big movement to give into around that time, the fan base of those finding fascination in a “Good vs. Evil” tattoo had a limit.

These days, a “Good vs. Evil” tattoo is used for spiritual growth and is celebrated for the remarkable visuals that each of its variants offers. And if you’re curious to learn about the designs of “Good vs. Evil” tattoos that are open for replication, don’t forget to stick around until the end of this article!

The Meaning of “Good vs. Evil” Tattoos

Good vs Evil tattoo 1

While life does come with two-sides, the option you side with often shapes the outcome you receive. And although the “Good vs. Evil” tattoo allows users to see life through a wider lense and provides them a preview of the positive scenario as well as the negative scenario, the main aim for this tattoo is to encourage those that are lost to give in to the good rather than finding pleasure in the bad.

Typically recognized as a quote and a portrait tattoo, a “Good vs. Evil” tattoo is also known for the powerful sentiments behind its symbolism. With the help of the message it conveys, a user can make positive changes to their lives, grow spiritually, and even find more faith and contentment in their religion.

Ideal Ways To Wear “Good vs. Evil” Tattoos On Your Body

In addition to being celebrated for its meaning, a “Good vs. Evil” tattoo is also seen in a positive light because of the ways in which one can implement the design. While it is important to add two primary symbols to convey what it stands for, one can add the visuals of any tattoo to represent each side.

Whether you’re seeking a variant that is easy on the eyes or convenient to obtain, a “Good vs. Evil” tattoo can surely be one of the options on your bucket list. Check out the series of entries below to discover the best “Good vs. Evil” tattoos that will easily allow you to hop on this ongoing trend!

“Good vs. Evil” Sleeve Tattoo

Good vs evil Tattoo Sleeve

Since a Good vs. Evil tattoo is often perceived as an open book, a great area that will enable you to obtain a variation and offer tons of creative freedom is the sleeve.

With the help of the sleeve, you can add to the plot of your good vs. evil tattoo gradually, and won’t feel much pain due to the resilient layers of fat that the area is made of.

While draping it in colors will surely create a great impression on one’s eyes, try taking notes from black and white tattoos since doing so will enlighten the minds of many.

Additionally, black and white tattoos are easier for touch-ups, making them more low-maintenance than color tattoos!

Small “Good vs. Evil” Tattoo

Good vs evil Tattoo Small

Most “Good vs. Evil” tattoos contain complex blueprints that won’t always meet your cravings. However, if you’re searching for a toned-down version of this remarkable design, consider taking notes from this variation comprising a basic design.

Even though you can consider using emoticons to obtain a time-friendly session with safe results, you can also use a stick-and-poke tattoo to express your love for the “Good vs. Evil” tattoo.

On the other hand, if you feel this is your ideal pick, try adding some complementary shapes and faded effects around the existing pattern to give it a unique aura. You may even trim the dimensions down a bit if you want the artwork to look more minimalistic.

“Good vs. Evil” Leg Tattoo

Good vs Evil Leg Tattoo

As tattoos are frowned upon in certain industries, a great place that offers tons of privacy is a leg tattoo. Additionally, since “Good vs. Evil” tattoos contain emphasized art pieces, the area a leg tattoo offers can be a great incentive to consider.

If you pick this good vs. evil tattoo design, the only issue should be the procedure. Since one’s legs are just as narrow as they are lengthy, creating a design, especially one with multiple components, should take any tattoo artist a few 1-hour sessions.

Moreover, if your good vs. evil tattoo has two sides like any typical variant, consider making the most of what your legs offer by inking one side on each leg!

“Good vs. Evil” Chest Tattoo

Good vs Evil Chest Tattoo

A “Good vs. Evil” tattoo is always beneficial when it’s provided with a spacious canvas. And while this entry of ours contains a shape that could be difficult to work around, incorporating a “Good vs. Evil” chest tattoo can surely be a great decision to make in the long run.

Just like most spacious areas for placement, the chest is resilient against the blows of a needle. Therefore, regardless of how lengthy the blueprint is or how complicated the colour scheme is, you can always expect a pain-friendly tattooing session if you side with this variation.

However, no matter what you do, make sure to go all in with the design so that you can express any feeling you have towards your good vs. evil tattoo to the maximum. And if you need to cover more ground, consider adding small prints of butterfly tattoos with the help of this article!

“Good vs. Evil” Batman Tattoo

Good vs Evil Batman Tattoo

A “Good vs. Evil” tattoo’s double-sided meaning can always be expressed in various ways. While you can always incorporate popular figures to demonstrate the symbolism of the tattoo, using the portraits of Batman and Joker is probably one of the easier ways to pay homage to this tattoo trend.

In addition to sweeping people off their feet with its jarring colour combination, this tattoo can also be a good variant to turn to if you’re indecisive about the placement. The portraits can be tattooed on two body parts that are next to each other but can also be cut down in half and transformed into a more compact and dramatic design.

Make sure you also use dark borders, especially if you want the layout to look more concentrated.

“Good vs. Evil” Simpson Tattoo

Good vs Evil Simpson Tattoo

Another great way to shed light on the graphics of a “Good vs. Evil” tattoo instead of making use of the deep meaning it carries can be achieved through this variation. Containing two portraits of Bart Simpsons in two different costumes, this design could be all that is needed to convey your belief in a good vs. evil tattoo in a laid-back manner.

If you’re not too fond of the character, try replacing them with a cartoon character or anime character you’re aware of. You can also change the placement of this tattoo and relocate the visuals to the forearm if you want the artwork to be more visible!

“Good vs. Evil” Back Tattoo

Good vs Evil Back Tattoo

In our eyes, a good vs. evil tattoo is left unfulfilled when it lacks elements or contains a pattern that isn’t expressive or meaningful. Sure, a basic design could be beneficial if your skin is sensitive and if this tattoo will be your first.

However, complex patterns with a double entendre or hidden meanings are what make a good vs. evil tattoo remarkable. And if you agree with what we’re saying, consider making full use of the space that your back offers.

Although you won’t get to monitor the progress of your good vs. evil tattoo if you pick this option, you can go all in with the realism for the amount of space it tends to provide. Needles might also feel sharper if you choose this option, but that issue can easily be dealt with by using a numbing cream!

“Good vs. Evil” Wolf Tattoo

Good vs Evil Wolf Tattoo

Many people turn to a “Good vs. Evil” tattoo for help when they succumb to harmful temptations, which can often push people to the brink. And if you know exactly what we’re referring to, consider obtaining a good vs. evil wolf tattoo, which could be all that you’ve been waiting for.

Affiliated with loyalty, integrity, and strength, a wolf tattoo can serve as a reliable companion. When incorporated into a good vs. evil tattoo, a wolf tattoo will remind you to stay true to yourself and make the tattoo better than ever from the outside!

“Good vs. Evil” Forearm Tattoo

Good vs Evil Forearm Tattoo

If you like the potential that a good vs. evil sleeve tattoo offers, you will surely be entertained with this variant containing a good vs. evil forearm tattoo!

In contrast to the rest of the options, the design of this tattoo needs to be a little more thoughtful and elaborative. However, if you can’t think of a complete piece immediately, know that you can always add to a forearm tattoo later.

Since a forearm tattoo is all about confidence and honesty, many use this option of a “Good vs. Evil” tattoo to find more contentment in their own lives. A lot of wearers also use this tattoo as an encouraging source to make better decisions and healthier changes to their existing personality traits.

More Designs Of “Good vs. Evil” Tattoos To Take Notes From

With the help of the entries above, we hope you’re able to find the right placement and a design that speaks to you on another level. While the visuals will definitely shape the impression of the tattoo, be sure to side with a design that is easy to mimic for the tattooist, and painless for you to deal with.

On another note, if you’ve only figured out the placement of the tattoo, but are still feeling indecisive regarding the design, we hope this segment with more concepts of the “Good vs. Evil” tattoo resolves that issue effectively!

Good vs Evil tattoo 2

Good vs Evil tattoo 3

Good vs Evil tattoo 4

Good vs Evil tattoo 5

Good vs Evil tattoo 6

Good vs Evil tattoo 7

Good vs Evil tattoo 8

Good vs Evil tattoo 9

Good vs Evil tattoo 10

Good vs Evil tattoo 11

Good vs Evil tattoo 12

Good vs Evil tattoo 13

Good vs Evil tattoo 14

Good vs Evil tattoo 15

Good vs Evil tattoo 16

Good vs Evil tattoo 17

Good vs Evil tattoo 18

Good vs Evil tattoo 19

Good vs Evil tattoo 20

Good vs Evil tattoo 21

Good vs Evil tattoo 22

Good vs Evil tattoo 23

Good vs Evil tattoo 24

Good vs Evil tattoo 25

Good vs Evil tattoo 27

Good vs Evil tattoo 26

Good vs Evil tattoo 29

Good vs Evil tattoo 28

Good vs Evil tattoo 30

Good vs Evil tattoo 31

Good vs Evil tattoo 32

Good vs Evil tattoo 34

Good vs Evil tattoo 33

Good vs Evil tattoo 36

Good vs Evil tattoo 35

Good vs Evil tattoo 37

Good vs Evil tattoo 39

Good vs Evil tattoo 38

Good vs Evil tattoo 40

Good vs Evil tattoo 41

Good vs Evil tattoo 43

Good vs Evil tattoo 42

Good vs Evil tattoo 45

Good vs Evil tattoo 44

Good vs Evil tattoo 46

Good vs Evil tattoo 47

Stoked to see what a “Good vs. Evil” tattoo looks like in real life? Click on the link below to find out!


Tattoos come in multiple shapes and sizes, but a handful of them contain visuals and meanings that can change your life in a positive way; one of which is the “Good vs. Evil”l tattoo.

On the outside, any variant of the “Good vs. Evil” tattoo can be used to obtain a body modification with exceptional and appealing components. Since most of them can also be trimmed down, a “Good vs. Evil” tattoo can also be a great pick for those that struggle with deciding on the placement area.

However, it’s not just the physical appearance that shapes the likable aura of this tattoo, but also the positivity in its symbolism. When all is said and done, the main aim of a “Good vs. Evil” tattoo is to work as a source of encouragement, and to help people with making readjustments to their lives, preferably by getting rid of bad habits and finding happiness in things that are irreplaceable like your loved ones and religion.

That’s all for now, folks! If you liked this article, don’t forget to show us some love by checking out the rest of the content on our website. Do leave a comment if you’d like us to write about a tattoo that you’d like to learn more about!

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