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106 Godzilla Tattoo Ideas Everyone Should Have in 2023

There’s been some time since we saw our favorite Kaiju come on screen. I mean who doesn’t love to see the ever-destructive good-bad monster come into the light of our vision and just spell mayhem and destruction at the hands of the weak?

I’m pretty sure all of us do, which is why we present you this article about getting yourself a Godzilla tattoo.

What are the benefits of getting a Godzilla tattoo you may ask? Well, what aren’t? You not only get yourself a badass Kaiju at the premises of your own body but it’s also a perfect way to get creative and quirky.

Also, geeks and nerds would be aweing in shock at your cool tattoos if that’s the kind of crowd you want to murmur with.

Thus, if your motivation is to get a Godzilla tattoo, then this article is the right place for you.

Here, we will be discussing the best Godzilla tattoo ideas, uncover the meaning behind them and provide you with tons of inspiring ideas.

What is the Meaning of a Godzilla Tattoo?

Godzilla tattoo 1

Usually, all tattoos have some form of meaning, they can have a deep one, a subtle one, or even a direct one.

People get tattoos to either express themselves, print a memory, appreciate things they love, or just to look good.

Well when it comes to getting a Godzilla tattoo, then you are doing it to showcase your love for Godzilla and also to make it look cool because he is COOL!

If you are looking for deeper meanings in getting a Godzilla tattoo then disappointment is what you will be bringing home if we are being honest.

Godzilla has been a long-running fictional character originating from Japan which eventually found its way towards western culture through popular Kaiju films.

There have even been several western adaptations of the favorite Japanese monster and he even went toe to toe with our other favorite monster, King Kong in a recent WB film.

The hype around Godzilla is as real as the fear he sparks in the eyes of his enemies. Speaking of his enemies, they are also quite popular in their respect in the Kaijuverse that originated from Japan.

Most Unique Godzilla Tattoo Ideas

Here are some unique and top-notch Godzilla tattoo ideas that are to die for. Honestly, there is no way anyone will ever be able to just not stay still and stare at the beauty of your tattoo if they get the chance to do so.

Godzilla is an amazing monster which we have mentioned several times before and we definitely wouldn’t leave him without a proper send-off with the best possible tattoo inspirations out there.

Kaiju lovers, it’s time for you to strap on to your seat belts!

Traditional Godzilla Tattoo

Traditional Godzilla tattoo

The traditional Godzilla stems from his oldest Japanese variant. This Godzilla is mostly seen being destructive as he truthfully was in his earlier movies. He is a walking death machine.

Traditional Godzilla tattoos do a good job at portraying the terrifying look early Godzilla variants had back in the 50s Japanese Kaiju films.

These tattoos usually have an old-school look to them and have a different but attractive color scheme to complement them. Exactly how you would expect a traditional tattoo to look like.

Legendary Godzilla Tattoo

Shin Godzilla tattoo

Honestly, how can you ever truly claim to be a true Godzilla fan if you do not get yourself a Legendary Godzilla tattoo?

Ever since the first full-fledged Hollywood Godzilla movie produced by WB was released in 2014, people have been taking the internet by storm.

Godzilla’s buffed-up reimagination as a gigantic savior of humans certainly turned him into a fan favorite for many.

Thus, there seems to be little reason to not get a Legendary Godzilla tattoo if you have immense love for the Hollywood reimagination of our favorite Kaiju.

Mechagodzilla Tattoo

Mechagodzilla tattoo

Appearing first in 1974’s Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla film, this badass mechanized  Godzilla from extra-terrestrial origins is one of the most fan-favorite Godzilla villains of all time.

To pay homage to such creative art direction of its creators, why not get yourself a tattoo based on the legendary Mechagodzilla?

You are not only getting yourself a cool Kaiju tattoo but also one with an entire steampunk/cyberpunk look to it. You can get quite creative with this Mecha variant of Godzilla.

Small Godzilla Tattoo

Small Godzilla tattoo

Not everyone is okay with having giant tattoos depicting monstrous kaiju, sometimes it’s okay to get small tattoos to showcase big love for your favorite fiction.

One such type of tattoo to do would be by getting a small Godzilla tattoo.

These small tattoos are clear, precise, look cool and also take much less time to get done, and also don’t hurt as much. You can also cover them up pretty easily as they are quite small.

Godzilla Tattoo Sleeve

Godzilla tattoo sleeve

If it comes to showing your love for something, do it big. So, if you are opting to get a shoulder tattoo make sure you make it grand like the one in this picture.

Add some destruction, make Godzilla breathe his signature breath and most of all make it colorful.

Shoulder sleeve Godzilla tattoos are your way to go if you want to showcase a bigger story through your tattoos.

Tribal Godzilla Tattoo

Tribal Godzilla tattoo

Tribal tattoos as usual stay quite original and respective to their source material. If you want a tattoo that isn’t very colorful and at the same time creative in its respect then a tribal tattoo is what you should opt for!

They are made up of unique pieces and shapes to portray an overall image of Godzilla as you can tell from the image.

If you want something medium-sized and creative this is the way to go.

Cute Godzilla Tattoo

Cute godzilla tattoo

Getting cute and small Godzilla tattoos is your way to go. They stand out from the crowd and surely portray our favorite kaiju in the least expected way possible, as a chubby little friend.

These types of cute tattoos are mostly inked on the neck, shoulders, arms, and region behind the ear.

Godzilla vs Kong Tattoo

Godzilla vs Kong tattoo

The greatest American monster going hand to hand with the greatest Japanese kaiju, truly a derby match that had been separating the fans for a lifetime.

Asides from their early adaptation, the monsterverse’s Kong Vs Godzilla stands out in creating the hype of its kind.

Thus, to commemorate the epic duel between these two beasts it seems only fair to get yourself a Godzilla vs Kong tattoo.

Geometric Godzilla tattoo

Geometric Godzilla tattoo

Geometric tattoos in general are a cool concept of enclosing your designs within the bounds of a geometric shape. People get creative when it comes to getting a geometric tattoo and it shows.

Here’s a super cool rendition of what legendary Godzilla would like in a geometric tattoo.

This is just an inspiration but you can always get creative with this one, just choose the shape of your choice and let your creativity do the rest.

Godzilla back tattoo

Godzilla back tattoo

The ultimate form of love through intense pain would be to get a full-on Godzilla back tattoo. One that pretty much will make you stand out of the crowd.

Honestly, what other suitable way can you find to justify your love for Godzilla without a back tattoo?

Godzilla vs Ghidorah tattoo

Godzilla vs Ghidorah tattoo

The biggest El dual of a lifetime. Ghidorah, the three-headed kaiju is the arch nemesis of Godzilla.

Their rivalry had been going on for decades, thus some kaiju lovers paid homage to these brutal beasts by getting themselves a tattoo depicting their brutal battles.

If you love Ghidorah as much as Godzilla, then this ought to be the best decision you can make. A total nerdgasm for sure!

Some More Godzilla Tattoo Ideas and Inspirations

Well, it would be a shame to end all the inspiration just like that, here are a few more images for interested Godzilla tattoo lovers to get their inspiration from.

We hope you love the designs we handpicked for you and give them a worthy shot at getting them inked!

Godzilla tattoo 2

Godzilla tattoo 3

Godzilla tattoo 4

Godzilla tattoo 5

Godzilla tattoo 7

Godzilla tattoo 6

Godzilla tattoo 9

Godzilla tattoo 8

Godzilla tattoo 11

Godzilla tattoo 10

Godzilla tattoo 12

Godzilla tattoo 13

Godzilla tattoo 14

Godzilla tattoo 15

Godzilla tattoo 17

Godzilla tattoo 19

Godzilla tattoo 18

Godzilla tattoo 20

Godzilla tattoo 21

Godzilla tattoo 22

Godzilla tattoo 24

Godzilla tattoo 23

Godzilla tattoo 25

Godzilla tattoo 27

Godzilla tattoo 26

Godzilla tattoo 28

Godzilla tattoo 29

Godzilla tattoo 30

Godzilla tattoo 31

Godzilla tattoo 32

Godzilla tattoo 33

Godzilla tattoo 35

Godzilla tattoo 34

Godzilla tattoo 36

Godzilla tattoo 37

Godzilla tattoo 39

Godzilla tattoo 38

Godzilla tattoo 40

Godzilla tattoo 41

Godzilla tattoo 42

Godzilla tattoo 43

Godzilla tattoo 44

Godzilla tattoo 45

Godzilla tattoo 46

Godzilla tattoo 47

Godzilla tattoo 48

Godzilla tattoo 50

Godzilla tattoo 49

Godzilla tattoo 52

Godzilla tattoo 51

Godzilla tattoo 53

Godzilla tattoo 54

Godzilla tattoo 55

Godzilla tattoo 56

Godzilla tattoo 57

Godzilla tattoo 59

Godzilla tattoo 58

Godzilla tattoo 60

Godzilla tattoo 62

Godzilla tattoo 61

Godzilla tattoo 63

Godzilla tattoo 65

Godzilla tattoo 64

Godzilla tattoo 66

Godzilla tattoo 67

Godzilla tattoo 68

Godzilla tattoo 69

Godzilla tattoo 71

Godzilla tattoo 70

Godzilla tattoo 72

Godzilla tattoo 73

Godzilla tattoo 74

Godzilla tattoo 75

Godzilla tattoo 76

Godzilla tattoo 77

Godzilla tattoo 78

Godzilla tattoo 79

Godzilla tattoo 80

Godzilla tattoo 81

Godzilla tattoo 82

Godzilla tattoo 83

Godzilla tattoo 84

Godzilla tattoo 85

Godzilla tattoo 86

Godzilla tattoo 87

Godzilla tattoo 88

Godzilla tattoo 89

Godzilla tattoo 90

Godzilla tattoo 92

Godzilla tattoo 91

Godzilla tattoo 93

Godzilla tattoo 95

Godzilla tattoo 94


All things considered, we find Godzilla tattoos cool, and if you are one of them just like millions worldwide then you would know that the tattoo designs we showcased are one of a kind and sure to serve you well!

We hope you give our other articles a read if you liked this one. We have tons of other tattoo ideas that we constantly keep publishing!

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