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46 Striking God Of War Tattoo Ideas To Battle Your Demons

Even if you live under a rock, you know that hule popular game  series titled “God of war”. Each installment of the series is a genuine masterpiece. The games have won countless awards including the game of the year award. The series has also sold millions of copies worldwide. But these are not the reasons why people want to get this tattoo.

The main reason is because of the character. Krator is the main character of the series who is the god of war. Because of the betrayal of his fellow gods, he seeks to take revenge on them. He casually just obliterates each of them with his brutal strength and battle tactics. He just goes on a complete rampage.

But soon he realizes that this isn’t the way to go. He starts to realize that violence only creates chaos in the world. Nothing good ever comes from it. So, he slowly starts to become more calm. This metamorphosis of his character resonates with a lot of us. We all aspire to be like him. That’s why the tattoo has been so popular.

Menacing God Of War Tattoo Designs To Strike Fear In Your Enemy

Young Kratos has an appearance that could make even the mightiest of his enemies trouble. His glowing eyes along with muscular body made everyone afraid of him. No one has seen him laugh. He just always has his eyebrows raised questioning the intentions of everyone.

Then there is the older version of Kratos that is quite calm and collected. He is extremely protective of his son. So these two versions of his poetry have two different concepts. It’s up to you to get the one that resembles your beliefs and persona.

God Of War Sleeve Tattoo

God Of War Sleeve Tattoo


Sleeve tattoos always pack a punch. As the tattoo is readily visible, it portrays that the wearer is not afraid of hiding their beliefs.

The whole concept about the god of war tattoo is metamorphosis. Throughout the story of the game, Kratos went from a ruthless warrior to a loving father. Over the years, he understood that love and companionship is far more meaningful than war.

If you have undergone such a dramatic change in your own life then you should definitely choose this tattoo. It will keep on reminding you about the good and bad things of life and give you the strength to overcome even the most dire of situations.

Kratos God Of War Tattoo

Kratos God Of War Tattoo


Kratos God Of War Tattoo 2


Kratos is the central character of the god of war series. He is the estimated god of war that has killed the mightiest of gods with his bare hands.

The overall appearance of Kratos is quite menacing to say the least. He has an intimidating look on his face in the earlier games whereas in the later versions, he is sometimes seen with a much more calm demeanor. He carries a leviathan ax with him which he can control in whichever way he wants.

One of the most distinguishable features of Kratos is the red color on his face. It is believed to represent the intensity of his character. So while drawing the tattoo, don’t forget to add the red color.

God Of War Chest Tattoo

God Of War Chest Tattoo


Chest tattoos are always viewed as something that is close to your hearts. If you truly idolize Kratos and believe his intentions then this is the right tattoo choice for you.

Your chest has a lot of space. Therefore, you can depict a myriad of scenes from the game in the chest. It can be the scene where Kratos dismantles Ares or the time when he took on the god of sea, Poseidon.

To portray the depth of each scene, you should always use a myriad of raw colors to express the emotions.

Black And White God Of War Tattoo

Black And White God Of War Tattoo


Black and white tattoos truly express the artistic vision of the god of war game. Many critics labeled the game as a display of violence. But they seem to completely misunderstand the main concept of the game.

The main aspect of the god of war series is to embark on a journey with the main character. We see the flaws of the characters and are able to connect with them. We realize that even such a night character as Kratos can mess up.

It teaches us that we are allowed to make mistakes. We are not perfect by any means. With each failure, we learn a new aspect of life. This is what makes our life so interesting.

God Of War Leg Tattoo

God Of War Leg Tattoo


There are a variety of designs that go well in the leg. If you are an avid fan of the series like us, you already know that there are a wide range of characters in the game.

There are places that have jaw dropping visuals like the nerdtree or the place where the giant serpent lived. You can opt for any of these places of characters in your leg tattoo. But make sure you don’t choose something too convoluted. Otherwise, it will make the tattoo look confusing and messy to the human eye.

God Of War Themed Tattoo

God Of War Themed Tattoo


In the earlier iterations of the game, the whole concept was war on the gods. Now the gods can be seen as a metaphor. In each of our lives, there is something that we battle everyday.

It can be a habit like smoking or the evil beast that lurks inside of us. We want to overcome them. When you get this tattoo, you will have the strength to destroy your arch enemy. You will have the courage to say no to the habits that are slowly killing you from inside.

God Of War Finger Tattoo

God Of War Finger Tattoo


Finger tattoos are quite theatrical. Many claim that illustrating a god of war tattoo in the finger is quite pointless as no one will ever see the tattoo.

This is far from the truth. Rather than drawing the tattoo in a single finger, you should draw segments of the tattoo in each of the fingers. Therefore, when you bring each of the fingers close, it will create the entirety of the tattoo. How magical is that!

Blackwork God Of War Tattoo

Blackwork God Of War Tattoo


Blackwork tattoos are much easier than the other tattoos on this list. Most tattoos consist of heavy use of vibrant colors and sophisticated patterns. But you don’t have to use anything like these in the blackwork tattoo.

All you need to do is get a general outline of the tattoo then dip black color inside of it. The end result will be a silhouette that feels like it sneaked up from your dream.

God Of War Arm Tattoo

God Of War Arm Tattoo 1


God Of War Arm Tattoo 2


Do you know what Kratos used to obliterate the gods? You may be wondering if some sort of miraculous weapon or divine power was used by him to fight against the mighty gods? Well, no. Kratos only used the strength that lies in his arms to go one on one against them.

Sometimes his foes were hundred times larger than his size. But Kratos still managed to kill the god by using his battle tactics. Using his arms, Kratos managed to get to a position unbeknownst to the god and then killed them within a second. Therefore, it’s only befitting to get the god of war tattoo in the arm.

God Of War Hand Tattoo

God Of War Hand Tattoo


We always want to control things. Although it may sound psychopathic, it is a natural tendency of humankind to have control over everything. Now imagine if you have control over the mighty Kratos. How would you feel?

Having a god of war hand tattoo means that Kratos will only do your bidding now. If you have someone like Kratos guarding you 24/7 then all your enemies will start to tremble in fear.

God Of War Symbol Tattoo

God Of War Symbol Tattoo


During the loading screen of the game, you will notice a simple sign covered in blood red. This symbol will appear everytime you open or close the game.

This red colored symbol has a lot of significance as it portrays the violence of Kratos. Over the centuries, Kratos has shedded astounding amount of blood. He hasn’t speared a single soul. In his path of vengeance, he has killed even innocent souls.

While he seeks repentance now and seems to understand that his past actions were horrible, the blood has become a sign of him. The tattoo conveys his bloody history to the fullest.

God Of War Back Tattoo

God Of War Back Tattoo


Your back has a huge amount of space to illustrate an entire scene from the god of war game. There are countless memorable scenes all throughout the game that you can depict in your back.

One of the quintessential attributes of any god of war tattoo is the vibrant red color. So, don’t shy away from using it. Opting for a simple or minimalistic tattoo is a bad idea as it will look completely flat. You should go all out on details and try to illustrate the tattoo in the center of your back.

God Of War Forearm Tattoo

God Of War Forearm Tattoo 1


God Of War Forearm Tattoo 2


The red paint and the regal beard are without a doubt two of Kratos’ most distinctive attributes. The beard properly captures his character’s masculinity.

One creative concept is to exaggerate the beard. To make it appear alive in your skin, try giving it some curls and waves. But avoid making it appear silly. Nothing is worse than a god of war tattoo that appears comical. It completely undermines the tattoo’s design.

Abstract God Of War Tattoo

Abstract God Of War Tattoo


Although the entire message of god of war is quite apparent, still many people want to envision it in a way that they prefer. It’s perhaps the nature of human beings to be fixed on a particular belief.

If you also think that you want your tattoo to be interpreted in millions of ways then this tattoo is the one for you. This kind of tattoo is like a mirror. One will only see what they want the tattoo to convey.

Neo Japanese God Of War Tattoo

Neo Japanese God Of War Tattoo


The Japanese have a knack for blowing things out of proportion. While this may be bad for most things, it certainly isn’t in the case of god of war tattoos.

A display of vibrant colors and intricate shapes creates a jarring tattoo design that perfectly encapsulates the symbolism of the god of war tattoos. One of the staples of neo japanese style is bold outlines. Therefore, you should use a deep black ink to illustrate the outline of the tattoo before starting to color the tattoo.

Fighting Alongside Kratos: A Fantastic Time Lapse Of God Of War Tattoos

Do you also feel like society is wronging you? Do you feel entrapped by the shackles of modern religion and customs? Then you should rebel just like Kratos. Break all the constraints by getting a jarring god of war tattoo.

To help you in your journey, here is a visual representation of a god of war tattoo. Notice how the artist illustrates each segment of the tattoo with utmost finesse.


You may be jumping on the internet to look for information regarding the god of war tattoos. Your excitement may know no bound. But soon you will find out that most of the information of the tattoos found on the internet are quite inaccurate.

So, to give you the most concrete and concise details about the god of war tattoos, we have curated a list of questions and answers. Give them a look.

Q: Why Does Kratos Have Red Marks?

Ans: Kratos has red marks on his face to honor his brother, Deimos. During a battle with the gods, Deimos was brutally killed by the gods. That’s why Kratos has seeked vengeance and looks to kill every single god in the realm.

Q: Can You Become As Strong As Kratos When You Get The God Of War Tattoo?

Ans: Well, we are not going to sugarcoat things to you. A tattoo is only an artwork. It doesn’t have any kind of natural power that you can use to become strong. A god of war tattoo can only be a reminder to become a better version of yourselves. The thought about the tattoo granting you strength and wisdom is quite delusional to be honest.


The entire journey of the god of war game teaches us a lot about life. We follow the central character as initially he is a blood seeking murderer. Gradually, he finds solace and peace. He just wants to protect his children. But the bad things don’t seem to leave him alone.

The character teaches us that even someone like Kratos can change. So, why not us? If you are going through a tough time in life then just hold on for a while. The god of war tattoo will keep on reminding you that good times are ahead.

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