66 Exotic Giraffe Tattoo Designs To Embrace The Nature

The current world of tattoos has become immensely saturated. Everyone is following the same cliched tattoos like a sheep. It’s high time there was a change in the tattoo styles. Giraffe tattoos can be the next big thing. It has everything from a bizarre yet aesthetic appearance to a thought provoking meaning.

Giraffes have a jaguar-like pattern in their body because of the deep black dots. The elongated neck along with two horns symbolizes a sense of superiority and intelligence. Despite its monolithic appearance, giraffes are calm creatures that keep to them for most of the time. This persona of theirs resonates a lot with today’s introverted generation.

These are only some of the reasons why there has been a sudden surge of popularity in giraffe tattoos. If we name each one of the reasons why it’s such an amazing tattoo design then this list will never end. So without further ado, let’s dive deep into the African savannah to know all about these majestic tattoos.

One Tattoo To Rule Them All: Insane Meaning Of Giraffe Tattoos

Giraffe tattoo meaning


You may have seen these creatures in the zoo or the discovery channel to mind their own businesses most of the time. They don’t annoy any other animal and most other animals do the same. They just peacefully graze over the land and chew their food for a long time.

But don’t get fooled by their appearance or persona. They have some insane combat skills in their arsenal. With their long legs, they can kick you with an insane amount of power that will knock you straight out. They also have the ability to move their neck at any angle making it a devastating weapon. This entire duality of giraffes paints a solid picture in our mind that we should also have something up our sleeves. Only then, we can be the alpha.

Heartwarming Giraffe Tattoo Ideas To Showcase Your Vulnerability

There is a general consensus that tattoos need to be grandiose and full of masculine textures to portray toughness. The entire concept of tattoos have gotten quite twisted over the years.

The true purpose of tattoos is to convey the wearer’s personal beliefs. It must symbolize their deepest and darkest messages that they want to showcase to the world. The giraffe tattoo is a perfect idea to represent a person’s inner intentions. The subtle design along with a natural vibe of the tattoo portrays a thousand emotions.

Small Giraffe Tattoo

Small Giraffe Tattoo 1


Small Giraffe Tattoo 2


To start off our panoply, we have a tattoo design that completely contradicts the entire aspect of giraffes. Perhaps, this is the reason why it’s on top of the list.

In nature, we see giraffes being absolutely humongous. Their neck is so long that it makes their head feel like it’s touching the sky. We are always accustomed to seeing this picture of the serene animal.

But when we see it in a small, miniature shape, our minds will be like what is going on? The tattoo will be something quite new and it will make our hormones go all wild. That’s why seeing the small giraffe tattoo gives us so much joy.

Tribal Giraffe Tattoo

Tribal Giraffe Tattoo


For a long time, giraffes were only exclusive to Africa. But a fleet from the Ming dynasty once came to Africa and took some of these animals back home. From there, it started to get distributed all over the world.

But the most aesthetic looking giraffes still exist deep into the savannas of Africa. Many tribal people there consider these animals to be their totems and get them inked on their body and houses as a symbol of protection and prosperity. You should do it as well.

Mom And Baby Giraffe Tattoo

Mom And Baby Giraffe Tattoo


The most adorable scenery that you can lay your eyes on is the moment when the mother giraffe feeds its baby. So, the baby cannot reach the leaves of the tall plants. It bumps its tiny head into their mothers leg indicating that it is hungry.

The mother notices that and quickly extends its neck to the top of the tree to get some leaves. Then, the mother giraffe gently drops the leaves into the ground so that the baby can eat. The baby’s mouth is so small that it cannot eat the whole leaf. The tiny bites it takes just melts our hearts away. The entire moment is so precious that it needs a place in our bodies as tattoos.

Watercolor Giraffe Tattoo

Watercolor Giraffe Tattoo


Watercolors are perfect for depicting a mesmerizing giraffe tattoo. This kind of color doesn’t have any boundaries or restrictions. As soon as you let the color out, it will keep on flowing until it runs out.

Giraffes are vibrant creatures with a light tan skin color and black spots everywhere. The evenly distributed spots make us wonder how they can have such symmetry in their shapes. Each of these components need a color that can portray the natural vibe. Because of the liquidity of watercolor, it just blends right into the skin making the giraffe look real.

Abstract Giraffe Tattoo

Abstract Giraffe Tattoo


Sometimes people get furious when they get the interpretation of something wrong. This is especially true in the case of tattoos.

There is even an incident where someone punched another guy in the face because he didn’t understand the meaning of his tattoo. This kind of troublesome misunderstanding can occur.

Therefore, you should be on the safe side. An abstract giraffe tattoo can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. One will only get the meaning that they want to see in the tattoo. It’s like a mirror.

Cute Giraffe Tattoo

Cute Giraffe Tattoo 1


Cute Giraffe Tattoo 2


You may be scratching your heads thinking how on earth can a giraffe be cute? They are gigantic creatures with a neck that makes anyone feel dizzy.

Well, if you truly want ro find cuteness, then you have to look at the baby giraffes. With their tiny little hoots and horns, they always cuddle with their mother. Their tiny, watery eyes look like they are about to cry at any moment. Everything about them just looks adorable.

Realistic Giraffe Tattoo

Realistic Giraffe Tattoo


Illustrating a realistic giraffe tattoo can be quite a pain in the arse. You may be wondering why that is. Well, take a good look at the animal. What do you see?

The overall morphology of the giraffe isn’t that sophisticated. It has two horns with a long and narrow head. An elongated neck with four gigantic legs and that’s about it. But the most mysterious part about their body is the jaguar-like spots. They have these designs all over their body and you have to get each of them in your tattoo to make it look realistic. Good luck.

Geometric Giraffe Tattoo

Geometric Giraffe Tattoo


Perhaps the most fitting style for a giraffe tattoo is the geometric approach. This minimalistic artstyle doesn’t require too much sitting but accurately portrays the symbolism and meaning behind the giraffes.

As you might’ve guessed, the entire tattoo has to consist only of geometric shapes. The giraffe’s exterior is quite straightforward therefore you don’t really need to use too much creativity to illustrate the animal using geometric shapes only.

Giraffe Face Tattoo

Giraffe Face Tattoo


The face of the giraffe is quite dubious. It kind of looks like that confused guy we see in the movies who doesn’t have any clue of what goes on. The giraffe just chews away the leaves and the grass as if there is no tomorrow.

The elongated mouth is what makes the face look comical. You should try to enhance the comical element even more by making the giraffe smoke a cigarette or have a flower beside the ears.

Giraffe Tattoo With Flowers

Giraffe Tattoo With Flowers


Speak of the devil and the devil shall appear. In this case, we just spoke about flowers and the flower tattoo appeared on our list. Floral patterns are always beautiful no matter what the central element is.

It brings out feminine vibe of the tattoo. Many people consider that getting this kind of tattoo will make them look girly. But that is far from the truth. In reality, it will make you appear that you are not afraid to showcase your vulnerable side and you are confident in your body.

Giraffe Arm Tattoo

Giraffe Arm Tattoo


Arm tattoos represent strength and position. During the early days, men didn’t go on the internet to rant about their enemies. They would just settle all the arguments by showcasing their arms.

Whoever had more muscles on the arm were considered to be more alpha. This concept further escalated due to the bodybuilding championships where bulky guys exhibited their arms during their poses. The generation today has become weak and sensitized. Why not go back to the days when men were strong and not afraid to show their guns by getting this tattoo?

Traditional Giraffe Tattoo

Traditional Giraffe Tattoo 1


Traditional Giraffe Tattoo 2


Traditional giraffe tattoos are jarring designs that have a lot of layers inside of them. Each layer commemorates a different meaning.

In the earlier days, people who got lost in the jungle used to pray to the gods for direction. After wandering aimlessly for days, when they witnessed a giraffe in front of them, they perceived it as a sign of good luck.

Since the beginning of time, the giraffe has been known as a symbol of protection. Whenever they are near you, it means there is no danger. When you get this tattoo, you will also be safe from your enemies.

Giraffe Thigh Tattoo

Giraffe Thigh Tattoo


Thigh tattoos are for the people who love to rock in their shorts and showcase a bit of skin. It has the perfect space to depict any kind of tattoo from the grandiose ones to super minimalistic tattoos.

As giraffes are huge in size, you should use the entirety of your thigh to illustrate the tattoo. Your tattoo must be colorful as a monochromatic color scheme doesn’t necessarily work in the thighs. Incorporate a variety of whimsical colors to make it look as if the giraffe has descended from a fairy world.

Origami Giraffe Tattoo

Origami Giraffe Tattoo


Origami originated in Japan where it became more of a ritual. Kids use paper to make different shapes that sometimes seem unbelievable. When you see the designs, you will get flabbergasted.

An origami of any kind of design is quite aesthetic. It creates many compartments in the objects that look very soothing to watch. It creates many dimensions that make the object look like it came from the outer world.

The same goes for giraffes. When you will get the origami tattoo, you will feel like a higher life form belonging to a much more superior place in the galaxy.

Coverup Giraffe Tattoo

Coverup Giraffe Tattoo


People make bad decisions every once in a while. That doesn’t mean that they have less share of a pie. The same goes for a horrendous tattoo.

If you have a tattoo that is hideous to look at and you completely despise the tattoo then you should get a coverup giraffe tattoo. The bold colors will completely overshadow the previous tattoo leaving no traces behind.

Funny Giraffe Tattoo

Funny Giraffe Tattoo


Giraffes’ bizarre appearance already makes them quite funny looking. Sometimes when they have to drink, they need to expand their four legs into four different directions.

They have to do this because giraffes can’t stretch their legs. When they expand their legs, it has to be the most hilarious scene in the world. You cannot help but burst out laughing. It’s as if an umbrella has opened. You should depict this exact image in your giraffe tattoo.

Giraffe Head Tattoo

Giraffe Head Tattoo


Giraffe heads are quite unique in every regard. Look at the other species in the animal kingdom. Do you see any other animal even closely resembling the giraffe?

That is why many people are opting for the giraffe head tattoo. They want to stand out among others. Most people just blindly follow what’s trending. But you should go for a design that is still niche. Who knows you might become the pioneer of this kind of tattoo among your peers.

Matching Giraffe Tattoo

Matching Giraffe Tattoo


Want to give something to your loved one that they will always remember? Then get a matching giraffe tattoo together.

Giraffe tattoos have always symbolized passion and love. When you get the tattoo of this majestic animal together, you will be bonded by blood. Even mother nature will exude its entire energy making you live together happily ever after. The tattoo also will look adorable on both of you. People will start to envy you because of your love and dedication to each other.

Blackwork Giraffe Tattoo

Blackwork Giraffe Tattoo


During the time of emancipation, a spokesperson once said that everything is better in black. Although the meaning was quite different back then, the statement still holds true to this day.

There is no doubt that the giraffe looks majestic in its natural attire. But immersing it in a completely black color makes such a design that can’t be expressed in words. It looks like a silhouette of a giraffe that has escaped from our vivid dreams.

Reaching The Skies With This Incredible Time Lapse Of Giraffe Tattoos

We have given you a comprehensive set of designs to choose over. If you are still having doubts over which style you should opt for then give this video a look. It’s a timelapse where a talented artist illustrates a jarring giraffe tattoo in an articulate manner. The timelapse will surely open your mind and let your imagination run rampant.


Although this has been said a million times, we still make the mistake of believing the internet. The internet is full of garbage. Most of the information that you will find here doesn’t have any value. So what should you do? Well for starters, you should look at some of our curated questions and their answers to get a good grasp of giraffe tattoos.

Q: Are Giraffe Tattoos Lucky?

Ans: Giraffe tattoos are thought to be extremely lucky. That’s why many people consider them to be their spirit animal. The tranquil nature of these majestic animals make our hearts filled with joy. They are also very amicable and try to be close to humans. Everything about them makes us happy.

Q: What Is The Place For Getting A Giraffe Tattoo?

Ans: Giraffes are humongous creatures that have a neck that seems no end. Therefore, the first thought that should pop in everyone’s head is to get the tattoo in a place with a lot of space. But you would be surprised to know that small giraffe tattoos are more trendy.

There’s something about the tiny designs that makes us feel a sense of emptiness. Therefore, you should get a small tattoo on your neck or forearm.


There’s a natural tendency in human beings to be comfortable in their current state. Although this wasn’t entirely true back in the day, it is becoming more and more apparent now. The ambition to reach new heights is much lower in the current generation.

People are depressed about their lives and don’t want to continue to grow and flourish. They just want to get stuck in their life and be miserable. A giraffe tattoo can be an inspiration for them. When they look at the tattoo, they will know that their potential is so much more than what they are doing now. They will find new strength to push forward.

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