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109 Thrilling Ghostface Tattoo Ideas For 2023!

Old school horror movie fans never missed the “Scream” film since it was one of the most well-liked films at the time, and the characters gained greater notoriety, particularly the killer who wore the mask, from which the tattoo known as Ghostface truly descended.

There are many individuals who are huge lovers of the horror genre. It doesn’t matter if they’re novels or movies—people adore them both. Many people find it amusing or caustic, and many firmly believe them. People began to create tattoos inspired by this genre, which mostly flourished in the 1980s, out of love and curiosity.

Ghostface tattoos are contemporary tattoos, and as time passes, their popularity only grows. This is becoming increasingly popular among young people, and the fan base is growing. The significance of the tattoo and, last but not least, the designs are the main issues that every tattoo devotee has to deal with.

There’s no need to despair; I’ve planned an exciting roadmap for you. You will be astounded by the variety of designs for Ghostface tattoos, ranging from the deeper meanings to the fanatical concepts. Trending tattoos can be difficult to choose from, but this exclusive collection will undoubtedly aid you in the process, and I can assure you that you will discover your favorite tat among these.

So let’s cut to the chase, and let me show you the meaning first and eventually you will find yourself with engaging ideas with accurate guidelines. ENJOY!

Find Out The Interesting Meaning Of Ghostface Tattoo!

Ghostface tattoo 1

Ghostface tattoos have different meanings with different points of view depending on clients. Mainly after the “Scream” movie, when someone hears about ghostface, automatically a face with black cloak, white mask with a jagger knife comes to mind. Though a face of ghost is not definite and it can be any imaginary characters but most of the faces or ghost designs came from the movie characters.

Many tatt fanatics came out with the Ghostface tattoo out of firm belief in the afterlife. And those who don’t believe in the afterlife they just do it out of fun or they are somehow fans of some horror movie characters.

If we dig deeper, a ghost is not always a negative vibe, sometimes people consider them as angels or something like that, and also believe they protect them from all negative aspirants. Some people also find it as the holy spirit but all these depend on their belief.

Though Ghostface tattoos are popular and sometimes funny to others, there are people who solely frighten the ghost appearance and they simply try to avoid them even a tattoo lover also. So if you are a ghost lover or looking for a Ghostface tattoo,no worries you are in the fine hand as I will guide you through all the possible fascinating Ghostface tattoo designs that will help you to choose your favorite one!

Spooky Ghostface Tattoo Designs That Will Haunt You!

Ghostface tattoos are an exceptional type of tattoos that have many forms of designs and may vary with your personal likings. Every ghost lover would love to do an uncommon design but everytime they find it difficult.

No need to worry, you have come to the right place as I’m gonna show you the variants of design which will make you choose your favorite one. You will find traditional tattoos to the modern concept design which will help you to get an idea of your preferred one. Seeing a lot of designs can make you feel confused, but I have shared only the tattoos we all actually want!

Traditional Ghostface Tattoo

Traditional Ghostface tattoo

A traditional Ghostface tattoo can be categorized as the old school American style or in a simple way it can be said that a person wearing the white mask carrying the knife is a must and keeping this design one can add more designs according to his needs.

This design is quite popular for its vintage beauty, and to keep the meaning original, many people try this tattoo keeping the vintage design. Folks mainly go for a colorful one as it looks the design more real as you can see in the picture, the subject is on paper with colorful flowers in the background which makes it more realistic.

Small Ghostface Tattoo

Small Ghostface tattoo

My personal favorite is the small designed tattoo catalog. These types of tattoos not only look good but are also easy to get and easy to fit in. Small Ghostface tattoos are very much trendy and there are some common designs like the picture, which people use the  most.

Hands, legs, ankles, neck, shoulder these are some of the notable places you can try for a small Ghostface tattoo. If you are trying your first tattoo and thinking about a scary one, then without any doubt you can go for the small Ghostface tattoo.

Ghostface Knife Tattoo

Ghostface knife tattoo

A fictional horror movie character carrying knife is a very popular and trending tattoo not only in America but also people around the world love this character. Not every person is fond of being scared or watching scary things but for fun many people actually get overwhelmed and also get tattoos for themselves.

Ghostface nice tattoo is a very nicely designed tattoo with many diversified designs. The tattoo in the above picture is done by me in my tattoo studio. It took approximately 3 hours to get it done as the client preferred some red colored blood to make the tattoo more thrilling. The design is quite unique and you can try this design or any similar design by your choice.

Cute Ghostface Tattoo

Cute ghostface tattoo

A common question may arise that how come a scary tattoo can be cute and tiny! The answer is, not everyone in this world finds Ghostface tattoos scary or frightening. Many of us make fun of ghosts or find ghost characters to be funny. Though the cute Ghostface tattoos look really adorable and are absolutely amazing.

You can try any subject or thing and can put the Ghostface tattoo in it just like the raccoon here. You can put any animal faces with a ghost and a knife to make a ghostface tattoo. Cute tattoos are usually small and it focuses mainly on the design rather than the meaning. Black and white color with precise design can make a pretty cute Ghostface tattoo.

Ghostface Tattoo On Forearm

Ghostface forearm tattoo

As we all know a forearm is always the first choice of a tatt maniac as it is visible and many forms of designs fit here beautifully. My two forearms are full of tattoos and I wish I had more forearms as it looks really intimidating!

Ghostface tattoos on forearms are more popular than other parts and a full cover on the forearms looks more accurate and the Ghostface tattoo looks more spooky and horrifying.

Naked Women Ghostface Tattoo

Naked women ghostface tattoo

One of the most seductive and alluring tattoos is the Naked Women tattoos and we have a complete article of this tattoo you can check. The design is quite sexy and simple as there will be naked women as obvious but the main twist is when a Ghostface tattoo is added up with the design.

The design can be of many forms but you need quite a bigger space to have the design beautifully fitted and clearer. Chest, shoulder, arms, thigh these are the comfortable places for a naked women ghostface tattoo.

Ghostface Tattoo On Hand

Ghostface tattoo on hand

Hand tattoos are trending and Ghostface tattoos are a popular choice for the horror movie fan base. If someone shows his fascinating tattoos then hands are the most popular choice to get. Though it’s a very painful place for a tattoo, people often choose beautification over pain.

Though in the picture it’s a full size hand tattoo but I would prefer a small one which will be effective and of course easy to get. Black and white is preferred but colorful tones can also be used considering skin tones.

Halloween Ghostface Hand

Halloween Ghostface hand

Halloween tattoos are very much popular in America due to its traditional values and its immense fame outside America and many people not only follow the tradition but also go for the Halloween themed tattoos to make it more thrilling.

People who solely believe in Afterlife specially go for the Ghostface designed tattoos and also combine with the Halloween Ghostface hand tattoos. Usually these designs are longer and bigger covering quite a bigger space and a vital advice for those who are considering to do this tattoo is go for a simpler design and take expert advice before you go for the Halloween ghostface hand.

Ghostface Thigh Hand

Ghostface thigh hand

For the Ghostface tattoo design, thigh is the perfect place as the design could be perfectly put while maintaining the accurate design. Those who like to wear short dresses tend to get inked in the thigh areas and for them Ghostface thigh hand tattoo is the perfect choice for horror loving ghost characters.

Complicated winsome designs can be successfully done in the thigh area specially the ghostface design and as you can see the tattoo above, which was done in my Tattoo Studio by one of my closest friends. Black and white is the perfect choice for a horrifying ghostface thigh hand tattoo.

Spider Web Ghostface Tattoo

Spider web ghostface tattoo

Some common feature of a horror genre tattoo is there are knives, masks, flowers and most interestingly spider webs! This whole combination makes a perfect Ghostface tattoo.

As you can see in the picture, the main subject is black and white and the flowers are red in color to put more dreadful meaning to the tattoo. Legs, shoulder, chest are the favorable positions for a Spider Web Ghostface tattoos. If you find the spider web design interesting or if you want to explore more spider web designs you can check our full article on Spider web linked in the first paragraph.

Ghostface Tattoo On Arm

Ghostface arm tattoo

Arm tattoos are extremely popular in terms of position in the body as it is extremely exposing and a tattoo lover would surely love to show his tattoos and would choose this position. Ghostface tattoo on arm is a perfectly spectacular matching as the tattoo can be vertically placed and the longer design would look much better in this position.

More Dreadful  Ghostface Tattoo Ideas To Blow Your Mind!

Ideas are never ending and people get more confused as they explore more ideas but to find the exact one is the real challenge. To make things easier for you, those who are considering  a Ghostface tattoo can surely be helpful with this article finding all his queries.

For further details, please check the following ideas that will surely help you find your own set of tattoo designs if you haven’t found yours yet. Check out the amazing collection of the Ghostface tattoo ideas till the end!

Ghostface tattoo 2

Ghostface tattoo 3

Ghostface tattoo 4

Ghostface tattoo 5

Ghostface tattoo 6

Ghostface tattoo 7

Ghostface tattoo 8

Ghostface tattoo 9

Ghostface tattoo 10

Ghostface tattoo 11

Ghostface tattoo 12

Ghostface tattoo 13

Ghostface tattoo 14

Ghostface tattoo 15

Ghostface tattoo 16

Ghostface tattoo 17

Ghostface tattoo 18

Ghostface tattoo 19

Ghostface tattoo 20

Ghostface tattoo 21

Ghostface tattoo 22

Ghostface tattoo 23

Ghostface tattoo 24

Ghostface tattoo 25

Ghostface tattoo 26

Ghostface tattoo 27

Ghostface tattoo 28

Ghostface tattoo 29

Ghostface tattoo 30

Ghostface tattoo 31

Ghostface tattoo 32

Ghostface tattoo 33

Ghostface tattoo 34

Ghostface tattoo 35

Ghostface tattoo 36

Ghostface tattoo 37

Ghostface tattoo 38

Ghostface tattoo 39

Ghostface tattoo 40

Ghostface tattoo 41

Ghostface tattoo 42

Ghostface tattoo 43

Ghostface tattoo 44

Ghostface tattoo 45

Ghostface tattoo 46

Ghostface tattoo 47

Ghostface tattoo 48

Ghostface tattoo 49

Ghostface tattoo 50

Ghostface tattoo 51

Ghostface tattoo 52

Ghostface tattoo 53

Ghostface tattoo 54

Ghostface tattoo 55

Ghostface tattoo 56

Ghostface tattoo 57

Ghostface tattoo 58

Ghostface tattoo 59

Ghostface tattoo 60

Ghostface tattoo 61

Ghostface tattoo 62

Ghostface tattoo 63

Ghostface tattoo 64

Ghostface tattoo 65

Ghostface tattoo 66

Ghostface tattoo 67

Ghostface tattoo 68

Ghostface tattoo 69

Ghostface tattoo 70

Ghostface tattoo 71

Ghostface tattoo 73

Ghostface tattoo 74

Ghostface tattoo 75

Ghostface tattoo 76

Ghostface tattoo 77

Ghostface tattoo 78

Ghostface tattoo 79

Ghostface tattoo 80

Ghostface tattoo 81

Ghostface tattoo 82

Ghostface tattoo 83

Ghostface tattoo 84

Ghostface tattoo 85

Ghostface tattoo 86

Ghostface tattoo 87

Ghostface tattoo 88

Ghostface tattoo 89

Ghostface tattoo 90

Ghostface tattoo 91

Ghostface tattoo 92

Ghostface tattoo 93

Ghostface tattoo 94

Ghostface tattoo 95

Ghostface tattoo 96

Ghostface tattoo 97

Ghostface tattoo 98

Ghostface tattoo 99

Sometimes pictures aren’t enough for a novice who hasn’t done a tattoo yet but is considering getting one also who wants to check out the process of how a Ghostface tattoo is done can go through the video mentioned above. Especially if anyone wants an arm tattoo, you can surely watch this video, it will help you for sure.


Overall, we think this article will help you to get all your unknown answers regarding Ghostface tattoos along with explicit designs and thrilling ideas.

For best results, consider your placement of the tattoo and always remember to consult with an expert if it is your first tattoo and also for a bigger sized tattoo you will need expert advice for best results. Hopefully I have covered every possible part in this article and if you have enjoyed please do check the other articles for best help as well. Thank you, Happy reading!

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