100 Enigmatic Geometric Tattoos To Show Intelligence

A tattoo always symbolizes a particular moment in our life. It may be an incredible milestone that we achieved or an event that completely turned our life around. The tattoo can both be an amulet of happy and sad things. But we often grow out of it. As we grow, our perspective on life changes drastically and the things that mattered to us at one time have very little significance.

That’s why people everywhere in the world are gravitating towards geometric tattos because they can be interpreted in a million different ways. The tattoo is just like a mirror in which you will only see what you want to see. That’s the beauty of it.

Apart from its magical ability, the tattoo itself looks incredibly beautiful. As you are only going to incorporate geometric shapes, it looks something from the outer world. It both frightens and intrigues our soul.


The Place Beyond The Geometric Tattoos: The Secret Meaning Behind Them

Geometric tattoo meaning


A geometric tattoo is the ultimate showcase of your talent. Depicting something using only geometric shapes isn’t a child’s play. Furthermore, there are many cryptic meanings behind the tattoos that you have to capture.

Perhaps, the most apparent meaning of the geometric tattoo is the concept of perception. In the sensitized world of today, we are quick to judge others. No matter how inoffensive they look or their opinions are, we just love to degrade them. But the geometric tattoo teaches us something quite opposite.

It depicts that every human being’s perception about others shouldn’t be so narrow. You can never understand a person with just thinking straightforwardly. You have to take into account their upbringing, their current condition and even their financial status. The geometric tattoo teaches us a lesson that we have to open our minds and interpret things in a wide number of ways rather than becoming shallow.

Eternal Geometric Tattoo Ideas To Always Stay In Fashion

You may be thinking that geometric tattoo designs are quite confined as there aren’t many shapes that exist in the world today. Well, think again. Scientists have suggested that there are numerous shapes that never can be counted to a number. Just as we speak, there may have been a merge between two or three different shapes to create a completely new one.

There are also two dimensional shapes as well as three dimensional shapes. So, your options are endless. This may sound like an advantage but in reality it can get extremely tricky to finalize on one tattoo design. That’s why we are here today to showcase some of the most intriguing geometric tattoo designs that will make people fall in love with you.

Geometric Pattern Tattoo

Geometric Pattern Tattoo 1


Geometric Pattern Tattoo 2


Geometric Pattern Tattoo 3


Back in the day, people used to look at geometric tattoos in a very skeptical way. In their minds, it wasn’t that aesthetic compared to the other contemporary tattoos.

But gradually there has been a resurgence of popularity. Now people have finally come to understand that geometric tattoos are not just appealing to look at but also showcases intelligence. If you include some unique patterns such as a flower or Mandala design, it would take the tattoo to a whole new level.

Keep in mind to not overcomplicate things by using heavy and sophisticated patterns. If you do, the tattoo will look like a complete mess.

Geometric Sleeve Tattoo

Geometric Sleeve Tattoo 1


Geometric Sleeve Tattoo 2


Geometric Sleeve Tattoo 3


Geometric tattoos can be a hit or a miss. Usually this kind of tattoo design doesn’t take too much space. So, if you get it engraved in a spot with a lot of room, it would look quite empty.

That’s why the sleeve is the perfect place for a geometric tattoo. It has just the right circumference as well as height to draw a remarkable tattoo. Always incorporate a wide range of colors in the tattoo so that your sleeve draws the attention of anyone that looks at it.

Wolf Geometric Tattoo

Wolf Geometric Tattoo 1


Wolf Geometric Tattoo 2


Although there are a lot of differences between human beings and wolves, we still relate to them. It’s perhaps the inner beast in us that compels us to leave the monotonous life behind and hunt in the jungles.

Rather than getting the full body of the wolf, it’s best to just illustrate the face as it’s more geometric looking. Always put the most emphasis on the chin and ear of the wolf as these two parts stand out the most. Try to draw the tattoo in a gray color tone as it would give a surreal vibe to it.

Geometric Flower Tattoo

Geometric Flower Tattoo 1


Geometric Flower Tattoo 2


There are two main components of the surface of a flower. A center and some petals surrounding it. Now for most flowers, the center is seen to be in a circular shape whereas the petals are a blend of two different shapes.

So it can be understood that a flower consists of only geometric shapes. Therefore, you don’t really need to do much to draw a geometric flower tattoo.

For most tattoos, we would recommend not to use too much color as it defeats the purpose. But flowers are meant to be colorful. So be wild.

Lion Geometric Tattoo

Lion Geometric Tattoo 1


Lion Geometric Tattoo 2


Just with a single roar, the lion exudes its presence throughout the jungle. It may not be the fastest nor the largest animal on the planet but it is still the king of all animals.

This is because of its aura. One gaze at you and you would be trembling in fear. So if you want your personality to be as electrifying as a lion, get the lion geometric tattoo right away. For the hair, use triangles to make it seem like there are layers after layers of secrets hidden underneath.

Minimalist Geometric Tattoo

Minimalist Geometric Tattoo 1


Minimalist Geometric Tattoo 2


There is a common misconception among tattoo artists that making the tattoo look as complicated as possible is the best way to go. But that is far from the truth. Looking at a tattoo that comprises a lot of unnecessary patterns and designs is exhausting to look at.

On the contrary, a minimalistic tattoo is soothing to the eyes. So you should opt for the minimalistic geometric tattoo. The main concept of this kind of tattoo is to incorporate a single shape rather than blending multiple shapes together. You can just include simple geometric shapes such as a triangle or a circle and the end result will be quite aesthetic.

Owl Geometric Tattoo

Owl Geometric Tattoo 1


Owl Geometric Tattoo 2


We are becoming more and more like owls. Because of our sedentary lifestyle, we hardly see the light of day. A lack of physical activities puts a toll on our sensory system and ruins the biological circadian clock.

As a result, we stay awake all night and then sleep like a baby during the day. Because of the uncanny resemblance of the daily routine, people are choosing to get the owl tattoo. Owls are quite geometric animals as both their eyes and ears are composed of geometric shapes rather than freestyle designs. That’s why they make a formidable geometric tattoo.

Bear Geometric Tattoo

Bear Geometric Tattoo


Bears are vicious creatures. If you have ever gone camping in the woods, you know just how frightening the sound of bear footsteps is. It feels like there is an earthquake happening.

The magnitude of the bear strikes fear into everyone’s heart. So if you want to make your enemies tremble like this, the triangle geometric tattoo is for you.

The rule of thumb is to get a standard framework using a black ink. Then fill each of the parts with a wide range of geometric shapes and voila. It’s done.

Triangle Geometric Tattoo

Triangle Geometric Tattoo


Triangles are one of the most common geometric shapes. When we were young, we used to be terrified of this shape because we had to learn all these complicated formulas to determine the area of the triangle. The math relating to them would give us nightmares for years.

But as we grow up, we start to realize that the triangle isn’t as bad as it seemed. The three sides make up for a simple yet aesthetic design. It’s as if each of the sides are helping the other one stand up straight. The more you look into them, the more sense it starts to make.

One of the most intriguing geometric tattoo designs is to draw a triangle and then include an eye in the center of it. It would depict an age old concept known as the illuminati. How cool is that!

Geometric Neck Tattoo

Geometric Neck Tattoo 1


Geometric Neck Tattoo 2


Once you start to delve your foot in the tattooing world, there is no turning back. You will start to see everything from a tattooing perspective. The places that looked perfect to you before will start to look like it needs a bit of color and patterns.

The same goes for the neck. This small space often seems like it’s dull and lacking some sort of vibrant designs. So why not include a geometric tattoo there to make it stand out?

Mandala Geometric Tattoo

Mandala Geometric Tattoo 1


Mandala Geometric Tattoo 2


This is perhaps the most sophisticated tattoo design on our list. A mandala design is like a labyrinth with a start but no end. The paths just keep on extending and intertwining making it look like a puzzle which no one can solve.

To make this design look geometrical you have to ease it out a bit. Make the paths a bit more straightforward using only geometric shapes. Then people will actually grasp what you are trying  to portray instead of scratching their heads.

Geometric Rose Tattoo

Geometric Rose Tattoo


Something may look completely harmless and fragile on the outside but can have some deadly tools at its disposal underneath. That is exactly the case for the flower rose. The gentle petals with blazing red colors look the most adorable thing on the plant. But when you start to get a grasp of its branch, your skin gets destroyed by its thorns

Drawing the rose in a geometric shape further intensifies this picture. If you are fixing your mind on getting this tattoo then try to use a monochromatic color scheme. It would give the flower an unusual look as if it has descended from an outer world.

Geometric Animal Tattoo

Geometric Animal Tattoo


There are countless animals all around us. From the tiny mice to the gigantic elephants, each of them has a unique morphological design that makes it a great tattoo choice.

Back in the day, tribal people used to get tattoos of their totems based on their personality. Those who were strong and fierce would get a tattoo of a lion or a bear.

Those who were swift would get a tattoo of a jaguar or an eagle. It was believed that the tattoo would give them power. So if you think a certain animal resembles your personality then get a geometric tattoo of it on your body canvas.

Elephant Geometric Tattoo

Elephant Geometric Tattoo


Elephants teach us a valuable lesson in life. They are perhaps the biggest animal living on land. Even a baby elephant weighs more than a human being. With such a humongous size and strength, it’s easy to assume that they have intimidating behavior.

But that’s far from the truth. In reality, they are one of the calmest animals. If you gently put a hand on their trunk, they appreciate it and even nod their gigantic head. This tells us that no matter how strong you are , you should always be humble and gentle to others.

Deer Geometric Tattoo

Deer Geometric Tattoo


The antlers of deer is one of the most jaw dropping designs to exist. It looks quite like a branch of a tree with leaves stemming out of it. Even the color of a deer is mesmerizing to look at.

To turn a normal deer into a geometric one can be tricky. So the first thing you should do is figure out which of the shapes can be used to depict each of the parts. If you are having problems, attempt to combine tiny and small shapes together. The end result is going to be something worth dying for.

Moon Geometric Tattoo

Moon Geometric Tattoo


Whenever we look at the moon for hours, our hearts are filled with happiness as well as despair. The celestial structure of the moon has a unique aesthetic to it that just draws our attention and soothes our soul.

The overall structure of the moon is pretty simple as it’s just a circle with a lot of blobs inside the body. So making a geometric tattoo of a moon is pretty straight forward. You just have to make sure to add some gray colored textures such as rocks on the surface to give that otherworldly look. Try to dilute the colors to make it seem like the tattoo is glowing.

Geometric Arm Tattoo

Geometric Arm Tattoo


If we dissect the morphological structure of the arm, it consists mainly of geometric shape. There are two bones which are connected by a round object known as ligament. Therefore, it’s only fair to illustrate a geometric tattoo in the arm.

There are a bunch of exclusive styles that you can choose from. Perhaps one of the most trending styles is to illustrate geometric shapes in various sizes all throughout the arm to make it seem like the tattoo is moving. This type of motion dynamics can be created if you shade the colors.

Geometric Leg Tattoo

Geometric Leg Tattoo


This tattoo design on our list is for the courageous people out there who aren’t afraid to show skin. Whenever you wear a short, the tattoo will peek out and it will be the first thing that people will notice about you.

The pentagon shape is the one most people go for. If you draw a number of pentagons with consistent gaps between them, the overall pattern looks amazing. Try to use bold colors and make the best use of your skin to fill out the background.

 Watercolor Geometric Tattoo

Watercolor Geometric Tattoo


Watercolors are fluent. While many artists prefer to use colors that are more concentrated, you can’t just beat the traditional watercolor. There is just something visually satisfying about it that can’t be found in any other color.

The main premise of geometric tattoos is that the shapes stand for themselves. What the watercolor does is that it blends the shapes together creating a psychedelic look. If you look at the tattoo for too long, you will even feel trippy.

Arrow Geometric Tattoo

Arrow Geometric Tattoo


Arrows are one of the most common symbols found in our everyday life. While it is often used to depict a various number of situations, perhaps the main aspect that the symbol represents is direction.

In our life, we sometimes get aimless. We ponder over our life choices and think that we are getting nowhere as if we are stuck in a labyrinth without a way out. The geometric arrow tattoo will help you keep focus on your goal.

Blackout Geometric Tattoo

Blackout Geometric Tattoo


Blackout tattoos are a great cover up tattoo choice as it completely immerses your skin in black. Therefore, not a single trace of your previous horrendous tattoo is left.

But think carefully before you get the blackout geometric tattoo as there is no turning back. If you get this one then it will stay with you forever even if you don’t like it. So choose a shape that closely resonates with you and then fill it up with pitch black.

Cat Geometric Tattoo

Cat Geometric Tattoo


Who doesn’t love cats? Even the heart of the cruelest person in the world will melt once they lay their eyes upon a cat. Everything about this fluffy ball of fun makes us think about getting it as a tattoo.

Now rather than illustrating each of the details, you can just make a silhouette of the cat. It will make it look much more ominous and suspenseful. Incorporate some bold triangles in the distance to make it look like the cat is looking at the abyss.

Geometric Fox Tattoo

Geometric Fox Tattoo


From Japanese history to modern manga, foxes have always been intertwined with human beings. Even in our everyday life, we use fox as a metaphor to describe someone’s intelligence.

There are many animals in nature but not many can be turned into a beautiful geometric tattoo. Fox isn’t one of them. The curvy tail along with a gradual narrow mouth and pointy ears can be perfectly depicted using geometric shapes.

Simple Geometric Tattoo

Simple Geometric Tattoo


Simple tattoos don’t include too many mumbo jumbo. Ask yourself. Do you really like a tattoo that has tons of details and shapes? Even looking at them makes our eyes hurt.

Instead, get a simple tattoo that perfectly captures the meaning that you want to portray. Just draw a couple of simple shapes and play around with them to make something amazing. Shapes like the stars or the celestial moon or a combination of both of them will make an excellent tattoo.

Floral Geometric Tattoo

Floral Geometric Tattoo


Floral patterns are always a treat to watch. For those who think otherwise don’t have much knowledge in botany. As we speak, there are scientists finding new flower varieties every single day. So there are a wide range of designs to choose from.

The concept of the floral geometric tattoo is pretty straightforward. Just draw the flower patterns as it is and in the background, add a triangle or a circle. It must look like the flower is inside the shape. You may be thinking what’s the significance of this. Well, looking at the tattoo, you will feel a sense of anticipation and dread.

Geometric Bee Tattoo

Geometric Bee Tattoo


Bees may look tiny but if you look at it under a microscope, you will notice that the morphological features are insane. Just the eyes alone have so many layers after layers that you will get lost looking at it for too long.

So you might be wondering how one can turn such a sophisticated structure into a geometric tattoo? Well, you can just depict the center of a bee using a simple circle. Add some more small shaped semi circles inside the body. Draw two sets of transparent wings and some measly,  thin legs and voila. You have a bee tattoo that will feel like it’s just going to fly off.

Color Geometric Tattoo

Color Geometric Tattoo


Contemporary artists always prefer to leave the geometric tattoo as it is without filling it up with color. The black and white color scheme makes the tattoo look raw and organic.

But confining yourself with just one style stops your creativity. So you should not be part of a herd. Make your own trend. After getting a general outline, fill it up with whimsical colors such as a blazing red or a mellow yellow. Who knows. The ultimate result will be something revolutionary.

Dotwork Geometric Tattoo

Dotwork Geometric Tattoo


Dotwork tattoos are an interesting piece of art to say the least. The main concept of this kind of tattoo is to illustrate the entire visuals using only dot shapes. So if you want to get a tattoo of an animal or flower, all the patterns have to be drawn using dots.

So you can definitely understand just how difficult this tattoo can be. There are a few things you have to keep in mind. The first thing is to keep some gaps or margins between each of the dots to depict a sense of voidness. Another important thing is to draw each of the dots in a deep black color so that it feels like a parasite is crawling in your body.

Fineline Geometric Tattoo

Fineline Geometric Tattoo


One of the most fundamental shapes is undoubtedly the lines. Although nowadays, we seem to gravitate towards a more free styled tattoo but back in the day artists only used finelines to draw the tattoo.

So if you want to pay a homage to them and get a tattoo that just looks vintage then get the fine line geometric tattoo. Everything you need to know about this tattoo is in the name. All the geometric shapes that you are going to incorporate in the tattoo has to be drawn with only lines. You can’t use any curved objects.

Geometric Chest Tattoo

Geometric Chest Tattoo


Wherever superman just ripped off his usual shirt to reveal the superman symbol in his heart, our hearts were filled with joy. We got on the edge of our seats to see the transformation from Clark Kent to Superman.

It was astonishing to see how an ordinary working class man went through metamorphosis into a being of eternal power and strength. The idea of a geometric chest tattoo got its inspiration from this concept. When you get the tattoo in your chest, you will feel like there is a hidden strength in that heart of yours. You can do anything.

Geometric Moth Tattoo

Geometric Moth Tattoo


Moths are intriguing creatures. The erratic movement along with a morphology consisting of a lot of sophisticated parts makes it an excellent choice for a geometric tattoo. It really puts the creativity of the artist to a test.

Aside from its visuals, it’s the natural tendency of the moth that makes it so relatable to us. Whenever it sees a ray of light, it just leaves everything and flies straight into it even when the result is an imminent death. This teaches us that obsession is a mad man’s game that can lead you to unfortunate circumstances.

Tribal Geometric Tattoo

Tribal Geometric Tattoo


In many Mayan and Aztec tribes, people used to draw geometric shapes in their bodies as well as houses believing that the artwork would protect them from evil. Even warriors draw tattoos of these shapes thinking that they would get the strength from the tattoo to dismantle their opponents.

Although this belief has been discarded in the contemporary world, the love for tribal symbols still exists. Everytime you look at a tribal symbol or shape, you will think of nature and its numerous aesthetic components. The boring life of ours can get on our nerves sometimes. A tribal tattoo can ease out the stress by making you feel like a warrior.

Geometric Hand Tattoo

Geometric Hand Tattoo


Think for a second. Every single work that we perform everyday is done using our hands. We cannot even complete a single day without them. That’s why we shouldn’t just leave it as it is. You should decorate your hand with a stunning geometric tattoo.

Your hand doesn’t have too much space so make sure to not choose a gigantic geometric tattoo. Instead select something minimalistic with dark black color. Dilute the colors with your fingers so that the tattoo feels like it’s glowing.

Greek Geometric Tattoo

Greek Geometric Tattoo


Greeks were obsessed with making everything geometric. From their weapons to their houses, every single component in their society had to be made with precision. An architect in Greek society was also a mathematician who used to curve each monument and building proportionally.

That’s why there is not a single horrendous structure in Greece today. So if you want to get a tattoo that doesn’t have a hinge of error in it, this is the tattoo for you.

Geometric Sun Tattoo

Geometric Sun Tattoo


Sun gives power to everything. We are moving and going about our daily lives because of the sun. The trees grow and the flowers blossom because of the sun. If one day the sun didn’t rise, the whole world would go upside down. All the biological processes would go completely nuts. That’s how important the sun is to us.

That’s why many people worship the sun. This belief has translated into the tattooing world as well. If you look at the sun closely you will notice that you can easily draw the sun in a geometric manner. Just draw a circle and you can add plenty of triangles surrounding the center to make it look like heat is exuding from it. How amazing would that look!

Geometric Back Tattoo

Geometric Back Tattoo


Your back is like an enormous empty land that needs a bit of decorating. Otherwise it would look like a desert without any fun.

What’s better than a geometric tattoo to make your back look a bit more interesting? Rather than incorporating a wide range of shapes, it’s best to just stick with one or two and make them fill out the entire space. That way, the tattoo will look soothing to the eyes.

Forearm Geometric Tattoo

Forearm Geometric Tattoo


Geometric tattoos have been receiving acclaim from people both in the tattooing world and the outside world. They appreciate the talent and creativity that goes into each tattoo. Most importantly, they love the theatricality of it.

If you think for a second, your forearm is perhaps the most magical spot in your entire body. As it moves a lot, it creates a mystical feeling to the eye. It’s as if the tattoo is alive in your skin.

Honeycomb Geometric Tattoo

Honeycomb Geometric Tattoo


Honeycombs are those tiny little shapes that bees sit on and store their honeys. The shape of it is so satisfying that our eyes get glued on it always. This is because the visual is completely natural.

A well-known artist once claimed that men using their toothbrush and pens could never create the kinds of images that a natural being could. Because of the subtle shapes and rawness, the honeycomb looks amazing. That’s why so many people crave getting a geometric tattoo.

Geometric Raven Tattoo

Geometric Raven Tattoo


Have you ever watched naruto? There is a character in this immensely popular anime called Itachi. He has sacrificed everything to protect his brother and the village to the point everyone considers him to be a villain.

Because of such a tragic story, people have loved him and could relate to his character. The raven is the symbol of itachi. Whenever Itachi does a Jutsu, a pack of ravens crawl out of him. It is perhaps a means of deception. Because of its coolness, people today are obsessed with geometric raven tattoos.

Geometric Skull Tattoo

Geometric Skull Tattoo


Imagine you are walking on the road without a hinge of worry. Your heart is  filled with happiness. You are enjoying the beauty of nature. The mesmerizing scent of a rare flower is making your senses numb. The chirping of the birds is turning your ears happy.

Everything is going so well. Suddenly out of nowhere you see a skull popping in front of you. How would you feel? Even in broad daylight, a skull can give you a shock of thousand volts of current. Because of its deadliness, tattoo artists love to draw the geometric skull tattoo.

Japanese Geometric Tattoo

Japanese Geometric Tattoo


Japanese love perfection. You will never see anything that is out of place. They always plan out every single detail way ahead of its execution. That’s why the final outcome is so glorious.

Do you know the fundamental idea behind their successful implementations? It’s the geometric shapes. Architects curve out precise shapes and construct the buildings. So if you want a tattoo that is precise, this is the style for you. Get a picture perfect geometric shape. This will compel you to even be perfect in your own life.

Lotus Geometric Tattoo

Lotus Geometric Tattoo


Lotus flowers are the internet’s second most popular flower just behind the roses. The vibrant color as well as the cool visuals makes it an exclusive tattoo choice.

Now making a geometric tattoo of a lotus flower is quite straightforward. The natural state of the flower is geometric itself so you don’t have to put too much effort. Just make sure to give it a bit of gray and black color to make the flowers look artificial.

Geometric Phoenix Tattoo

Geometric Phoenix Tattoo


In our life, we stumble a lot. Obstacles come and go leaving us completely vulnerable. Some people get so devastated by it that they can’t even recover.

If you are facing such a dire situation in your life as well then this tattoo is for you. When you get this tattoo, you will feel like you can rise from your disaster. You will be reborn everyday being the best version of yourselves.

Mountain Geometric Tattoo

Mountain Geometric Tattoo


Mountains are perhaps the easiest of geometric tattoos to draw. Most mountains have a zigzag exterior with some crumbs and rocks sticking out from the body.

Therefore you can easily illustrate a mountain using a bunch of triangles. But a single mountain will look empty on your skin. Try to include a wide range of mountains aligned in a single line to portray a sense of anticipation. Rather than filling the mountains with color, leave it as an outline.

Geometric Thigh Tattoo

Geometric Thigh Tattoo


Your thigh is undoubtedly one of the succulent parts of the body. Because of the meat in there, whenever you walk, the thigh bounces.

So you can easily make a tattoo look like it’s moving. Now if you draw a single shape in the thigh, it won’t mean much. But if you draw an animal or a flower then it would feel like it’s alive on your thigh. The geometric flower will look like it’s getting blown away by the gentle breeze. How amazing is that!

Geometric Armband Tattoo

Geometric Armband Tattoo


Armbands are a sacred component that we only put on when something is very dear to us. It can be for friendship, love or an event that means a lot to us.

Now you don’t need to make things too obvious by illustrating everything in the tattoo. Instead, try to make it cryptic by drawing some random shapes. This will create room for various kinds of interpretations.

Nature Geometric Tattoo

Nature Geometric Tattoo


If we list all of the things that exist in nature then this article will never end. Researchers believe that only 50 percent of nature has been discovered as of today. So you can understand just how much we still don’t know about it.

Therefore the styles are endless. You can choose to get a tattoo of a mountain or clouds. Floral patterns are always a good choice. Various kinds of animals such as wolves and foxes can make phenomenal tattoos. Just make sure to draw the animal that fits with your personality.

Geometric Heart Tattoo

Geometric Heart Tattoo


Although the biological shape of the heart is quite complicated with arteries and veins branching out of it, the contemporary structure of it is rather straightforward. Instead of drawing the four distinct compartments, you can just illustrate a simple geometric shape to portray the heart.

Now you can color the symbol with a vibrant red or just leave it as it is. In our opinion, you should go for the latter approach as this style just blends with your skin smoothly.

Geometric Dog Tattoo

Geometric Dog Tattoo


Have you heard about the story where a man used to have a pet dog and for business purposes, he had to go to another place leaving his dog behind? Each day the dog used to wait by the station waiting for his master.

Days, months and years went by. The dog still didn’t lose hope. It would show up everyday thinking this is the day the master will come. One day the master came and saw the dog was dead at the station. It waited till its death to see him. If you have a pet as loyal and adorable as the dog in the story, you should definitely get the geometric dog tattoo.

Sunflower Geometric Tattoo

Sunflower Geometric Tattoo


Sunflowers are the perfect geometric tattoo because of its distinct shape. It has a black center with rounded petals surrounding it. Therefore, you can easily display the sunflower in your body canvas.

A cool idea is to draw a bunch of triangles in the distance to symbolize the growth and persistence of the flower. A sunflower goes through rough weather and dry monsoons to blossom. When you see the tattoo, it will make you strong as a sunflower.

Tiger Geometric Tattoo

Tiger Geometric Tattoo


Whenever a tiger widens its large mouth, you can just feel a sense of power as if death does its bidding. The striped patterns of the tiger cannot be found in any other animals.

The vibrant yellow color of its body is quite like the sun exuding energy from the skin. When you draw the tattoo, make sure you get the posture of the tiger just right. Illustrate the tattoo in a way as if there is prey in front of it and the tiger is chasing behind it with ferocious speed.

Geometric Bird Tattoo

Geometric Bird Tattoo


Whenever we look at the birds flying in the sky, we forget all the worries in our life. We feel if we had the power we could just spread our wings and leave behind all the monotonous tasks and fly relentlessly in the sky.

Now the bird structure depends a lot on the perception. If you look at it from a distance, it just looks like a ripple or a swirl. The more you come closer, the more sophisticated the patterns become. As you are getting a geometric tattoo, you should focus on the former perspective.

Geometric Dragon Tattoo

Geometric Dragon Tattoo


Dragons are ferocious creatures that used to wreak havoc everywhere it went. Many villages and cities were destroyed by its wreath.

Although the structure of a dragon is quite complicated, during Chinese New Year people make costumes of dragons only with some random shapes. They use a glowing red color in these shapes to portray the intensity of the dragon. You can follow their footsteps to draw a dragon tattoo on your body. Make sure you draw a lot of triangles to portray its teeth.

Geometric Elbow Tattoo

Geometric Elbow Tattoo


In our world, there aren’t many things that you have control over. Your age, your height and even your skin color can’t be controlled. You have to work with what you have.

The same goes for tattoos. But there is one type of tattoo that you can control. That is none other than the geometric elbow tattoo. If you get a tattoo in the elbow, you can choose when to show it and when to not. This will make you feel invincible.

Geometric Filler Tattoo

Geometric Filler Tattoo


Filler tattoos are small shaped tattoos that are used to cover the tiny spots that have not been inked.

Sometimes tattoo artists make the dumbest mistake by not properly inking the tattoo. As a result, the outcome looks horrendous with a lot of negative spaces. It may seem like there is nothing you can do to fix it. But you can easily turn things around by getting a geometric filler tattoo. Just draw a couple of shapes in the negative areas and voila.

Geometric Galaxy Tattoo

Geometric Galaxy Tattoo


Living in the comfort of our homes, we cannot comprehend the vastness of the galaxy. But if you research a bit, you will realize just how big it is with millions of different components such as planets and stars.

The most interesting thing about the galaxy is that all of the objects that exist in this realm are geometric shaped, meaning you can easily draw them using triangles, circles and rectangles. Just use some whimsical colors on the background and include different objects of the galaxy. In this way, you can fit the entire galaxy in your body canvas.

Geometric Shoulder Tattoo

Geometric Shoulder Tattoo


You may have noticed in movies that whenever the heroine tries to seduce the hero, she gently shows her shoulder. This is perhaps because the shoulders are one of the most sensual body parts.

There’s just something aesthetic about its round shape that instantly catches our eyes. You can elevate its beauty to a whole another level by getting a geometric tattoo in the shoulder. Just a circle or triangle covering the shoulder can go a long way.

Geometric Hummingbird Tattoo

Geometric Hummingbird Tattoo


The best thing about geometric tattoos is that they can be anything. It can be a tattoo of the smallest bird known to mankind.

The hummingbird is quite fluffy and its wings are a bit pointy. Therefore, you can easily depict its fluffiness by drawing a circle. The pointiness of its wings can be displayed using a triangle. You can also draw the beaks using a triangle. The end result of the tattoo will compel you to just cuddle the little fellow.

Geometric Tree Tattoo

Geometric Tree Tattoo


Trees may look like insignificant beings without much purpose. But its role in nature is limitless. The tree gives us shades. Furthermore, it gives us oxygen that we breathe to live. Without oxygen, we would succumb to an inevitable death.

That’s why we should consider the tree as a protector of mankind. If you look at the sturcutre of a tree, it looks geometrical. You can easily draw a minimalistic looking tree by drawing a circle on two curved lines. So what are you waiting for? Get this tattoo right now.

Geometric Calf Tattoo

Geometric Calf Tattoo


You may be wondering what a calf is doing in the list of geometric tattoos. Well, we are not talking about the cows. Calf is the part of your body which positions just between the lower part of your body and the thigh. It has just the right amount of space to fit an amazing geometric tattoo.

Because of all the conspiracy theories circulating regarding the illuminati, people have gone crazy about getting triangle shaped tattoos. So you can choose it as well. Rather than using a fine line, make tiny dots all around the calf that will culminate into a big triangle. It will make the tattoo look far more magical.

Geometric Jellyfish Tattoo

Geometric Jellyfish Tattoo


Perhaps the most mystifying creature that hovers deep in the sea is the jellyfish. Although it may look quite innocent, it has quite a few secrets up its tentacles.

It may resemble an octopus but the morphological structure of a jellyfish is far more complex. Furthermore, the transparent exterior of it makes it a formidable contender for a geometric tattoo.

The main shapes that you need to focus on are the curved lines, circles and especially triangles. Try to draw the center part with just the triangles to make it seem like the jellyfish is made out of diamond.

Geometric Knee Tattoo

Geometric Knee Tattoo


For some people the knee is viewed as a mistake in our overall design. They think that this lump of flesh ruins our body image. But each part of the human boy has a purpose. Nothing is for waste.

The knee may be quite knobbly but it’s one of the highest places in the body. Therefore, you can easily get a tattoo there and it would be like the tattoo is jumping out of your flesh. How cool is that!

As for the tattoo design, try to create an abyss by using circles going from big to small as you narrow down. When people look at the tattoo, they will feel like they are in a labyrinth.

Yin Yang Geometric Tattoo

Yin Yang Geometric Tattoo


The yin yang is an ancient concept which still has a lot of significance till this day. It symbolizes two completely opposite aspects of life. It can be evil and good, black and white or even birth and death.

Therefore, when you will get this tattoo, it will have a lot of depth to it. Usually, the symbol is depicted using a circle which is dissected with a single line. Make sure you draw half of the part using black color and leave the other half as it is.

Geometric Spine Tattoo

Geometric Spine Tattoo


Your spine is what holds you down. If you remove your spine from the body, you will collapse in a second.

Although you may not see it from the outside, the spine is playing a major role in keeping your body stable. The overall structure of the spine is pretty straight forward. It’s like a hollow tube that has been elongated.

There are compartments in the spine from which bones branch out. So, a cool tattoo idea is to cover each of the compartments with a triangle. This would make it look like you are a being from outer space seeking refuge in this world.

Travel Into The Mind Of An Artist With This Jaw Dropping Timelapse

Geometric tattoo is a concept that many artists have a good grasp over. But there are still those who can’t seem to understand the symbolism and depth of this kind of tattoos. So you can only imagine just how clueless someone from the outside world will be.

That’s why we have presented a timelapse of a professional artist curving an exceptional geometric tattoo from scratch. Give the video a quick watch to get some inspiration. Then you will be able to get the tattoo of your dream.


There’s a lot more to geometric tattoos than meets the eyes. Each time you look at the tattoo, you will see it in a different perspective. Therefore, there are a lot of questions circulating regarding geometric tattoos. Today, we are going to answer each one of them.

Q: Do Geometric Tattoos Last Long?

Ans: The deep colored ones tend to last longer. If you are going to get a normal geometric tattoo without much extensive inking, it’s going to last about 5-6 years. From then, the ink will start to fade away and you will need to give the tattoo some finishing touches to make it look brand new.

Q: Are Geometric Tattoos Painful?

Ans: Any kind of tattoo is painful no matter where you get it. The geometric tattoos can be a bit more because the stencils go deep into your pores. The location plays a crucial role as some of the parts in your body have a much more sensitive skin such as the chest.

Q: What’s The Best Place To Get A Geometric Tattoo?

Ans: Rather than complicating things, it’s better to just illustrate a single geometric shape in your body canvas. That’s why any place that doesn’t have too much space is perfect for a geometric tattoo. The sleeve and the neck is a very good choice.


As we grow older, our perspectives tend to change. Just imagine how you were as a child. Compare your current self with the version from the past. You will notice a drastic change in the personality as well as the outlook on life.

So, getting a rigid tattoo of something can confine us. The thing that we deem precious now can mean very little to us in the future. That’s why it’s best to get a geometric tattoo. With this tattoo, you are never bound to a shackle. You can think of the tattoo in any way you want.

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