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58 Aesthetic Foo Dog Tattoos To Be Obsessed With

You have definitely seen these enigmatic lions on TV or on the roads of China. These mysterious monuments are believed to protect the buildings from every kind of evil spirit.

Although modern people will not believe in such spirituality, evil still lurks in the shadows. If you will notice, violence and chaos is increasing rapidly. People are losing their tempers and are doing malicious acts. Evil thoughts are slowly corrupting our mind. In this time of distress, we definitely need a foo dog in our lives. That’s why this tattoo is becoming so popular in the chaotic world of today.

Apart from its symbolism, the appearance of foo dogs is truly mesmerizing. These stylized lions are full of vibrant colors and hypnotic patterns. A foo dog in your body canvas will truly look like a work of art.

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Foo Dog Tattoos: Enigmatic Meaning Behind Them

Foo Dog Tattoo Meaning


The overall structure of the foo dogs is quite sophisticated with each of the parts expressing a different meaning. Although the origin of the symbol is in China, over the years, the concept of foo dogs has spread in other continents as well. These creatures have even appeared in modern movies. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the most interesting meanings of foo dog tattoos.

An Amulet of Positivity

It is apparent that the world is now full of negativity. Everyone is trying their best to harm others. The positive concepts such love, friendship, and sacrifice are slowly fading away from the world. The world is devoid of positive energy.

In such a time, foo dog tattoos can bring out a positive energy in us. They are regarded as being joyful, humorous symbols that compels people to have a positive outlook on life.

How Foo Dogs Bring Peace To The World

In the Chinese dynasty, the wars would go on for a long time. Millions of people would suffer and die. That’s why, the general sometimes sent their opponent a letter with a tiny foo dog in there in the hopes that they would make peace with them and oftentimes they did. Just because of these colorful symbols many deadly wars were prevented.

Harbinger Of Good Luck

If your day starts by seeing a foo dog then your entire day will be good. You may get that promotion you have been longing for or a gift from someone you truly love. Your day will be showered with good luck from all angles. That’s the power of the foo dog tattoo. They always bring the wearer happiness.

Emotional Foo Dog Tattoo Designs To Fill Your Heart With Joy

There aren’t many variations to the design of foo dogs. The majority of tattoo artists meticulously replicate the carvings and monuments of them that can be found in temples. But you can elevate these designs by incorporating some beautiful elements such floral patterns or a jarring background.

There is a lot you can do to make the tattoo look much more interesting. So, here we have a panoply of some of the most amazing foo dog tattoos for you to get right away.

Japanese Foo Dog Tattoo

Japanese Foo Dog Tattoo 2

Japanese Foo Dog Tattoo 2


Since the Nara time period, Food dogs have been a staple of Japanese culture. These alluring emblems are believed to grant people good luck and protect them from all the evil entities.

The unique appearance of Foo dogs which consists of a dragon-like head and a rugged mane brings out the festive essence of Japanese culture. The vibrant colors instantly catch our eyes.

Traditional Foo Dog Tattoo

Traditional Foo Dog Tattoo 1


Traditional Foo Dog Tattoo 2


Foo dogs have a wide range of connotations due to their association with Chinese and Japanese culture. Perhaps the most apparent one is their connection with Buddhism. In many Chinese temples, you will find symbols of Foo dogs. They are curved to showcase a tribute towards the lord and the savior.

Another traditional meaning of the tattoo is the depiction of the concept known as Yin yang. The Foo dogs are always viewed in pairs expressing the philosophy of opposite things being in unison. Because of their myriad depictions, the tattoo has gained so much popularity even in the west.

Foo Dog Sleeve Tattoo

Foo Dog Sleeve Tattoo 1


Foo Dog Sleeve Tattoo 2


Sleeve tattoos always express the deepest and darkest secrets of the wearer. With vibrant colors and aesthetic patterns, you can portray a wide range of emotions and messages that are close to your heart.

The Foo dogs are known to be quite energetic beings. They are believed to have extreme strength in their muscles and could close large distances within a blink of an eye. If you want to bring such stupendous energy in your life then get this tattoo right now.

Foo Dog Hand Tattoo

Foo Dog Hand Tattoo 1


Foo Dog Hand Tattoo 2


The earliest iterations of Foo dogs can be found in the 7th century monks. These monks sacrificed their urges and basic needs to live a life of peace and solace.

Because of their dedication, the divine spirit granted them many astonishing abilities. One of them was the magical power to control Foo dogs. With just their bare hands, they could tell them to do whatever they want. If you also get a hand tattoo, you will have complete control of Foo dogs like the monks and tell them to do wondrous things for you.

Foo Dog Forearm Tattoo

Foo Dog Forearm Tattoo 1


Foo Dog Forearm Tattoo 2


Foo dogs are mysterious creatures whose cryptic abilities are still discussed today. They single handedly enlightened an entire culture just with their presence. Wherever there is a symbol of them, people automatically presume that there is no danger nearby.

Therefore, a fitting place for the Foo dogs can only be the forearm. Your forearm is a place which more and less resembles the thorn of a king. When you ink the tattoo there, it will appear as if you are king of the world and no one can defeat you in your journey to greatness.

Small Foo Dog Tattoo

Small Foo Dog Tattoo 1


Small Foo Dog Tattoo 2


Small Foo Dog Tattoo 3


You don’t need to draw the Foo dogs in its entirety. Illustrations of different parts of them represent different meanings.

If you are looking to appear masculine to your peers then you should illustrate the upper portion of the Foo dog which resembles a dragon. If you consider yourself to be a free spirit who is not confined by any restraints then draw the entirety of the Foo dogs but in a minimalistic manner. Just a small general outline of the Foo dog can convey a thousand words.

Foo Dog Chest Tattoo

Foo Dog Chest Tattoo 1


Foo Dog Chest Tattoo 2


Chest tattoos are quite a dubious choice. On one hand, it’s a convenient place for stunning Foo dog tattoos which can symbolize that you wholeheartedly believe in the concept. On the other hand, it’s a risky move because the skin of your chest is extremely sensitive.

Therefore, you should give the tattoo a good thought. Once you have made your mind then start to create a jarring framework of the tattoo. A good framework is a foundation in which the beauty of the Foo dog depends on. Incorporation of a wide range of vivid colors is a must if you want to showcase your jovial nature.

Foo Dog Thigh Tattoo

Foo Dog Thigh Tattoo 1


Foo Dog Thigh Tattoo 2


Foo dogs are amulets of luck and protection. For centuries, they are believed to be the symbol of spirituality. Whenever people had trouble in their lives, they thought of the Foo dogs and they listened to the distressed souls. The Foo dogs gave them peace and solace.

Thigh tattoo is the most suitable place to portray the deep depth of the Foo dogs. Most other parts of your body have solid bones underneath which makes the tattoo look rigid. Your thigh has pure meat and muscle which makes the tattoo look stationary.

Realism Foo Dog Tattoo

Realism Foo Dog Tattoo

As the name suggests, you need to have extreme precision to illustrate the tattoo in a way that feels like it’s real. Therefore, you need to incorporate advanced level inking and shading skills.

One of the essential aspects that makes any tattoo appear realistic is the shadows. Therefore, you should put extra emphasis on the shadows of the Foo dogs. A scenic background also helps in bringing the realism of the tattoo.

Foo Dog Arm Tattoo

Foo Dog Arm Tattoo


Arm tattoos are quite courageous as it expresses that you are not afraid of anything. A Foo dog tattoo on your arm will make you feel invincible. Whenever you look at the tattoo, you will feel like you have the mighty Foo dog to help you.

You have a lot of opportunities to showcase your creativity in the arm tattoo. From simple floral patterns to the intricate designs such as the Mandala art, anything will look good on the arm. You just have to remember not to overdo anything otherwise the tattoo will look messy.

Foo Dog Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Foo Dog Shoulder Blade Tattoo


Your shoulder blades are as sensual as they are mysterious. When you get the tattoo, it will be hidden for most of the time. But whenever a gentle breeze makes your shirt move a bit, your tattoo will peek out. How amazing is that!

The main aspect that you need to be careful about is the pose of the Foo dog. The shoulder blade has a bizarre structure so if you put a vertical tattoo there then it wouldn’t make much sense. It should always be a horizontal tattoo with proper shading to make it look real.

Floral Foo Dog Tattoo

Floral Foo Dog Tattoo


This is a tattoo choice for those who are not afraid to showcase their vulnerable side. You don’t always need to maintain a tough masculine persona. Sometimes, you should keep in touch with your feminine side.

Incorporation of floral patterns in any kind of tattoo makes it look quite aesthetic. The Foo dog tattoo is no exception. It creates a juxtaposition of the power of the Foo dog and the grace of the flowers. If you are dubious about which flower to choose then you should definitely go for either rose or dandelion. They are the hottest patterns trending in the tattoo realm.

Linework Foo Dog Tattoo

Linework Foo Dog Tattoo


For over a century, tattoo artists were obsessed with making tattoos as complicated as possible. If a tattoo didn’t confuse the viewers then it wasn’t done right. But the paradigm has shifted gradually. People are now gravitating more towards tattoos that are minimalistic.

The linework tattoo is one of these styles that look mesmerizing. It consists of minimal shading and shapes to portray the Foo dog. This tattoo emphasizes more on the message rather than the appearance.

Colorful Foo Dog Tattoo

Colorful Foo Dog Tattoo


This one is for the color lovers out there who appreciate vibrant designs. Foo dogs in their natural vicinity are amazingly colorful. They have a wide range of colors throughout the body.

All you need to do is capture the same essense in the tattoo. But you should only use color palettes that work well together. Incorporation of polar opposite colors that don’t compliment well will absolutely ruin your tattoo.

Chinese Foo Dog Tattoo

Chinese Foo Dog Tattoo


The entire concept of the Foo dog was born in China. During the early days , Buddhists believed that these stylish dogs with dragon heads protected their temples from all evil spirits.

When you will get this tattoo, you will also be free from all the evil thoughts. Our minds are contagious. No matter how much we try, we cannot stay away from malicious thoughts. The Foo dog will provide you a sense of peace that will make you think only good thoughts for the rest of your life.

Foo Dog Knee Tattoo

Foo Dog Knee Tattoo


Inking the Foo dog in any of your body parts, it will look eerily similar. Most of your body parts have the same design and surface. But this is not the case for the knee. When you get a knee tattoo, it creates a completely new dimension that makes the tattoo feel like it has descended from the outer world.

It will accurately depict how fiercely guarded the Foo dog is. The tattoo also conveys the wearer’s commitment to their religious beliefs.

Fairy Foo Dog Tattoo

Fairy Foo Dog Tattoo


The reality is often disappointing. All we have is a bunch of vehicles honking at us all day and some screen that we stay glued to. There is nothing to be excited about. Our life is getting more dull by the minute.

Why not bring a little bit of magic into our lives? The fairy Foo dog tattoo comprises whimsical colors and renders a magical atmosphere in your skin. It creates an enduring expression that even the Foo dog can have a mystical side full of wonder.

Cute Foo Dog Tattoo

Cute Foo Dog Tattoo


You don’t always need to make your tattoo look utterly menacing. Although this is the current trend of the tattoo industry, you have to remember that this is not a horror movie. You don’t need to scare off everyone after seeing your tattoo.

A cute Foo dog tattoo is an adorable representation of our beloved symbol. It keeps the deep symbolism intact while playfully giving off a childish and joyful appearance. Whenever you see the tattoo, you feel happy as if you have gone back to your childhood.

Taking A Leap Of Faith With This Mesmerizing Foo Dog Tattoo Timelapse

Although minimalistic foo dog tattoos exist, the best form is undoubtedly the jarring one with grandiose patterns and vibrant colors. These textures accurately portray the whole message of foo dogs.

Illustrating them may seem daunting. That’s why we have an inspiring timelapse of a talented artist drawing the foo dog from head to toe. Give it a quick look to find some motivation.


The internet can be a mysterious place. While searching for foo dog tattoos you may stumble on something that can scar you for life. That’s why we have some mind blowing questions and their answers only for you. You can finally learn everything there is to know about the foo dog tattoos by reading them.

Q: What Powers Do Foo Dog Tattoos Have?

Ans: One of the most apparent abilities of foo dogs is to keep away all the negative and evil thoughts from your mind. When you achieve that, even the most impossible thing will feel like doable to you.

Q: How Did Foo Dog Tattoos Get Their Name?

Ans: The Chinese word for Buddha is “foo” or “fu”. The lion headed creature is believed to be the dog of the Buddha. Consequently, the term “foo dog tattoos” was coined to describe these tattoos.


Spirituality has become an elephant in the room. Everyone knows about it but no one is willing to talk about it. That’s why the concept is slowly becoming more and more obscure.

You may be wondering what’s wrong if there is no existence of spirituality in the world anymore. Well, look around you. Do you see the trouble and the sufferings? These are outcomes of our modern world. It’s high time we went back to our roots and embraced spirituality with the foo dog tattoos. Only then will the world be a better place.

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