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49 Blooming Flower Bouquet Tattoo Designs To Keep You Fresh!

Have you ever been to a wedding? Then you know just how special a flower bouquet is. When the bride and groom take their vow of eternity, the bride throws a flower bouquet behind their head to start off their marital journey. And it is known that whoever catches it also gets good luck. The craze of the flower bouquet tattoo began with this kind of scenario.

Even in the ancient tales, people always acknowledged the flower bouquets as a symbol of prosperity, beauty and most importantly happiness. You cannot deny that the most beautiful thing of mother nature is the flower. It’s like her gift to mankind.

So, when you get the flower bouquet tattoo you will feel a lot closer to nature. You will start to feel refreshed and much more calm. This will eventually help you achieve whatever you want in life. So without further ado, let’s jump into all the nitty gritties of the flower bouquet tattoo.

Knocking On Tattoos Door: Deciphering The True Meaning Hidden In Flower Bouquet Tattoos

Flower bouquet tattoo meaning


A bouquet can be made with a wide range of flowers. They can be tiny ones such as peonies or enormous ones like Hibiscus. Each of these flowers have different styles and colors. Usually, the meaning lies in the colors.

The red color of a flower symbolizes intensity and passion. Sometimes it portrays anger. So if you are angry with society and even the world and you don’t want to conform, then a red colored flower bouquet is perfect for you.

On the other hand , blue is the symbol of serenity and calmness. In folktales, people used to give each other blue flowers to strengthen their relationships. Therefore, if you want a little bit of peace from your hectic lives why not get a blue flower bouquet tattoo?

The yellow and white color have pretty much the same meaning. They both resemble happiness and purity. Those who embrace these colors are known to overcome anything that is thrown at them. The buddhists back in the way used to meditate with white flowers so that they can purify their souls. If you want to live such a tranquil life then get the tattoo engraved right now.

Blowing In The Wild: Refreshing Flower Bouquet Tattoo Ideas

A flower itself is enough to draw your attention due to its vibrant hues and incredible texture. Just imagine how attractive a bouquet would look like as a tattoo. Artists all over the world have been perfecting the art of drawing flower bouquet tattoos for ages now.

Usually, the tattoo doesn’t need to be incredibly realistic. Rather it has to be a bit whimsical and can convey the smoothless natural effect. So here are some of the most amazing flower bouquet tattoos to die for. We can guarantee you that you will find something which you will like even if you are not an avid fan of floral designs.

Birth Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Birth Flower Bouquet Tattoo


Flowers have always been associated with the birth of new things. If we look at it from a biologist’s perspective then when a flower gets pollinated by the male counterpart then the fruits form. Therefore, flowers have long been the symbol of birth.

As the flower depicts the meaning naturally you don’t really need to add anything extra. Usually, artists use lillies to convey the message of new life. Rather than making it look too colorful, it’s best to use black and white color tattoo as the black color resembles death and white portrays birth.

Wildflower Bouquet Tattoo

Wildflower Bouquet Tattoo


Wildflowers grow without proper nutrition or environment. They just grow anywhere. Usually, these kinds of neglected flowers glow the brightest with the most surreal colors encapsulated in their petals.

Like the flower, the tattoo represents free spirit. When you get this tattoo, you will be free from the shackles of society and will be able to think independently. Just like the wildflower waves during a gentle breeze, you will keep on overcoming all the hurdles in life.

Minimalist Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Minimalist Flower Bouquet Tattoo 1


Minimalist Flower Bouquet Tattoo 2


Minimalist Flower Bouquet Tattoo 3


In the midst of all the chaos that is unraveling, the simple path is always the best. That’s why so many tattoo artists all around the world are gravitating towards the minimalist approach.

If you use too many components, it often gets really messy. But with the minimalist flower bouquet tattoo, there is no issue of overdoing anything. Just include a flower or two stemming from a simple ordinary branch. Use vibrant colors with low saturation to make the tattoo soothing to the eye.

Sunflower Bouquet Tattoo

Sunflower Bouquet Tattoo


When you get the sunflower bouquet tattoo, it will look like the entire sun is blazing in your body. The tattoo will give energy and life juice which you can utilize to overcome any obstacle coming your way.

Usually, there are two major colors in a sunflower. One is the luminous yellow and the other is  pure white. These two colors go hand in hand symbolizing the purity and innocence in you.

You can either try to take the minimalistic route by keeping things simple or make it a bit grand by highlighting the petals. Use a dark deep color such as black or blue to heavily outline the exteriors to make the sunflower bouquet tattoo pop out.

Simple Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Simple Flower Bouquet Tattoo


Lets clear a misconception once in for all. A simple tattoo doesn’t mean that it is any less impressive than the sophisticated ones. In fact, sometimes tattoo artists need to explore more ideas to come up with something that is simple yet conveys the message perfectly.

So as you may have guessed, the simple flower bouquet tattoo does not comprise too many elements. Usually, a single flower along with some twigs is more than enough.

You may be wondering what’s the point of such a simple tattoo. Well, that singular flower can mean that you are a lone wolf and you don’t need anyone. You can keep on moving forward without relying on other people. So that’s how powerful a simple flower bouquet tattoo can be.

Family Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Family Flower Bouquet Tattoo 1


Family Flower Bouquet Tattoo 2


Those of you out there who don’t spend time with their family can never be a true man or woman. We are not saying this. The eternal movie “Godfather” said this statement. So, folks always give time to your family no matter how busy you are because they are the most important thing in your life.

So how do you keep yourself reminded of your family and the responsibilities? The answer is quite easy. Get a family flower bouquet tattoo. The tattoo is pretty similar like any other style out there. Just include a quote related to your family and you’ve got something that is as precious as a diamond and even more.

Traditional Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Traditional Flower Bouquet Tattoo 1


Traditional Flower Bouquet Tattoo 2


Traditional Flower Bouquet Tattoo 3


If you ask any renowned tattoo artist about what makes a flower bouquet tattoo look traditional, they will all say that a traditional tattoo uses shades to the fullest.

You can add details as much as you want. But it would make the flower bouquet tattoo realistic, not traditional. To make it look traditional, you have to give hinges of shadow dripping underneath every part of the flower.

You can also try to create a reflective effect by mirroring the part in light color. This would feel like you have gone back to time using a time machine and got this tattoo from one of the early painters.

Flower Bouquet Arm Tattoo

Flower Bouquet Arm Tattoo


Did you know that your arm is one of the most vulnerable spots in your entire body. Some of us even have tickles in our arms. So when you get a flower bouquet tattoo on your arm it indicates that you are not afraid to embrace your vulnerabilities.

You don’t have to cover your entire arm while drawing the tattoo. Just make a small bouquet with a couple of flowers and leaves and it would look stunning. You can add some sprinkles to take it to the next level.

Fineline Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Fineline Flower Bouquet Tattoo 1


Fineline Flower Bouquet Tattoo 2


The fine line style of tattoo usually involves the use of a minimum amount of details and textures. You may breathe a sigh of relief as it would seem like it requires less amount of work.

But the truth is making something beautiful with little ink and color is far harder than the other way around. Usually this type of tattoo does not include too many colors. You just have to fill the parts of the bouquet with black ink and voila.

Flower Bouquet Tattoo On Foot

Flower Bouquet Tattoo On Foot


Do you love Quentin Tarantino? This acclaimed director of superhero films such Inglorious basterds and Django unchained has a weird foot fetish. He just randomly shows movement of the characters feet in every single one of his movies. So if you have the same festish and we are not judging you by any means, then this tattoo is for you.

A good rule of thumb is to not include the fingers because then the tattoo can look absolutely gross.

Just draw the bouquet starting from the ankles to all around the fingers but never on them. You can also include the date of when you get the tattoo. Then the tattoo can be pretty historic and memorable for a long time.

Colorful Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Colorful Flower Bouquet Tattoo


Flowers are colorful in nature. Therefore, it’s obvious that their tattoos also have to be vibrant. Sometimes, tattoo artists like to use black and white to portray their tattoos. While it’s definitely in vogue , this kind of style doesn’t really work for bouquet tattoos.

The bouquet tattoos have to be abundant in color. Another important thing is that the colors have to be in high saturation as if they are beaming from the pores of your skin.

A good way to create a glazing effect is to take your finger and make some blobs around every component of the flower. This will create as if the flower just went super Saiyan mode from the dragon ball z universe.

Realistic Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Realistic Flower Bouquet Tattoo


What we see in the eye is hard to capture in the tattoo. Well, it may be hard but not impossible. To make a realistic flower bouquet tattoo, you have to include a lot of details and textures.

So let us describe the entirety of it. First make a framework like every other tattoo. But rather than just drawing an outline you have to illustrate all the parts of it with extreme precision. The flowers have a bunch of layers which we see as two dimensional curves.

So, these curves have to be wavy otherwise it would look cartoonish. Give the finished tattoo a lot of touch ups. Dilute the colors of the flowers to give a polished visual.

Flower Bouquet Forearm Tattoo

Flower Bouquet Forearm Tattoo


During world war two, those who were prisoners of the concentration camps used to get a tattoo of their prisoner numbers in the forearm. Although now the tattoo means something a lot less miserable, the idea still remains. If you want to come off as passionate then this is the right tattoo for you.

Many of us think that a flower bouquet tattoo should consist of one particular flower but we say that’s bollocks. Incorporate as many flowers as you can. Try to include some other natural elements such as the leaves and the sun to elevate its symbolism.

Flower Bouquet Shoulder Tattoo

Flower Bouquet Shoulder Tattoo


There is nothing more steaming than slowly unstrapping your strap of the cloth you are wearing. Do you know what would make it even spicier? If there was a flower bouquet shoulder tattoo engraved in there.

Usually, the minimalistic approach is the one most artists fancy today. But for the shoulder, you should go all out. Try to make it as colorful as possible. A combination of different flowers with a variety of hues would make a beautiful tattoo. You can also include a few one liners here and there to seem a bit cheesy and over the top.

Flower Bouquet Ankle Tattoo

Flower Bouquet Ankle Tattoo


Imagine you have a tattoo that can vanish and reappear whenever you want. How awesome that would be!

Well, it may sound unrealistic but you can create the same effect if you draw the flower bouquet ankle tattoo. So the mechanism behind the ankle is that there is a joint which is quite flexible. That’s why you can stretch out your hand.

The trick is to illustrate the bouquet tattoo right in the middle of the ankle. So, whenever you stretch your hand, it will appear. Whenever you strengthen your hand, it will disappear.

Flower Bouquet Tattoo On Hand

Flower Bouquet Tattoo On Hand


The sole purpose of a tattoo is to express yourself. If you get your tattoo in a palace where you can’t even see them then what’s the point of it? So, be wild and get the flower bouquet tattoo on hand.

As you might’ve guessed, your hand doesn’t have a lot of space to work with. A stylish idea is to involve both of your hands to portray a full flower bouquet. You can draw the wrapper in one hand and in the other you can illustrate the heads of the flower. The colors can be anything you want. But make sure you don’t overdo it as it will start to look messy.

Tulip Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Tulip Flower Bouquet Tattoo


Tulips are the perfect tattoos for all of the introverts out there who like to seclude themselves from the outside world. A tulip never fully stretches their petals.

This means they always have something hiding behind those curtains. The structure of the flower itself is kind of bizarre as it is round compared to others. So, if you want to be as mysterious as a tulip then get the tulip flower bouquet tattoo right away. Who knows you might start a trend in your community.


A bouquet of flowers can be a mysterious thing. Even beneath the wrapper, there lies the stems and roots of flowers. So, even though we tried to gather all there is to know about flower bouquet tattoos, there can be some things that we have missed. So for your sake, here are some of the questions that can fulfill that void. Have fun reading them.

Q: What Flower Bouquet Tattoo Means Success?

Ans: The Peony flower tattoo always resembles success and prosperity. In ancient literature, people used to hang these flowers in front of their houses wishing only good spirits would come into their house.

Q: Are Flower Bouquet Tattoos Only For Women?

Ans: Although floral designs have always been associated with women, there are no restrictions that only the women can wear them. In fact, men can get this kind of tattoo as well as it can portray that even men have feelings and emotions in them. A tattoo doesn’t always have to be mean and deadly. Sometimes, it needs to be adorable to depict the vulnerability in each of us.

Q: Which Flower Bouquet Tattoo Is The Most Popular?

Ans: This is quite a statistical question. So, let us get our mathematical mode on. So if we research Pinterest then we can see there are about 34,82,299 hashtags associated with rose bouquet tattoos. Therefore, it is the most popular currently.

The second in the list is the lotus with a mere 418,030 hashtags to it. Our third contender is the peony flower tattoo with a hashtag of 409,982. So, the king of flower bouquet tattoos is the rose.


A tattoo can be a big decision to make. After all, it’s going to stay with your body canvas for a long time. So, if you make a mistake in choosing the right design for you, that can be one of the biggest mistakes of your life.

The flower bouquets are always a good choice. The intricate textures along with the vibrant colors are a joy to witness. But with so many styles and colors, it can obscure your mind. Therefore, give our article a good read and finalize the tattoo of your dreams. If you can spare some extra time, explore some of our other articles on a variety of tattoos. We have everything under one roof.

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