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56 Enigmatic Fenrir Tattoo Ideas To Show Courage

For many of us, there is a time in our life when we feel that we are an outcast. It may be because of how we look or how we talk. Our personality and behavior doesn’t seem to resonate with the general people. So, we stay secluded, living in the shadows.

There is an entity in Norse mythology who has the same dire fate as some of us. Because of its humongous size, it has been seen as a threat and has been casted away. It is none other than Fenrir, the wolf. This wolf is the child of the Norse gods Loki and Angrboda.

At its young age, it lived in Asgard before getting thrown into the wild because of its growing size. We all relate to it in some way. That’s why we want to get it engraved in our body to commemorate its message.

Harbinger Of Death: The Somber Meaning Of Fenrir Tattoos

Fenrir tattoo meaning


In Norse mythology, Fenrir has been depicted as a force of evil. It is the polar opposite of Odin. With its giant mouth and extraordinary strength, Fenrir swallows everything that comes its way. It keeps on wreaking havoc in the peaceful world of Asgard.

But this depiction is subjective. Another scholar suggests that Fenrir only does what any beast will do when it is threatened. It’s the natural tendency to hunt that compels Fenrir.

Fenrir will also have a fantastic role in Ragnarok. It has been predicted that Fenrir will eat everything, its upper jaw touching the sky and its lower jaw resting on the ground. Therefore, it is apparent that Fenrir represents one’s relationship with nature, rebelliousness, strength, and being misunderstood.

Stylish Fenrir Tattoo Designs To Be Obsessed With

The overall appearance of Fenrir is quite intimidating. The enormous shape along with razor sharp teeth and claws, it can easily dismantle anything that comes its way. Because of its aggressive persona, it is the men who seek to get the tattoo. But there is no jurisdiction.

Even women with bold ambitions can get this tattoo to express their deepest and darkest desires. So today, we are going to look at some of the most awe inspiring Fenrir tattoo choices that will keep your head ringing.

Realistic Fenrir Tattoo

Realistic Fenrir Tattoo 1


Realistic Fenrir Tattoo 2


Realistic Fenrir tattoo encapsulates the deadly nature of the wolf picture perfectly. When you see this tattoo, you feel like the wolf is going to jump at you at any moment and rip your skin within seconds..

For making it look ultra realistic, you should emphasize on the general outline first. A framework creates a foundation for more intricate designs in the later stage. Don’t shy away from using bold and somber colors. It will allow the tattoo to express more about Fenrir’s personality and nature.

Vikings Fenrir Tattoo

Vikings Fenrir Tattoo


Vikings and Fenrir are two sides of the same coin. Since the start of Norse mythology, they have been deeply associated with their numerous meetups across several continents. There are even stories when vikings tried to capture him with thick shackles but failed.

So, a cool looking design is to illustrate the struggle of the vikings while trying to capture and tame the ferocious beast. It may seem quite intimidating to illustrate but the end result will make you breathe a sigh of relief.

Fenrir Sketch Tattoo

Fenrir Sketch Tattoo


Compared to the other tattoos on this list, sketch tattoos are relatively simple and easy. There aren’t many intricate details or vivid colors.

Instead, you should only use a freestyle method to draw the wolf. The parts such as the fur and the face don’t need that much emphasis. Just make sure that the sketch resembles Fenrir and that’s it. Addition of some nordic elements can go a long way.

Fenrir Arm Tattoo

Fenrir Arm Tattoo


Arm tattoos are for the bold who aren’t afraid to exhibit their skin to the broad masses. Why should you? When you get a Fenrir tattoo, you will come off as someone with extreme confidence.

The Fenrir arm tattoo has a wide range of connotations. Perhaps, the most apparent one is the strength in one’s character. Fenrir, although a beast, is extremely loyal. This is something that we all should incorporate in our own character.

Fenrir Thigh Tattoo

Fenrir Thigh Tattoo


Thigh tattoos need to be over the top. The flamboyant designs will make your thigh the center of attention in any party or social gatherings.

As your thigh has a lot of space, it’s best to illustrate large shaped tattoos with more intricacies and colors. Although Fenrir is seen in a monochromatic color scheme, incorporation of vibrant color will bring some life into it.

Mad Fenrir Tattoo

Mad Fenrir Tattoo


You don’t want to get Fenrir mad. Once this giant wolf gets mad, it starts to wreak havoc on everything. Not even the most powerful viking out there can put up a fight with it. Fenrir devours everything that comes in its path.

To portray such an aggression in tattoo form needs a lot of finesse. You need to put special emphasis on the face and try to make it look like it’s bursting with rage. Accurate use of curves and straight lines can make Fenrir look like a beast from hell.

Fenrir Forearm Tattoo

Fenrir Forearm Tattoo


Forearm tattoos express self awareness and dedication. There is also a depth of magic in there. The main concept of forearm tattoo is that you can conceal and showcase the tattoo at any time. When you have an animal or a creature in there, you are the one that is in complete control over it.

Now imagine, you have a Fenrir tattoo. This is the same Fenrir that even Odin is scared of. You will be able to fully control it. That raises you above mortal ability, don’t you think?

Blackwork Fenrir Tattoo

Blackwork Fenrir Tattoo


Contemporary tattoo design doesn’t comprise the use of vibrant and bold colors. Instead, it mainly features deep black colors that portray a somber appearance. When you look at the tattoo, you feel a sense of voidness. As if you are slowly falling into a deep dark abyss.

Blackwork tattoo overpowers everything so it can be also a choice as a cover up tattoo. The big, old Fenrir will completely remove all the trace of that horrendous tattoo that was existing in your body canvas.

Fenrir Chest Tattoo

Fenrir Chest Tattoo 1


Fenrir Chest Tattoo 2


Fenrir living in your chest may be something that we all want. We want the mighty wolf to stay close to our hearts so that with every heartbeat we get more and more connected. It’s as if both of us will share the same heart.

But illustrating a chest tattoo can be quite detrimental. As the skin is quite sensitive, it can permanently alter the outer surface rendering it damaged. So if your dedication to the nordic wolf is solid as a steel, only then you should get this tattoo.

Fenrir Leg Tattoo

Fenrir Leg Tattoo


It is thought that Fenrir’s four legs are the source of its incredible strength and power. The ligaments get more tense as it tries to produce energy in various ways. The enormous static energy is subsequently spread across the entirety of Fenrir’s body.

So, it’s only right that you get this huge wolf in one of your legs. It’s also a fantastic place for people who are a little self-conscious about their appearance.

Fenrir Hand Tattoo

Fenrir Hand Tattoo


Hand tattoos more often serve as a declaration that the bearer wishes to live by their own norms rather than being constrained by those of the contemporary, desensitized world. The message that the wearer is off limits when it comes to following pointless rules and regulations is considerably more evident when using an emotive image like Fenrir.

Small and minimalistic tattoos are the way to go for the hand. You can also utilize the fingers to add some theatricality and deception into the mix.

Fenrir Calves Tattoo

Fenrir Calves Tattoo


Calves is an unusual place for a Fenrir tattoo. So you may be wondering why is it on the list then?

Well, we are all accustomed to seeing Fenrir on the leg or the back. It has become so common to the point that it is plain boring. There is nothing unique or exciting about getting a Fenrir tattoo in the same place as a thousand others. Therefore, you should try to bring a bit of thrill in your life by experimenting and trying out new things. The calves tattoo can be the first of many things that may shift the paradigm of your life.

Tribal Fenrir Tattoo

Tribal Fenrir Tattoo


Fenrir isn’t a city wolf with poshness and a sense of entitlement. It doesn’t know how to brag and hide its feelings from others. Instead, Fenrir is a tribal creature that is true to its bones.

It has been depicted in the books that Fenrir often is associated with Mother Nature. It plays with the trees and bushes, and it even enjoys the scent of newly blooming flowers. Fenrir conceptualizes the fundamental core of tribal life even though it may opt to live alone.

Norse Fenrir Tattoo

Norse Fenrir Tattoo


It’s difficult to count all the times Fenrir appears in Norse mythology. Any Norse tale would be incomplete without mentioning Fenrir.

Snow imagery is the fundamental component of any type of Norse tattoo. Snow had a significant impact on Nordic culture. It had direct correlation with many of their trades and activities. In order to capture the essence of ice, add a lot of snow to your Norse Fenrir tattoo when you get it.

Tyr And Fenrir Tattoo

Tyr And Fenrir Tattoo


As time went by, Fenrir became uncontrollable due to its size. It became a threat to Asgard. Many gods tried to restrain him. They made a light shackle that was very strong. But someone had to put the shackle on Fenrir. No one could do it.

It was Tyr who put his hand on the Jaws of Fenrir to deceive it while the others put the constraints. But when Fenrir figured it out, it chewed Tyr’s hand. So, there is a rich and tragic history behind these two.

Odin And Fenrir Tattoo

Odin And Fenrir Tattoo


Odin is regarded as the all-knowing god who brings prosperity and good fortune everywhere he goes. Fenrir, on the other hand, represents evil. It simply can’t help but bring chaos into the world.

These two characters are polar opposed to one another. It is this difference that motivates people to get tattoos. Fenrir may even end up killing Odin during Ragnarok, according to legend. The depth and tension between these two is further deepened by this.

Fenrir Symbolize Tattoo

Fenrir Symbolize Tattoo


Fenrir is a symbol of many things. Although if taken literally, it is a symbol of destruction. But if you look past its appearance and persona, you will see a troubled, often neglected soul that resonates a lot to us.

Fenrir often gets misunderstood like many of us. Because of our odd nature, we are thrown aside. That’s why we connect so much with Fenrir. It conveys feelings of isolation, hopelessness, and most importantly the longing for independence.

Neo Traditional Fenrir Tattoo

Neo Traditional Fenrir Tattoo


Neo-traditional tattoos have an incredibly captivating appearance thanks to the avant-garde inking technique, delicate dot work, and vibrant colors that produce such alluring patterns that anyone can get lost in them.

This tattoo design has a strong emphasis on shading. The tattoos have a hyper-realistic appearance due to the shading around their edges. It gives the tattoo the appearance that Fenrir is alive inside of you, feeding on your flesh.

Exploring Deep Into The Norse Mythology: An Amazing Time Lapse of Fenrir Tattoos

It’s difficult to draw any kind of mythological figure, let alone Fenrir. It’s a striking tattoo design because of the eerie furs, two luminous eyes, and pointed claws.

Because of this, the artist must be extremely precise and imaginative. Here is a visual representation of a talented tattoo artist illustrating the Fenrir tattoo to offer you some ideas.


Although If searched, you will find countless information on Fenrir tattoos, none of them have anything of value. Most of the information just reiterates the same old things that we already know about the tattoo. That’s why, we have collected some of the most innovative questions to spark your interest.

Q: Will Fenrir Devour The Sun?

Ans: According to a source, Fenrir will devour literally everything during Ragnarok. This includes trees, mountains, vikings and even gods. Even the sun won’t be spared from the wrath of Fenrir.

Q: Are Fenrir Tattoos Good Or Evil?

Ans: Fenrir tattoos are often misinterpreted because of how the wolf is depicted in the mythology. But it is the metaphor that needs to be focused more than the artworks.

Fenrir is an oppressed soul who has been banished by bureaucracies of the gods. This oppression causes Fenrir to lose control of its temper. There is nothing evil about that in our opinion.


Fenrir tattoos are a statement more than a tattoo. The frightening yet aesthetic appearance of the wolf along with a rich history that is attached to it makes it an excellent tattoo choice. You can get the tattoo anywhere you want and it will look fantastic.

Just like there is no restriction and boundaries to Fenrir, there is no certain style or shape that you have to follow. Fenrir tattoos are fluid that will look good irrespective of the design. When you finally get the tattoo, you will feel a sudden surge of power within you. You will feel like the king of the world.

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