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62 Faith Over Fear Tattoo Ideas To Achieve Inner Peace

In times of darkness, we often struggle to find hope. The feeling of hopelessness not only takes a toll on our characteristics, but also hampers our physical and spiritual health. While many find it easy to overcome adversity, on the other end of the spectrum lies those that suffer from a loss of faith, and spiral even further. That’s when the “Faith Over Fear” tattoo takes over and acts as a ray of light.

The main highlight in this article will be the “Faith Over Fear” tattoo. Apart from suggesting designs through which one may find newfound hope in, we will be carrying out an investigation on the meaning it carries, why one should wear them, and how one can create their own version of the “Faith Over Fear” tattoo.

The captivating meaning behind the “Faith Over Fear” tattoo

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Unlike most tattoos, the “Faith over Fear” tattoo isn’t for the visuals. In fact, when all is said and done, it is the meaning that holds the purpose, not the presentability of the visuals.

Consisting of nothing but the writing “Faith Over Fear”, this tattoo is for those that are succumbing under the downs of life. It is for those that are letting their fear control every move of theirs, turning to unhealthy habits to cope with the negatives of their scenarios, and feeling as if they’re fighting a losing battle.

The “Faith Over Fear” tattoo is not just a helping hand, but a means to build hope through achieving faith. It’s about finding gratitude when things are falling apart. Its main purpose is to give reassurance of God’s existence to people. It preaches how God will always watch over us and look out for us during good times, and provide us with during hard times.

While the meaning that it symbolizes can often be categorized as cliched, the “Faith Over Fear” tattoo definitely has traits and features that are more than exceptional enough for the design to be the breath of fresh air that one craves to kickstart their healing journey.

“Faith Over Fear” Tattoo Ideas That Speak Louder Than Words

Now that you have a better understanding on what they symbolize and what their main incentive is, if you’re planning on getting a “Faith Over Fear” tattoo soon, perhaps you shouldn’t skip out on this portion.

Listed below contains not only a list of our favorite picks of the “Faith Over Fear” tattoo, but also contains a sequence of designs that you are welcome to look into for inspiration before coming up with an original design of this popular tattoo.

“Faith Over Fear” Cross Tattoo

Faith over fear tattoo with cross

If your main aim is to reconnect with God and build indestructible faith over time, you can definitely consider this design as an option. The placement of it doesn’t come with a fixed requirement, as it can be placed anywhere and everywhere. For instance, if you want to showcase it to the world and display your admiration for the tattoo, you can place it on the forearm, and the area behind the neck. Doing so will not only allow the script tattoo to look elegant, but also make it convenient for you to look at whenever you are feeling low.

“Faith Over Fear” Spine Tattoo

Faith over fear tattoo spine

While this variation might involve a lot of pain, perhaps a spine tattoo should be undertaken as an option if you want to protect your privacy. It is also a great placement for a tattoo as simple as a quote tattoo, as it will allow even the basic font to stand out.

Apart from the two features mentioned above, when obtained as a back tattoo, due to the amount of space available, one can easily form an enormous artwork by adding tattoos that carry the same meaning as the “Faith Over Fear” tattoo around the initial artwork. While it will look silly in the short run, it will surely look like a timeless piece in the long run as the sentimental value will only grow with each day.

“Faith Over Fear” Wrist Tattoo

Faith over fear tattoo wrist

Similar to the previous entry, a wrist tattoo is also great to maintain one’s privacy. The artwork of the “faith over fear” tattoo will be very small in size and very hard to acknowledge from afar, which can be a pro to those that side with the symbolism of the body modification.

It is ideal for those that have a knack for minimalism, as well as a great alternative for those that are seeking a contender for their first tattoo.

Watercolor “Faith Over Fear” Tattoo

Watercolor faith over fear tattoo

If you want to amp up the visuals by a tad bit without making the visuals loud, add a series of soft tones over the tattoo. While the colors blue, red, and purple are the go to choices, you may also pick colors like yellow, green, and pink, as they carry the same amount of volume.

Additionally, when getting the tattoo, to minimize the impact of the visuals, install it on compact areas such as the wrist, the inner bicep or the forearm. Due to the limited space, the tattoo will always stay fun-sized.

“Faith Over Fear” Shoulder Tattoo

Faith over fear tattoo shoulder

A shoulder tattoo is always the best placement for you, especially if you want to play it safe. The area that it tends to contain really flourish when a quote tattoo is achieved on it. While the visuals will look great with the implementation of a plain font, those that want to give the artwork a minor boost can also introduce micro tattoos or a wavy silhouette to the font in order to make it a little less basic.

“Faith Over Fear” Star Tattoo

Faith over fear tattoo with star

Star tattoos stand for hope, ambition, and guidance. When paired up with a “Faith Over Fear” tattoo, it can help the wearer by providing them with reassurance and patience during difficult moments.

Additionally, when it comes to placement, one should always install this design on an area that isn’t as exposed as most body parts, like the collar bone. Doing so will not only allow the wearer to form an inseparable bond with the artwork, but also motivate them to look on the bright side during unfavorable times.

“Faith Over Fear” Flower Tattoo

Faith over fear tattoo with flower

When teamed up with a flower tattoo, a regular “Faith Over Fear” tattoo will not only face an improvement in its visuals, but also be provided with a stronger symbolism.

While a flower tattoo often represents the love that one has for another, it was used to symbolize God’s contentment when it was first discovered.

Achieving this tattoo will not only encourage one to focus on finding the positive in the negative, but also encourage them to seek God’s help during their darkest hours, which will be beneficial for them if one of their aims is to reconnect with their spiritual core.

“Faith Over Fear” Arrow Tattoo

Faith over fear tattoo with arrow

The symbolism of an arrow tattoo is interconnected to that of a “faith over fear” tattoo. When paired together the “Faith Over Fear” arrow tattoo can make one learn to stay grateful during hardships and struggle, while placing their trust in God to take the wheel and resolve the issues.

Furthermore, for best results, one should definitely obtain this tattoo on an unprotected area. That way, not only will they be able to reach out for support from their loved ones, but will also be able to console themselves when their anxiety levels are at an all time high. 

“Faith Over Fear” Forearm Tattoo

Faith over fear tattoo on forearm

If you’re seeking to make the most out of a “Faith Over Fear” tattoo, achieve it on your forearm. The room available will be more than good enough for the design to be converted to a sleeve tattoo in the future, which could be a plus for you if you like to make use of your creative thinking abilities.

In addition to its spacious nature, a tattoo on the forearm is far less painful than an average tattoo. In fact, according to facts and figures, research suggests that, due to the amount of thick skin on your forearm, even complex tattoos cause a moderate amount of pain.

“Faith Over Fear” Cancer Tattoo

Faith over fear cancer tattoo

While dealing with cancer is something that we can’t even begin to imagine, we do know how draining it could be for an individual. It empties a person emotionally and physically, so much so, that it’s tough to see the light of the day.

Although we can’t assure you that installing a tattoo will help solve everything, a “Faith Over Fear” tattoo can definitely be your support system when you need words of encouragement, and if you’re currently seeking a source of positivity.

Final Verdict

Whether you’re going through a phase or mourning the loss of a loved one, getting a “Faith Over Fear” tattoo will surely help you by being a much needed helping hand during that moment. However, there will always be a limit to how much consolation it will give you.

While we do believe that it is surely one of the better coping mechanisms available to grieve and overcome hardships, we strongly believe that being connected to your religious beliefs, your character, having supportive people around you, and seeking help when needed will have a much more effective outcome.

So, be vocal and honest to yourself. Open up to your friends and family members when necessary, and focus on strengthening your beliefs to achieve inner-spirituality. Let the “faith over fear” tattoo work as a reminder for you to rise above instead of seeing it as a remedy to your suffering.

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