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95 Protective And Meaningful Evil Eye Tattoos To Wear This Year

While some tattoos solely exist to bring more attention to the art of obtaining the body modification themselves, a couple of them, such as evil eye tattoos, exist to showcase just how deep the layers beyond the visuals can be if you look hard enough.

An evil eye tattoo is both a black sheep and a prominent variant in the world of tattoos. The visuals are often the secondary component of the artwork, as it is the inner meaning that makes the tattoo so intriguing and frightening, leading to curiosity.

At the moment, an evil eye tattoo is perceived as a neutral kind of body modification, carrying characteristics that lead to both good fortune and failure. However, to learn all about how an evil eye tattoo was perceived in the beginning, how it’s acknowledged right now, and discover all the marvellous designs that one can create with the component, be sure to give this article a read!

The Notorious Meaning Of Evil Eye Tattoos

Notorious Meaning Of Evil Eye Tattoos


The image of an evil eye isn’t the only thing that makes an evil eye tattoo so promising, as the messages it conveys are just as powerful in the eyes of many.

The image of an evil eye is feared in the minds of most, having associations with cynical spells and life-threatening energies. Many believe that, with the help of an evil eye, anyone can curse the fortune and shape the future of someone they despise. The power of an evil eye also runs on envy.

However, if you’re wary of tattoos and their symbolism, we’re sure you’re aware of how flexible tattoos are metaphorical, an aspect that an evil eye tattoo depicts beautifully, And if you’re eager to learn all about it, don’t skip out on the following segments.

Evil Eye Tattoo and Its Ties With Religion

An evil eye tattoo is quite popular in pop culture at the moment, but has somewhat of a mixed reception in the eyes of those with faith in religion. Many believe that the existence of an evil eye leads to bad omens and misfortune, while the rest have it in their homes to protect themselves from harm.

The Current Meaning Of Evil Eye Tattoos

Not much has progressed metaphorically for an evil eye tattoo, as it is somewhat seen as a mixture of good luck and mishap to this day. However, due to its illustration, which is typically draped in royal blue, green, and sky blue, an evil eye tattoo is still quite favorable among people who prioritize visuals. The colours also pair well with both neutral and vibrant hues, making the tattoo compatible.

The Darkside Of Evil Eye Tattoos

First impressions are everything, which explains the struggles of an evil eye in the tattoo world.

An evil eye tattoo is currently a safe space in the eyes of many, which is definitely one of the reasons behind its rise to stardom at the moment. However, at the end of the day, a majority of people still believe that it is a recipe for misfortune, and that wearing it as a tattoo or as an accessory can harm the wearer and those around them.

Enchanting Designs Of Evil Eye Tattoos That Ensure Protection

Being wary of the meaning is an important element to fathom if you’re going all in with an evil eye tattoo, since it’s one of the very few designs with a double meaning. However, if you’re a beginner lacking assistance, skimming through concepts with unique illustrations can also help you snap out of your creator’s block when deciding on the design.

Worry not, however, as the following list containing top-notch designs of evil eye tattoos will surely allow you to come out of that swamp and find an illustration that pairs well with your frame and resonates with your purpose.

Small Evil Eye Tattoo

Small Evil Eye Tattoo 1


Small Evil Eye Tattoo 2


A small evil eye tattoo is perhaps the most favorable variant in this series, containing a simple emblem that can cater to the minds of minimalists as well as beginners.

The graphic is quite compact and isn’t too flashy, as it is nothing but a representation of the purpose evil eye tattoos serve. It offers simple components, a time-friendly procedure, and requires very few touch-ups to stay in place, making it a win-win option.

While this tattoo looks great on the wrist, a couple of equally compelling areas are the ankle, forearm, the area behind the ear, and so on.

Blue Evil Eye Tattoo

Blue Evil Eye Tattoo 1


Blue Evil Eye Tattoo 2


An evil eye tattoo looks great when curated with a black and grey hue. However, to make the most of it, the classic colours of royal blue, light blue, black, and white should be obtained instead.

Since this tattoo is quite lenient in terms of size, areas like the collarbone can be a compelling area for placement. However, if you’d like to cover the tattoo and only want to unveil it to people you trust, obtain it near the Achilles.

Traditional Evil Eye Tattoo

Traditional Evil Eye Tattoo 1


Traditional Evil Eye Tattoo 2


An evil eye tattoo is quite adaptable and welcomes any component with open arms, so never hesitate to experiment with the illustration. Additionally, if you feel that you want to play with more colours, the elements of a traditional evil eye tattoo should be sufficient.

A traditional evil eye tattoo contains more faded tones than the average evil eye tattoo, giving the artwork a vintage effect. The tattoo is also hefty, so be sure to place it in locations that are wide and lengthy enough.

Evil Eye Finger Tattoo

Evil Eye Finger Tattoo 1


Evil Eye Finger Tattoo 2


If you’re not sensitive to pain and are seeking something minimal, obtain the evil eye tattoo as a finger tattoo.

The installation process could be a bit hectic, which is why you should turn to an experienced artist to avoid botched results. Since finger tattoos fade easily, it is important that you visit the tattoo parlour every 3 months to keep the visuals as crisp as possible.

Greek Evil Eye Tattoo

Greek Evil Eye Tattoo


An evil eye tattoo is big in Greece, affiliated with protection and security in the European country. And although the visuals of the eye are hardly any different, the border it contains is shaped with meandros, a motif that is quite revolutionary in Greek culture.

The size of this tattoo is also quite adjustable and flexible, so don’t forget to obtain it in a location that aligns with your interests.

Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo

Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo 1


Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo 2


Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo 3


Many people also find contentment in pairing an evil eye tattoo with a hamsa tattoo, which can be a good notion to go forward with if the bad in evil eye tattoos startle you to a certain degree.

Hamsa tattoo, otherwise known as the “Hand of God” tattoo, is a symbol of peace and protection. Under the guidance of a hamsa tattoo, even a piece like an evil eye tattoo can convert to something that transpires good fortune.

Simple Evil Eye Tattoo

Simple Evil Eye Tattoo


Another good form of evil eye tattoo that strictly caters to those that are sensitive to pain and looking for a basic design is this variant right here, involving the features of a simple evil eye tattoo.

This tattoo is straightforward, easy to install, and even easier to maintain. With a poke and stick tattoo kit, one can also create the visuals of a simple evil eye tattoo at home.

Evil Eye Neck Tattoo

Evil Eye Neck Tattoo


The back of the neck is one of the most delicate areas of the human body, making it a great canvas for spiritual beings. Since an evil eye tattoo is also for those that believe in superstitions, the illustration looks quite comfortable when obtained as a neck tattoo.

This evil eye tattoo contains a soft colour scheme that can be a good incentive for those with a knack for promising illustrations. For an enjoyable experience, however, consuming painkillers or using numbing cream is advised.

Egyptian Evil Eye Tattoo

Egyptian Evil Eye Tattoo


The black sheep on this list is the Egyptian evil eye tattoo, which not only carries different components, but is also affiliated with a different array of meanings.

An Egyptian evil eye tattoo contains a graphic of an eye with dark borders and a monochromatic colour combination. The motif depicts the importance of protection, sacrifice, healing, and rebirth. On most occasions, an Egyptian evil eye tattoo is hailed for protecting people from existing and invalid curses.

Evil Eye Wrist Tattoo

Evil Eye Wrist Tattoo


If all you’re seeking is a fine-line tattoo, an area that you must utilize is the wrist.

An evil eye wrist tattoo can be curated in many ways. It can either be formed using vibrant shades of colour or through a colourless figure. However, if you’d like our two cents on this matter, we’d suggest you side with the latter!

An evil eye wrist tattoo fades quite quickly, especially when the area is exposed to too much heat. However, due to its compact size, the graphic is just as easy to maintain.

Evil Eye Chest Tattoo

Evil Eye Chest Tattoo 1


Evil Eye Chest Tattoo 2


A chest tattoo can be a bit too loud if your main aim is to obtain an evil eye tattoo. However, if the pattern runs a bit large, doing so can be a good way of installing crystal-clear visuals.

An evil eye chest tattoo is a plus for pulling off elaborate designs and a complex variant of an evil eye tattoo. In contrast to most body parts, the chest is also quite effective in absorbing the blows from a needle, making it a promising prospect for beginners.

Red Evil Eye Tattoo

Red Evil Eye Tattoo 1


Red Evil Eye Tattoo 2


Changing the primary colour scheme can be a good way to rise above the rest with your evil eye tattoo. And while royal blue is the perfect match for the sketch of an evil eye, the colour red can also be utilized to unlock a fresh design of an evil eye tattoo.

A favorable shade of red that is typically picked for this tattoo is tomato red, which attracts tons of eyes with its saturated visuals. To amplify the illustration, using more colurs, bold shapes, and borders is advised.

Evil Eye Flower Tattoo

Evil Eye Flower Tattoo


A feminine design of evil eye tattoos can be brought into existence using floral patterns. And if you don’t have enough creativity to do it yourself, consider using this evil eye flower tattoo as a reference.

The graphic is a tad bit different as opposed to the other options, with soft tones that lead this design to stardom. The dimensions are also quite manageable and flexible, but often look best when installed in a compact location.

Evil Eye Hand Tattoo

Evil Eye Hand Tattoo


Despite accommodating tons of nerve endings, the surface of the hand can be an ideal candidate to display the potential of an evil eye tattoo, especially if the groundwork is formed with basic components.

An evil eye hand tattoo is a great option for those that aren’t shy of exposing the tattoo to the public eye, and a friend in need for those that always need protection. The components of it are kind of different as opposed to the average evil eye tattoo, but one can easily revert to the original by changing up the palette.

Butterfly Evil Eye Tattoo

Butterfly Evil Eye Tattoo


A great way to mitigate the intense metaphor of evil eye tattoos can be done if one pairs a butterfly tattoo alongside the illustration, associated with beauty and grace. For its visuals, this design can also be an excellent pick for those who desire feminine traits.

A butterfly evil eye tattoo is all about the artwork, so be sure to use colours that highlight the delicacy in both components. This tattoo does require frequent touch-ups, so prepare your wallet accordingly.

Realistic Evil Eye Tattoo

Realistic Evil Eye Tattoo


Most evil eye tattoos feel animated, which can seem plain in the eyes of many. And while you can add extra components to your tattoo to make your installment unique, you can also take a couple of pointers from this realistic evil eye tattoo if you desire a 3-dimensional piece.

Since the tattoo is quite hefty, using the forearm can be a good idea. However, if you’d like the pain level to be a little less dreadful, try shifting the artwork to the surface of the thigh or leg.

Mandala Evil Eye Tattoo

Mandala Evil Eye Tattoo


If you have a knack for complex patterns, a mandala evil eye tattoo should be sufficient to meet that criterion.

Despite having a lengthier procedure and involving more complex components as opposed to its competitors, a mandala evil eye tattoo is extremely desirable among body modifications for the way it is obtained. Many often install them the same way as Polynesian tattoos, mainly to reprise the glossy texture of the artwork.

Evil Eye Tattoo Behind the Ear

Evil Eye Tattoo Behind the Ear 1


Evil Eye Tattoo Behind the Ear 2


To obtain a friendly-sized motif, a great area that you can consider for your evil eye tattoo should be the space behind the ear, known for being susceptible to pain.

This tattoo is a great option for first-timers, as the procedure isn’t time consuming or hectic. With some numbing cream, the contact from a needle should also feel as painless as a pinch.

Watercolor Evil Eye Tattoo

Watercolor Evil Eye Tattoo


To take away some attention from the fearful meaning it carries, an evil eye tattoo can also be paired with promising visuals, mainly through soft colours and blurry effects. And if you like the sound of that, add a watercolour evil eye tattoo to your list, which not only ages like wine, but also fits with the canvas of any location, especially the wrist!

Evil Eye Crown Tattoo

Evil Eye Crown Tattoo


Losing a loved one is one of the worst feelings in life. And while you may turn to your family and friends for support to cope with their absence, getting a tattoo can also be a compelling way to find peace during the darkest hours, especially with the help of an evil eye crown tattoo, a symbol known for paying homage to deceased souls.

Evil Eye Mushroom Tattoo

Evil Eye Mushroom Tattoo


Many people are skeptical about evil eye tattoos due to their image in the tattoo industry. But if you’d still like to satisfy your cravings of obtaining an evil eye tattoo, play it safe by pairing the artwork with a mushroom tattoo, a symbol that has a reputation for reversing cynical effects carried by symbols in the tattoo world.

A mushroom tattoo isn’t just associated with power, but also has ties with security and prosperity, making it a win-win for anyone.

Evil Eye Arrow Tattoo

Evil Eye Arrow Tattoo


The illustration of an evil eye tattoo can cater to minimalists, but it often falls short of pleasing other enthusiasts. And if you happen to fall under the latter category, an evil eye arrow tattoo will probably align perfectly with your interests.

An evil eye arrow tattoo contains dark borders and a concentrated shading technique, which makes the eyes stand out even more. The eyeball is typically fused using a faded colour of pastel blue, which fits like a glove with the rest of the components.

Evil Eye Matching Tattoo

Evil Eye Matching Tattoo


Though rare, an evil eye tattoo can be a great way to bond with your significant other, especially if you get a matching set of evil eye tattoos.

The visuals of this piece don’t matter as much, as they’re not any different than an average evil eye tattoo. The location, however, plays a crucial role in shaping this entry, so be sure to use the wrist or forearm for the best results.

Evil Eye Back Tattoo

Evil Eye Back Tattoo


Using the trap of your back can be a great idea for small tattoos, as the delicate body part can display illustrations as meaningful as evil eye tattoos.

Since the trapezius muscle varies in size, the dimensions of an evil eye tattoo don’t come with a fixed size. However, for best results, do keep the components as simple as possible.

Evil Eye Patch Tattoo

Evil Eye Patch Tattoo


Incorporating the components of a patchwork tattoo can also work well with an evil eye tattoo, enhancing the visuals for maximum success. The graphic of this design isn’t just gleamed up with vibrant colours, but also magnified using sharp borders.

An evil eye patchwork tattoo runs small in terms of size, making the forearm, ankle, and wrist three ideal locations.

Evil Eye Strawberry Tattoo

Evil Eye Strawberry Tattoo


A fun-loving version that really focuses more on the visuals as opposed to the metaphor is the hybrid of an evil eye and strawberry tattoo, being the perfect option for those with a knack for feminine energy.

The evil eye is often carved inside the strawberry, which can be a good way to fill out blank spaces. The dimensions of this tattoo are small, making it great for newbies and beginners.

Evil Eye Leg Tattoo

Evil Eye Leg Tattoo


Many prefer positioning an evil eye tattoo in areas that are easily accessible, like the wrist, forearm, and upper elbow. However, if you want to stand out with your design and minimize the pain levels by a significant amount, an evil eye leg tattoo can easily be of assistance.

The canvas of the leg is pretty wide, which could be a bonus if your desired concept is sizable. For a subtle effect, though, keeping things light should be the solution.

Geometric Evil Eye Tattoo

Geometric Evil Eye Tattoo


If the wrist is your placement area, your evil eye tattoo might look a little basic. While the visuals will be spectacular regardless, you may even use borders around the eye tattoo to spice things up a bit. And if you do like the sound of that, we hope you find inspiration in this geometric evil eye tattoo!

Evil Eye Sternum Tattoo

Evil Eye Sternum Tattoo


A sternum tattoo is always memorable as long as the component fits the delicacy of the region, which is where an evil eye tattoo comes in.

Since the artwork is almost always compact, the illustration of an evil eye tattoo shouldn’t cause much trouble in terms of pain, offering an enjoyable process instead.

Using a fine-line needle should be the best move to make for this variant, as the borders look best when thin.

Evil Eye Raven Tattoo

Evil Eye Raven Tattoo


Although peculiar, a raven tattoo can also pair well with an evil eye tattoo, as long as the components are installed the right way. Since both of them are associated with positive energy, the pair shouldn’t be a problem in the eyes of those prioritizing metaphors.

While an evil eye tattoo should be the primary highlight, one can also bring out the sharp visuals of a raven to make the overall impression engaging. With enough colours, the illustration should also seem presentable.

Frequently Asked Question

With the help of all the formerly-mentioned entries, we hope you’re able to fuse an illustration or a stencil that aligns with your perception of an evil eye tattoo. If you’re still unsure, however, consider revising the article again to get rid of the brain fog.

Additionally, when getting a tattoo, know that having questions or unresolved feelings of uncertainty is definitely not out of the ordinary. And if you happen to be in a bit of a pickle as well, read through the questionnaire that we’ve left below!

Q: What is the best placement area for an evil eye tattoo?

Ans: Evil eye tattoos are quite compatible, making them a great fit in most scenarios. For optimal results, however, it is advised to keep the graphic as light and as subtle as possible. While you may add shades of colour, refrain from using loud or vibrant tones, as it might take away the appeal behind its symbolism.

Q: Do evil eye tattoos bring bad karma?

Ans: Since evil eye tattoos are associated with jealousy and envy, many believe that obtaining an art piece with the component can lead to a series of unfortunate events. Although there are cases that back that case, an evil eye is also acknowledged as a symbol that protects one from harm spiritually and health-wise.

Q: How much does it cost to get an evil eye tattoo?

Ans: The size of the graphic will shape the final cost of one’s evil eye tattoo. But, if you’d like an estimation, an evil eye tattoo should cost you at least $50 to $60 on average. If the concept runs high in detail, the procedure will cost a minimum sum of $400.


Despite what other people say, an evil eye tattoo also offers tons of positives that can easily help those coping with hardship. It may have ties with bad omens for sure, but it is also known for protecting individuals from misfortune and chronic illnesses. On certain occasions, an evil eye tattoo is also known for being the perfect companion for breaking generational curses.

Just like its symbolism, an evil eye tattoo is quite compatible on the outside. It pairs well with abstract artwork, soft pastel colours, weapons, spiritual symbols and so on. While the placement area of this tattoo is also open to interpretation, an evil eye tattoo looks best in delicate areas, especially when the artwork is compact and lacks dimensions.

An evil eye tattoo is a great design for beings who are spiritual, but the graphic can also accommodate beginners looking to obtain their first tattoo. The design is almost always quite minimal and simple to create. However, with additional components and bright colours, the tattoo can also be converted into an extravagant piece.

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