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46 Elegant Earth Tattoo Ideas To Keep Forever

Although there are seven other planets existing in the universe, the earth is undoubtedly the most beautiful. The green and the blue patterns that are scattered over the surface makes it mesmerizing to look at.  Scientists are investigating over the years to find out another suitable place in the universe aside from earth but to be honest there can’t be a better place.

But Earth is in danger because of pollution and climate change. The overall temperature of the Earth is increasing rapidly. It’s our job as a resident to save our planet. The best way to do that is by getting an amazing tattoo. When everyone has the earth tattoo, the subconscious mind will tell them to not pollute the earth anymore and to make it a better place.

Also the appearance of earth is so simple yet mystifying to watch. As if there are many secrets lurking beneath the surface. The shape of each continent gives it such a pattern that can’t be seen anywhere else. That’s why it’s such a sought after tattoo.

The Discreet Charm Of The Earth Tattoos: The Meaning Behind Them

Earth tattoo meaning


Although you may be wondering how an object can have meaning but earth does have a lot of depth. Perhaps the most apparent symbolism of it is the occurrence of day and night.

When the sun rises, the entire surface of earth goes bright. When the sun goes down, an ominous darkness surrounds the atmosphere. In our life, there are ups and downs as well. But after a hurdle, you can’t just give up. You have to keep on moving forward and only then success will shine upon you.

Simple Yet Elegant Earth Tattoo Designs To Stay In Trend

We know what’s going through your head. You may be wondering that there is just one earth. So there must not be that many styles. Well, you are quite wrong.

Earth may be a single entity but it has many different iterations portrayed in media and literature. Sometimes it’s merged with other planets while other times there are natural elements complimenting it. So, the styles are endless. For making things easy for you, here is a comprehensive list of some of the most jaw dropping earth tattoo designs. Take a look.

Mother Earth Tattoo

Mother Earth Tattoo 1


Mother Earth Tattoo 2


Mother Earth Tattoo 3


The earth is like a mother figure to us. It has showered with so many gifts that we are forever indebted to it. From the green trees to the melodious chirping of the birds, everything has been bestowed by earth.

An incredible design is to portray the earth in the form of a woman. This may sound tricky but hear us out. First of all, illustrate the outline of a woman.

Then throughout her body, draw the different continents of earth. Use green and blue colors to make it resemble nature and water. The final result will be something that you can’t take your eyes off.

Earth Sign Tattoo

Earth Sign Tattoo 1


Earth Sign Tattoo 2


The earth sign is a pretty generic symbol which is just an upside down triangle with a straight line dissecting it. While it may be insignificant in appearance, there is a lot of meaning to it.

The upside down triangle depicts stretching of the surface. In other words, it can be said that the more we explore the more lands we discover.

This teaches us an important lesson that one should never stop learning because there is no end to it. As for the tattoo, just use a deep black ink to draw the sign. The simple black color is more than enough to create a sense of emptiness in you.

Earth Element Tattoo

Earth Element Tattoo


Have you watched the movie The Last airbender? If you haven’t then consider yourself to be lucky because that movie is literally an abomination. The characters along with the plots are so dull that it makes you want to sleep.

But in reality, elements are quite interesting. There are four different elements which are fire, water , air and earth.

Each of these elements have a unique symbol depicting the impact it has on earth. In many japanese movies and mangas, characters have been portrayed to have different elements which they use to make jutsus. So what’s your element? Think deeply and get the tattoo right away.

Earth Dragon Tattoo

Earth Dragon Tattoo 1


Earth Dragon Tattoo 2


Dragons used to wreak havoc on earth centuries from now. When it used to spread its wings, a tsunami occured. The razor sharp teeth could gobble up anything in mere seconds.

Thankfully, dragons don’t exist today but you can surely bring it back by getting an earth dragon tattoo. You’ll imagine yourself fusing with the dragon and attaining all of its strength and prowess when you view the tattoo. With these capabilities, you will be unstoppable.

Small Earth Tattoo

Small Earth Tattoo


Many of us have a deep fascination with traveling to all the places in the world. But sadly it’s not feasible. You will need an unlimited source of money to even think about making it happen.

But thankfully, you can turn the earth in such a small shape that you can see each continent and the beautiful places right from where you are. The most fitting place to get the small earth tattoo is either your neck or ankle where there isn’t much space. Include some tiny elements in the tattoo such as a star or the milky way to take it to a whole new level.

Astronaut Holding Earth Tattoo

Astronaut Holding Earth Tattoo 1


Astronaut Holding Earth Tattoo 2


Astronauts are brave warriors that pursue their dreams of universe exploration even when there is an imminent risk of death. They keep on flying to infinity so that we can learn more about it.

The view from the universe of the earth is just astonishing. We haven’t seen it but heard from different astronauts that it’s an image worth dying for. They have said that the earth feels so petite that they feel like they can hold it in their bare hands. So if you are as broke as we are but have an obsession for the galaxy then the astronaut holding earth tattoo may calm your nerves.

Realistic Earth Tattoo

Realistic Earth Tattoo


Illustrating an ordinary earth tattoo is quite straightforward. You just have to draw a circle and dip it in blue and green colors. That’s it.

But to make the earth look realistic you need to show a lot of creativity and dedication. First of all, you should use a dark black color as the background.

Then use a sharp white color to make the circle. Shade the shapes appropriately to portray the lighting effect. Then use the right amount of color in each of the continents and seas. If you can manage to pull all of these things off, you will have a riveting tattoo that will amaze you forever.

Fire and Earth Tattoo

Fire and Earth Tattoo


Imagine yourself in the prehistoric days before the invention of fire. After working all day, you return to your hut. But instead of getting a nicely cooked meal, you have to eat raw vegetables and meat. How disgusting would that feel!

That was the scenario back then. Without fire, civilization would have never seen the light of day. There would’ve been darkness all around. That’s why in many literature, a deep connection between fire and earth is portrayed. The concept also has made its way into the world of tattooing.

Geometric Earth Tattoo

Geometric Earth Tattoo


If you look closely, each of the continents has a shape that can be easily illustrated using only trapezoids, triangles and rectangles. You may be wondering what’s the point of it?

Well, geometric tattoos have been the talk of the town for decades now. Realistic tattoos are done and dusted. There is nothing new about it. But when you get a geometric earth tattoo, it can have millions of interpretations based on your current state in life. That’s the beauty of it.

Yin Yang Earth Tattoo

Yin Yang Earth Tattoo 1


Yin Yang Earth Tattoo 2


The concept of Yin and Yang originated from the Chinese tradition. It represents two completely polar opposite things such as life and death.

There is just something incredibly uncanny about this tattoo. If you think closely, birth is just an altercation of death. Even though the two aspects are opposite, there is a relationship between them. That’s why Yin Yang is so interesting. The symbol is illustrated using a circle which is perfectly divided into two sides. One is in complete black color while the other has white.

Earth Hand Tattoo

Earth Hand Tattoo


Although we are mortal beings with limited power, we sometimes want to be master of all puppets. We want to control the wind and the rotation of the earth.

Well, this may not happen but you can surely get a sense of power by getting an earth hand tattoo. This tattoo will make you feel like you are the one with charge. Whenever you look at the tattoo, you will feel the entire earth is in the grasp of your hand. This will make you much more confident.

Earth Outline Tattoo

Earth Outline Tattoo


Earth is one of the most distinguishable elements in the entire universe because of its unique patterns. Therefore you don’t need to incorporate a lot of details which can take tens of hours.

Rather get a simple outline tattoo which will convey the same message as a realistic one but with far less effort. Just use a deep black color to make a framework and that’s it. Another advantage of this tattoo is that it doesn’t hurt or damage the skin that much

Earth and Skull Tattoo

Earth and Skull Tattoo


In the ancient mayan and aztec cultures , warriors used to wear skull masks to strike a fear into the heart of their enemies. They used real human skulls and wore them as helmets.

Now imagine the entire earth is inside a skull. How badass that would look! To accurately depict this design, first illustrate the earth. Then draw a skull covering the entirety of it. It will look as if the skull is slowly swallowing the earth.

Earth Shoulder Tattoo

Earth Shoulder Tattoo 1


Earth Shoulder Tattoo 2


Your shoulders are round in shape which makes it an excellent place for getting a tattoo. In any other place of the body, you are forced to draw a two dimensional tattoo.

But in the care of your shoulder you can draw a three dimensional tattoo making use of the shoulder plates. It will look as if the earth is revolving inside the realm of your skin. The space around the shoulder makes it even better depicting the hollowness of the universe.

Earth Sternum Tattoo

Earth Sternum Tattoo

We only get a sternum tattoo when it means something close to our hearts. Because of its position and  theatricality, sternum tattoos have seen a resurgence in the tattoo realm.

Whenever Clark Kent becomes the superman, he rips out his chest revealing the sign in his sternum. You can do the same thing when you get a tattoo there. Who knows maybe you will get the strength of superman as well.

The skin in front of the sternum is quite delicate so ink very carefully, Make sure to include a bunch of colors ranging from vibrant reds to the soothing greens to make the tattoo one of a kind.


Still to this day, scientists know only a handful of information about the earth. The vast ocean along with the deep jungles have not even been explored yet. So, there are obviously a lot of questions that can arise in our minds. Here are some of the most interesting questions that we could get our hands on that would spark even more interest in earth tattoos.

Q: Can You Shower After Getting An Earth Tattoo?

Ans: It’s best to wait at least 3-4 hours before hopping into the shower. Otherwise, the ink of the tattoo may vanish quickly. It’s also advised to not apply any sort of heavy scrubbing in the tattooed area.

Q: Are Earth Tattoos Difficult To Ink?

Ans: Not at all. In fact, they are one of the easiest tattoos to ink because of the simple structure of the earth. You can definitely complicate things by incorporating other elements but this would just make the tattoo more messy.

Q: What’s The Best Place To Get An Earth Tattoo?

Ans: Any place that is higher than the surface skin is a great choice for an earth tattoo. This will naturally make the tattoo more realistic as if it’s going to come out of your skin at any time. So, ankles or shoulder plates are without a doubt the best place.


Earth needs our attention right now. Otherwise the world that we love and hate simultaneously may soon vanish. So what can we do about it?

One of the best ways to stop the pollution from happening is by raising awareness. If you consider yourself to be a true nature lover then get an earth tattoo right now.

You can even include some social messages to go with it. This may not stop global warming at a glance but it’s definitely a foot in the right step. If everyone starts to become sincere like this, the earth will again blossom. Then we can breathe through our lungs without any worries.

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