51 Majestic Dolphin Tattoo Ideas To Fall In Love

Although there are differences between humans and dolphins, there are some key similarities between the two mammalian species. The most significant of them is perhaps its amazing intelligence.

Scientists used to believe that humans were the only species in the kingdom whose brain is capable of performing cognitive functions. But now they know that even dolphins can do highly sophisticated tasks.

Moreover, dolphins are just as social as us. They move in herds. Dolphins sometimes go to great lengths to help the other dolphin like the humans do. Even sacrificing oneself for the betterment of others is seen in them. Therefore, it can be easily understood why so many people are interested in getting a dolphin tattoo.

This is because we can relate to them. We may not be able to swim with extreme speed nor have incredible strength but the general characteristics compel us to think that they are just like us. So, today we are going to dive deep into the realm of dolphin tattoos to know everything about them.

The Silence Of The Dolphin Tattoos: The Cryptic Meaning Behind Them

Dolphin Tattoo meaning


Although the innocent faces of dolphins makes us think that they are quite unaware of the world, they are highly intelligent species. Don’t let that sweet smile on their face deceive you. Although they are quite friendly, there are cases when dolphins have attacked humans. The reasons for this have been attributed to sexual competition and hyper aggression. So, as you can notice there is a lot of depth hidden underneath those flippers.

Dolphins Showcasing Extreme Intelligence

The dolphins have been the center of a wide range of scientific studies which primarily focus on the investigation of their brain. In one instance, it was found that these creatures are highly self aware and have keen awareness of their surroundings. They even passed the mirror test.

There are many of us who just live carelessly without acknowledging what our surroundings are. Dolphins teach us to be aware of what lies ahead and always be prepared for them.

How Dolphins Became The Best Friend Of Humans

If you had the luxury to swim in the ocean, you might’ve noticed dolphins casually swimming towards you. They are incredibly playful animals who love attention. When ships travel through the sea, dolphins peek their heads and give an incredible performance to entertain those on board.

This may be a bit disturbing to you but the friendship between humans and dolphins have exceeded into something else in some instances. A Florida man even had sexual intercourse with a dolphin. Now dolphins can’t give consent and this may be a direct criminal offense. But it’s clear that these two mammals have become the best of friends over time.

Survival Of The Fittest: A Race To Evolution

Dolphins are peaceful creatures who hardly pick a fight. But even they show extreme aggression when it comes to surviving. During mating, males sometimes showcase violent tendencies towards females and other males to portray dominance.

This concept tells us that to survive and move forward in life, we need to sometimes get our hands dirty and it’s okay to do that. At the end of the day, it’s your success that matters the most, not the means you used to achieve it.

Fantastic Dolphin Tattoo Designs And Where To Find Them

There are quite a lot of species lurking beneath the calm waters of the ocean. Usually, most of them have a color which is a mixture of gray, black gray and white. But it’s the structure and size that distinguish each of the subspecies. They can range from 1.6 meters to an enormous 9.7 meters in size.

Therefore, it’s obvious that there will be a lot of styles depicting them in tattoos. So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the most intriguing dolphin tattoo designs that will make you fall in love with them.

Simple Dolphin Tattoo

Simple Dolphin Tattoo


Dolphins morphological traits aren’t that sophisticated. Therefore, you don’t need to illustrate them in a hyper realistic manner.

Just make sure that you capture that innocence that a dolphin has on the face. The flippers and the tails can be easily drawn with a couple of shapes and voila. Rather than using too many colors, it’s best to draw the tattoo in a monochromatic way.

Miami Dolphin Tattoo

Miami Dolphin Tattoo


Miami is the city of beaches. If you go there, you will see palm trees after palm trees and tidal waves just crushing at the shore.

Sometimes dolphins come way too close to the proximity of the shore because of their natural tendencies and people love it. They swim and take pictures together. So dolphins have become a staple of Miami life. That’s why so many people want to engrave the creature on their body canvas.

Tribal Dolphin Tattoo

Tribal Dolphin Tattoo


Did you know that during medieval times people in the tribes used to ride dolphins when they had to go far to attend wars. The dolphins were known to carry weapons and sometimes directly partake in war.

So if you want to have a dolphin that helps you in every step of the way, then this tattoo is just for you. Throw in some tribal headdresses or symbols on top of the dolphin and it will look amazing.

Small Dolphin Tattoo

Small Dolphin Tattoo


Anything in miniature shape is just absolutely adorable. The same goes for dolphins. When you see the tattoo, your heart will just melt.

In the tattoo realm, it is often believed that tattoos are only for the musciline people. But that’s far from the truth. Sometimes you need to showcase your inner child to enjoy life a little.

Submarine Dolphin Tattoo

Submarine Dolphin Tattoo


Submarines are state of the art machines that explorers use to conduct deep water expeditions. Sometimes submarines are used in war to detonate heavy bombs.

Submarines often come into contact with dolphins. These inquisitive creatures love to circle around the machine to know what exactly is going on. This combination of modern science and biology makes up for a phenomenal tattoo.

Dolphin Ankle Tattoo

Ankle Dolphin Tattoo


Our ankles are like a small hill. It’s just a round ligament that connects the bones. Although it has a really small space, it is the perfect spot for a dolphin tattoo.

The ankle will look like it’s a pond or an aquarium that is holding the dolphin. It would seem like it’s playing and swimming within the ankle.

Traditional Dolphin Tattoo

Traditional Dolphin Tattoo


Traditional dolphin tattoos mainly consist of geometric shapes. The general outline of the tattoo is pretty much the same.

But rather than filling the parts with high saturated colors, you illustrate some curves or lines that depict the symbols of different tribes. You can include some natural elements in the tattoo such as waves or palm trees to take it to the next level.

Cute Dolphin Tattoo

Cute Dolphin Tattoo


Dolphins are naturally cute so you don’t need to do much to make it look cute.

Just make sure you get that expression right. Sometimes we give them visicious teeths with blood dripping from them. That kind of tattoo is frightening to look at. Instead, give some gentle colors and make sure the stature of the dolphin is not aggressive in any way.

Realistic Dolphin Tattoo

Realistic Dolphin Tattoo


Realistic tattoos are often portrayed as one of the hardest styles to pull off. But the truth is if you know the technique then getting a realistic dolphin tattoo is quite easy peasy.

Everything depends on the framework. Get an accurate framework stitched in the place where you are getting the tattoo. Rather than blasting the place with ink, it’s better to dilute the colors with a mixing reagent. These are some top secret tips that nobody knows about.

Black Dolphin Tattoo

Black Dolphin Tattoo


Black makes anything look stylish. There is just something hollow and ominous about this color that is hard to explain in words.

The black colored dolphin tattoo depicts the other side of this creature that doesn’t get documented too much. People only know the jolly side of them. But underneath those waters, the world can be a scary place.

Celtic Dolphin Tattoo

Celtic Dolphin Tattoo


The celtic dolphin tattoo is perhaps the most unique tattoo design out there. Instead of using vibrant colors, tattoo artists make swirls inside the body. How awesome is that!

The end result of the tattoo is something that resembles a dolphin but looks like it has descended from another universe. The swirls inside its body give off such a psychedelic vibe that can trick anyone.

Yin Yang Dolphin Tattoo

Yin Yang Dolphin Tattoo


We already have discussed immensely about how intelligent and friendly dolphins are. They are perhaps the most social creatures in the world except for humans.

But dolphins have a dark side. Sometimes for showcasing dominance, they are aggressive and attack others. So, these two aspects of dolphins create a dichotomy of good and evil just like Yin Yang.

Sea Turtle and Dolphin Tattoo

Sea Turtle and Dolphin Tattoo


Sea turtles and dolphins always go hand in hand. Although one is extremely shy while the other one is quite a bit of extrovert, they live in the same vicinity.

Oftentimes, they come into contact with each other. It is even seen that dolphins poke in the shell of turtles to make it come out and play. So, these two friends are one heck of a tattoo choice.

Two Dolphin Tattoo

Two Dolphin Tattoo


What’s better than one dolphin? Obviously, two dolphins. Sharks, Stingrays and other mammalian sea creatures usually move alone.

But dolphins always stay with each other. They swim together in zigzag patterns. Sometimes they perform foreplay with each other for an extensive period of time. So if you and your partner are looking to bring some sensuality in your relationship, this tattoo is a must for you.

Watercolor Dolphin Tattoo

Watercolor Dolphin Tattoo


Did you know that dolphins can swim up to an insane speed of 50 kilometers per hour? To find food, they have to travel far distances searching for efficient food sources. So, it is safe to say that dolphins don’t have any certain restrictions.

Watercolors are just like that. If you use watercolors on your skin, it will just keep on flowing, breaking all the boundaries. That’s why it can compliment the dolphins so well.

Dolphin Heart Tattoo

Dolphin Heart Tattoo


We only get a heart tattoo of something when it is extremely close to us. It can be of your partner or friend or just something that means a lot to you. Dolphins can be an ideal choice for a heart tattoo.

Although you may be wondering how on earth dolphins are so close to us, they have been helping us every step of the way. Humans and dolphins have evolved together. Therefore, we have grown a significant bond that can’t ever be uprooted.

Blue Dolphin Tattoo

Blue Dolphin Tattoo1


Blue Dolphin Tattoo 2


The natural color of most dolphins are white with some hinges of gray in the back and front. There are some species of dolphins who have other types of colors mainly because of their distinct living condition. Among all of them, perhaps the most aesthetic looking one is the blue dolphin.

When they move in the blue ocean, it looks as if they have blended right with the waves. There’s just something magical about it. As for the tattoo, try to use a vibrant blue color on the dolphin with high saturation and contrast to make it look realistic.

Time Lapse Of How An Artist Handles Dolphin Tattoos

Dolphin tattoos are pretty straightforward. The morphological characteristics of the creature only consists of a couple of shapes that are relatively easy to draw. But the trick is to make something that is creative.

There’s nothing more boring than a dull and monotonous dolphin tattoo. So to make your mind filled with ideas, here is a complete timelapse of how a dolphin tattoo is illustrated.


Dolphins are intriguing creatures. Although we know many things about them, there is still a lot of information that hasn’t been discovered. So, there has been speculation and rumors about the dolphin tattoos as well. Today, we are going to end all the debates by giving the most accurate answer to your questions. Take a good look at them.

Q: Why Are Dolphin Tattoos So Popular?

Ans: Dolphins are believed to be the protector of seas. Sometimes when voyagers travel, they pray to dolphins wishing that they would safeguard them from all the dire situations. This belief has translated into the modern world and people wholeheartedly think that getting a dolphin tattoo will keep them away from all the dangers.

Q: What Celebrity Has A Dolphin Tattoo?

Ans: Ben Affleck who has starred in blockbuster movies such as Gone Girl and Justice League has a dolphin tattoo. He says that he got it to portray himself as a tough guy.

Q: What’s The Best Place To Get A Dolphin Tattoo?

Ans: Although it depends on you but in our mind the best place to get a dolphin tattoo is either your arm or back. The arm is the perfect place as it has just enough circumference to draw an entire dolphin along with some other ocean elements.


Because of its unique aesthetic and resemblance to human beings, there has been a sudden surge of popularity for the dolphin tattoos. People have finally begun to acknowledge just how majestic these sea dwellers truly are.

Also, there have been so many occurrences of humans and dolphins that it seems like these two species are intertwined with each other. Some of the incidents are quite wholesome while others are outright disgusting. One thing we can say for sure that the dolphins are staying with us for the end of the time and so are the tattoos.

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