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38 Elegant Dollar Sign Tattoo Designs To Look Elite

No matter how much people preach about the importance of love, friendship and loyalty, there is one thing that is above everything else. It is the object that runs this whole world. If you have it, you feel like the king of the world; if you don’t, you might feel like the unluckiest person alive.

Ever since the concept of currency was invented, money is the thing that everyone runs for. People get killed and kill others for it. Without any doubt, the dollar is the most supreme form of money with the highest value. People will respect you wherever you go if you have dollars in your pocket. That’s exactly the reason people want to get this tattoo.

Although dollars put people in a frenzy, the symbol of it is pretty straightforward. It’s just the word “S ” with two lines dissecting it. Now it may look simple, but beneath the dull appearance, there are thousands of mysteries. Today, we are going to decipher all of them.

The Hard Hitting Meaning Behind Dollar Sign Tattoos

Meaning Behind Dollar Sign Tattoo


For a long period of time, dollar tattoos have been used as a metaphor to express superiority and power. It depicts a harsh reality that we all can acknowledge.

Without money, you are nothing. As long as you have dollars in your back accounts, everyone will be happy with you. But when you are broke, everyone will turn their backs on you, even your family.

So, this may sound a bit narrow minded to you but always look for ways to earn more and more dollars. It’s the dollars that will earn you respect, love, and position in this highly competitive world.

Exquisite Dollar Tattoo Ideas To Be Obsessed With

As there are no other altercations of the symbol, there aren’t many styles that you can experiment with. But the ones that exist are quite mind blowing.

Just with a simple design, you can make an awe inspiring tattoo. The best thing about the dollar tattoo is that you can get it anywhere in the body canvas. You don’t have to be confined by the space or color choice. Just do whatever you prefer.

Small Dollar Sign Tattoo

Small Dollar Sign Tattoo


Small dollar sign tattoos are delicate and discreet symbols that don’t need many intricate features to look excellent. It’s not even necessary to use a lot of color. A beautiful dollar sign tattoo can be illustrated with just a standard monochromatic color palette.

A simple silhouette or outline of the sign can appear spectacular. The most intriguing feature of the tattoo is that it may be placed anywhere on your body, from the largest region to the smallest. It will always be aesthetically pleasing and perfectly complement your skin.

Dollar Sign Finger Tattoo

Dollar Sign Finger Tattoo 1


Dollar Sign Finger Tattoo 2


Finger tattoos are for people who don’t feel very confident about their physical appearance. So, they want to experiment in a much more niche area where tattoos can be displayed or even covered at will. The main concept of the tattoo is all about experimenting and taking tiny steps before getting a much bigger tattoo.

But it doesn’t mean that it has to be devoid of any vibrant colors or jarring patterns. In the minuscule space of your finger, you may fit a vast variety of components.

Simple Dollar Sign Tattoo

Simple Dollar Sign Tattoo


You don’t have to try hard to simplify the dollar sign because it is already quite simple. Just a few things need to be done correctly for the tattoo to appear beautiful on you.

The symbols must first be presented in a fairly symmetrical way. Ensure that the two lines in the center are perfectly straight. To make the S appear more aesthetically pleasing, try illustrating it in a cursive font style.

Hundred Dollar Sign Tattoo

Hundred Dollar Sign Tattoo


The crisp sound of the 100 dollar bill is soothing to your ears. When we have the bill in our pockets, we feel like the king of the world. We can buy pretty much anything we want. People from all over the world desire to acquire this tattoo because of its value because they want to live their lives without ever having to worry about money.

The sign can vary from region to region. Some people like to just get a tattoo of the dollar bill while others illustrate the number 100 with some other monetary elements next to it. Whatever you choose to get, make sure that it captures the essence of the hundred dollar sign.

Dollar Sign Hand Tattoo

Dollar Sign Hand Tattoo 1

Dollar Sign Hand Tattoo 2


We constantly strive to have control over everything, from the smallest things to the entire universe. Now, consider what people most desire to have influence over. Without a question, it is money.

Therefore, when you get a tattoo of a dollar sign on your hand, you will control money. And if you control the money, you have power over the entire universe. There is nothing that can stop you.

Chicano Dollar Sign Tattoo

Chicano Dollar Sign Tattoo 1


Chicano Dollar Sign Tattoo 2


In the United states, there are a vast majority of Mexican American brothers. “Chicano” is a term that has been coined for them. People in this social group are willing to use a variety of tattoo designs to reflect their culture, traditions, and emotions.

The dollar sign is one of them. They represent their people’s rich heritage, which dates back to the 1800s, through this tattoo. To make the tattoo look realistic on the skin, it has strong highlights and subtle white shading around the edges.

Dollar Sign Wrist Tattoo

Dollar Sign Wrist Tattoo


One of your body’s most seductive postures must be at your wrist. Your wrist is visible when your full shirt somewhat drops down. If you have wrist veins, it really enhances the theatricality so much.

When you get a dollar sign on the wrist, it will peek through that shirt of yours. It will generate a whimsical and enchanted image. As you might have already figured, the tattoo won’t be very big. Otherwise, it will defeat the purpose.

Dollar Sign And Crown Tattoo

Dollar Sign And Crown Tattoo


The dollar sign and crown have a deep association with each other if you look at it from a metaphorical standpoint. Look around you. Whoever has control over the dollar or in other words, whoever has money has the luxury to do anything they want. They can buy rich clothes, rent lavish houses and travel to beautiful places. It’s as if they are the king of the world. All they need is a crown on their head.

This is how the conceptualization of the tattoo was done. The appearance of the tattoo is also quite aesthetic. You should always try to make the crown look as shiny as possible. A good trick to achieve that is by inking the tattoo and then diluting the colors with your finger.

Dollar Sign Arm Tattoo

Dollar Sign Arm Tattoo


Arm tattoos always convey a strong message. It expresses the raw emotions of the wearer. When you get the tattoo, you are exhibiting that you are immensely confident of your skin and are not afraid to represent a bold statement.

As the arm has the right amount of space, you don’t have to worry too much about the shape of the tattoo. To compliment the simplicity of the dollar sign, you should always incorporate a pattern a bit more sophisticated such as a weapon or a delicate floral design.

Dollar Sign Gamble Tattoo

Dollar Sign Gamble Tattoo


Gambling is one of the most serious addictions. You may be wondering what if someone wins a lot of money. Well, the chance of you winning money is slim to none.

Most people gamble and lose their entire life savings in one night. Things sometimes go so wild that gamblers go homeless. So, we advise you to not dip your toes into gambling. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a fascinating dollar sign gamble tattoo. The tattoo can be a reminder to stay the hell away from this evil thing.

Dollar Sign Forearm Tattoo

Dollar Sign Forearm Tattoo


The aspiration of becoming rich needs to be hidden. You don’t want the whole world to know about your intentions. Otherwise, they may come up with some malicious act against you.

That’s why, you should get a dollar sign tattoo on the forearm. Your forearm is an excellent place to showcase the subtle design of the dollar sign with some few tweaks here and there. You can also conceal the tattoo whenever you like.

Dollar Sign And Clock Tattoo

Dollar Sign And Clock Tattoo


You all have heard about the proverb mentioning time and money. These two things are considered to be two of the most valuable assets of mankind. If you can have control over these two, you will be unstoppable.

Who doesn’t want to be invincible? That’s why you should get this tattoo right away. An excellent design is to draw the dollar sign in the center of the clock and have the hands circulate it nonstop.

Blackwork Dollar Sign Tattoo

Blackwork Dollar Sign Tattoo


Blackwork is a unique artstyle that completely immerses the tattoo in a deep black color as per the name suggests. The end result is a silhouette of the tattoo that exudes a dark energy and makes you feel a sense of voidness.

This type of tattoo completely overpowers your skin hiding all your hair follicles. The best aspect of this tattoo is that even if you mess up during the illustration process, the error wouldn’t be too noticeable because of the rawness of the black.

Dollar Sign Head Tattoo

Dollar Sign Head Tattoo


It takes an incredible amount of guts to get a head tattoo. The skin of the head area is quite sensitive therefore, it hurts like hell while inking the tattoo in your pores. So, you should obviously get a tattoo that will be worth all the trouble and pain.

A dollar sign can’t go wrong. The simplicity along with a bold black color expresses a wide range of emotions. You can either get a small tattoo or a grandiose one, the dollar sign in your head will instantly attract the eyes of the people. Who knows, you may even start a trend among your peers.

Exploring The Depths Of Dollar Tattoos With A Visual

If you see the tattoo at a glance, you won’t think much of it. You’ll assume that it is just a straightforward sign with no deeper significance.  But there is so much more to the dollar tattoo than meets the eye.

We have a fascinating visual depiction of an artist inking the tattoo, allowing us to properly understand the aesthetic and message of dollar tattoos. You’ll be struck by how accurately he depicts each curve and form.


Finding accurate information on the internet is impossible. You will only get junks after junks that will confuse you further. To help you in your search for knowledge, we have composed a list of questions pertaining to dollar tattoos. The answers will surely bring some peace to you.

Q: Does Dollar Tattoo Attract Money and Luck?

Ans: The belief is completely up to you. Some people say that the tattoo truly does wonders while others just brand it as a hoax. But when you believe in something wholeheartedly, the entire universe plans to make it happen for you.

Q: Are Dollar Tattoos Quick To Get?

Ans: They are comparatively quicker to illustrate because of the simplistic design of the tattoo. But if you are willing to incorporate some other jarring elements, the time can go up.

Q: How Popular Is Dollar Tattoos Now?

Ans: If you search for dollar tattoos in Pinterest or Instagram, you will see how large the search volume is. People are going insane over these tattoos right now. Everybody wants to depict a lavish style and a sense of superiority over others. Dollar tattoos are perfect in portraying this image.


The dollar sign has appeared numerous times in the media and books. Song Artists sing about the sign for portraying a variety of messages to their listeners. Slowly, the sign has made its way into the tattoo realm.

There is just something pleasing about the simple design. In your mind, you can’t seem to comprehend what’s going on inside the tattoo. This is what makes it so mysterious. The inner message and symbolism further adds to its mysticism making it a tattoo of desire by millions.

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