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74 Astounding Doc Holliday Tattoo Ideas To Wear This Year

If you’ve watched Tombstone and always wondered why Doc Holliday seemed real, then welcome to the club. When we initially watched the movie, the engaging plot as well as the personality traits of each character surely played a part in keeping us around. The intense fight scenes, the top-notch speech deliveries not only made Doc Holliday a man amongst men, but one of the greatest characters in Hollywood history.

The excitement leveled up even further when the iconic movie was based on a true story; the story of Doc Holliday. While Doc Holliday didn’t really achieve recognition before the film was released, he became a public figure in the late 90s. People were amazed by the fearless attitude he used to possess. They loved his quote, and were almost always moved by his backstory. Some of them were left teary eyed, while the rest paid homage to Doc’s legacy through the means of getting a tattoo, which will be our main topic of discussion in this article.

If you’re a millennial and are desperate to get a Doc Holliday tattoo, then you’ve come to the right place. This write-up will not only consist of a series of designs for Doc Holliday tattoos, but also contain various patterns that are flexible enough to be placed anywhere. It will also comprise the symbolism in the next segment, and a final take in the second half of the piece. Till then, we hope you enjoy skimming through the designs and are able to gain more knowledge behind the existence of Doc Holliday tattoos.

A Closer Look into the Meaning and Symbolism of Doc Holliday Tattoos

Doc Holliday Tattoo 19

If one decides to get a Doc Holliday tattoo, not only will they unlock an artwork with sentimental value, but they will also be rewarded with unreal visuals, in a good way.

When it comes to the meaning, Doc Holliday tattoos are very subjective. One can get it to pay homage to the man himself, or can even get it as a source of positivity. They can use it as a motivational sign to become more fearless and strong, but can also choose to use it as a means of being more loyal to the ones they love. Indeed, Doc Holliday wasn’t just known for the gunfights that he took part in, but he was also known for the compassion he showed to his people. He was said to be a guardian for the ones he cherished, which could explain why his famous quote was “I’m your huckleberry.”, which he would only say to his family members and friends, in order to make them feel safer in his company.

Additionally, appearance-wise, a Doc Holliday usually contains a portrait tattoo of Doc himself. Although the portrait tattoo is the most common option, one can even resort to designs with simple visuals. An example of the latter could be a script or a quote tattoo that just says “I’m your huckleberry.” and contains an array of colors for enhancement.

Marvelous Doc Holliday Tattoos That Are On The Trend

Now that you’ve acquired a better understanding of what Doc Holliday tattoos tend to symbolize and know what to expect in terms of visuals, it would only be fair if we reveal to you the best tattoo designs of Doc Holliday that aren’t just presentable and convenient for mimicking, but also flexible enough to be readjusted in terms of size. From displaying the colorful aesthetic of the traditional variation to showcasing an option suitable for minimalists, here are some of our favorite designs of the Doc Holliday tattoo.

Doc Holliday “Say When” Tattoo

Doc Holliday Say When Tattoo

Perhaps the most iconic line in the movie “Tombstone” is the use of the phrase “say when”. It is uttered by Doc himself right before he’s about to spar with fellow gunman and companion, Wyatt Earps. While there isn’t enough evidence to show that this line was incorporated by Doc Holliday in real life, it was surely a line that the movie needed to further seal its road to success.

A wonderful pro of this tattoo is how adaptable it is. One can achieve it on any area of the body without being concerned about the final results or facing a botched procedure.

Doc Holliday Hand Tattoo

Doc Holliday Hand Tattoo

If you want a tattoo that is as intimidating as Doc was, place the artwork on the hand. Create a portrait tattoo or even a script tattoo about Doc Holliday to meet the requirement. Although it will sting a bit due to the amount of veins the area contains, one will surely be content with the outcome of the final appearance of the tattoo.

Doc Holliday Mustache Tattoo

Doc Holliday Mustache Tattoo

An iconic feature that Doc Holliday had was the fullness of his mustache. It was dark, furry, and always stayed in place, even during gunfights.

Furthermore, the sharpness and evenness of the mustache can easily result in a tattoo with admirable visuals. One can get a layout of just the mustache, or can even add the hat he wore to slightly make the tattoo more apparent.

Additionally, for the placement, one should take into consideration areas that are compact. While the procedure might be a bit complex, the layout of the tattoo will look clear and sharp if it’s placed on an area that is narrow.

Doc Holliday Traditional Tattoo

Doc Holliday Traditional Tattoo

If you want a tattoo that prioritizes the visuals as opposed to the symbolism, stick to getting the traditional variant of this tattoo. Containing the colors red, green, yellow, black and lavender, this option contains the best artwork amongst this list.

One can add a portrait of Doc Holliday to bring commendable results, but can also add a one-liner to make it more meaningful.

Additionally, when getting this tattoo, make sure you have plenty of time in hand, as it will take some time to mimic accordingly.

Doc Holliday Skull Tattoo

Doc Holliday Skull Tattoo

If you like edgy tattoos, replace the portrait with a skull to meet your needs. Place it on the wrist so that everyone can notice it, and complement the blueprint with bright visuals to make it more loud.

While the mustache should definitely be involved in the illustration, the hat can be dropped to save some time. Since one of doc’s favorite activities was smoking, add a cigarette and create the smoke by asking for a fade in effect.

Doc Holliday Thigh Tattoo

Doc Holliday Thigh Tattoo

If you like bold designs with enormous patterns, you may very well place the artwork on your thigh. Apart from being a delicate and appealing area for a tattoo, the thigh is very resilient and spacious, which is a combination that most areas don’t offer.

Secondly, since the area is thick skinned, one can incorporate a design with thick borders, or even install various tones of color to amp up the visuals without having to go through an excrutiating amount of pain.

Doc Holliday Ace of Spades Tattoo

Doc Holliday Ace of Spades Tattoo

An ace of spades tattoo symbolizes power, wealth, and wisdom; the three traits that Doc Holliday had. The frame of a card alongside a portrait of Doc Holliday will also enable the wearer to unlock a great design.

When getting the tattoo, they can either keep it simple with a classic color scheme of black and white, or make it the opposite by bringing a series of soft shaded colors to give it a watercolor effect. To make it second to none, they can also finish the look with a quote underneath the portrait, right above the lower frame.

Doc Holliday Zombie Tattoo

Doc Holliday Zombie Tattoo

Since spooky season is only a few months away, and Doc Holiday was known for his bizzare but silly sense of humor, we believe this entry has everything one needs to honor Doc Holliday’s legacy, as well as present their admiration through the means of a wonderful, high-spirited tattoo.

For best results, you might want to place it on an area that is not too wide nor too narrow. For instance, the upper shoulder could definitely be a top contender for this tattoo, as it will look clear, clean, and the colors will all stand out in their own way.

Doc Holliday Sleeve Tattoo

Doc Holliday Sleeve Tattoo

A sleeve tattoo could also be a great option for placing a Doc Holliday tattoo. The area naturally contains a lot of space, and is great for those that are bold and unafraid of boasting about their body modifications, mainly since it is almost always exposed.

Furthermore, when getting this tattoo, you may either install abstract artwork around a portrait of Doc Holliday, or can even amp up the noise by installing multiple portraits of Doc. To cover any emptiness each portrait might leave, use a script tattoo. Quote some of his most memorable one-liners to solve the issue.

Doc Holliday Chest Tattoo

Doc Holliday Chest Tattoo

If you aren’t the biggest fan of tattoos that are way too exposed, consider getting a chest tattoo. Doing so will allow you to go all in with the visuals, but also save you from the anxiety of being judged by another.

Additionally, the chest area tends to contain a lot of space, which can come in handy if your main plan is to turn it into an enormous tattoo in the future. Placing a tattoo on the area is also relatively less painful due to the thick layer of skin that makes up the chest, which could be an incentive you may want to consider.

More Doc Holliday Tattoo Designs For Gaining Inspiration

If you haven’t yet found the design you’re looking for, then you’re in luck! Listed below are more variants of the Doc Holliday tattoo that we have found on the web and added to this article. We hope you find your desired illustration amongst the images added below!

Doc Holliday Tattoo 1

Doc Holliday Tattoo 2

Doc Holliday Tattoo 3

Doc Holliday Tattoo 4

Doc Holliday Tattoo 5

Doc Holliday Tattoo 6

Doc Holliday Tattoo 7

Doc Holliday Tattoo 8

Doc Holliday Tattoo 9

Doc Holliday Tattoo 10

Doc Holliday Tattoo 11

Doc Holliday Tattoo 12

Doc Holliday Tattoo 13

Doc Holliday Tattoo 14

Doc Holliday Tattoo 15

Doc Holliday Tattoo 16

Doc Holliday Tattoo 17

Doc Holliday Tattoo 18

Doc Holliday Tattoo 19

Doc Holliday Tattoo 20

Doc Holliday Tattoo 21

Doc Holliday Tattoo 22

Doc Holliday Tattoo 23

Doc Holliday Tattoo 24

Doc Holliday Tattoo 25

Doc Holliday Tattoo 26

Doc Holliday Tattoo 27

Doc Holliday Tattoo 28

Doc Holliday Tattoo 29

Doc Holliday Tattoo 30

Doc Holliday Tattoo 31

Doc Holliday Tattoo 32

Doc Holliday Tattoo 33

Doc Holliday Tattoo 34

Doc Holliday Tattoo 35

Doc Holliday Tattoo 36

Doc Holliday Tattoo 37

Doc Holliday Tattoo 38

Doc Holliday Tattoo 39

Doc Holliday Tattoo 40

Doc Holliday Tattoo 41

Doc Holliday Tattoo 42

Doc Holliday Tattoo 43

Doc Holliday Tattoo 44

Doc Holliday Tattoo 45

Doc Holliday Tattoo 46

Doc Holliday Tattoo 47

Doc Holliday Tattoo 48

Doc Holliday Tattoo 49

Doc Holliday Tattoo 50

Doc Holliday Tattoo 51

Doc Holliday Tattoo 52

Doc Holliday Tattoo 53

Doc Holliday Tattoo 54

Doc Holliday Tattoo 55

Doc Holliday Tattoo 56

Doc Holliday Tattoo 57

Doc Holliday Tattoo 58

Doc Holliday Tattoo 59

Doc Holliday Tattoo 60

Doc Holliday Tattoo 61

Doc Holliday Tattoo 62

Doc Holliday Tattoo 63

Bottom Line

All in all, while creating one of the many variations mentioned above will be a bit time consuming which might require you to clear out your schedule, the final results will be nothing but satisfying. Even if you choose a variant with the plainest blueprint, the cleanliness and clear nature of the design will really give the whole look a touch of elegance.

Furthermore, if you feel that you want a tattoo that is a bit more energetic, you can definitely add a color scheme with soft tones to enhance the visuals and achieve maximum contentment.

Additionally, if you liked reading this article, make sure to check out the rest of the articles on our website. From number tattoos to flower tattoos, our website contains everything one needs to know to improve their knowledge on the beauty of tattoos.

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