Do rib tattoos hurt

Do Rib Tattoos Hurt? Covering Different Aspects Of The Sensitive Area!

Apart from being certain about the kind of tattoo you’d like to obtain, it’s always good to pick a placement area that caters to the illustration and fits like a glove with your persona. While your list of selections should revolve around the biceps, forearms, and thighs if you’re aiming for a pain-free procedure, your approach should be different if you’d like to highlight the tattoo’s delicacy.

For bringing the delicacy of a tattoo into the spotlight, appealing areas should be targeted. And if you’d like to side with the best scenario possible, consider experimenting with a rib tattoo!

Rib tattoos are often sought-after in the eyes of many due to how attractive they are. Another selling point lies within the flexibility of the area, as rib tattoos can comprise both large and minimal patterns without an issue.

When it comes to pain, however, a rib tattoo isn’t pleasant, but in fact, the polar opposite. Stay tuned to learn just how much rib tattoos hurt, and the ways in which you can relieve yourself if you obtain a rib tattoo anyway!

Are Rib Tattoos Painful? Their Ranking On The Tattoo Pain Chart

Are rib tattoos painful

Each rib cage of the human body is thin and long. In addition, it is also fragile.

The ribs are anything but resilient to contact and are injury prone. Hard falls as well as minimal contact, can be impactful enough to leave consequences to a certain degree on one’s ribs.

Although the bony structure of the ribs lacks nerve endings that are known for heightening sensitivity when obtaining a tattoo, getting rib tattoos can be extremely uncomfortable and full of pain. Since the area comprises a thin layer of skin on the surface, tattooing needles, even the lenient ones, feel sharp and cause an unfathomable amount of pain when in contact with the ribs.

Rib tattoos may be on the rise, but the pain each wearer feels is equal. In fact, on the tattoo pain chart, the rib cage is one of the toughest areas to place a tattoo. The reason behind this lies within its structure, as it is surrounded by a minimal amount of fat.

Regardless of how big or small, obtaining a rib tattoo is extremely painful, especially for newbies and beginners. However, due to how delicate the area is and how appealing the body part looks from the outside, rib cages remain a must-have area of placement for tattoos in the eyes of many!

How To Get Rib Tattoos Without Any Repercussions

How to get rib tattoos

Now that you’re aware of how painful rib tattoos really are, looking for an alternative area for your tattoo could very well be a logical solution. But, if you believe that your cravings will only be met with the visuals and experience of a rib tattoo, consider skimming through the following portions to ensure a memorable scenario!

Use numbing cream or painkillers 

Rib tattoos hurt when you’re a first-timer but can be just as uncomfortable to sit through if you have a series of pre-existing inks on your body. To make the scenario somewhat favourable, however, consider resorting to painkillers.

On another note, if you’re not the biggest fan of oral supplements and don’t want to suffer from the side effects that painkillers bring to the table, apply numbing cream to the placement area an hour to 30 minutes before the tattooing session begins. While the positive effects will wear away in a short span of time, the duration will be sufficient if the artwork is easily achievable.

Don’t take frequent breaks 

While tattooing on the rib cages is excruciatingly painful, the moment of discomfort usually fades away instantly once the final draft has been made. Though taking a couple of breaks won’t directly hamper the visuals of your tattoo in any way, taking smaller intervals will surely cut down the timeframe, enabling you to avoid a chunk of pain caused by a needle as a result!

Pick a convenient design and area 

The bony structure and fragility of the rib cage will always bring forward a challenging procedure for any user in terms of pain. However, the amount of pain caused can definitely be controlled and mitigated successfully by picking a convenient design and location.

To keep the pain level to a minimum, try picking an artwork that is easy to replicate with a fine-line needle, as they tend to feel less sharp on the surface of the skin. Although any area around the rib cage will feel brutal, try installing the design on the side of the rib cage to wind the pain down by a tad bit!

Ask a professional to get the job done 

To secure positive results with zero repercussions, consider getting help from the right tattoo artist. In addition to having tons of experience, your tattoo artist should be a specialist in dealing with fragile areas. Ensuring the qualities won’t just bring in a remarkable and memorable tattoo itself, but will also make you the recipient of a pain-free and enjoyable tattooing process!

Healing From A Rib Tattoo: The Perfect Guide

Healing from a rib tattoo

Going forward with a rib tattoo isn’t easy, as it can hurt tremendously for most.

While getting the tattoo is the hardest part of the journey, ensuring that the tattoo heals properly should also be one of the main objectives. And if you feel as though you’re underprepared to take care of your rib tattoo once it’s been obtained, try giving the following steps a chance to ease your mind to the fullest!

Build the right shower routine 

Cleaning the ribs is compulsory if you’d like to heal without battling against any infection or bacteria. However, to prevent the results from becoming compromised, use the right products when giving the tattoo a clean-up.

Instead of using a generic body wash, try resorting to shower gels that are skin-friendly and have been approved by dermatologists. Your companion should also be free from sulphates, an agent that is known to absorb natural oils from the skin and trigger symptoms of dryness.

Furthermore, if you’d like something that is even more lenient, try using an organic soap with natural ingredients. In contrast to shower gels, soap bars are easier to wash off despite being just as effective at cleaning the skin.

Wear loose-fitting clothes 

While sleeveless clothing items can be great to enable a forearm tattoo to heal, the approach is sort of different when dealing with rib tattoos. Since the ribs are often covered, it is essential to avoid fitting clothing, as doing so can result in a build-up of sweat and moisture, which can eventually hamper the recovery process and the final outcome of the tattoo.

To avoid that successfully, compromise your taste in fashion for a few weeks. Instead of wearing tight or slim-fit shirts and t-shirts, consider experimenting with baggy flannels and loose polos to give your rib tattoo some room to breathe, literally!

Give it time to heal 

By picking a blueprint that is easy to create, you can directly shape the outcome of the timeframe of your tattoo. However, to enable the artwork to age like wine, you might have to stay composed.

On average, tattoos take around 3 weeks to heal properly. With utmost care, the healing process tends to cut down in size. However, since we are talking about a rib tattoo, after all, the best approach would be to give the tattoo around a month to heal from the outside. Moreover, before making any adjustments or providing it with touch-ups, consider allowing the rib tattoo at least a couple of months to prepare.

Don’t touch the tattoo! 

In addition to needing time, tattoos also need to be left alone in order to bloom gracefully. And although you can touch your rib tattoo when your hands are free of germs, refrain from caressing the tattoo repeatedly. Doing so won’t just fasten up the healing process, but will also protect the area from bacteria and infection, both of which a tattoo is prone to during its formative stages.

Frequently Asked Question

Obtaining a rib tattoo can be challenging on its own. Additionally, the experience can feel even worse if you have zero to minimum knowledge regarding the design you’d like to install and have no idea about the hacks you can incorporate beforehand to reduce the amount of pain involved. Worry not, however, as the following questions will surely come to the rescue!

Q: Are rib tattoos uncomfortable?

A: Due to the way that ribs are built, getting a rib tattoo can be immensely distressing for first-timers as well as pre-existing tattoo enthusiasts. While using numbing cream can drastically reduce the amount of unpleasantness, choosing a design that lacks size can also make the experience of getting a rib tattoo less painful.

Q: Will a rib tattoo hurt less if you’re overweight?

A: Having extra layers of fat can be a blessing when getting tattoos, as the procedure feels less painful on the surface of the skin. However, since the rib cage is slim, long, and almost always exposed, obtaining a tattoo on the surface will be extremely unpleasant irrespective of weight.

Bottom Line

Overall, among the most desired spots lies the rib cage, which can be a placement to remember. Incorporating a large artwork into a rib tattoo can bring forward a session full of brutality for most users, which eases down once the procedure is over. The pain level remains just as severe for smaller designs, as the bony and thin-shaped structure of the ribs is susceptible to the blows from a needle.

Due to the appeal it has, obtaining a rib tattoo can very well be an excellent move for one to amp up their appearance.

However, if you’d like to unlock an easier procedure with minimal levels of discomfort, consider siding with a compact design, using numbing cream, and reaching out to a highly-qualified tattoo artist. Once the tattoo has been made, secure a successful outcome by building a shower routine with skin-friendly products, wearing baggy clothing made of lenient fabric, and giving your rib tattoo an exceptional time to heal.

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