December Birth Flower Tattoo

56 December Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas To Idolize In 2023

Flower tattoos contain beautiful visuals. They also portray meanings that one can definitely embrace and use as a source of positivity and self improvement. Amongst the many wonderful flowers available, a December birth flower tattoo is definitely on the top end of the spectrum, but doesn’t get enough attention or appreciation in the tattoo industry. To change that, however, we have decided to take matters into our own hands and present it with the respect it deserves!

In this article, not only will we be carrying out a deep rewind of the refreshing meaning it preaches, but also include some of the many ways in which one could showcase them as a tattoo. We hope you enjoy the write-up and stay tuned until the end!

The Captivating Meaning  of the December Birth Flower Tattoo

Just like most delicate tattoos, the December birth flower tattoo symbolizes rebirth and renewal. It caters to those that have either started a new chapter in their lives, or the ones that have recently pulled themselves out of a dark place.

One of the benefits of the symbolism of this tattoo is how adjustable and flexible it is with other tattoos. When getting a December birth flower tattoo, one can definitely make the most of their creativity, or even keep it light with a fine line design for achieving desirable results.

December Birth Flower Tattoos For Celebrating Rebirth and Renascence

Now that you finally know what it symbolizes, here are some of the best designs you can look at for inspiration. If you like them as much as we do, you may even mirror the design entirely! Regardless, we hope you admire the visuals and are able to figure out what you would like your December birth flower tattoo to contain.

Small December Birth Flower Tattoo

Small December birth flower tattoo

Most flower tattoos look great when they’re small. In contrast to that, the December birth flower tattoo is no exception. Not only will the design stand out when the size of the tattoo is compact, but the visuals of it will look more presentable and clean, which are two features most tattoo fanatics sought after.

Furthermore, this tattoo can be placed anywhere and everywhere. Whether you place it on the wrist, the forearm or place it right behind the ear, a December birth tattoo won’t do you wrong. It will always remain one of the more sophisticated tattoos on your body.

Butterfly December Birth Flower Tattoo

Butterfly December birth flower tattoo

A butterfly tattoo represents femininity. When collaborated with a December birth flower tattoo, it can be a combination of positivity as well as a symbol for beauty in its purest form.

Apart from the insightful meaning the design will portray, the visuals of the final groundwork will be nothing but sublime. The color scheme of blue, yellow, and white is extremely desirable and the design of the flower as well as the butterfly fits like a glove.

Leg December Birth Flower Tattoo

Leg December birth flower tattoo

The leg, specifically the area around the ankle, is known for being one of the most delicate areas of the human body. Getting a tattoo with visuals as staggering as the December birth flower tattoo will not only enhance the attraction of the area, but will also adjust rather well with the delicacy of the region.

While colors will enhance the outlook of the design, one will receive a better reception when the tattoo contains the classic color scheme of black and white.

Thigh December Birth Flower Tattoo

Thigh December birth flower tattoo

In contrast to the previous entry, a thigh tattoo is for those that save the design for someone special. Although the area is just as delicate, unlike the leg tattoo, it can also be covered and kept away from the public eye.

Furthermore, in terms of visuals, a thigh december birth tattoo will not only look bigger in terms of size, but can also look more detailed due to the ample amount of space the area tends to contain. One can also add multiple micro tattoos with similar meanings to enhance the sentimental value of this specific design.

Arm December Birth Flower Tattoo

Arm December birth flower tattoo

If you want an option that will enable you to boast about the design, you may want to look into this entry. The arm is not only a painless area for a tattoo, but it also allows the wearer to incorporate a flashy design. A user can definitely add a range of colors, as well as pair the December birth flower tattoo with a chain of other designs for increasing the visual presentability of the final look.

Apart from the creative freedom, the tattoo also brings to the table multiple shapes and sizes for the user. Whether it’s as big as a chain tattoo, or as minimalistic as a fine line tattoo, the beauty and elegance of a December birth flower tattoo on the arm will never fail to make its presence known.

Dragonfly December Birth Flower Tattoo

Dragonfly December birth flower tattoo

If you admire tattoos that symbolize peace, harmony, and celebrate rebirth, this option will definitely sweep you off your feet. Symbolizing harmony and hope at the same time, this design can definitely help you if you’re turning over a new leaf. While a fresh start does bring to the table loads of positivity, a subtle boost can definitely result in an easier journey. Ensure the optimism you carry within and achieve this tattoo today for enhancing the feelings of positivity.

Back December Birth Flower Tattoo

December birth flower tattoo on back

If you want to make use of your creative thinking abilities, a back tattoo will probably be the friend you need. The ample amount of space not only will give you the chance to create the best layout of a December birth tattoo, but also give you plenty of room to add other tattoos for enhancing self expression.

A December birth flower back tattoo on the back will also bring to the table a painless procedure, a trait that only a few tend to carry.

Crescent Moon December Birth Flower Tattoo

Crescent moon December birth flower tattoo

Just like the butterfly tattoo, a crescent moon tattoo celebrates femininity. When teamed up with a December birth flower tattoo, the design can portray just how much respect and how big of a positive influence femininity is.

In addition to the meaning, this option has visuals that most entries lack. The shape of a crescent moon goes perfectly with the careless unevenness behind the design of a December birth flower.

Above the Knee December Birth Flower Tattoo

December birth flower tattoo on above knee

While the procedure will be anything but friendly, a December birth tattoo above the knee will showcase the beauty of the artwork and increase awareness of the sensitivity of the area above the knee perfectly.

The design should look subtle if the wearer wants the best reaction. One may unlock that by installing a colorless color scheme while adding even the tiniest detail to the artwork.

However, if the wearer wants a tattoo that is visual-oriented, they may go ahead and add a range of micro tattoos alongside the initial artwork.

Bird December Birth Flower Tattoo

Bird December birth flower tattoo

A December birth flower tattoo tends to celebrate positivity and brings to the table a series of good wishes, which can be great for those that are either recovering from unfortunate events, or eager to give themselves a fresh start.

When mixed with a bird tattoo, it may encourage the wearers to celebrate independence and the freedom the current scenario might add to their lives, which can be encouraging more often than not.

Colorful December Birth Flower Tattoo

Colorful December birth flower tattoo

When getting a December birth flower tattoo, one can either prioritize their sentimental value, or express their knack towards tattoos with visuals. This variation is for those that prefer the latter.

While getting this tattoo will be extremely time consuming, creating it will be no short of fun. You may add multiple drawings of flowers or even insects, and can even add quotes if necessary.

Furthermore, when getting this tattoo, make sure to pick an area with plenty of space. Doing so will reduce the chances of achieving botched results, as well as allow you to explore your artistic talent.

Heart Shape December Birth Flower Tattoo

Heart shape December birth flower tattoo

If you need an artwork that will allow you to express the love you have towards a flower as beautiful as the December Birth Flower tattoo, then you’ve come to the right place. Consisting of nothing but a December birth flower tattoo in the shape of a heart, this tattoo can surely come as a surprise to those that love neat and colorful tattoos.

Containing the color scheme of yellow, white, and green, this option reeks of happiness and joy, which goes hand in hand with the meaning it symbolizes.

Geometric December Birth Flower Tattoo

Geometric December birth flower tattoo

Long story short, when it comes to appearance, a geometric tattoo paired with a December birth flower tattoo is second to none. When it comes to the meaning, however, it definitely is one of the entries in the top 10.

A December birth flower tattoo not only contains presentable visuals under the support of a geometric tattoo, but each detail tends to stand out. The evenness of the complete artwork definitely creates a great impression, and the color combination provides the artwork with tons of energy.

Final Verdict

All in all, we hope you have not only enjoyed knowing about the December birth flower tattoo, but also have a more assertive plan on the version you’ll be creating. Keep in mind that while visuals do release dopamine in the short run, the meaning the artwork is meant to carry can work wonders in the long run. Make sure to get a tattoo that not only meets the desired appearance, but also carries a massive amount of sentimental value.

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