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75 Striking Darth Vader Tattoo Designs With Meaning

One of the most recognizable villains in the realms of modern culture is Darth Vader. He first emerged in the classic Star Wars trilogy, when his strong personality and taglines instantly made him a great favorite. Those who love tattoos and the Darth Vader character, for them this Darth Vader tattoo article is the best way to start.

If you are a movie fan, Star Wars is a movie you have not missed in years. All the characters have a certain significance but Darth Vader became the most popular one, so people do comic art, street art, tattoo all the fanboys stuff.

Though the character signifies the dark side, the appearance and the outlook is loved by all and people also go for the Darth Vader tattoo as well. Darth Vader’s head or the helmet is the most attractive part of the tattoo. Mostly people go only for the helmet, some of them also try the full character.

If you want to explore more about the Darth Vader character with its symbolic meaning, and also want to have exclusive designs with classy ideas, then check the article as it will guide you through all the necessary things to get a Darth Vader tattoo.

Explore The Symbolic Meaning Of The Darth Vader Tattoo

Darth vader tattoo 1

The iconic Star Wars figure Darth Vader has drawn a lot of interest from the 1970s. People still like the figure for its unique look and dialogues, despite the fact that it is an evil character that mostly represents corruption, a desire for power, and control over human society. Darth Vader is typically viewed as a representation of strength and power.

Many individuals think about a person’s good and evil sides. Despite being on the dark side, individuals still utilize Darth Vader as tattoo designs out of desperation. As it is highly appealing and appears to be very thrilling, fans frequently utilize the mask or helmet for the design. Actually, Darth Vader’s mask serves as his respiratory system, allowing him to breathe normally.

 Spectacular New Ideas Of Darth Vader Tattoos!

Darth Vader tattoos have been popular and trending since the Star Wars film was first released. People love the movie and characters so much that it had a completely different crazy fan base. Star Wars is not only popular in America but also people around the world follow the Star Wars series.

If you are looking for new ideas on Darth Vader tattoos, then check out the full article for amazing unique designs with exclusive expert’s opinion!

Traditional Darth Vader Tattoo

Traditional darth vader tattoo

Traditional tattoos are always different from the usual tattoo designs, Usually a theme or a definite culture is followed while doing a traditional tattoo. The modern movie fans also want to try something new, so they try the Traditional Darth Vader tattoo.

You can see an example in the image, the head or mask of the darth vader is the main subject and with adding some other planetary symbols the tattoo is quite different with the usual ones. Traditional tattoos are colorful for their unique characteristics and use different shades of inks.

Minimalist Darth Vader Tattoo

Minimalist darth vader tattoo

Minimalist or small tattoos are the best tattoo designs according to my personal opinion. These tattoos are not only easy to get, but also if you would like to have your first ever tattoo, then minimalist tattoos are the best option you can get. Minimalist Darth Vader tattoo is such a perfect choice for the novice who are searching for their first minimal designed darth vader tattoos.

The design is definitely small and in case of a darth vader tattoo, usually only the mask or the head is used for the design as you can see in the picture. As Darth Vader carries the symbol of black so most of the minimalist darth vader tattoos are black.

Darth Vader Tattoo On Sleeve

Darth vader tattoo on sleeve

If you are thinking of a full character body designed for Darth Vader tattoos, then one of the best options is sleeve tattoos. Generally sleeve tattoos are long and cover the full hand from arm to the wrists that is the full sleeve. This tattoo is quite popular among the boys and trending from the Star Wars movie released.

Dart Vader tattoos on sleeves look really stunning and the colorful shades are more attractive. Visually stunning, if you want to try these sleeve tattoos check other designs given at the end of the article.

Samurai Darth Vader Tattoo

Samurai darth vader tattoo

Samurai characters are world famous and people have been crazy over these mythical characters over centuries. This modern world is a world of fusion, and people always mix something with others to form new, unique designs. Such a new modern designed hyped tattoo is the Samurai Darth Vader Tattoo.

The suit of the samurai and the head of Darth Vader, this is the ultimate new design which is also my personal favorite. You can see the image of how cool it looks and I would suggest you to use it anywhere visible in the body and a bigger size will help to understand the tattoo more clearly.

Simple Darth Vader Tattoo

Simple darth vader tattoo

A small and specific design is mainly known as simple tattoo. Simple Darth Vader tattoo means there will be a small design of the character and related objects such as the “light saber” just like the one you can see in the image.

Simple Darth Vader tattoo looks lovely and it is the best option for those who are looking for their first tattoo. The design is quite popular because most people look for simple designed tattoos. Aside from the mask of the darth vader, other objects can be colorful.

Darth Vader Couple Tattoo

Darth vader couple tattoo

The speciality of a couple tattoo is the tattoo designs are identical with some slight gender based design changes. Usually a pair chooses a tattoo which both of them likes or holds a very special memory for both of them. There are many freaks in the world who are remarkable for choosing the Couple Darth Vader tattoo.

Couple Darth Vader tattoos are for those loved ones who are huge fans of Star wars and want to remember the sweet memory throughout their life. Small spaces and minimal design is best for the couple darth vader tattoos.

Darth Vader Tattoo On Hand

Darth vader tattoo on hand

If you are thinking of the Mask design of Darth Vader in an extremely visible place, then Hands is the perfect place to ink. The mask or head of the death vader perfectly fits on the hand and it looks really staggering holding the meaning of the tattoo.

As the color of the Darth Vader tattoo on the hand is completely black, so if your skin tone is bright, then the tattoo will pop pretty brightly on your hands. You can use light shades according to your color demand.

Darth Vader Symbol Tattoo

Darth vader symbol tattoo

If you have seen the Star Wars movie series, then you are aware of the signs and symbols that have been used throughout the movies. The Evil character of Darth Vader also has some symbols to represent just like the one you can see in the image. At the middle of the symbol, you can see the shadow of the great Darth Vader.

Arms, chests, shoulders, thighs, forearms, these are the suitable place for the Darth Vader symbol tattoo. The theme and the design is very fascinating so a true fan of Darth Vader can definitely try these Darth vader symbol tattoos.

Darth Vader Pixel Tattoo

Darth vader pixel tattoo

If you are an arcade game fan and love to play minecrafts, and you are a Star Wars freak, then, Darth Vader Pixel tattoo is for you. Pixel tattoo actually reminds of nostalgic childhood memories, especially for those who used to play games on the computer.

Pixel tattoo has a definite design as you can see in the image, it looks cute and for the small size is also easy to get. So to bring back your childhood pixel and star wars memories, you can surely try the Darth Vader Pixel tattoo.

Darth Vader Tattoo On Thigh

Darth vader tattoo on thigh

The unique design of the Darth Vader mask is so popular that the tattoo enthusiast always has the first choice for this design. If you want to show the Darth Vader tattoo in a large space with detailed design, then you can try it on the thighs. Due to its considerable amount of space, those who want a bigger tattoo, try the thigh area.

To add a more realistic feel, you can use different shades of color just like in the image to make the tattoo more attractive and real. The image shows a 3D design of the Darth Vader mask which is really cool and these modern designs are trending now.

More Collections Of Sublime Darth Vader Tattoo Designs!

Darth Vader is an irresistible design, but people nowadays want to mix as many designs as possible to form a unique mix of patterns. If you search for a Darth Vader tattoo you can see millions of designs which are almost the same. So I have collected some rare designs and ideas which will help you to think about combining and also you can get new ideas.

Here you will see a hell lot of options for a Darth Vader tattoo if you are looking for a specific one, With the help of other expertise, the designs are arranged with smashing designs. Please check out the details till the end for a better result.

Darth vader tattoo 2

Darth vader tattoo 3

Darth vader tattoo 4

Darth vader tattoo 5

Darth vader tattoo 6

Darth vader tattoo 7

Darth vader tattoo 8

Darth vader tattoo 9

Darth vader tattoo 10

Darth vader tattoo 11

Darth vader tattoo 12

Darth vader tattoo 13

Darth vader tattoo 14

Darth vader tattoo 15

Darth vader tattoo 16

Darth vader tattoo 17

Darth vader tattoo 18

Darth vader tattoo 19

Darth vader tattoo 20

Darth vader tattoo 21

Darth vader tattoo 22

Darth vader tattoo 23

Darth vader tattoo 24

Darth vader tattoo 25

Darth vader tattoo 26

Darth vader tattoo 27

Darth vader tattoo 28

Darth vader tattoo 29

Darth vader tattoo 30

Darth vader tattoo 31

Darth vader tattoo 32

Darth vader tattoo 33

Darth vader tattoo 34

Darth vader tattoo 35

Darth vader tattoo 36

Darth vader tattoo 37

Darth vader tattoo 38

Darth vader tattoo 39

Darth vader tattoo 40

Darth vader tattoo 41

Darth vader tattoo 42

Darth vader tattoo 43

Darth vader tattoo 44

Darth vader tattoo 45

Darth vader tattoo 46

Darth vader tattoo 47

Darth vader tattoo 48

Darth vader tattoo 49

Darth vader tattoo 50

Darth vader tattoo 51

Darth vader tattoo 52

Darth vader tattoo 53

Darth vader tattoo 54

Darth vader tattoo 55

Darth vader tattoo 56

Darth vader tattoo 57

Darth vader tattoo 58

Darth vader tattoo 59

Darth vader tattoo 60

Darth vader tattoo 61

Darth vader tattoo 62

Darth vader tattoo 63

Darth vader tattoo 64

Darth vader tattoo 65

If you are still confused about the Darth Vader tattoo, then check out the time lapse video here, where you will find a colorful designed Darth Vader tattoo in the forearm. You will get an idea of how the design will look on you and if you are looking for the forearm especially, then this video will help you to choose!


The Star Wars fan base has a whole new level of dedication towards the characters and the taglines. Those who are fond of tattoos and also a star wars fan, usually somewhere in the body they have star wars tattoo and most likely the Darth Vader designed tattoos.

Hopefully you have found your desired Darth Vader tattoos till now, as you can find all the necessary materials for choosing a tattoo. Though the character is evil, due to its cool appearance and insane fan base, the Darth Vader tattoos are becoming popular each day and people are going crazy about the tattoos!

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