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93 Deadly Dagger Tattoo Designs To Strike Fear

Daggers are a lethal object that has originated since the prehistoric days. Warriors used to carry this weapon under their clothes and whenever they got the chance, they went straight for the jugular of their opponent.

The main reason why daggers are so popular is because it is an object that can both take and give life. This intriguing aspect consisting of two completely opposite concepts compels tattoo enthusiasts around the world to get the tattoo.

The blade of the dagger is usually either curved or straight. The sharpness is so much that even looking at it for too long can make you feel like you have cut yourself.

The variation in design mainly comes from its aesthetic handle. You can illustrate a bunch of different imagery with a plethora of connotations there. No matter what you do, the dagger tattoo will look phenomenal nonetheless.

The Fault In Our Dagger Tattoos: The Inspiring Meaning Behind Them

Dagger tattoo meaning


Daggers have a fairly simple structure, but underneath there are many mysteries that are hidden from the average person. The interpretation can go both ways. The use of daggers as a weapon has helped people accomplish great things and find true love. On the other hand, it has also been a tool for deceit and backstabbing. Let’s examine each ostensible meaning in order to determine what they actually signify.

A Symbol Of Love And Sacrifice

There are several instances in literature where a dagger serves as a bridge to bring lovers together. We’ve all heard the story of the lover who overcame great obstacles to find his sweetheart. He just had a sharp dagger in his possession. With it, he defeated and outran his fiercest rivals and finally reunited with his love. Dagger tattoos are for you if you have a partner that you wish to be with forever.

How Dagger Tattoos Shaped The World

Daggers have stood for strength and optimism since the beginning of time. Although they may have been used as a weapon to cause harm, daggers are understood to have deeper meanings when used metaphorically. Whenever kings joined allegiance, they would give each other daggers. These daggers expressed friendship and loyalty.

When warriors were killed in combat, their friends took the dagger they were wielding and presented it to the family as a souvenir. The military still performs this rite. So, as we can see, daggers have truly been relevant for a long time for expressing a multitude of powerful emotions and messages.

A Reminder Of The Cruel World

Not everything in the world is sunshine and rainbows. The most successful civilizations and empires that we can see now weren’t necessarily founded with a lot of positive energy. Behind each and every one of these success tales, there was treachery and backstabbing.

People have always committed heinous crimes to advance their own interests. IIt was primarily in lieu of money, power, or just strength.Even those closest to them were killed with daggers for their own gain. You now understand that the world isn’t all that pleasant and that you should always keep an eye open.

Nostalgic Dagger Tattoo Ideas To Get In Style

Daggers always have a sense of nostalgia attached to them. Whenever we see them, we feel like we have traveled back to old age. We could even hear the battle horns and the sound of swords and daggers colliding with each other. We feel like we can experience all of these wonderful things from horses neighing to the soldiers wearing heavy armory. We, therefore, have some of the most nostalgic dagger tattoo ideas to transport you back in time. Take a peek at them.

Dagger and Rose Tattoo

Dagger and Rose Tattoo 1


Dagger and Rose Tattoo 2


Dagger and Rose Tattoo 3


It is amazing to watch a soldier fight valiantly while holding a dagger during a time of war. They stab their opponents in the deepest part of the stomach or go straight for the jugular, and bright crimson blood spills out.

Blood always gets on daggers in the end. Do you know what else has a color that resembles blood? It’s none other than roses.

This is why these two elements work so well together. With the sharpness of the dagger and the vividness of the rose, the tattoo allows you to convey the intensity of your character.

Black Dagger Tattoo

Black Dagger Tattoo 1


Black Dagger Tattoo 2


Most tattoo artists use a monochromatic color scheme when they wish to portray something particularly personal in the tattoo. The dagger’s rawness can be strongly portrayed with the black color.

Daggers don’t even typically appear in whimsical hues in movies or cartoons. The blackness exudes a masculine energy that is very overpowering. It feels as though the tattoo has been stabbed into the surface of your skin.

Gothic Dagger Tattoo

Gothic Dagger Tattoo 1


Gothic Dagger Tattoo 2


Gothic Dagger Tattoo 3


Gothic dagger tattoos are for the edge lords out there who feel like they don’t belong to this era. They think that a warrior’s blood runs in their veins. They want to charge the battlefield with a sharp dagger and simply slay their adversaries.

If you consider yourself to be of similar belief then this tattoo is definitely for you. A trademark characteristic of gothic tattoos is that the entire tattoo is immersed in deep black color.

Strong hues give the tattoo a dark appearance.  Incorporation of celtic or gothic elements such as snowflakes or palm trees can elevate the tattoo to another level.

Snake and Dagger Tattoo

Snake and Dagger Tattoo 1


Snake and Dagger Tattoo 2


Snake and Dagger Tattoo 3


Have you ever looked closely at the venomous fang of the snake? You will notice that they eerily resemble the daggers. They have the same sharpness and structure.

When a snake sees a prey, it quickly closes the distance and bites off with its fangs. Soon, the fangs get immersed in blood. The same thing happens during the battle when the dagger meets the human flesh.

Therefore, both of these are connected in an odd way. A mixture of these two deadly components will surely make a terrifying looking tattoo.

American Traditional Dagger Tattoo

American Traditional Dagger Tattoo 1


American Traditional Dagger Tattoo 2


Traditional Dagger Tattoo 3


In many of the American houses, you will see that the homeowner keeps a very ornamented dagger in a high place protected by glass. They hold these daggers in high regard, and for good reasons.

The dagger was a weapon that helped people win the war during World War I, when slavery was abolished. Many of the generals possessed powerful daggers that were quick and had excellent control.

To commemorate the victory and the freedom, people even to this day pay respect to the daggers. This aspect has even translated into the tattoo world.

Heart and Dagger Tattoo

Heart and Dagger Tattoo 1


Heart and Dagger Tattoo 2


Heart and Dagger Tattoo 3


Perhaps the most painful imagery is the heart getting stabbed by someone who is very dear to you. Always remember that the biggest blow comes from the one who is the most loyal.

In many battles, the most faithful servant of the king was the one who stabbed the monarch in the heart ruthlessly with a dagger. People acquire this tattoo as a constant reminder to believe in no one as anyone can turn their backs on them.

Small Dagger Tattoo

Small Dagger Tattoo 1


Small Dagger Tattoo 2

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Small Dagger Tattoo 3


Small dagger tattoos are simple and hassle-free. All you need to do is relax for a few hours while sitting in the store and sipping on some drinks. You’ll discover that your tattoo is finished.

Small tattoos are a fantastic option because they may be placed anywhere you like. The dagger tattoo will look beautiful everywhere, from the tiny area around your ankle to the barren land on your back.

Since the tattoo is small, you must use a variety of vibrant colors to grab people’s attention. If not, no one will ever be aware that the tattoo exists.

Dagger Finger Tattoo

Dagger Finger Tattoo 1


Dagger Finger Tattoo 2


Finger tattoos are quite deceptive which resonates with the cruel message behind daggers. You can at any time hide the tattoo and even showcase it. You are the one that will be in full control of the dagger tattoo.

A cool idea is to draw five different styles of daggers on each of your fingers. Daggers have many designs depending on where they originated. Compared to daggers from South Asia, daggers from World War One typically have a brownish tag in the handle.

You have to choose any five of them and portray them with your fingers. When you make a fist, the daggers will look like there is a festival happening in your body.

Cross Dagger Tattoo

Cross Dagger Tattoo


You can’t even express your own thoughts in this desensitized world without getting canceled. Because of the tremendous pressure from society, people have shut themselves up. They no longer hold any beliefs.

The cross dagger tattoo is completely the opposite. The tattoo encourages you to embrace your spirituality and not be ashamed to show it off to others. Whatever the backlash, you must always prioritize your values, traditions, and feelings.

You’ll feel more self-assured as a result of the cross and dagger’s combined imagery. The artworks will also help you become a better version of yourself.

Golden Dagger Tattoo

Golden Dagger Tattoo


The golden dagger isn’t something for the ordinary. During the prehistoric days, only the king or some of the most noblest people in the entire kingdom was allowed to carry a golden dagger with them.

So, you can understand that this tattoo exudes an energy of eliteness. When you get the tattoo, you will feel like you are above everyone. You will not follow the herd anymore.

Dagger Forearm Tattoo

Dagger Forearm Tattoo 1


Dagger Forearm Tattoo 2


One of the earliest places to be inked on the human body was the forearm. Although its popularity has taken a brief dip back in the days, now it’s as famous as ever. People of every realm are dying to get a dagger forearm tattoo.

The primary cause of the frenzy is the fact that any pattern or style looks good on the forearm. You might choose a grandiose tattoo made up of any fight element or a basic design like a dagger’s plain outline. In either case, the tattoo will always be aesthetically pleasing and convey the message that you intend.

Broken Dagger Tattoo

Broken Dagger Tattoo


A broken dagger represents a broken soul. During war, the most unluckiest omen was considered to be the breaking of the dagger.

For every warrior, the dagger is the thing that protects them from the enemy. As long as it stays in their hand, they can fight. But when it is broken, they are helpless and the enemy can kill them as they wish.

In our life, there are moments when we feel just as helpless as the warrior that got their dagger broken. The tattoo will remind you that it’s not the end of the world. You can bounce back.

Dagger Sternum Tattoo

Dagger Sternum Tattoo 1


Dagger Sternum Tattoo 2


Sternum is the cage that holds your heart. The dagger is a weapon that protects the owner from the enemy. Can you guess what the combination of the two expresses?

The tattoo will symbolize the protection of your heart. A dagger in your sternum will depict that you have something very close to your heart. It can be a person, an object or a belief. You will go to great lengths to protect that thing.

Feminine Dagger Tattoo

Feminine Dagger Tattoo 1


Feminine Dagger Tattoo 2


There is a misconception in the tattoo industry that dagger tattoos are only tailored for men. But it’s far from the truth. Dagger tattoos are fluid and transparent. It doesn’t have a particular gender.

So, whether you are a bulky man or a sweet woman, you can get the tattoo inked on your body canvas. To make it look feminine, you can incorporate some floral patterns throughout the body of the dagger. The natural patterns will compliment the deadliness of the dagger smoothly.

Butterfly Dagger Tattoo

Butterfly Dagger Tattoo 1


Butterfly Dagger Tattoo 2


Butterflies symbolize happiness and hope. When we see butterflies flying without any worries, we think of life in a less stressful way. We start to dive into a world much more joyful.

On the other hand, daggers are a depiction of reality. It expresses the harsh and cruel nature of human beings. So, one component of the tattoo expresses realism whereas the other symbolizes imagination and creativity. These two polar opposite aspects create a unique design that is to die for.

Old School Dagger Tattoo

Old School Dagger Tattoo 1


Old School Dagger Tattoo 2


Old school dagger tattoos consist of bold colors and dark highlighting. During the 1900’s, western people carried daggers hidden in their shoes.

Sometimes when things got rough, they would throw them to their enemies to kill them. It also helped them get out of sneaky situations. The usual appearance of these daggers are quite plain with a vintage color scheme. They just look timeless.

Skull and Dagger Tattoo

Skull and Dagger Tattoo 1


Skull and Dagger Tattoo 2


Any tattoo that includes a skull makes the design macabre. Our veins begin to pump with adrenaline as a result. You can only imagine how thrilling yet scary a tattoo featuring both a skull and a dagger will appear.

Choose a black-and-white color scheme rather than adding whimsical colors to the tattoo. The black color will accurately depict the intensity as well as the deadliness of these two somber images. You won’t be able to take your eyes off the tattoo.

Curved Dagger Tattoo

Curved Dagger Tattoo


Curved daggers are immensely deadly in battle as they go deep into the flesh because of their extra sharpness near the edges. You can also throw them and they will have a boomerang effect jumbling in the air with the enemies not grasping the trajectory of the daggers.

If you are opting for the curved dagger tattoo then use a black and gray color scheme. You should use the gray color in the edges to portray its sharpness. The handle is a great spot to display some natural artwork, such as a landscape from the jungle or a straightforward flower pattern.

Japanese Dagger Tattoo

Japanese Dagger Tattoo 1


Japanese Dagger Tattoo 2


Japanese Dagger Tattoo 3


For a very long time, daggers have been an essential part of Japanese culture. If you’ve read any contemporary anime or manga, you already know what we’re talking about.

Japanese daggers differ slightly from other cultures because the handle is wrapped in white clothing for a better grip. Additionally, it improves the dagger’s appearance. They utilize it to force the dagger to come back to them making it quite a tactical weapon.

Dragon Dagger Tattoo

Dragon Dagger Tattoo 1


Dragon Dagger Tattoo 2


We must take a moment to appreciate that there are no dragons in our age. Back in the day, it was believed that these creatures wreaked havoc everywhere they went. With just their wings, they could cause a hurricane.

The only way to take down these menacing beasts was to use a giant dagger. It had to be sharp enough to pierce through the dragon’s steel-like skin.

Try to visualize the dragon’s desperation after being struck by the dagger if you decide to get this tattoo. Curve-like shapes can be incorporated in the dragon’s face to represent the emotion of pain.

Viking Dagger Tattoo

Viking Dagger Tattoo 1


Viking Dagger Tattoo 2


Vikings are powerful individuals with large muscles and upright stances. Therefore, their daggers differ significantly from the ones we typically see nowadays. They possess a much more spherical handle, a thick body, and a razor sharp edge.

Daggers are constantly sharpened by Vikings using whetstones. Without these two items, they would never leave the house. Therefore, if you decide to have a tattoo of a Viking dagger, be sure to capture the weapon’s distinct appearance accurately.

Red Dagger Tattoo

Red Dagger Tattoo


If you’ve read this far, you’re already aware of the connection between daggers and blood. We don’t want to reiterate ourselves but we will just give you a short summary.

So as a weapon of war, daggers always end in wounding or killing someone. Obviously, the sight isn’t pretty. Blood spills out everywhere and covers the dagger. So, the dagger is usually associated in an unpleasant, melancholy way with the color red. That’s why, artists always try to depict the tattoo in a blazing red color.

Flower Dagger Tattoo

Flower Dagger Tattoo 1


Flower Dagger Tattoo 2


Two different components always seem to work together in a single artwork. Such patterns are even given the name Yin Yang.

The flowers are something that reeks of positivity. When you want to show someone you’re thankful, friendly, or in love, you give them a flower. Daggers, on the other hand, are occasionally connected to betrayal. So, there are polar opposite concepts like birth and death.

A good way to present them together is by distinguishing them using two separate color schemes. The flower should be as vibrant as you can make it, while the dagger should be drawn in a monochrome color scheme.

Egyptian Dagger Tattoo

Egyptian Dagger Tattoo 1


Egyptian Dagger Tattoo 2


Egyptian Dagger Tattoo 3


Egyptian literature is a treasure for you if you are having trouble coming up with tattoo symbols. Egyptian history contains so many puzzling details that it is difficult to keep track of them all.

You can show anything in your dagger tattoo, from the enigmatic pyramids to the gods and goddesses with impeccable and incredible power. The best thing about this tattoo is that you are not confined to a particular design. Let your imagination take you to a tattoo that is both jarring and meaningful.

Fine Line Dagger Tattoo

Fine Line Dagger Tattoo 1


Fine Line Dagger Tattoo 2


This tattoo style on our list does not leave any negative space. Instead, it fully covers the surface area of the dagger in pitch black. As a result, the final outcome is a silhouette of the dagger that just looks ominous and dark.

Silhouette tattoos completely blend with the skin to the point that it gets hard to distinguish between the skin and the tattoo. The tattoo appears to have crawled out of a horrific nightmare.

How To Illustrate A Dagger Tattoo To Die For: A Visual Representation

You have looked in even the most obscure parts of the internet for information that will be helpful to you as you search for the ideal dagger tattoo. However, you have had no luck.

Not to worry. We have a fantastic time-lapse of a tattoo artist drawing a dagger just for you. You’ll see how his hands move quite precisely. Throughout the procedure, there are zero errors.

We are very aware of your limited attention span. As a result, the video has been sped up thrice. Enjoy.


Getting hands on concise and relevant information is like finding a needle in a haystack. Even if you search for it with a magnifying glass, you will only run into closed exits. That’s why, we have curated some of the most intriguing questions and their crystal clear answers regarding dagger tattoos. Give them a look.

Q: What Does Dagger’s Direction Symbolize?

Ans: The dagger’s direction has a depth to it which is associated with the oppression aspect. So, in earlier days women used to stay in the house and do all the chores. They were perceived as not making a significant contribution to society. On the other hand, the men were in high positions, going into war and having a lot of impact on society.

Therefore, a downward-pointing dagger indicates femininity, whereas an upward-pointing dagger denotes masculinity. In recent years, these definitions have undergone a rapid transformation.

Q: Are Dagger Tattoos Romantic?

Ans: Yes, they most certainly are. Daggers frequently appear in love stories. Even Romeo and Juliet choose to use a dagger to end their lives at the conclusion of the story. Therefore, having a dagger tattoo is the best option if you’re genuinely in love and want to mark your passion and affection for your significant other.

Q: Are Dagger Tattoos Considered To Be Religious?

Ans: They are not religious per se. But they have been used in religious wars. So, many people believe that there is an aspect of religion and spirituality in these tattoos.


We are deviating from reality more and more as time passes in the fabricated world in which we live. The fundamental reason for this is because we want to get away from our mundane, uninteresting daily lives as quickly as we can.

But despite your best efforts and thinking, you are stuck in this place. You are deluded if you believe that you live in some sort of fairy world.

The real world isn’t always pretty where there is blood, deception, and treachery. People go against one another for their own sake. You need to realize these things to survive in this cruel world. A dagger tattoo will keep on reminding you about the harsh realities of the world.

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