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29 Stupefying Cupid Tattoo Ideas To Show Your Love

The cupid tattoo is a very popular tattoo for those who know the reference to the cupid. The cupid has always been seen as a symbol of love and the cupid tattoo represents exactly that. It shows your love, affection, and passion for something or someone.

So, if you are to show your love for someone, the cupid tattoo is one of the sweetest things you can get. As an important mythological figure, cupid has won the hearts of many tattoo enthusiasts. And if you are one of them, you can get some amazing designs that we have gathered for you in this article.

We will also talk about the meaning of the cupid tattoo, and answer some frequently asked questions for your convenience.

Let’s get going.

What Is the Meaning of The Cupid Tattoo?

Cupid is a very popular character from Roman mythology and the cupid tattoo takes its meaning and implications from this figure. Often interchangeably used as the Greek god Eros’ name, Cupid is the god of love, affection, and passion. And the cupid tattoo in turn represents all these emotions.

The most popular representation of Cupid would be a small winged boy with a bow and arrow. Cupid shoots the bow and arrow to make people fall in love. This translates to the cupid tattoo which means the wearer falling deeply in love with their beloved.

Eye-Catching Cupid Tattoo Designs That You Can Get

If you are in the market for the perfect cupid tattoo to show your love for your beloved, you will find thousands of designs. But to help you with the sorting process, what we have here is a collection of cupid tattoo designs that you’ll love for sure.

So let’s get started with the design ideas.

Traditional Cupid Tattoo

Traditional Cupid Tattoo 1


Traditional Cupid Tattoo 2


Traditional Cupid Tattoo 3


The traditional design for the cupid tattoo has become very popular over the years due to the cute color combinations and art style. These are honestly some of the most beautiful pieces done from what we have seen. Most often the design consists of Cupid drawn in a bold black outline with the colors red or pink to fill up the tattoo.

You can do the tattoo anywhere on the body depending on if you want to show off the tattoo or hide it. But as a beautiful design, we’d suggest you place the tattoo on your forearms, wrists, or thigh to show off your love and partially the beautiful colors of the tattoo.

Baby Cupid Tattoo

Baby Cupid Tattoo 1


Baby Cupid Tattoo 2


The baby cupid tattoo is a very popular design in itself and along with other designs like patchwork tattoos. It’s an adorable design featuring a cute baby cupid holding the bow and arrow.

Often the design is done with fine needles to give delicate lines and soft colors as details. If you want to celebrate your baby or want to represent your inner baby, you can go ahead with this design.

Small Cupid Tattoo

Small Cupid Tattoo 1

Small Cupid Tattoo 2


The small cupid tattoo is a very cute tattoo design that is both simple and catchy. It features a minimalistic chubby baby with a bow and arrow.

If you want to be minimalist and discreet, you can choose to do this tattoo design. The benefit would be that you can hide or show the tattoo design as your wish. This design goes best in places like behind the ear, ankle, or wrists.

Cupid Angel Tattoo

Cupid Angel Tattoo 1


Baby Cupid Tattoo 2


This design depicts the cupid in an angelic form factor where the cupid is surrounded by a heavenly aura, a halo, or other religious imagery. This tattoo can be done anywhere on the body.

This design represents the godly love that brings people together. If you want to show your beliefs through this tattoo, you can go for this design.

Cupid with Gun Tattoo

Cupid with Gun Tattoo 1


Cupid with Gun Tattoo 2


This design is a unique one and breaks away from traditional tattoo designs. In this design, you will see a chubby cupid, but without the cute bow and arrow, rather a firearm.

This shows a balance between love and violence and may represent the duality of your loving but unforgiving nature. Although this may be insensitive to some, if you want, you can do the tattoo on the wrists, arms, and forearms depending on your preference.

Cupid and Psyche Tattoo

Cupid and Psyche Tattoo 1


Cupid and Psyche Tattoo 2


Cupid and Psyche Tattoo 3


The Cupid and Psyche tattoo features, from greek mythology, Cupid and Psyche. This design also often shows two lovers holding hands or embracing. Again, you can also go with a butterfly wings design for Psyche’s wings and the bow and arrow of Cupid.

This tattoo will act as a piece of history. If you love history and mythology, this tattoo might be for you.

Cupid Shooting Arrow Tattoo

Cupid Shooting Arrow Tattoo 1


Cupid Shooting Arrow Tattoo 2


The cupid shooting arrow shows Cupid shooting an arrow. This arrow can be depicted as pierced through the skin of the wearer, or just Cupid taking aim to shoot the arrow.

This is a classic variant of the cupid tattoo and represents love at first sight. If you have someone special like that, you can do a tattoo to commemorate them.

Dead Cupid Tattoo

Dead Cupid Tattoo

The dead cupid tattoo design is a very controversial one. It shows cupid as dead or dying giving off an edgy vibe. This can also represent love dying.

So if you are heartbroken, you can represent your situation through this depiction.

Cupid Heart Tattoo

Cupid Heart Tattoo


The cupid heart tattoo shows Cupid with a heart sign or just cupid with the word “love” written along with it. This is a popular tattoo design for the romantics if you want to show the intensity of your love and passion.

Devil Cupid Tattoo

Devil Cupid Tattoo 1


Devil Cupid Tattoo 2


The devil cupid tattoo shows off cupid with devilish horns. This gives a sinister look to the character and may represent the evil nature of love. You can always add sinister expressions and elements like fire to the tattoo design to make it pop more.

Simple Cupid Tattoo

Simple Cupid Tattoo


The simple cupid tattoo features the cupid in an understated design. These tattoos are often only done with outlines. So, the simple cupid tattoo can be done on small spaces like the wrist or ankle.

Cupid Cherub Tattoo

Cupid Cherub Tattoo

The cupid Cherub tattoo shows off the cherubic figure with a simple back outline. This tattoo is often done with the traditional color scheme. You can also add a heart to add to the depth of the tattoo.

Cupid Outline Tattoo

Cupid Outline Tattoo

This tattoo design shows off the outline of Cupid. This is a very simple tattoo with minimal details. If you are a lover of minimalism, you can get this tattoo done. With this tattoo, you’ll get the benefit of hiding or showing the tattoo with your attire.

Cupid Neck Tattoo

Cupid Neck Tattoo


The neck is a great place to do a cupid tattoo because of its visibility. You can do some stunning details on the neck as you can show off the tattoo properly. But remember that neck tattoos can be painful, so they are only advisable for veterans.

Cupid with Money Tattoo

Cupid with Money Tattoo


This tattoo features Cupid with a bag of money. Cupid with the bag of money represents a love for money. If you want to show your passion for money, you can get the tattoo done on your hands or wrists. This is a very fun tattoo to flaunt.

Cupid Sleeve Tattoo

Cupid Sleeve Tattoo


The sleeve is a great place to do a cupid tattoo due to its big work area. You can add some great details while doing a cupid tattoo on the sleeve with some good shading and colors. And if you want, you can always hide the tattoo with a sleeve.

Anime Cupid Tattoo

Anime Cupid Tattoo


These are very cute tattoos which are for Japanese Anime lovers. Often featuring Anime characters, these tattoos look phenomenal on visible parts of the body. But be sure to be respectful of the Japanese culture while doing a tattoo like this.

Under Boob Cupid Tattoo

Under Boob Cupid Tattoo


The underboob is a great placement for the cupid tattoo. You can do a simple cupid tattoo design with finer outlines for this tattoo. If you want a simple and minimalist tattoo on your underboob, this might be the one for you.

Cupid and Moon Tattoo

Cupid and Moon Tattoo


The cupid and moon tattoo is a cute design that you can do on your neck, arms, or wrists. This design features Cupid sitting on a half-moon, or a silhouette of Cupid shooting an arrow from the moon. This is a simple tattoo that shows the beauty of the moon with the love of Cupid.

How To Get the Perfect Cupid Tattoo Done

Here, we have a video showing the process of getting a cupid tattoo. The tattoo artist traces and draws the stencil first to make an outline of the tattoo. Then they moved to a fine needle to create some detailing on the tattoo. The design is pretty simple and did not take much time to complete the whole tattoo.

If you are looking for this specific shading done, you can get an idea of how it is done in real-time. Otherwise, this is a good representation of how a cupid tattoo would be done in general.


If you are done looking for ideas on cupid tattoo ideas, but still have some questions, you can always go to the comment section and ask us the questions. But to help you out, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about the cupid tattoo designs for you.

Q: Do cupid tattoos come in color?

Answer: Yes, you can get a  colored cupid tattoo. Although not common, cupid tattoos can be done with colors. Depending on your personality and preference, you can always choose to make a colored version of the cupid tattoo designs that we discussed above.

Q: What is the best placement for the cupid tattoo?

Answer: Although you can do the cupid tattoo practically anywhere, there are some placements that make the most sense for a cupid tattoo. The best placement for the cupid tattoo would be on the wrists, forearms, and chest depending on the visibility and size of the tattoo that you want.


The cupid tattoo can be a perfect representation of your love for a close one. Or it can also be your way to show your passionate and loving nature.

The cupid design is customizable with many detailing and elements depending on your preference and personality. It is a versatile tattoo design that you’ll love to show off.

In the article, we have shared some of the most trending cupid tattoo designs that you can get for yourself. But there’s always the option to go full creative and make up your own design as you go. Whatever you do, we’re sure that you’ll love the cupid tattoo and spread your love through the tattoo.

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