78 Cowboy Tattoo Designs To Bring Out Your Inner Cowboy

Cowboy culture has been in popularity for a long time. It has been a symbol of American culture for ages and has thus been a favorite among tattoo enthusiasts. As cowboys are known for their tough lifestyle and culture, cowboy tattoos have in turn become a symbol of ruggedness and resilience.

Tattoo enthusiasts love the cowboy culture and the tattoos inspired by the culture. If you are a fan of the outdoors or just love the cowboy lifestyle, then this tattoo can be the perfect way to represent your love for the culture.

The cowboy tattoo has been relevant for tattoo enthusiasts for a long time. So, if you want a cowboy tattoo that sings to you, you’d have to look through thousands of tattoo designs for the cowboy tattoo. But look no further than this article because we’ve gathered here some of the most amazing tattoo designs that have come across our shop.

Meaning And Significance Of Cowboy Tattoo

Meaning And Significance Of Cowboy Tattoo


Cowboy tattoos have been popular among tattoo enthusiasts for a long time. So many meanings and significance has been associated with cowboy tattoos. On the surface, cowboy tattoos represent the cowboy lifestyle, their rugged look, and their love for the wild.

But if you want a symbolic meaning of the cowboy tattoo, it represents the value of hard work and the willingness to live a hardworking life. It also may represent action and adventure for some.

Overall, the meanings depend on your views on cowboy culture. But if you want to look past the meaning of the tattoo, you can just do the tattoo for its aesthetic value.

Amazing Cowboy Tattoo Ideas To Rock

Cowboy Tattoo Ideas


As cowboy tattoos have been around for ages, there are literally thousands of tattoo designs that you will come across when searching for a cowboy tattoo. If you are in the market for getting a cowboy tattoo, you are bound to be confused with all the designs out there.

But don’t worry. You are not alone. Often we have been asked to recommend a design for cowboy tattoos for our client. So, to ease your tattoo-hunting journey, we’ve gathered some of the most stunning cowboy tattoo designs in this article.

If you want you can get any of the designs shown here. Or you can choose to improvise and mix and match the designs to create your unique tattoo design.

Cowboy Hat Tattoo

Cowboy Hat Tattoo 1


Cowboy Hat Tattoo 2


Cowboy Hat Tattoo 3


Cowboy hat tattoos are probably the most popular cowboy tattoos that you can get for yourself. This design features a cowboy hat with little or intricate details. This tattoo can feature a cowboy hat that is done with an abstract, colorful, or black-and-white color scheme depending on the wearer’s choice.

The cowboy hat tattoo represents the love for cowboy culture and the love for the adventure of the wearer. If you are someone who loves the call of the wild, this tattoo can be a perfect tattoo for you.

This tattoo is infinitely customizable as you can add knotwork, knitting, and other graphics to the cowboy hat. This tattoo can also be scaled according to your needs. You can get a small tattoo on the wrist, or the forearm, or you can do a bigger and more detailed tattoo on the shoulder or the chest.

Cowboy Skull Tattoo

Cowboy Skull Tattoo 1


Cowboy Skull Tattoo 2


If you want a bolder and more fun design for your cowboy tattoo then the cowboy skull tattoo might be a good option for you. The good thing about this tattoo is the flexibility that you get with this tattoo.

If you want you can get a red skull, with the cowboy hat with some flames to give a bold look to the tattoo. Or you can do a cartoonish and funky design of the skull with a cowboy tattoo if that suits your personality.

The cowboy skull tattoo may represent the importance of life and the willingness to live a life on the cutting edge of adventure. Naturally, you would want to show off this daring and bold tattoo. Thus, the forearm, neck, or hands are the perfect placement for this tattoo.

Dallas Cowboy Tattoo

Dallas Cowboy Tattoo 1


Dallas Cowboy Tattoo 2


If you are a fan of American football, then you’d know the Dallas Cowboys. Inspired by the rugged lifestyles of the cowboys and the longstanding cowboy heritage of the cowboys in Dallas ranches, the Dallas Cowboys tattoo is an excellent piece to show your fandom for the football team.

If you are from Dallas and want to show your support for your home team, then this is the perfect tattoo to do so. This tattoo can feature the Dallas Cowboys logo which is a blue star, or it can feature the helmet of a Dallas Cowboy player with their jersey number.

This tattoo can also be customized with other elements like a cowboy whip, or a hat along with the helmet of the Dallas Cowboys. You can also put a name or a jersey number along with the tattoo to give it some definition.

Cowboy Boot Tattoo

Cowboy Boot Tattoo 1


Cowboy Boot Tattoo 2


A cowboy boot tattoo is a great way to express your love for cowboy culture. This tattoo can mean different things to different people. It can be a way to express your love for the rugged lifestyle of the cowboys. Or the boot can be a symbol of waking in the harsh wilderness.

This tattoo features the graphic of a cowboy boot with different levels of detail. This tattoo can be done with simple details with a cowboy boot or can be done with spikes and Western knotworks on the boot.

This tattoo can also be customized with different elements of your liking. But the most popular design for the tattoo is a simple cowboy boot done in black and gray. You can do the tattoo on the forearms or on the legs to easily show the tattoo off.

Cowboy Skeleton Tattoo

Cowboy Skeleton Tattoo 1


Cowboy Skeleton Tattoo 2


The cowboy skeleton tattoo is another funky and fun tattoo that you can do. This tattoo can at the same time express your love for the western cowboy culture and at the same time show your preference for a fun and lively lifestyle.

This tattoo can feature a skull with a cowboy hat with a partial body or a complete skeleton with a cowboy hat. This tattoo can also feature a skeleton wearing a cowboy hat with a guitar in his hands. This was popularized in the massively popular animated movie “Coco”.

This tattoo is also very customizable. You can add different elements from the cowboy culture like a gun or a horse with the skeleton. Or you can go with the Coco router to add elements from the movie to the tattoo. This funky tattoo looks best on the forearms and shoulders.

Traditional Cowboy Tattoo

Traditional Cowboy Tattoo 1


Traditional Cowboy Tattoo 2


Traditional cowboy tattoos are a great way to show your love for American culture. This tattoo is done in the traditional American tattoo style. So these tattoos use bright colors and bold outlines to create a simple but catchy look.

The traditional cowboy tattoo features a cowboy or any other cowboy elements. The tattoo is a tribute to American culture and the cowboy that thrived in the 1800s. You can add personal elements like names and dates to the tattoo to make it unique.

You can do the traditional cowboy tattoo in different styles. You can either choose to do a small and simple tattoo, or you can go for a bigger tattoo with elements like horses, guns, or whips. Depending on the size of the tattoo, you can get the tattoo done on the forearm, thigh, or shoulder.

Western Cowboy Tattoo

Western Cowboy Tattoo 1


Western Cowboy Tattoo 2


As cowboys originated from the wild west, the Western cowboy tattoos reflect the wildness and rugged lifestyle of the cowboys. This tattoo often features a worn-out and dusty look to different cowboy elements like the cowboy hat, cowboy boots, horses, or whips.

This tattoo can also be customized with your desired colors and features. This tattoo often features darker colors with a black-and-white, or black-and-gray color scheme. But the most popular style for this tattoo is a Western and realistic style featuring realistic details and shading.

You can also place this tattoo anywhere on the body depending on your choice. But with the beauty and realism of this tattoo, the most practical placement for this tattoo would be on the forearms.

Cowboy Sleeve Tattoo

Cowboy Sleeve Tattoo


If you are looking to get a detailed tattoo that you can later expand into other designs, sleeve tattoos are a good option. The cowboy sleeve tattoo is no different as it features cowboy or cowboy elements on the sleeve.

This tattoo can feature cowboy elements covering the entire sleeve or just can cover a small part of the sleeve with only a simple cowboy hat or a pair of boots. This tattoo can also be customized with different colors and styles depending on your choice.

Space Cowboy Tattoo

Space Cowboy Tattoo


The space cowboy tattoo features cowboy elements mixed with elements of space. This tattoo can feature a cowboy hat with stars and space for a face. Or this tattoo can feature a cowboy with stars and a nebula for their dress or helmet.

If you want to get really fancy with the customization, you can even put the cowboy in a space suit or can show the cowboy riding a spaceship instead of a horse. These tattoos are often very colorful and can be done in watercolor or realistic style.

Cowboy Up Tattoo

Cowboy Up Tattoo


The cowboy-up tattoo features different cowboy elements with the text “Cowboy Up” written in bold fonts. This tattoo showcases the tough outdoor lifestyle of the cowboys and gives the wearer a symbolic motivation to toughen up for a hard situation like a cowboy.

This design can be customized with different elements added to the tattoo. You can add cowboy hats, cowboy boots, a whip or even playing cards with the cowboy theme on the tattoo. You can also choose a watercolor style or a realistic style for this tattoo.

Horse Riding a Cowboy Tattoo

Horse Riding a Cowboy Tattoo


The horse riding a cowboy tattoo features exactly what the name suggests: a cowboy riding on horseback. This tattoo shows the connection between a cowboy and his horse. A cowboy and their horse are historically iconic elements that represent teamwork and trust.

The cowboy riding a horse can also represent the day-to-day cowboy activities with a horse like ranching and transportation. So this tattoo can be a good representation of the cowboy lifestyle and a way to show your love for the cowboy culture.

Cowboy Cat Tattoo

Cowboy Cat Tattoo


The cowboy cat tattoo is another fun take on cowboy tattoos. This tattoo features a cat in a cowboy hat and boots. This look has been popularized by the titular character “Puss in Boots” with its iconic Western cowboy look.

You can customize the tattoo with other elements from the Puss in Boots movie or just classic cowboy elements. The tattoo can be done in different colors. But the most iconic look for this tattoo is doing the cat with an orange tint to stay faithful to the Puss in Boots character.

Cowboy Revolver Tattoo

Cowboy Revolver Tattoo 1


Cowboy Revolver Tattoo 2


The cowboy revolver tattoo shows off the true essence of the wild west. This tattoo features a cowboy with a classic Western revolver or just the revolver with a classic cowboy hat, horse, or whip.

You can customize the tattoo with other elements that represent the wild west. Depending on what elements you add to your tattoo, you can place this tattoo anywhere on the body. But the most popular placement for this tattoo is on the forearms and on the shoulders.

Dead Cowboy Tattoo

Dead Cowboy Tattoo


This is a bold tattoo design that shows a dead cowboy on a horse or on the ground. This tattoo can also feature a skeleton cowboy. This tattoo may represent the idea that with the adventurous lifestyle comes danger and the fear of death. You can get this amazing tattoo on your forearms or shoulders.

Cowboy Cross Tattoo

Cowboy Cross Tattoo


The cowboy cross tattoo features a cowboy with a cross tattoo. This tattoo can represent American culture with a strong belief in Christianity. This tattoo is usually done in a Western art style with realistic features on the cross and the cowboy.

Cowboy Frog Tattoo

Cowboy Frog Tattoo


The cowboy frog tattoo features another funky tattoo with a frog wearing a cowboy costume or a hat. This tattoo is usually done in a cartoonish style with some bright colors to show a playful design on the body. This tattoo looks best on the forearms, hands, or on shoulders.

Cowboy Anime Tattoo

Cowboy Anime Tattoo


Anime tattoos have become increasingly popular recently and cowboy anime tattoos are no different. You can get the cowboy anime tattoo to represent your love for both Japanese culture and the adventurous nature of the wild west.

Cowboy Patchwork Tattoo

Cowboy Patchwork Tattoo


If you are into patchwork tattoos, the cowboy patchwork tattoo can be a good choice to have. This tattoo features several cowboy elements to form a patchwork-style tattoo. This tattoo can be placed on the shoulder, chest or on the back.

Cowboy Chest Tattoo

Cowboy Chest Tattoo


As the chest is a big workspace, you can fit a really detailed and intricate design of a cowboy on the chest. This tattoo can represent your love for the cowboy culture with a cowboy riding a horse or holding a revolver.

Cowboy Alligator Tattoo

Cowboy Alligator Tattoo


This is another fun design of the cowboy tattoo and features an alligator in a cowboy hat or wearing a pair of cowboy boots. This can also be a great tattoo to represent your love for Western wildlife.

Cowboy Forearm Tattoo

Cowboy Forearm Tattoo


If you are in the market for an eye-catching forearm tattoo then the cowboy tattoo can be your perfect choice. This tattoo features a cowboy or elements related to a cowboy on the forearm. As the forearm has a big workspace, you can add multiple elements to the tattoo.

Cowboy Crab Tattoo

Cowboy Crab Tattoo


The cowboy crab tattoo usually features a crab wearing a cowboy costume or a cowboy hat. This tattoo is a playful take on the cowboy aesthetic and often lightens up the mood with a cartoon crab wearing the cowboy hat.

Cowgirl Tattoo

Cowgirl Tattoo 1


Cowgirl Tattoo 2


Although seen as more popular among female tattoo enthusiasts, cowgirl tattoos are also popular among men. This tattoo features a female cowboy, more popularly known as a cowgirl on the wearer’s skin.

This tattoo embodies the rugged cowboy culture with a sense of freedom and independence in a woman. This tattoo is often done in a realistic or modern style depending on the wearer’s preference.

You can get the tattoo in different sizes and shapes. You can add elements that you would add for the cowboy tattoo. But as this tattoo is more popular among our female audience, this tattoo usually features a simple design.

How To Get A Dashing Cowboy Tattoo

In the video, you can see the tattoo artist first tracing out the tattoo on the legs with tracing paper. Then the artist moves on to use a fine-line needle to trace the outlines of the tattoo on the workplace. The artist later gives some highlights with a broader-sized needle. Most of the tattoo is done in black with only some highlights in white.

If you are looking to get a cowboy tattoo on the legs but are not sure of the process, then this video can give you a good representation of what you can expect. This video also is a good representation of what you can expect if you want a cowboy tattoo in general.


If you still have questions regarding the cowboy tattoo after going through the list of tattoo ideas, we’ve got you covered.  Here we have gathered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the cowboy tattoo.

Q: Are cowboy tattoos only for men?

Answer: The answer is: No.  Although cowboy tattoos are often more popular among men, you can get a cowboy tattoo if you love the cowboy culture regardless of your gender.

Q: Can I get a cowboy tattoo even if I don’t live in the West?

Answer: No. Cowboy tattoos are not necessarily only for people living in the West. If you connect with the great outdoors and love the ruggedness of the cowboys, you can get a cowboy tattoo regardless of where you live.


To wrap up this article, cowboy tattoos have been popular since the conception of cowboy culture. It is a great way to show your love for the Western culture, cowboys, and their rugged lifestyle.

But due to the immense popularity of cowboy tattoos, there have been thousands of iterations of cowboy culture that you can get for yourself. But make sure to understand the meaning of the tattoo and how it can relate to your personal and professional life.

We hope this article has helped you choose a cowboy tattoo design for yourself and has answered some of your questions regarding cowboy tattoos. If you have any other questions regarding this tattoo, make sure to reach out to us in the comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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