Cover Up Tattoo

100 Sensational Cover Up Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Adventure

We all make mistakes. Sometimes out of consciousness or sometimes knowingly. It doesn’t mean that we have to hang on to it for the rest of our lives. There is always a way to turn things around. The same goes for tattoos. There are times we make the stupidest choices while getting something as important as a tattoo and later regret.

So here comes the cover up tattoo. This little magical thing can turn your sorrows to utter joys. You can hide that horrendous, boring old tattoo behind and groove with the stylish trends using this amazing trick.

Because of its reversible technology, there is not a long line for getting the cover up tattoos. So, today we are here to give all the information you need so that you don’t make the same mistake again.

Rime On The Ancient Cover Up Tattoos: Phenomenal Tattoo Designs To Get In 2023

Cover Up Tattoo design


While the science behind cover up tattoos is quite simple, there are some factors that can make or break the visuals. If your old tattoo was something dense or filled with a lot of colors, then a cover up tattoo can’t do much. The previous tattoo can still be seen even after getting the cover up.

Another thing is that sometimes the old and the new tattoos can collide and create something that is unwanted. Suppose you want to illustrate a red cover up tattoo. Your faded tattoo was in the blue color. These two colors can mix up with each other and create the pink color. So you have to keep these points in mind.

Therefore, to clear all your doubts, we have made a list of the most phenomenal cover up tattoos that will look good no matter what the condition is. So what are you waiting for? Hop on the train.

Scar Cover Up Tattoo

Scar Cover Up Tattoo 1


Scar Cover Up Tattoo 2

Scar Cover Up Tattoo 3


Scar Cover Up Tattoo 4


We all have been in accidents that have left a mark on our body that just doesn’t go. Whenever we look at it, it makes us remember that dreadful day. The best thing you can do to hide the scar is to get a beautiful cover up tattoo.

Every part of our body is sensitive. The ones which have scars are a bit extra. So getting a tattoo over it can be extremely painful.

So, a wonderful idea is to make use of the scar shape and draw something around it. Like you can make a fish using the scar outline. The scar can be the body of the fish and you can gently pour some vibrant colors without inking it too intensely. This will create something that is more lively than artificial.

Ex Name Cover Up Tattoo

Ex Name Cover Up Tattoo 1

Ex Name Cover Up Tattoo 2


Love can be either the most beautiful thing in the world or the biggest mistake. If unfortunately it’s the latter for you, then you my friend can be in a world of pain. No matter what you do, whenever you see the name of your ex in the tattoo, your sorrows will know no bounds.

What you can do is get a cover up tattoo right in front of the name. As the name is in letters, it’s best to use some kind of one liner or a movie quote so that the name can’t be visualized anymore.

If you’ve gotten your ex’s name in black and white then it’s much easier. You can just dip the tattoo in glowing inks with high saturation and voila. You will never have to remember that horrible person that has ruined your life.

Wrist Cover Up Tattoo

Wrist Cover Up Tattoo 1


Wrist Cover Up Tattoo 2


The wrist tattoos are the most passionate of them all. We always get tattoos on our wrist so that we can see it at any moment of the day. But sometimes our beloved tattoo can start to fade away.

For getting a wrist cover up tattoo, you need to make sure of two things. The first is to make the cover up tattoo a bit larger than the previous one.

The second thing depends on the colors. So, if your old tattoo was something quite colorful then you have to choose very carefully what sort of colors you want to incorporate in your coverup tattoo. As both of these tattoos will be done in your dermis, the colors can mix and give an unpleasant look.

Hand Cover Up Tattoo

Hand Cover Up Tattoo

We only get the tattoos in our hand when we are quite courageous about the tattoo. But after getting the tattoo, we contemplate it. Thankfully, you can reverse the outcome by getting an amazing hand cover up tattoo.

Usually many people think that the only way to hide the previous tattoo is by pouring tons of colorful inks. But that’s the opposite in reality.

You can even get a black and white tattoo and it will still look nice on your hand. You don’t always have to hide the previous tattoo. You can use it as a base for the new one and the two will culminate together into creating a tattoo with multiple textures and layers.

Flower Cover Up Tattoo

Flower Cover Up Tattoo 1


Flower Cover Up Tattoo 2


Flower Cover Up Tattoo 3


Floral designs have always been a staple in the tattoo industry. There is just something majestic about the flowers around us. Furthermore, you can choose a wide variety of flowers ranging from lilies to roses.

As you might’ve guessed, flowers are vibrant and have a lot of elements. The petals along with the branches makes it nearly impossible to find the old tattoo. That’s why it’s the go to design for people all around the world.

Although the flower itself is more than enough, you can take it a few steps forward by including other natural components like fruits or a fluffy animal next to it. This will create a whole tranquil scenery in your body canvas.

Cover Up Finger Tattoo

Cover Up Finger Tattoo 1


Cover Up Finger Tattoo 2


Fingers are tiny little components of human beings which are hard to notice. Also you can just put your finger in your pockets and no one will bat an eye. But you can’t fool yourself. Can you?

In your inner consciousness, you will always know there is a disappointing tattoo lying there in your fingers. So why not cleanse your soul by getting a cover up finger tattoo?

Finger tattoos are quite interesting. Rather than just getting a tattoo on your finger, get it on all five of your fingers. Then when you make a fist, all of them will come together and complete the tattoo. That is quite theatrical. Isn’t it?

Black Cover Up Tattoo

Black Cover Up Tattoo


Black has always been in fashion. No matter how colorful you can get your tattoo, there is just something aesthetic about the black tattoo. While the color itself resembles everything negative about mankind with adjectives such as pessimism, narcissism, people still can’t get over it.

It’s perhaps the natural tendency of the human being. We always gravitate towards something that is forbidden or hated in the realms of reality.

To hide the old faded tattoo which you despise, artists generally use a deep black color. They dilute it several times so that there are no traces of the previous tattoo. The outlines are highlighted precisely so that it looks like the tattoo comes alive every now and then in your flesh.

Forearm Cover Up Tattoo

Forearm Cover Up Tattoo 1


Forearm Cover Up Tattoo 2


One of the most movable parts of your body is undoubtedly the forearm. Wherever you walk, dance or run at the speed of a cheetah, your forearm moves. That’s why it’s best to create a tattoo that feels like it’s moving inside of you.

So you may be wondering how on earth you can do that? Well, to capture the moving aesthetics of the tattoo, you have to incorporate something that has the natural tendency to move such as an animal.

You can illustrate a horse that is about to jump off or an eagle that is spreading its wings to fly away. So whenever your forearm will move it will feel like the tattoo is gaining velocity and it is preparing to jump out of your skin.

Sleeve Cover Up Tattoo

Sleeve Cover Up Tattoo


There is a quote that circles in the tattoo industry a lot. That is to go big or go home. Over the years, this approach of making tattoos grand has shifted towards a more minimalistic way but still who doesn’t like to get a tattoo that covers their entire sleeve.

In case of the sleeve tattoos, you can choose to either get the half sleeve or the full sleeve. It’s much easier to get your backdated tattoo out of the way with the full sleeve cover up tattoo as it’s going to be so attractive that everyone will forget about what lies underneath.

Nothing beats the black and white tattoos when it comes to the sleeve. So make a good framework first and include a bunch of details one by one. An excellent technique is to make your skin as the background color and use the black to highlight everything else.

Butterfly Cover Up Tattoo

Butterfly Cover Up Tattoo 1


Butterfly Cover Up Tattoo 2


Butterflies are majestic creatures with one of the most geometric bodies to ever exist in the world. Their wings have distinct spots and shapes that make it a great choice for tattoo enthusiasts.

These creatures undergo a phenomenal process known as the metamorphosis. In this process, the larva transforms into the butterfly that we see and love.

This teaches us a valuable lesson that no one stays in the same situation forever. If they want to, they can change into a better version of themselves. You can also leave your monotonous old tattoo in the past and get in fashion with the butterfly tattoo.

Cover Up Chest Tattoo

Cover Up Chest Tattoo 1


Cover Up Chest Tattoo 2


Your chest is the flesh which covers your heart and protects it from all the threats that are coming your way. If you have unfortunately gotten a weird tattoo that doesn’t symbolize who you are in your chest then you have polluted your heart.

So what can you do to make your heart pump just like before? The only way is to get a cover up chest tattoo.

As your chest has a lot of space to work with, you don’t really have much to worry about in terms of the size, The styles can range from contemporary to vintage. Incorporate a bit of whimsical colors to show that you are not afraid to be bold and creative.

Rose Cover Up Tattoo

Rose Cover Up Tattoo 1


Rose Cover Up Tattoo 2


Rose Cover Up Tattoo 3


Roses can be the most delicate looking flower. But underneath its sweet geometrically curved petals lies deadly thorns.

This symbolizes a very unique concept. That you can appear to be gentle and calm on the outside even if there is a storm happening inside of you. This explains the duality of mankind. So, get this coverup tattoo to always be the chillest guy in the room even when there are a lot of hurdles going on. You will eventually overcome all of them.

Although the blazing red color is the one to choose, we prefer to get it inked in black color. There is just something brutal about the black aesthetic. It seems like it’s trying to portray a wide range of emotions in a very seamless manner. It makes your whole tattoo a lot more exciting and thought provoking.

Cover Up Neck Tattoo

Cover Up Neck Tattoo 1


Cover Up Neck Tattoo 2


The first thing people notice in you is your face. When there is a hideous tattoo in your neck, people just instantly have a disliking in you and question your choices.

So if you have a tattoo that sucks, it’s high time to furnish it with an exciting neck cover up tattoo.

The best designs are always simple. The neck doesn’t really have a lot of space to work with so just include a bouquet of flowers or any other natural looking styles. Make sure none of the previous tattoos are sticking out as it would completely defeat the purpose of getting a cover up tattoo.

Cover Up Dark Tattoo

Cover Up Dark Tattoo 1


Cover Up Dark Tattoo 2


Dark tattoos are the best when it comes to covering up tattoos as it completely overpowers everything else. The intensity of the color hides your old tattoo and gives a significant depth and meaning to it.

Another good reason for getting the dark tattoo is that you don’t really need to include a lot of details into it.

You just have to create a basic outline of the tattoo of your choice. Then fill it up with the deep black color. It gives a unique silhouette effect which you will never achieve in the colored tattoos.

Cover Up Back Tattoo

Cover Up Back Tattoo


Although one can argue that no one is going to pull up our tshirt and look at your old back tattoo, it will still be there forever. The main thing is that you will know inside and it will keep burning you forever that there is a bad tattoo on your back.

You may think that it’s not much of a problem but the truth is that a horrible tattoo can drain the life out of you. You will start to lose confidence and make bad choices in life.

So, it’s absolutely a necessity to get a charming cover up tattoo on the back. One of the best styles is to get a skull or an animal tattoo. You can get an entire picture of a wolf or a lion to symbolize that you are not afraid of anything. This new cover up tattoo full of vivid colors will rejuvenate you and keep you moving forward.

Tribal Cover Up Tattoo

Tribal Cover Up Tattoo


What’s better than to cover up your dreaded tattoo with something tribal? A unique tribe symbol or an element from the culture can go a long way.

We all want to escape our monotonous life. No one likes to work all day and after coming home, submerge themselves in the internet bubble. Sometimes, we want to travel to the tribal areas and hunt with our tribal brothers. A tribal cover up tattoo can make you feel like a warrior running around the savanna of the amazon or swimming in the lakes of africa.

Although many artists claim that they have mastered the tribal tattoos, only a few can actually make it work. The trick is to research a lot. Read papers and watch documentaries about how tribal people live. Then get a cover up tattoo that perfectly resonates with their ambitions.

Arm Cover Up Tattoo

Arm Cover Up Tattoo


If you are a bit on the bulkier side with huge muscles then an arm cover up tattoo is perfect for you. When you stretch out your muscles, the tattoo will get bigger than usual. It will create a motion effect which is to die for.

The thing about arm tattoos is that it’s hard to hide something as enormous as it is. If it’s a small tattoo, covering up isn’t that big of a deal.

That’s why to perfectly overshadow your old tattoo, you need to use bold colors and try to illustrate an aura exuding from the tattoo. This kind of aura effect can be created by just gently dragging the colors with your finger or your inkgun. That way, it will be near impossible to figure out if there was a tattoo in there before.

Blackout Cover Up Tattoo

Blackout Cover Up Tattoo


Blackout coverup tattoos are empowering. The tattoo feels like it was dragged from the deepest pits of hell because of its intense color. The tattoo just shadows your arm and makes it look just like a silhouette.

So you probably figured it out by now that this kind of tattoo can completely hide your previous mistake. Usually a tattoo artist emerges your entire skin into full black color and then they start to include the details.

The blackout cover up tattoo will always look like it’s part of your body. In most tattoos, you can distinguish between which is your skin and which is the tattoo. But for this kind of tattoo, it’s near impossible. It’s as if your flesh and the tattoo will mix with each other creating a true work of art.

Cover Up Cross Tattoo

Cover Up Cross Tattoo 1


Cover Up Cross Tattoo 2


In the christian religion, Jesus Christ sacrificed himself for the sake of mankind. People pinned him to a cross and tortured him day and night. But he kept on praying to his lord and asked to forgive his torturers. That’s why the cross is considered to be one of the holiest symbols in the entire religion.

Your old, unexciting tattoo can be a mistake. This mistake can be replenished as well just like Jesus christ. While there are so many cover up styles you can choose from, nothing beats the cross.

This religious symbol will not only alter your tattoo mistake but give you power. It will remind you to forgive people and be gentle with everyone. Not to mention that with the tattoo, you will look incredibly religious and attract a lot of like minded people. Who knows you might become the best of friends.

Tummy Tuck Cover Up Tattoo

Tummy Tuck Cover Up Tattoo 1


Tummy Tuck Cover Up Tattoo 2


One thing we are all ashamed of at some point in our life is our tummy. Even if you have a six pack rolling on, you can still feel a bit insecure about it. So, you can throw a tummy tuck cover up tattoo in there to feel confidence pouring in your body.

The most important aspect about the tummy tuck cover up tattoo is the angle of it. Making a horizontal tattoo will drain all the fun out of it. A vertical tattoo can be fit in the tummy quite perfectly.

A black and white tattoo doesn’t really suit that well in the tummy. Instraed, go for something more colorful. A bit of pink, green and red will create something that you can never forget about.

Cover Up Lower Back Tattoo

Cover Up Lower Back Tattoo 1


Cover Up Lower Back Tattoo 2


The very foundation of our human body lies in our lower back. Everything that goes up from there is supported by it. So for such a core component of us has to be treated with a lot of respect and admiration.

Therefore, you cannot pollute it with an unpleasant tattoo. If you have made this enormous mistake, then luckily for you there is a solution. The solution is to get a nice cover up lower back tattoo.

The lower back tattoos can be quite mysterious because one moment it can appear when you pull down your pants white at other times you can’t see it. It will make people intrigued. The framework is the key for this type of tattoo. Make sure that you get the proportion just right.

Stretch Mark Cover Up Tattoo

Stretch Mark Cover Up Tattoo


Imagine you are going through a transformation in your life. It can be either you are pregnant and bringing a new life to this wonderful world or getting slim in the gym. Both of these transformations require tremendous effort.

After going through months after months of hard work and sacrifice, the outcome may be quite joyful. But it leaves quite a toll in your body. All throughout it, you see stretch marks after stretch marks. How horrible would you feel?

Well, there is a simple trick to hide every stretch mark and that is none other than getting a tattoo. The stretch marks usually have some kind of unique pattern to it. Utilize it to your own advantage by making a dragon or some kind geometric shape and inject a lot of colors into it. The outcome will be glorious.

Shoulder Cover Up Tattoo

Shoulder Cover Up Tattoo


Shoulders are like two tectonic plates in two polar opposite sides of the body. All your strength and power lies in those two things. So, why not elevate their power even further by giving them cover up tattoos?

In modern times, we all love to show a bit of skin every now and then. It creates sensuality and makes us proud of our body. The shoulder is perhaps the part which gets the most exposed.

So, it’s obvious that it has to be ornamented beautifully with a good looking tattoo. No matter how irritating the previous tattoo was, you can always make a trendy one. Usually, for shoulder tattoos, artists don’t really use intense colors. They like to keep things simple. But hey, who are they to stop exploring your creativity?

Ankle Cover Up Tattoo

Ankle Cover Up Tattoo


Sometimes when we wear shoes, it feels like something is missing. Sure, you can equip some colorful socks to go with the shoes but it just takes all of your skin. What if there was something that wasn’t overpowering and complemented your shoes perfectly?

That thing is none other than an ankle cover up tattoo. An ankle tattoo always piques your interest because of its unique position in our body.

Usually, it is recommended to be fully whimsical over the tattoo by using light and vivid colors. Floral or animal designs are always appreciated. You can also try to get a bit of traditional or tribal elements here in there to take the tattoo to the next level.

Cover Up Heart Tattoo

Cover Up Heart Tattoo 1


Cover Up Heart Tattoo 2


Hearts are what keeps us alive everyday. By pumping and purifying the blood, this organ is making sure our body is stable. If it stops working for just a mere second, we will fall into death. That’s how important heart is.

The symbol of the heart is quite different from how it actually looks. In our bodies, the heart has 4 different compartments. There are arteries and veins each having a distinct function which culminates into pumping the blood efficiently.

But in popular culture, the heart is shaped quite adorably. It’s just a red shape that symbolizes love and friendship. If you want to get a heart coverup tattoo, make sure you get it in red or black color because all the other colors look kind of weird.

Cover Up Foot Tattoo

Cover Up Foot Tattoo


For those of us who love to rock ourselves in shorts, feet are the perfect place to get a tattoo. But sometimes, we choose the wrong one.

It can be a tattoo of a previous lover or just straight up bad. That’s why it’s always best to research a little before going to a tattoo shop. What’s done cant be undone. But you can surely get another tattoo over it.

People usually don’t get a grand sized tattoo on their feet so covering up doesn’t require a lot of work. There is a misconception in the community that you have to completely hide the old tattoo by submerging your feet in heavy ink.

But you can just mix the two tattoos. A good idea is to keep the previous tattoo as a base and then draw the new one around it. It will give a shadowy aesthetic which can be quite brutal to look at.

Feather Cover Up Tattoo

Feather Cover Up Tattoo


As like we have hairs on our body, the animals and birds have feathers. This component of them protects the creatures from outside threats such as predators. Most importantly, it creates an aesthetic visual that even we humans seek.

Even in the ancient times, features were considered to be quite fashionable. People of high stature used to wear hats and clothes made out of them. The feathers, especially from the peacock, were incredibly eye-catching and represented power and authority.

In the modern age today,the feather has the symbolism and weight from back in the day. The unique structure along with the colors is a sight to behold.

Therefore, so many people are attracted to get the feather tattoo to cover their previous tattoo. Rather than confining yourself in the realms of feathers only, you can incorporate some other natural elements such as trees and flowers as well.

Cover Up Skull Tattoo

Cover Up Skull Tattoo


If we stand in front of the mirror, we can see the flesh of our face. But underneath that beautiful skin, lies your skull. This skull is what gives your face the foundation it needs. So you have to definitely keep it in high regard.

Although skulls are quite biological, they are often associated with death and violence. Many criminal gangs even make the skull their logo to terrorize the people.

People use it for the same reasons. When you get the cover up skull tattoo, you will come off as brutal, courageous and badass. You will not be afraid of anything. As for the style, it’s quite childish to color the skull as it would make it look comical. The best way is to keep it black and white color to give it that deadly visuals.

C Section Cover Up Tattoo

C Section Cover Up Tattoo


Giving birth to a child is perhaps the most beautiful feeling in the entire world. After going through nine months of intense pain and sacrifice when you finally see the sea little one, your joys know no bounds. All those sufferings seem completely worth it.

But the operation a woman has to go through in order to give birth can leave a heavy mark on them. During the C section surgery, doctors make an incision between their abdomen and uterus from which they pull the baby out. After stitching it up, it still leaves quite a mark which doesn’t go away for a long time.

To turn it into something beautiful, you can illustrate a cover up tattoo over it. Drawing over the skull can be dangerous so the best approach is to make the best use of the shape of the scar and draw something around it. Then the scar and tattoo will blend into something fascinating.

Cover Up Large Tattoo

Cover Up Large Tattoo


Sometimes we get the most humongous tattoos thinking it’s the best choice of our lives. But as time goes on, we look at it and contemplate.

If this type of sad scenario has taken place in your life then you can easily turn it around by getting a large tattoo. As it’s large, it is easily going to cover the old hideous tattoo of yours.

The most important thing you need to keep in mind while getting the tattoo is the proportion. No matter what type of tattoo you are drawing, it has to be larger than the previous one. The best large tattoos are of wolf or tiger heads or maybe a gigantic skull from which there is blood dripping over. How awesome is that!

Star Cover Up Tattoo

Star Cover Up Tattoo


In our busy lives, we hardly have enough time to get out of our homes and offices, let alone look at the sky. If you did then you would notice how wonderful it is up there. It’s as if there is black void from which millions of stars are looking at us.

Tattoo artists had a fascination with the universe for a long time especially for stars. There is something about their shape that just attracts our eyes. Lets not forget the glowing effect it exudes.

Rather than illustrating a bunch of stars, it’s best to just keep one which you can detail as much as possible. Make sure the ends are pointy and the overall tattoo has a type of aura coming out of it. It will make it incredibly special for you.

Cover Up Color Tattoo

Cover Up Color Tattoo


There can’t be no denying that colorful tattoos are the best to cover up the fading tattoos. It completely overpowers the old one and brings new life to it.

There are many people who ponder over which color to use and which to not. Well, it completely depends on your taste and perspective.

If you want your tattoo to symbolize power and strength, red is for you. If you want to showcase calmness and tranquility then you should go for the natural color. Always ask yourself which color represents who you are the most.

Cover Up Half Sleeve Tattoo

Cover Up Half Sleeve Tattoo


Half sleeve tattoos are incredibly masculine as it lets you showcase your muscles. Many bulky gym hitting men out there think repulsively and get a half sleeve tattoo that represents nothing and regret later on.

But don’t worry too much as there is a way out of this dilemma. Usually, for covering up the old tattoo in your half sleeve, artists use a dense black color. Making it too colorful and whimsical doesn’t really work in the case of sleeves.

Rather than leaving a lot of negative spaces, it’s best to utilize everything on the skin. So after getting the outline of the tattoo, try to fill it all up. The tattoo can be of a variety of things like the galaxy, nature or something as simple as a lighthouse.

Cover Up Dragon Tattoo

Cover Up Dragon Tattoo 1


Cover Up Dragon Tattoo 2


Imagine you are walking down the streets and thinking all these inclusive thoughts. Suddenly out of nowhere a giant dragon flies on top of your head. The wind its wings produced nearly swept you off your feet. How intimidating that would be?

All though the scenario is completely fictional but you can still make it alive in your body as a tattoo. Dragons are mystical beings which have taken a lion’s share in all our children’s books and fairy tales. Even in the modern cinema, we are so used to seeing these creatures flying around and wrecking havoc.

So it’s obvious that we all feel excited to get it attached to our body as a tattoo. The depiction of the dragoon can vary depending on which source you are following. The Japanese illustrate it in one style while Greek mythology hints the other way. Dip your toes into some literature and find out the best style and color to make your dragon come alive.

Leg Cover Up Tattoo

Leg Cover Up Tattoo


While the leg isn’t a place which can be seen quite so often but as we’ve said before in your consciousness, you will always know that it’s there.

Also if you love to wear shorts then it’s a must to get that wretched old tattoo out of the place right away. Instead get an artwork that will make people be obsessed with you.

Just like the chest and the back, the leg has an enormous amount of space for you to draw on. It’s as if there is a large canvas waiting for you to paint on.

Sometimes your old tattoo can go beyond the pores and be hard to overshadow. That’s why you should draw the tattoo with a mindset of not covering the previous one rather mixing them together into creating something exceptional.

Cover Up Letters Tattoo

Cover Up Letters Tattoo


We all go through different transitions throughout our life. Who knows what we believe in today, we won’t in the near future. Every one of us can agree that we are not like our past self. So, at some point in our life, we may have accidentally gotten a tattoo which portrays a meaning that we don’t idealize in the present.

Most of the time, it’s those one liners or movie quotes that we get engraved in our body. We think that we will follow the motto for the rest of our lives. But that hardly ever happens.

So the main aspect of covering up this kind of tattoo is the font and the size. If your previous tattoo is something in a simple non cursive font, it’s best to get a tattoo that is cursive or maybe italic. Then the letters will hide everything that’s behind them.

Sunflower Cover Up Tattoo

Sunflower Cover Up Tattoo


Sunflowers are resemblant of the blazing sun just as the name suggests. So like the sun it removes the darkness of the night and brings light into the world.

This concept has a deep depth to it if you think about it. Your old tattoo is like the darkness. It resembles a dark period of your life which you want to badly forget.

So when you get the sunflower coverup tattoo it will overpower that negative tattoo and bring prosperity and happiness into your life. As for the style, sunflowers are pretty straightforward in structure with hardly any variations. So try to keep its natural essence intact in your coverup tattoo.

Words Cover Up Tattoo

Words Cover Up Tattoo


Sometimes while being deeply in love, we make the stupidest mistakes imaginable. Although it’s quite adorable, we all have to realize nothing lasts forever. So if you get the name of your ex engraved in your body it could lead to some embarrassing situation later on.

Just imagine, you have completely forgotten about your ex and moved on. After some years, you meet your true soulmate. Everything is going right. One day they see the tattoo of someone else’s initials in it. How would they feel?

To avoid such situations, you can get a coverup tattoo. The words don’t take much place so you can easily hide them by illustrating a feather or a flower. Try to dilute the colors so that there are no traces left of the forgotten past.

Cover Up Hip Tattoo

Cover Up Hip Tattoo


Hips don’t lie. Like this immensely popular song title from Shakira, there are countless other references to hips in pop culture. Therefore, it is quite apparent that people are quite fascinated about the human’s most curved part.

Because of its wavy structure, hips have always been the favorite spot for getting tattoos especially for women. If you also have a hobby for dancing, then your tattoo will dance alongside you. How mesmerizing is that!

Usually, it’s best to get a vertical tattoo on the hip. Rather than making it wide it’s better to just make a narrow one so that it doesn’t take too much space. Your hips are quite spicy so make sure you include a lot of vibrant colors especially green so that it looks like you are ready to party.

Rib Cover Up Tattoo

Rib Cover Up Tattoo

Did you know that there is a cage inside of your body? This cage also known as the rib entraps and protects the most important organ of ours which is the heart. So it’s obvious that it means a lot to us.

Ribs can be quite a unique structure because for many of us the bones can be visible there. This opens a lot of doors for the tattoo artists. You can utilize these bones and make a deadly skull coverup tattoo.

Mandala Cover Up Tattoo

Mandala Cover Up Tattoo


Mandala is an art form which comprises a lot of sophisticated shapes and curves to create a trippy and psychedelic effect.

It feels like there are layers after layers inside of it. The more you look the more it starts to get complex. Therefore, it can be a bit daunting to get a mandala coverup tattoo.

But the best part is that you can completely hide your previous tattoo using these shapes. Even the most meticulous eyes won’t be able to figure out if there was a tattoo before or not.

Owl Cover Up Tattoo

Owl Cover Up Tattoo


If you are just like us who loves to stay awake at night and sleep all day then this cover up tattoo is perfect for you.

Apart from its unusual sleep patterns, the owl itself has quite a mystical design to it. The mysterious eyes along with a face that is quite unique to all the other birds makes it a good choice for a coverup tattoo.

Make sure to illustrate the feathers the right way. Incorporate a lot of detail and ensure that you get the face just right. Otherwise it will give a comical visual rather than something intriguing.

Cover Up Ring Tattoo

Cover Up Ring Tattoo


Rings are always precious to us. It is a reminder of the relationship we have with our loved ones. But wearing a ring at all times can be a nightmare.

Let us give you how horrible it can turn out. So there was an incident where someone wore a ring for so long that the doctor had to cut their fingers because there was no blood circulation. Will you still be wearing a ring after hearing that?

Instead what you can do is get a colorful ring tattoo. If your old tattoo is getting faded then you can add some sprinkles or a glowing effect in your new one. It would even look better than any original ring in the world.

Wolf Cover Up Tattoo

Wolf Cover Up Tattoo


In our moment of desperation, sometimes we get the weakest of tattoos that just reek of insecurity. Rather than gaining confidence from it, we start to get more and more anxious about the tattoo.

So to turn the picture upside down, you can completely change your persona by getting a wolf cover up tattoo. Wolves are lone hunters who are the one of the most intelligent, skillful and aggressive creatures out there.

So when you cover your previous tattoo with a wolf you will start to feel like a predator instead of a prey. As for the tattoos design, make sure you draw the furs symmetrically so that it looks realistic. Going for the natural gray black color is the right choice as it feels like the wolf is alive  in your skin waiting for its prey.

Cover Up Face Tattoo

Cover Up Face Tattoo


One of the stupidest mistakes you can do is get a tattoo on your face. Your face is the most beautiful part of your body. So if you get a tattoo there it has to be phenomenal otherwise it would completely ruin it.

If you’ve made this mistake don’t worry. You can still repent your mistake by getting a face cover up tattoo. Try not to go wild by using all the spaces of your face. Instead, use one side of your face like your cheek or your forehead to draw something cool.

Tree Cover Up Tattoo

Tree Cover Up Tattoo


Bringing a bit of nature in your life is never going to hurt anybody. In fact, seeing a tree tattoo will always refresh your mind and purify your soul.

The most wholesome thing about the tree cover up tattoo is that the leaves or to be precise the bushes take over the entire space of the previous tattoo. So, there are no traces left of it.

Although in nature, we see that the trees are only in green color with some exceptions such as the Sakura which has a pink hue, you can use any color you want. Try to use unusual colors like blue or purple to transform your tattoo into something that no has ever laid eyes before.

Japanese Cover Up Tattoo

Japanese Cover Up Tattoo 1


Japanese Cover Up Tattoo 2


Everything about Japanese culture is unique to all the other countries in the world. From their alphabets to their rituals, there is just something serene and aesthetic about it.

Also, if you reflect on the history, you will see that the Japanese people have come far even after the Hiroshima nagasaki incident. They are the fastest growing country in the world with an economy that is hard to surpass. This tells you all you have to know about the Japanese people. They are hard working and resilient.

So if you want to follow the same footsteps like them, what better way is there than getting a Japanese tattoo? The Japanese cover up tattoo is always colorful and has a unique visual to it. To capture that visual, you need to look at some ancient Japanese artworks and literature. Your tattoo can be of a samurai or a terrifying dragon. The options are limitless.

Cover Up Koi Fish Tattoo

Cover Up Koi Fish Tattoo


Koi fishes have been intertwined with Japanese and Chinese culture for a long time. These creatures gently swim in the streams and ponds of japan. Many people think of them as an avatar of the god.

Well, no matter what your interpretation of them is, you can’t deny that the koi fish is an excellent choice for a cover up tattoo.

The golden exterior along with its rich history exudes a lot of symbolism. Pair the fish with some other natural elements such as a tree or some interesting words and voila. Your tattoo will make you seem like the most knowledgeable person in the room.

Birthmark Cover Up Tattoo

Birthmark Cover Up Tattoo


There are things in life that you can’t control. Your birthmark is one of them. During our birth, sometimes we are left with a scar which can haunt us for the rest of our lives.

Some people think of getting surgery but that is way too expensive. Furthermore, why would you want to completely remove the mark which is associated with your first moments in the world? So the right approach is to get a birthmark cover up tattoo.

Usually there are certain patterns and shapes in the birthmark. Rather than hiding them all with something dense, it’s best to make use of the mark to create something amazing.

Phoenix Cover Up Tattoo

Phoenix Cover Up Tattoo


The whole concept of a phoenix goes hand in hand with the cover up tattoo. The phoenix dies and is then born again using the ashes.

So even if you got a horrible tattoo by mistake you can still turn it around by getting a majestic coverup phoenix tattoo. It would feel just like you are reborned.

Cover Up Infinity Tattoo

Cover Up Infinity Tattoo


Mathematically, infinity is something that you cannot count. It’s a concept that there is something that just goes on forever without any stop.

This principal can be depicted in a cover up tattoo. It will remind you that even you can keep on moving forward without stopping because of hurdles.

The infinity sign is usually two curved ovals mixed with each other giving a twin balloon shape. Tattoo artists can turn this shape into an eagle or maybe the flag of your country. it would make you seem like the ultimate patriot.

Anchor Cover Up Tattoo

Anchor Cover Up Tattoo


During the voyages, sailors often have to come across rough waters and terrible storms. In this time of distress, the ship can go wild and it can get hard to control it. That’s why the sailors use  anchors to keep the ship steady.

Just like the ship, you can make your own life stable and steady by getting an anchor cover up tattoo. Although you may gravitate towards getting a colorful tattoo, the natural black and white color of the anchor is the one to go as it depicts the symbolism perfectly.

Cover Up Elephant Tattoo

Cover Up Elephant Tattoo


Elephants are undoubtedly the biggest creature of the land. You may have guessed that their behavior is aggressive due to its gigantic size. But it’s completely opposite.

The elephants are peaceful creatures who like to keep to themselves most of the time. This concept has a very unique meaning. Just like the elephant you can also appear tough on the outside but very gentle and caring on the inside. The elephant tattoo will make you feel magnanimous.

Cover Up Crown Tattoo

Cover Up Crown Tattoo

As it’s a symbol of a king, a crown tattoo depicts power and authority. When you get this tattoo, you will start to feel like the king of the world.

For this kind of coverup tattoo, there are usually two styles you can use. You can either make the tattoo in a 3D shape by giving it some shadows or just make a minimalistic one by incorporating the bare minimum of details.

The crown has to be shiny just like it is seen in the movies. You can also try to illustrate it in black and white color to give it a raw energy.

Watercolor Cover Up Tattoo

Watercolor Cover Up Tattoo


Let us give you an honest opinion. No matter what color you use, there will always be a little bit of trace left of your previous tattoo that will never go. You can try to dilute the color or try to make it messy but if you look closely it will always be there.

The only exception is if you use watercolor. Watercolor gives the tattoo just the right amount of intensity and saturation that it does the job perfectly without overdoing anything. So, always think of getting a watercolor cover up tattoo instead of the contemporary inked tattoos.

Cover Up Eagle Tattoo

Cover Up Eagle Tattoo

Eagles just dominate the sky with their enormous wings and viscious aggression. No other bird can match it. That’s why this avian species is the go to design for tattoo artists all around the world.

The eagle has a couple of distinct colors throughout its body. Try to accurately picture the visuals by incorporating the right color in its parts.

The eyes are especially tricky as it seems that the eagle glares at you. So, to get this effect you can try to add a few drops of white in the eyes to make it seem like it’s glowing and staring right into your soul.

Cover Up Panther Tattoo

Cover Up Panther Tattoo


Drawing a panther is quite easy compared to the other animal tattoos because of its fully black color body.

So you don’t need to use a variety of inks. Instead just get a dense heavy black color and make the general outline and then splash the black color again into its parts. As the panther is black, it completely hides your previous tattoo and you will start to feel like you are the king of the jungle.

Cover Up Wings Tattoo

Cover Up Wings Tattoo


You may have seen the commercial that just pops up every now and then that red bull gives you wings. Well, red bull may or may not give you wings but getting a wings tattoo will surely make you feel like you can fly.

Although we may see in nature that most of the birds have white colored wings, it doesn’t mean that you follow the trend. Try to be a bit whimsical and incorporate a myriad of colors in the wings. Just splash whatever color you can find after outlining the wings and it would look magical.

Medusa Cover Up Tattoo

Medusa Cover Up Tattoo


Medusa is a popular character in mythical history who was known for her captivating beauty. But sadly she was cursed with a terrible spell in which whoever looked at her eyes would turn into stones.

Apart from her scary backstory, the medusa has a weird yet intriguing design with snakes coming out of its skull and a serpentine body. That’s why it’s a marvelous choice as a cover up tattoo.

No one knows the exact color of the medusa so it’s best to draw the entire tattoo in black and white color. Who knows the people who stare at your medusa tattoo will turn into stones as well because of its beauty.

How To Cover Up A Tattoo: A Complete Guide Using Visual Representations

Cover up tattoos are a revolutionary invention that can even alter the past. But the technique isn’t that easy. So here is a quick video guide where a professional tattoo artist is showcasing how it needs to be done properly.

So first of all, you have to properly select the tone of which you are going to draw your tattoo. Then put all the colors in a cup and you can add some drops of mixing solution to dilute it nicely.

Here comes a crucial part which everyone seems to ignore. You have to gently disinfect the area where you are getting the coverup tattoo with alcohol otherwise it’s going to burn like hell. After that, put the stencils on and then peel it off after some time. Now you have to get to work with your inks and slowly outline the entire tattoo.

After getting the framework done, you have to fill the tattoo using a solid color as it has to hide the old tattoo completely. Give it some gentle touch ups and that’s it. In the video, this entire process took two sessions and each of them were at least seven hours. Being a tattoo artist isn’t an easy job. Is it?


We have gotten our researcher mode on and investigated deep corners of the internet to find everything there is to know about coverup tattoos. But we do realize that there are always gaps in knowledge. So folks, here are some of the most asked questions that may wander in your heads along with the answers. Go absolutely ham over them.

Q: Can You Cover Up A New Tattoo?

Ans: We would highly recommend not to cover up a new tattoo. After getting a tattoo, there needs to be a substantial amount of gap before getting another one. This is because your skin

needs to heal. If you cover up a new tattoo, your skin may get permanently destroyed. You have been warned.

Q: What Type Of Style Is The Best For A Coverup Tattoo?

Ans: Usually you should get something on the larger side because it’s obvious if you get something small then there will be traces of your previous tattoo. So go big or go home.

Q: Are Cover Up Tattoos Permanent?

Ans: Well duh. That’s quite obvious, isn’t it? The whole concept of cover up tattoos is to hide your previous tattoo once in for all. So, it has to be permanent


A mistake doesn’t define you. There is always a way to make things right again. So what if you got a miserable out dated tattoo?

You can always get a stunning cover up tattoo to completely overshadow it. Get something colorful or vintage to remove all of that misery out of your skin. Then you will start to feel confident again. A tattoo is a source of an individual’s energy and confidence. Always remember that.

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