Cosmos flower tattoo

46 Meaningful Cosmos Flower Tattoo Ideas for 2024

Cosmos flowers are as much of a universally cosmic symbol of love as they are aesthetically pleasing to sport and look at.

Largely associated with the traits of humility, joy, love and beauty, the cosmos flower also symbolizes the “cosmic” harmony of the balance of all things in the world.

It is a crowd favorite among body art connoisseurs who desire diversity and freedom in their choice of floral tattoos to stand out from a crowd full of mediocre tattoo designs.

The Celestial Meaning Behind Cosmos Flower Tattoos

Meaning behind cosmos flower tattoo


The cosmos flower contains over 40 different species, making it the quintessential choice for floral tattoo enthusiasts the world over when it comes to the plethora of symbolisms and choices of meaning this tattoo genre provides. It is also the birth month flower tattoo of choice for October.

Different colors in the various species of the cosmos flower also carry with them various meanings. The blue cosmos flower symbolizes desire, intellect and inspiration, while pink represents softer, more feminine values, and orange depicts joy and vitality, and so on.

The eight petals on the cosmos flower is also symbolic of the eightfold path to infinity, implying that the wearer should always test their limits and go past their comfort zone every now and then.

Cosmos Flower Tattoos: Magical Designs to Keep An Eye Out For!

Cosmos flowers are all the craze when it comes to recently trendy floral tattoos of a colorful nature. The tattoos are versatile in nature when it comes to their range of artistic creativity and capacity to express meaning.

So let’s not wait any further and take a deep dive into this star studded list of some of the most happening and popular cosmos flower tattoo ideas guaranteed to suit your aesthetic needs!

Black and White Cosmos Flower Tattoo

Black and White Cosmos Flower Tattoo


The black and white cosmos flower tattoo is more reliant on minimalism and monochromatic shading than depending on the need for color in order for the tattoo’s visuals to stand out.

Precise linework and intricate detail through the contrasting usage of black and white makes up for most of this cosmos flower tattoo. It could look good in any size and highly encourages artistic freedom.

Cosmos Flower Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Cosmos Flower Shoulder Blade Tattoo


The shoulder blade provides an impressively large canvas space for the cosmos flower tattoo to bloom.

Utilizing this space for such a pretty tattoo could result in various forms of dazzling floral artistry: from a simple branch of beautiful flowers lined up neatly to an entire array of variously colored cosmos flowers, each depicting a different kind of meaning.

Small Cosmos Flower Tattoo

Small Cosmos Flower Tattoo 1


Small Cosmos Flower Tattoo 2

The small cosmos flower tattoo, just like its namesake, achieves its aesthetic objective by being visually striking in the smallest of packages.

Preferred as an ideal forearm and a neck tattoo for maximum visibility, the small cosmos flower tattoo could be represented in black and white, in colored form, in addition to a whole bouquet of them in varying colors.

Cosmos Flower Leg Tattoo

Cosmos Flower Leg Tattoo 1


Cosmos Flower Leg Tattoo 2


The cosmos flower leg tattoo is designed to dazzle onlookers! The leg provides quite the spacious canvas for the artist to unleash their inner creative genius.

The ideal style preferred for tattoo enthusiasts whose body art exudes class as well as vibrant beauty, the cosmos flower leg tattoo provides just the perfect artistic avenue for both wearer and artist. The tattoo looks splendid in minimalist, monochrome, and even all out maximalist.

Cute Cosmos Flower Tattoo

Cute Cosmos Flower Tattoo


Cosmos flowers are adorable to begin with. And the cute cosmos flower tattoo does the cosmos flower its rightful justice. It looks phenomenally cute at the very first glance.

The default color for cute cosmos flower tattoos tends to be the deeper shades of pink, which is also the most prevalent color of cosmos flowers.

Cosmos Flower Thigh Tattoo

Cosmos Flower Thigh Tattoo


The cosmos flower thigh tattoo is a colorful and visually stunning result of what a near painless and large canvas for a beautiful floral tattoo would result in.

This tattoo is ideally suited for designs that require a lot of colorwork, intricate artistry and proper utilization of a large canvas for experimentation.

Realistic Cosmos Flower Tattoo

Realistic Cosmos Flower Tattoo 1


Realistic Cosmos Flower Tattoo 2


The realistic cosmos flower tattoo is heavily reliant on precise visual shading and its use of believable looking colors and hues. In order to give off the illusion of an actual flower blossoming out of the wearer.

Ideal as a chest, arm and even a neck tattoo, the realistic cosmos flower tattoo combines gorgeous use of artistic detail and photo-realistic vibes to make the best use of such a captivating floral tattoo style.

Cosmos Flower and Moon Tattoo

Cosmos Flower and Moon Tattoo


The cosmos flower and moon tattoo may be abstract in its artistic depiction but its symbolism is anything but.

The moon tattoo is commonly used as a metaphor for change and progression, which serves as the perfect tattoo companion to associate the cosmos flower’s imagery being associated with harmony and balance. It is best preferred as a medium to large style of tattoo.

Cosmos Flower Wrist Tattoo

Cosmos Flower Wrist Tattoo 1


Cosmos Flower Wrist Tattoo 2


The cosmos flower tattoo makes quite the adorable use of the wrist’s limited yet impressive canvas for design and creative freedom. It could be a cute band of flowers wrapped around the wrist, with petals flying off in different angles. As with most cosmos tattoo design styles, this one also encourages a lot of creativity.

The sides of the wrist tend to be close to the bone, so this style of tattoo usually tends to register higher on the pain chart.

Cosmos Flower Bouquet Tattoo

Cosmos Flower Bouquet Tattoo


The cosmos flower bouquet tattoo offers up a literal plethora of flowers for the wearer to choose from in order to put in their metaphorical bouquet.

Whether the imagery of the bouquet tattoo consists of a single species of cosmos flower or a multiple assortment of them, the results would always bloom out just as beautifully.

This tattoo is aesthetically very versatile and is symbolic of love, peace and romantic harmony.

Cosmos Flower Forearm Tattoo

Cosmos Flower Forearm Tattoo


The cosmos flower forearm tattoo is a very accessible, eye-pleasing tattoo with calming vibes.

Symbolizing the usual traits associated with peace, love, balance and harmony that the cosmos flowers represent, it could also symbolize the wearer having a gentle and calm disposition through the expression of their tattoo.

Cosmos Flower and Stellar Jay Tattoo

Cosmos Flower and Stellar Jay Tattoo


The Steller’s Jay is not your ordinary bird of the forest. It is a rather courageous and resilient bird that depicts strength and perseverance.

Aligning the beauty of the cosmos flower with the imposing yet majestic undertones carried by the Steller’s Jay tattoo results in a great natural harmony. It is ideal to get this tattoo in the form of a large canvas style with a heavy emphasis on bright coloring.

Watercolor Cosmos Flower Tattoo

Watercolor Cosmos Flower Tattoo


The watercolor cosmos flower tattoo relies on the different shading and gradient patterns commonly associated with giving colored tattoos the faded away, watercolor look.

This style of tattoo is more about style rather than looking realistic. It heavily depends on the abstract art nature and the reliance of its vibrant colors.

Cosmos Flower Sleeve Tattoo

Cosmos Flower Sleeve Tattoo


The cosmos flower sleeve tattoo is a literal translation of wearing one’s romantic emotions on their sleeve.

Utilizing and making the best use of a considerably large canvas on offer, the cosmos flower sleeve tattoo adorns the wearer’s sleeve and transforms their arm into an otherworldly, opulent garden of artistic floral beauty.

Cosmos Flower Cover Up Tattoo

Cosmos Flower Cover Up Tattoo


The cover up tattoo is usually symbolic of new beginnings. This tattoo may also be an indication of some kind of change of heart from the wearer’s end, resulting in a brand new tattoo.

No matter the reason for the cover up tattoo, decorating a pre-existing piece with a beautiful depiction of the cosmos flower is the most suitable and aesthetically pleasant replacement regardless of symbolism.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve been enlightened on the joys of getting a cosmos flower tattoo, it’s time to make up your mind for which of these flowers you want represented on you!

However, if there are still any lingering doubts as to what you may be signing up for, here’s a brief questionnaire to help you dust off any remaining dilemma!

Q: How much is a cosmos flower tattoo supposed to cost me?

Ans: Cosmos flower tattoos tend to be more along the budget-friendly side of tattoos as the stencil designs could be of any size and mostly look best when done in small sizes.

If you’re on a tight budget, then get a minimalist and small cosmos flower tattoo on your wrist with no colors. That would round up neatly around the $50 mark. If you feel like spending a lot on your cosmos flower tattoo, go for a large design with as much color in it as possible, ranging from up to $100 and above.

Q: Can I assign my own symbolism to cosmos flower tattoos?
Ans: Of course you can. Cosmos flowers are highly symbolic. Each color and species of the cosmos flower carries with it its own symbolic meaning. So of course it is encouraged to add your own individual meaning to their imagery to create more aesthetic flair.

Looking into such options for symbolism to merge with the imagery of your cosmos flower tattoo would be an excellent idea. You could also assign meanings of your own to your cosmos flower tattoo.

Closing Thoughts

The appeal of the cosmic flower is universal in nature. The flower is beautiful to the eyes as much as it is utterly breathtaking to look at in the form of tattoos.

The name of the cosmos flower is derived from the starry appearance they give out when seen from a distance, due to their neatly arranged structure and adorably bright colors. Making them the ideal piece of floral tattoo to wear with pride.

Cosmos flowers are also very low maintenance. They even need significantly less water and effort in order to help them grow. This heavily carries on to the symbolism behind the flower representing self reliance and confidence.

So do not hesitate any further and make a fashion statement of cosmic proportions with the cosmos flower tattoo!

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