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55 Classic Celtic Cross Tattoo Ideas To Look Ageless

The celtic cross is a beautiful symbol that bridges a gap between realism and spirituality. The concept arose in the Irish and European regions where paganism was practiced. Soon, the symbol was so revered that the popularity of it spread worldwide.

The appearance of the celtic cross resembles the cross found in christianity. Therefore, it is often interpreted as a talisman to express one’s beliefs and emotions. The symbol has a wide range of meanings. That’s why people love getting this tattoo to express their own thoughts.

The tattoo isn’t something grandiose. It’s a gentle shape with unique swirls all over the structure giving it a quite aesthetic vibe. The tatro’s appearance makes it also a vessel to depict one’s connection with their own roots and heritage.

Therefore, it’s apparent just how important the tattoo is for many people. If you also want the celtic cross to bless you with good luck and prosperity, read on.

The Enigmatic Celtic Cross Tattoo Meaning That Will Haunt You

Celtic Cross Tattoo Meaning


Most tattoos that have a religious origin often are interpreted as a form of extremism. But that is not the case for the celtic cross tattoo. It’s actually the complete opposite. Although the tattoos origin lies in the lands of eastern europe where paganism was strictly practiced, the modern interpretation of it suggests that the tattoo depicts spirituality as a whole.

Spirituality isn’t confined to one religion. Its ones exploration to the divine and the search for unknown. The tattoo expresses and encourages the wearer to remove themselves from all the shackles of typical religious beliefs and keep on diving deeper and deeper to find out the true meaning of life.

Stylish Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs For Both Men And Women In 2024

There are a wide range of styles and shapes that you can get. The possibilities are endless. Some prefer to get the minimalist tattoo so that it portrays a clean aesthetic while others like to go all out by incorporating a variety of different elements into the mix.

Either way, you have to always remember to bring out the essence of the celtic cross symbol. No matter what the design or style is, the tattoo should be a clear indication of your personal goals, beliefs, ambitions and your desire to explore the unknown.

Simple Celtic Cross Tattoo

Simple Celtic Cross Tattoo


While illustrating tattoos, sometimes artists go absolutely hog wire. They ink till their hands hurt to make a state of the art tattoo. But the ultimate result is a messy tattoo that just looks confusing.

Instead, you should opt for a simple celtic cross tattoo. The tattoo will be done in a jiffy without you having to endure extreme pain. It will depict the same expressions as any flamboyant tattoo. The simple aesthetic will even more apparently portray the symbolism.

Irish Celtic Cross Tattoo

Irish Celtic Cross Tattoo


As mentioned the celtic cross was invented in the pits of Ireland. You may not know much about Ireland except for their thick accents. But they have a rich history. Some of the most fearsome and respected warriors were born there.

Ireland was famous for their practice of paganism. Many monuments can still be found. It was believed that the practice of the religion made them more strong and intelligent. So, if you also want to be like those irish men who don’t fear anything then this tattoo is for you.

Celtic Cross Forearm Tattoo

Celtic Cross Forearm Tattoo


If you look closely at your forearm, you will notice that it easily resembles a cross. It has the same dimension and depth. Your forearm also gradually narrows down near the end. Therefore, it’s only fitting to get a celtic cross forearm tattoo there.

Celtic cross tattoo commemorates your ambition to explore your inner consciousness. As human beings, we know very little about what goes on in the entire galaxy. Have you ever wondered why we dream about such absurd things? There are so many unanswered questions. The forarm tattoo will help you decrypt each one of them.

Small Celtic Cross Tattoo

Small Celtic Cross Tattoo 1


Small Celtic Cross Tattoo 2


If you think about it, our entire life cycle is quite simple. We are born then we mature into adulthood and we finally die. The center of the celtic cross symbolizes these events with a ball of fire.

Therefore, a celtic cross tattoo doesn’t need to be enlarged. If we discard all the unnecessary things in life, there are mainly three events that matter. So each of these events can be illustrated with a small tattoo. The best part is that you can get the tattoo anywhere you want. There is no jurisdiction.

Celtic Cross Back Tattoo

Celtic Cross Back Tattoo


This tattoo on our list completely contradicts the previous tattoo. For your back, you have to go all out. You need to accurately portray each part of the cross to make something absolutely wondrous.

The celtic tattoo has a wide range of knotwork and patterns throughout its structure. The intertwining shapes express the unison between reality and spirituality. You can depict each of these deep connotations with ease in the back.

Celtic Cross And Skull Tattoo

Celtic Cross And Skull Tattoo


Incorporation of a skull makes any kind of tattoo look absolutely deadly. The celtic cross tattoo itself is frightening enough with its association with black magic. Many black metal bands even used the symbol to make their album covers look edgy and dark.

Now just imagine how menacing a combination of these two elements will look. The skull expresses the end of life while the cross depicts one’s belief in spirituality. The blend of these two elements mean that death is only the beginning. Your corporeal form just gets unshackled. You become truly free.

Father And Son Celtic Cross Tattoo

Father And Son Celtic Cross Tattoo


Just the other day, there was news of some guy killing their own father for some money. You may be horrified by the news but incidents like these are occurring quite frequently. It seems like the solid bond between the father and son is slowly deteriorating as time goes by.

That’s why fathers and sons should spend more and more time together. One fun way is to both get a celtic cross tattoo. You are already bonded by blood. After getting the tattoo, you will be bonded even after your death. Your spirits will still be connected.

Rose And Celtic Cross Tattoo

Rose And Celtic Cross Tattoo


A rose is the purest expression of love. When you give someone a rose, you indicate that the person means alot to you. The blazing red color along with its spiraled core holds thousands of mysteries.

On the other hand, the celtic crosses are the most raw form of expressing belief. When you get this symbol, you come off as someone who truly believes in their heritage and history. The combination of these two elements creates a deep depth of emotions. It’s as if the two have created a sea which has waves of different meanings.

Celtic Cross Arm Tattoo

Celtic Cross Arm Tattoo


Arm tattoos have always been more of a bold statement rather than an artwork. It’s a face type of tattoo that expresses that the wearer isn’t afraid of anything. They will showcase what they believe and not conform to any rules.

The celtic cross tattoo needs to completely cover your entire arm. If you are opting for this tattoo you have to go completely wild. Illustrate the whole arm with the black swirls and intricate patterns of the cross. It will make you look absolutely amazing.

Memorial Celtic Cross Tattoo

Memorial Celtic Cross Tattoo


Losing someone always hurts the most. It’s a feeling that can’t be expressed in words. it’s as if someone has taken a knife and is stabbing you repeatedly in your heart. The pain never ceases to stop.

Your suffering may be endless but you can surely reduce the magnitude of it by getting a celtic cross tattoo. Whenever you look at the tattoo, you will feel like that person is alive in your body. The tattoo will express that you two will meet again where the sun doesn’t rise and the world isn’t such a mess.

Cover up Celtic Cross Tattoo

Cover up Celtic Cross Tattoo


The significance of a tattoo changes repeatedly in everyone’s life. The tattoo you got in your teens may not have that much importance in your old age. You may have even started to despise the tattoo and want to obliterate it.

If you are fixated on deleting your previous tattoos existence completely then get a coverup celtic cross tattoo. The deep black color along with the wide range of shapes throughout the structure of the cross will overshadow everything.

Dragon With Celtic Cross Tattoo

Dragon With Celtic Cross Tattoo 1


Dragon With Celtic Cross Tattoo 2


Who doesn’t wish that dragons were real? We look in awe at our TV screen when there is a dragon in there. The whole concept of it just intrigues us. The overall appearance from its gigantic wings to its razor sharp teeth, everything about the dragon makes us just leave our life behind and travel into the fictional world.

The appearance of the dragon is breathtaking. But what if it was wearing a celtic cross? Just imagine. A dragon is flying and spreading fire everywhere while wearing a sophisticated celtic tattoo bracelet. How mesmerizing will that look!

Full Sleeve Celtic Cross Tattoo

Full Sleeve Celtic Cross Tattoo


The celtic cross tattoo is something that just looks off when done in a simple manner. If you are running out of space then you can opt for a minimalistic style. But if you have the entire sleeve open then why stay away from getting an aesthetic celtic cross tattoo?

Black color makes the full sleeve tattoo look the best. Therefore, you should only use a deep black color with occasional white for shading to illustrate the celtic cross tattoo.

Blackwork Celtic Cross Tattoo

Blackwork Celtic Cross Tattoo


Blackwork is an excellent artstyle which submerges the entire tattoo in a deep black color. You may be wondering that might hamper the overall aesthetic of the celtic cross.

But the truth is it enhances the depth of the symbol. The black color creates a sense of voidness. It depicts that we don’t know anything about the world and there is darkness slowly consuming us. Only way to escape the matrix is by getting a celtic cross tattoo.

American Flag And Celtic Cross Tattoo

American Flag And Celtic Cross Tattoo


If you want to fully display your patriotism with a tinge of spirituality in the mix then this is the perfect choice for you.

The stars in the American flag eerily resemble the celtic cross. Therefore, an excellent tattoo idea is to draw a bunch of celtic crosses in the American flag. It will both make a statement as well as look insanely good on your body.

Cardinal And Celtic Cross Tattoo

Cardinal And Celtic Cross Tattoo


Although celtic cross has been misinterpreted as a symbol of chaos and black magic, the reality of the tattoo is that it is greatly associated with religion.

The symbol not just expresses its root religion known as Paganism, it also commemorates a wide range of religions such as christianity and catholicism. That’s why it has a resemblance to the cristian cross. One of the most respected members of the Roman Catholic Church is the cardinal.

A tattoo of the cardinal holding a celtic cross or wearing a bracelet of the cross can mean the fluidity of beliefs in a person. You don’t need to follow a single religion. Keep on exploring. The religion will choose you when it sees you fit.

Leg Bracelet Celtic Cross Tattoo

Leg Bracelet Celtic Cross Tattoo


People only wear leg bracelets when something means a lot to them. The bracelet can be a tribute to a special event or person. The tattoo is quite visible therefore the wearer will keep on seeing it and remember about that person or event.

Now, a celtic cross tattoo seals the deal. In a bracelet form, the celtic cross looks more like a knot that is trapping a secret. This may be a secret that you don’t want anybody to know. Don’t worry. The celtic cross will forever keep it hidden.

Celtic Cross Neck Tattoo

Celtic Cross Neck Tattoo


Your neck is the most sensual place in the body. That’s why most movie directors depict the neck in a highly stylized way. They don’t show the neck right away. They keep on creating a sense of anticipation in the viewers by teasing them.

Suddenly, the neck appears. Now imagine, how amazing would your neck look if there was a hypnotic celtic cross tattoo there. As there isn’t much space, you can just get a small tattoo with a nordic background to bring out that frosty vibe.

Celtic Cross Tattoo Behind The Ear

Celtic Cross Tattoo Behind The Ear


If you are looking for something discreet yet symbolic then this is the choice for you. A simple outline tattoo will look perfectly behind your ear.

A tattoo is not to showcase to the world. It is for you. When you have the tattoo, you keep getting reminded of the symbolism and meaning it holds. The tattoo keeps giving you a sense of energy and strength to push forward. People may not see the tattoo but you will always know that it’s there.

Celtic Cross Chest Tattoo

Celtic Cross Chest Tattoo


This is not for the faint-hearted. If you truly wish to be part of the christian rituals and want to connect yourself with your ancestors then the celtic cross chest tattoo is for you.

But you have to endure a great deal of pain. There is even a risk of permanently damaging your skin. But everything will be worth it once the tattoo is finished. Your chest is an alluring place that perfectly captures the mysticism of the celtic cross symbol.

Sword And Celtic Cross Tattoo

Sword And Celtic Cross Tattoo


Although they may not seem like it, most fearsome warriors who were masters of swords were actually firm believers of religion and spirituality. Before and after each battle, they would take time to appreciate their life and pay gratitude towards their creator.

So, there is an obvious association of swords with the celtic cross. One element expresses bravery and courage while the other commemorates spirituality. Together, they create a jarring tattoo design that resembles a person’s depth in character.

Embracing Our Spirituality With This Timelapse Of Celtic Cross Tattoo

Illustrating any type of tattoo can be a daunting task. Drawing something as spiritual and holy as the celtic cross is far more intimidating. You have to portray the energy that exudes from the cross. The spiritual depth of it needs to be depicted perfectly.

To lessen your anxiety, we have an incredible time lapse of celtic cross tattoo to give you some general idea about the tattoo. Grab a coffee and watch it thoroughly.


Most of the time when you will search for something, you will run into dead ends. There isn’t any useful information on the internet. Even if you go to the library, you will have a hard time finding the right book. That’s why, we have selected some interesting questions about the celtic cross to pique your interest.

Q: Is The Celtic Cross Holy?

Ans: Yes, it is considered to be a holy symbol. In many churches, there are even higher order crosses that are believed to grant people their wishes.

Q: What Was The Concept Behind Celtic Cross Tattoos?

Ans: In eastern europe, people used the cross symbol as a memorial marker or a part of decoration. They always viewed the symbol with great respect. They believed that whenever they attach something with this symbol, it becomes immortal. Soon, words traveled by and the west got the news of this holy symbol. The hype even got translated into the tattoo world.


We have become so obsessed with modern technology that we are slowly becoming a slave of it. There is no longer a tendency in us to connect with our roots or explore our spirit and consciousness. We are becoming more and more robotic.

The path we are going will soon lead to our destruction. The entire modern generation is depressed because they are not in touch with their inner self. A celtic cross tattoo will help them become connected with their inner conscious and light a spark to explore the unknown.

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